A Journey's End


Dinky stood on the balcony of the library. It was night and she felt the crisp of the air blowing in her face. Luna's perfect full moon was gleaming in the sky, surrounded by a sea of stars. As the wind blew, moved the dust on the ground, the leaves in the trees, and the dark cape attached to Dinky's neck. Purple spandex and dark blue hoof boots covered the whole of Dinky's body. On her chest was a silver "M" incased in a purple circle. Crumpled up behind her head was a full face mask, waiting to cover the unicorn's face. And under her hoof, Dinky held her wide brim hat to keep it from blowing away. While Dinky looked at the town, her memories came flooding back.

Sometime had passed since Dinky moved in with Twilight Sparkle after Ditzy died. Things slowly returned to normal in Ponyville. The decorations from the funeral soon came down. The black bands and other mourning attire disappeared. Ponies came and ponies went. First Class had hired two ponies to run the post office. Pinkie Pie was dating a new pony the Cakes had hired. Applejack married one of the deputies from the sheriff's office. Snips had begun working for Rarity. Many changes were happening in Ponyville. Most significant was in the library.

Dinky Doo had been living with Twilight Sparkle for a few months now. Dinky's sweet and innocent nature brought a breath of new life into the library. As time went on, the new edition to the family found her rhythm. Twilight would get Dinky off to school just before the library opened and Spike would pick her up. Twilight Sparkle adjusted her schedule so she and Spike wouldn't be working all the time. Just as Twilight came to be Dinky's new mother, Spike became like a brother to Dinky. After finishing her homework, Dinky would review some minor spells with Spike, and they would play until dinnertime. After they ate, Dinky would help Twilight Sparkle and Spike straighten up the library and they all would go up stairs after. Twilight would give Dinky and Spike a bath and sometimes, Twilight would join them in the tub. After, Twilight would read a story to Dinky every night.

On Saturdays, Dinky would play with her friends or join Twilight on her pony pet play date. Dinky loved going with her and strangely enough, Opalescence and Angel Bunny never gave Dinky a hard time. Possibly, they knew about the tragedy the little filly had endured. Angel Bunny, who didn't like anypony but Fluttershy, became Dinky's closest animal friend.

On Sundays, Twilight and Dinky continued the tradition Dinky had done with Ditzy, Sunday Muffin-Day. Twilight however acted as a supervisor and would watch as Dinky used her growing magical skills to bake the muffins all by herself. And every Sunday, the two would venture to Whitetail Wood Cemetery and leave a muffin at Sweet Treat's and Ditzy Doo's graves. When they came back to the library, Twilight Sparkle would teach Dinky more advanced magic. Even Princess Celestia would drop in once in a while to show Dinky some magic. Dinky would joke with the Princess by calling her "Aunt Tia" every once in while. Twilight and Celestia would laugh at the notion but allowed it.

True to her word, Twilight loved Dinky like she was her own. While she pushed Dinky to be her best in the studies of magic, Twilight didn't hold Dinky to the same standards she used. Dinky was free to play and laugh as well as studies and practice her magic. Money was never an issue. Twilight never divulged how much Dinky had, but she would joke that it was enough to keep Rarity's expensive tastes well funded for years. With how Ditzy raised Dinky to be grateful for what she had, Dinky was set for life.

Life was good for Dinky. She had a new life, new ambitions, and new friends. But here she stood on the balcony, her thoughts returning to her mother. Princess Luna had personally stopped by the house to deliver news of the final verdict, guilty. After giving her testimony, Twilight Sparkle kept Dinky away from the trial. She didn't want anything to reopen old wounds. Luna had explained to Dinky what the penalty was that Top Shelf was facing. Dinky tried to understand it, but being so young, some things escaped her. All she knew for sure, was that nopony else would be hurt like she did by Top Shelf.

Dinky looked up at the moon and inhaled the fresh breeze. Ditzy always loved the night sky. Finally ready, Dinky reached behind her head and pulled the mask over her face. The blue eyes contrasted the dark of the mask. With her magic, Dinky Doo levitated the purple hat into place. She walked up to the edge of the balcony and leapt up onto the railing.

"Fear not, Ponyville," she declared. "You're safe from all forms of evil. It trembles before me and those who would do wrong, beware. For I am justice. I am the fearless guardian. I…am…MARE-DO-WELL!"

"Dinky," Twilight Sparkle said joining the filly on the balcony. "Princess Luna will be arriving in the Ponyville soon. We have to get moving if you want plenty of Nightmare Night treats to offer before she gets here." Dinky jumped down from the railing and ran over to Twilight. The older unicorn had chosen a flowing black dress, red and black make up, and a pair of fangs to be a vamipress. "What were you doing up here?

"Just getting into my character," Dinky answered. The two laughed and went downstairs to find Spike pacing at the stairs in his pirate costume.

"Why do you girls take so long to get ready?" he asked. Though he couldn't see it, Dinky was glaring at Spike under his costume.

"I bet you don't have the scales to say that to Miss Rarity," Dinky teased. Spike gulped and blushed. Twilight was laughing at Spike's embarrassment.

"Why do you insist on teasing me about Rarity, Dinky?" Spike huffed.

"I'm your little sister, it's my job," Dinky said running over to the empty bags by the door. Together the three left the library and went to join the festivities of Nightmare Night.

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