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On Earth in a city named Gardenia. It was a bright day with neighbors chatting happily among themselves. It was such a beautiful day that all of the neighbors invited everyone to a BBQ.A certain creamy white house lived 6 boys and they were too busy discussing some other problems.

"Hey."A brown haired boy said sadly.
"Dude what's wrong?"Asked a blond haired boy worried

"She broke up with me" said the brown haired boy said.

"I'm so sorry Brandon. What happened exactly?"Asked a dark blue haired boy asked concerned.

"Oh, I bet you got dumped because Caroline wanted a way better ?"Smirked a red haired boy.

"Riven, shut it!"The blue haired guy said.

"Why would she do that? It's completely illogical!"An orange haired boy said.

Riven murmured a couple of words, but no one heard. He somewhat knew he, himself, was right. The blond haired boy's name is Sky and he knew that Brandon is upset judging by the way he is acting. The orange haired boy's name is Timmy. He didn't understand why he was so upset. They have been just ; a blue haired boy's name is 's upset that one of his close friends would be so hurt by someone so cold. A dark brown haired boy's name is Nabu and he is also upset just like Helia.A red haired boy's name is Riven and he would go for any opportunity to make a joke, but he knew Brandon was somewhat upset.

"Well Riven is right. She broke up with me for another guy."Brandon said sadly.

"Don't be so upset. She's cold as it is and you don't need her to make you happy."Nabu stated with Helia agreeing.

"Thanks. You guys are so right! I know maybe one day I'll find someone so much better! You guys really helped me there."Brandon said a little cheered up.

"Besides, we have only been here for a week. Don't rush into things so fast. Let's just enjoy and take things slow."Sky stated.

"Actually we are here for studies and research not for socializing."Timmy said seriously.

Timmy wasn't so good with girls, but he only mattered for studies right now. He didn't socialize much, but he had to focus on school.

"Why don't we just go outside and go enjoy the BBQ! They invited us, so we should come. We'll have fun!"Helia said happily.

"Ughh."Riven grunted

"Hey, Helia is right we need cheering up! Let's get some fresh air! It'll be good for us "Sky said agreeing to Helia

"Riven it'll be fun! Come on! Let's go!"Nabu said happily.

"Oh, alright."Riven said casually.

"Kay let's go!"Brandon and Timmy said excitedly.

They came outside and met up with their neighbors.

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