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Operation Fortitude

Gillette, Wyoming, 2009 – Manticore

Lily suddenly sat up in her bed, shaking. She dragged her knees under her chin and rocked herself to calm down. She looked at her hand, watching it slowly stop shaking. She closed her eyes and whimpered softly.

"Lily? What's happening? There's only a 32% chance that you were having a seizure, but you know a guard will be by in 2.1 minutes." whispered a chubby little boy standing by her bed. She put a finger to her lips, signalling him to be quiet. They waited until the officer walked by the door. She pushed her sheet away and jumped out of bed.

"What are you doing 875? We're not allowed out of our beds. I don't want to get punished. There is a 74% chance we will be caught. " He would always switch back to her designation when he was nervous.

Lily opened the door, ignoring all the eyes that were locked on her. "Something's wrong Brain, they've got a gun, I think they're leaving." She gave him a pleading look.

He looked at her with those big eyes of his, then took her hand and followed her out. Before they reached the corner of the corridor, they heard the gunshot. Too late, she was too late, she hadn't been alert enough. She felt a tear running down her cheek. Eva was dead and the rest of them were caught. So scared, everyone was either scared, or angry, or both. She tugged on Brain's hand, trying to make him go faster; he didn't understand they were running out of time. There was some yelling and running, and then some glass being broken, and then more yelling and running. The alarm lights and sirens went off. The children held on to each other, running towards the noise, counting on their ability to be forgettable to keep them out of trouble. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.

They stopped in front of a broken window, where X5-798, Jace was standing, looking at her brothers and sisters scattering in the forest, escaping. Brain sighed, then turned from the window and walked back the way they came. He knew they would be coming to get him next; he would have to help find them. Lily stayed behind, tears freely running down her cheeks now, holding Jace's hand tightly. "It's ok to be scared Jace" She whispered to the other girl, "I'm scared too." Too late, she had been too late, and now she was stuck here. And things were only going to get worse….

Manticore, 2015

It's been 6 years since they escaped, leaving the rest of them behind. 21 had tried to escape that night, only 12 really made it outside the perimeter. Brain and the rest of the unit helped search and bring them back, they didn't have a choice, and it was their job to obey.

After the escape, there was no more sense of family in the units, everyone was a soldier. Everyone was back to their designation, no more whispered names. Except for some in psy-ops. Lily and Brain and Mia still considered themselves like family, would sometimes bend the rules a little, but never too much, they knew what happened to the others after the escape of '09. A lot of people got hurt or killed that night, and during its aftermath. But they didn't have the same military training as the other X-5s did, just the basics. They weren't really soldiers, so they considered themselves lucky. They were treated a bit differently, better, some would say. Others would say it was worse for them, as they got to see and understand the real world, outside Manticore, while knowing they would never truly be a part of it. Lily hated that part most of all, probably because she was one of the few who would spend a lot of time outside the fences, but always had to comeback. But the real ugly part was seeing and understanding how cruel and unfair this place was, how many people got hurt and robbed of their lives here.

Until they successfully reprogrammed 798 to hate the kids who escaped, Lily could also call Jace a sister. She was drawn to her fear and anger and sadness like a moth to a flame. They were able to steal moments together, and keep their humanity. But then she changed, she didn't feel anything anymore, she was a good little soldier and her designation was X5-798, no more Jace. Manticore changed everyone back and took control once again. Whatever magic was once there in this prison, it all went out the window when they jumped, leaving the rest of them to pick up the pieces. But Lily knew that one day soon, she would get out of here for good, and she would free the rest of her family too. One day, they'd all be free.

But in the meantime, she played her part and did as she was told. She took all the training and classes they threw at her. She thought it was funny that in their quest to continually improve her "talents", they were unknowingly grooming her for a life outside Manticore. They didn't realize that by making her so useful and in the heart of everything, they also turned her into a dangerous weapon, that could very much be used against them. All she had to do was bid her time…..

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