Loyal Readers:

Rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated. I was off getting inspiration (small nosebleed). Anyways I have decided that I shall begin anew. I will base the new story on this one so don't worry. I will also incorporate some of the ideas you guys have been throwing around out there. First off longer more detailed "action" if you know what I mean. The story will revolve around one of two things that I still haven't decided: A) Naruto tries to rebuild his clan by fucking as many hot chicks as possible. I'm on the fence on this because it would involve getting the girls pregnant which really isn't my cup of tea but I could for you guys if you want it. The other option I was kinda imagining Naruto as just being a horny teenager and this option would chronicle his (mis)adventures in his never ending quest to get laid. However, and I pray you won't hate me for this. I believe that HInata has kinda been done to death(pun intended). As such I think I'll include less of her and more of the under-used characters. Such characters being Ten-Ten, Temari, Anko, Shizune and so on. I'll still include the more common ones but I'll try to focus on the lesser known ones simply because I think they haven't reached full potential. I guess I could do both now that I think about it and simply switch off the chapter for the story. Also please be patient with the updates. I haven't been able to update much because I've been busy with school and doing the aforementioned research. However I will try to make more regular updates. Also I was thinking of branching out. Maybe do One Piece lemons and other manga/anime that I become interested in as time goes on. The possibilities are endless.
Because is having a witch hunt for lemons I will make a back-up on . So no worries if you don't find the story on here. I will tell you the account name once I've made one. As always I would love to know what you guys think of my writing here. So post in the reviews what you want me to do. Any ideas are welcome and who knows, might even make it on the story. Don't be afraid to go all Simon Cowell on me as long as you give me constructive criticism. Also if anyone wants to do a little proof reading before I update chapters (a beta-reader basically) just PM me.
So to recap. This story will be laid to rest. But don't worry it shall rise from the ashes and be the basis for my new story or stories.
Sincerely Ryukage.