Thanks for the reviews. Life isn't going so great in my point of view. I just lost one of my closest friends I had. Drama has the power to do here is my next chapter. The boys had to come to Earth a week earlier for more observing. School has already started and the boys didn't have to dress up like geeks because they didn't have any powers. They are next door neighbors to the Winx and will meet them soon. :D

Meeting Each other

"Wake up!" Bloom yelled while banging onto a pot with a spatula.

"Stella, Musa, wake up! Rise and shine! Breakfast is out on the table and let's get ready for school!"She yelled.

"Urggg" Flora heard.

You see, the girls has to unpack at such a late ,having a little amount of clothes finished early, she had to go help Stella unpack, but it took all night. Stella got a fair amount of sleep, but Musa didn't sleep so well. She was too worried about what others would think about her on the first day of school. Just yesterday, gave them tips on how to be unnoticeable. Stella freaked out over the ugly clothing, but she could bring her own clothes for wearing at home if she would like.

Layla walked in with a big smile.

"Wake up sleepy head! Our first day of school!"Layla yelled happily!

"Woahh! Now look at you. All dressed!"Musa said sarcastically.

"I know right! She looks like a geek! Urgg just like me!"Stella exclaimed while walking in just like -ish.

"Well we must be unnoticeable like said."Tecna said walking in with Bloom and Flora right behind her.

"Urgg get out of my room, so I can , please?"Musa said bewildered.

All the girls except Musa nodded and left the room.

"Finally."Musa said to herself.

Musa got all dressed and did what she had to do to get ready.

Now all the girls had to dress geekily.

Musa had her hair into two pigtails and big round glasses. She wore the school uniform which was included for all of them. Stella also had glasses, but she also has messy hair. Flora had no glasses, but she had her hair all messy covering her face. Bloom had glasses and that was it for had messy hair and had glasses and that was it. They all never looked like this, but it was required.

"Urgg let's just go already."Stella murmured.

The girls started walking down to school talking about how school is going to be like.

With the boys:

They were already at school and were talking with Andy and Roxy. Recently Roxy has received news from the Winx that they were , being Bloom's ex boyfriend, was quite excited, but wasn't interested because he likes Roxy. Yet couldn't tell her.

Once the Winx walked in, Roxy ran up to them and hugged all of them. The boys were shocked on how the girls .

Wow that's my 3rd chapter. There is going to be some Roxy and Andy moments too. Now true beauty lays the boys figure that out soon? Stay tuned! Continue!