Hi everypony! Here it is the spin-off to my COPS Equestria story. For those of you that do not know, this story is a prequel to the Canterlot chapter. For those of you that read COPS, you know what is coming. For those of you that didn't, I advice you read that first before you read this. Be forewarned, I pull no punches.

This story features everypony's favorite background character, Ditzy Doo, AKA Derpy Hooves. I hope everypony enjoys this story. Again, no punches are pulled.

A Journey's End

Chapter 1

Through the magic of the Royal Pony Sisters, the moon was setting and the sun was rising. Birds began tweeting and bees began buzzing as the warmth brought them to life. It was a wonderful spring morning. The night shift pegasi had cleared all the clouds away during the night. The sun cast its light on a simple little building. Outside the front door was a simple blue plaque that named the structure, "Ponyville Post Office." The light continued to rise on the structure and crept into a window on the upstairs apartment. The light shone on a grey furred body with a messy blonde mane. She stirred gently under her covers as the light began shining into her eyes. Despite her body's protests, her eyes opened to the day. Those beautiful golden orbs began to move inward, giving the mare a cross-eyed look that had become her trademark. Slowly she rose and looked to the window.

"Good morning, zun," Ditzy Doo said softly. As she slid from her bed, Ditzy eyed the picture frames on her dresser. There was a picture of her and Dinky, her beloved daughter at the park. Also there was the unicorn filly's school picture; and a picture of Ditzy on her wedding day. Standing next to her, garbed in a stunning tuxedo, was a very light purple unicorn. His blonde hair was masterfully coiffed and the smile he wore was dazzling. His cutie mark was chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. A tear came to Ditzy's eye as she leaned in and kissed the stallion in the picture. "Good morning, my love," she whispered. Quickly stretching out, Ditzy made her way to her door, bumping into the door as she opened it. "Darn, depth perzeption," she said as her eyes spun. Regaining her bearings, Ditzy walked into the hall and stopped at a door covered with stars and hearts.

Quietly, Ditzy opened the door and peered inside. Blanketed in sunlight with her plush Princess Luna doll tucked under her fore hoof, Dinky Doo slept soundly as her mother snuck up on her. Carefully, the Pegasus avoided the toys littering the floor. Ditzy looked on at her most precious gift with a smile, regretting that she was about to stir her little angel. Gently, Ditzy nudged her muzzle on her daughter's cheek.

"Mmmmmnnnnngggg," Dinky moaned adorably.

"Wake up, Muvvin," Ditzy cooed. Slowly, Dinky opened her pale golden eyes and blinked at the most important pony in her young life.

"Morning, Mommy," she said with a yawn before she sprang up in bed. With bright eyes and bouncing on the bed "IT'S SUNDAY, MOMMY. SUNDAY! SUNDAY!" Dinky bounced off her bed chanting to her little heart's content.

"SUNDAY, MUFFIN-DAY," they cheered together. Dinky jumped from her bed and ran around her mother with a smile on her face. Dinky skidded to a halt and walked over to her dresser. She picked up a small pink brush and looked at her mother. Ditzy walked over and took the brush from her daughter and placed it back on the dresser.

"You can do thiz, Dinky," she said in a caring tone. Dinky looked at the brush and back to Ditzy with a concerned look. With a sigh, Dinky closed her eyes and started thinking about the brush. Sparks trickled from her horn as Dinky tried to pick it up. She grunted as she tried to lift the brush up. Try and try as she did, Dinky relaxed and gave up after a moment. With sad eyes, Dinky looked at her mother, defeated. But Ditzy look back at her daughter, walled eyes full of love.

"Try again, Zweety," she said in a whisper. "Remember what Twilight Zparkle zaid." Dinky turned to the brush again and closed her eyes. Gently, Ditzy draped her forearm over Dinky's tiny form, and the little filly relaxed in her mother's embrace. Her inner magic began to flow and warmth enveloped the young one. A light purple aura formed around Dinky's horn and the brush. It then levitated above the dresser and Dinky opened her golden eyes. She beamed with joy seeing the brush in the air. "Keep going," Ditzy continued. Dinky concentrated but stayed calm. The brush made its way to the little blonde and began stroking through her mane.

"I'm doing it, Mommy!" she squealed. "I'm doing it!" Ditzy watched with pride as the bushy blonde mess was brush straight. The brush then slowly lowered back to the dresser. Dinky jumped into her mother's embrace with tears of joy in her eyes. "I did it, Mommy, I used magic," she said.

"I'm zo proud of you, Dinky," Ditzy said squeezing the foal tightly.

"Can I try again when we bake?" Dinky asked looking at her mom with puppy eyes. Ditzy nodded and Dinky rocketed from her mother and out her door. Ditzy Doo followed suit carefully to avoid tripping over toys and bumping into the door. Ditzy made her way into the apartment's modest hallway. Being a mail mare wasn't the most lucrative, but it paid well. Along the walls were some works from local artists, as well as many of Dinky's drawings. Ditzy heard the cabinets and refrigerator open and close as she came into the kitchen. Dinky was running around the mix of sun yellow and white décor. She was using her magic to bring out everything they would need one at a time. Dinky smiled as she opened the cabinet and got out the mixing bowl, then the pan, and finally the mixing spoon. Ditzy laughed and joined her daughter. Together, they got out the milk, eggs, and flour, and then set to their baking. They laughed as they mixed the ingredients together and laughed harder when Ditzy spilled their first batter all over the table.

"Mommy, you are so silly," Dinky said with a smile. Though it was no secret Ditzy was a bit of an uncoordinated klutz, Dinky didn't see this in her mother. She was just an extra special pony who made her laugh and smile. After spilling the flour and some milk, Dinky and Ditzy mixed another batter and finally had the muffin pan filled. Dinky used her new found magic skill two put 2 full muffin pans into the oven. Ditzy carefully opened and closed the oven, trying very hard to suppress her klutzy ways. "How long until they're ready, Mommy?"

"My muvvin rezipe bakez all yummy in twenty minutez," Ditzy said. "But they have to cool ovv vor a while." Dinky got a little upset that she wouldn't be able to eat the muffins right away. The two set about cleaning up the mess they had made. Flour hoof prints were all over the table and there were remnants of spilled batter all around. Dinky continued to use her levitation magic to aid in the clean up. Ditzy used her hoof and rag to clean up the floor which was dusted with flour. She slipped and fell on her haunches a couple times making Dinky laugh and call her silly again.

While they waited for the muffins to finish, the two mares made quick breakfast of daffodils and daisy. Their meal was gone just as an enticing smell hit their nostrils.

"Muffins are done, Mommy," Dinky said walking to the oven. Ditzy grabbed an insulated mouth guard and removed the hot tins from the oven. After plating the fresh muffins, Dinky reached for one but was stopped by Ditzy.

"They'll be nize and cool by the time you get home from your lezzon with Twilight Zparkle," Ditzy said. Dinky looked at her impatiently, wanting one now. "I'll bring you one when pick you up, Muvvin." Dinky instantly brightened up as they cleaned up breakfast. Soon they heard the clock in the town square toll 10. Ditzy and Dinky quickly got a small saddle bag together of Dinky's notebook, pencil, and an apple. Ditzy placed her bits pouch around her neck. Once packed up, the two walked down the stairs of their apartment and to the side door of the post office. The warm sun greeted them as they made the short walk to the library for Dinky's private magic lessons. It was one of the few splurges Ditzy would do, but it was for her daughter.

The two passed many of the townsponies out for a Sunday stroll. They passed Carousel Boutique with a strange red stain out front. Ditzy had heard a few rumors but didn't dwell on it. The two continued on, saying hello to a few ponies as they passed by. Even Pinkie Pie bounced by saying hello to them. Today was a strange day; Ditzy had not bumped into anything since they left the apartment. It was likely from Dinky walking in front of her mother and Ditzy simply followed. Soon, the two found themselves at a large tree with a house built into it. Dinky knocked on the door and backed up. the door swung out and hit Ditzy right on the nose.

"Ouch!" she called as she brought a hoof to her snout.

"Oh my, Ditzy," Twilight Sparkle called peeking around door. "I'm so sorry; I didn't mean to hit you in the face."

"It'z ok, Twilight," Ditzy said bringing her hoof down. "You know how it iz with my eyez." Twilight continued to apologize as she ushered the two into the library. Dinky soon broke the mood by bouncing around her tutor.

"Miss Twilight, Miss Twilight, guess what I did?" she chanted. Twilight looked down at the filly waiting for her answer. "I used levitation today!"

"You did?" Twilight beamed. "That is so wonderful Dinky, soon you'll be able to use as much magic as Princess Celestia. But you need to study and practice." Dinky grinned from ear to ear as she ran over to the center on the room and sat down, eager to begin her lesson.

"You zhould have zeen her this morning, Twilight," Ditzy said proudly. "Zhe was zo happy." Twilight shared the joy Ditzy felt, after all Dinky was her student.

"Would you like to stay for today's lesson, Ditzy?" Twilight asked. Ditzy shook her head at the purple unicorn.

"I have a zpecial vizit to make today," Ditzy answered diving into her pouch and pulling out a few bits. She placed them on the side table for Twilight, but the unicorn protested.

"I can't take your money, Ditzy," she said levitating the money in front of the blonde mare. "You're a single mother raising Dinky on your own. Besides, it's my pleasure to help her magical studies."

"Twilight pleaze," Ditzy said. "I alwayz pay my debtz. You have worked zo hard with her." Twilight and Ditzy continued this minor bickering back and forth for a brief moment before Twilight suggested a compromise.

"I'll tell you what, Ditzy," she started. "If you want to repay me, you can bring me a batch of your muffins next week. Dinky keeps bragging about how good they are and I want to taste them." Ditzy thought about it for a minute, then raised her hoof to Twilight.

"Okay, Twilight Zparkle," she said as the two shook hooves. Twilight levitated the money back into Ditzy's pouch and the two said their goodbyes. Ditzy walked over and kissed Dinky on the forehead before leaving the library. "I have zuch good vreinds," she thought to herself. Slowly, she walked along in town to the market area and all their vendors. She may have bad depth perception, but one thing she learned of the years was to take her time. She may goof up once in a while, but it's not as often as ponies thought. Finally, Ditzy came to the cart she was looking for.

"Hello, Ditzy," Daisy said. Ditzy smiled at the pink mare. "The usual?" The blonde mare nodded and pulled three bits from her pouch. Daisy quickly wrapped six daisies into a bouquet and gave them to Ditzy. With the flowers paid for, Ditzy took them and started to flap her wings. "Ditzy," Daisy called quickly. The grey Pegasus turned to answer the pink earth pony. "Say hello to Sweet Treat for me." Ditzy nodded and turned to fly off. But ended up crashing into the side of a building. "Are you okay?" Daisy called. Ditzy nodded in her hover and flew up into the sky.

Once she was high enough to avoid the buildings of Ponyville, Ditzy flew towards the west. Her mind thought back and she smiled. Wonderful memories of days past. After flying for a while, she landed in front of an iron arch. "Whitetail Wood Cemetery" was etched into the sign. Ditzy smiled as she walked into the cemetery, the grass was perfectly cut and the birds were singing. It was very tranquil here. After a few minutes, she came to a single headstone beneath a birch tree. Ditzy smiled as she sat down at the headstone. She laid the flowers at its base and started to cry reading it.

Sweet Treat

Wonderful Son

Loving Husband

Perfect Father

Tears fell down her face as Ditzy tucked her forelegs and lay down on the grass. She kissed the grass underneath her and spoke to the headstone.

"Daizy zayz 'hello,' Zweet Treat," she started. "I can tell she mizzez you and your baked treatz too. Oh, you zhould have zeen Dinky thiz morning. She's vinally beginning to uze magic. Twilight Zparkle, her tutor, haz been working every week with her for a month. Zhe'z growing up zo beautivully, you would be zo proud of her. Zhe barely rememberz you. Dinky waz zo young when you died. I promize to tell her all about you when zhe's older. I'm juzt not zure zhe can handle the truth about what happened." Ditzy paused as she continued talk to her love's grave. "I know it'z been over a year zince you levt uz. But the pain iz ztill zo ztrong. I mizz you zo much. Every morning, I expect to zee you. But you're not there." Ditzy began to cry the same way she did the day of the funeral. A year had done very little to mend her heart. She continued to cry for a few minutes. When she finally calmed down, Ditzy continued to talk to Sweet Treat's grave. She spoke of her work, what was happening around town. Sweet Treat always loved talking about current events and what was happening around town. She spoke for what only seemed like a few minutes, but time flew quickly. The bell tower in town began to chime 1 and Ditzy realized Dinky's lesson was over. Looking at the name on the headstone one more time, she stood up and kissed the stone. "I have to go now, my love. I'll be back next Zunday. I love you with all my heart, Zweet Treat. We'll be together again zomeday." Ditzy Doo flared out her wings and took to the sky, bumping into a branch of the tree as she took off. "Owww, PONYFEATHERS…" Her eyes were spinning as she hovered in place. When they resumed their crossed expression, she flew off towards Ponyville.

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