I drove into the driveway of the Lennox residence in a red Dodge Challenger. A ponytail rested in my hair and I wore a green T-shirt and black sweatpants along with black converse. I was offered to stay here as a way to save money, for I didn't have enough for my own residence just yet. I didn't want to take Will's generous offer, but found myself in need of it. As I parked and climbed out, my eyes first noticed a huge black GMC Topkick. The truck was massive. Fit for military. I silently mused.

It was truly magnificent in stature. The engine would almost certainly be booming and deafening if used with enthusiasm.

"Man…you are a blazing hot Topkick big guy." I walked closer feeling the urge to touch it but retracted my hand thinking I needed permission. I also swore I heard a grunt somewhere but ignored it.

I turned and walked to the front porch of the house, knocking on the door then backing a few steps away from it with a smile on my face, hoping to surprise the family on my arrival. The door swung open and Annabelle, now 16, squealed and ran towards me with all her speed.

"ELIZABETH!" Annabelle screamed as she attached herself onto me.

"Whoa, easy there Anna! You've grown!" I said while laughing.

Anna finally detached herself and was grinning from ear to ear. "You have too Liz! Wait, are you calling me fat? Jeez, where'd you get all this muscle from? Never mind, I'll take you to your room! I've got it all ready for you!"

I laughed hysterically from all her words. "Thanks, but I need to get my luggage first."

"Well we can help you with that."

I turned around to see Will and Sarah walk onto the porch.

I smiled and saluted with an eased posture and said, "Hello Uncle Will." And before he could say anything, I walked to him and gave him a quick hug. "Hi Aunt Sarah." I went to her and did the same.

Will turned me to face him with his hands on my shoulders saying, "I am very sorry for what happened, Liz, and if there is anything you need…we are always here to help." He had an earnest look on his face which made smile half-heartedly. I tried making the mood a little less depressing, especially since they made all the nice preparations for me.

The reason as to why I'm staying here for a long while is because both my parents are deceased. My brother has gone off to the military to follow in the footsteps of my father. I had an urge to attend the militia also, but was held back by my overprotective brother. He debated with me on the delicate matter, but he finally won in the end, mainly because I had a fear for guns. Their noise was enough to make your eardrums split. So now, I stay, living as an ordinary civilian. I have a temporary job at a business called Sandvic Metals, since I had majored on blacksmithing and metalworking. My brain seems to agree with the sharp curves and edges of blade work. I own quite a few knives and swords, most of which were handmade by me.

We all went to my Challenger and got the luggage in the trunk. Not much was there, besides for the huge gym bag that carried my personal weapons I cherished so much. Wow, I'm weird.

As we were walking towards the house, I finally asked, "How did you get a beast like that Will?" My finger briefly pointed to the Topkick.

Will looked somewhat uneasy but shook it off and said, "I just have him because of the local military base."

"Him?" I looked confused but then gave a raised eyebrow.

Will faced me with a nod and produced a small smile.

Right then I knew he was speaking of the alien species living on Earth for which my father had a great obsession about. My father told me that they were divided into two kinds of aliens; ones with blue eyes and ones with red eyes. He hadn't told me what they were called, whether he didn't know or he kept the information secret. It must have been secret.

Because of his obsession, he soon came across an evil alien robot that killed him where he stood. The alien somehow knew his whereabouts and the information he seemed to know of their peculiar and deadly species. After his death, I did not want anything to do with these creatures no matter if good or bad. They were the destruction which caused my father to die. I knew my uncle Will worked with them, too, which had me a bit worried.

I turned and stared at the Topkick with knowing eyes. My expression became serious, then hard. I knew it or he could see me, but whatever he was, he didn't budge. When continuing to walk back to the house, I forced myself to stay away and not be remembered by my sadness, pain, and…anger; anger of this alien species that killed my father.

By late afternoon, I was finally settled into my new bedroom with what little luggage I had. There was a queen-sized bed in the middle of the room against the back wall with an oak nightstand beside it. A plain desk with a mirror stood against the side wall, displaying pictures of Annabelle and I taped to it. Anna must have had them taped there for me to see.

The closet was next to the window on the other side of the room. Walking towards the mirror, I looked sadly at my reflection. I never did think I was beautiful, only pretty. My dirty blonde hair was down on the middle of my back, my almond eyes were icy blue with a hint of green, and my pale skin was well…pale. I stood at a height of 5 foot 6, but with an easy muscular form. All of the muscles made me weigh of about one hundred and thirty five pounds. Backing away with a sigh of relaxation, I made my way to the living room.

The evening dinner was great, served with steak and mashed potatoes. I ate with as much manners and politeness as I could muster. Will, Sarah, and Anna made me feel at home already. Anna got me to call her my sister since we practically were.

When upstairs in my room with Anna, I talked with her about what has been happening in the past months. With my years of college taken care of, I had to search for a suitable and permanent career to my liking. Of course, it needed to consist of blades. I was thinking of going into the business called Cold Steel but still hadn't made my choice.

I would never think of killing a person myself. I made my creations for the militia because they knew how to appreciate my type of work.

"I just wanted to say mainly that I am really sorry for what happened to your parents, Liz. That shouldn't happen to anyone, especially you." Great, I am reminded once again of the pain…

I forced a reassuring smile for her and said, "Don't worry about it. I now have you to look after, as much of a pain you are."


I hugged her, which made her stand and say goodnight. I was left there sitting on my bed, getting very tired of all the commotion of my first day here. I didn't want to go to sleep however. I've been having nightmares every night since the death of my parents which was seven months and nineteen days ago. I do have a little black under my eyes because of it, too. So many violent and real memories are glued into my brain. The nightmares make me relive them almost every night.

I decided to sneak out into the front yard and lie down to gaze out above the stars. It was a good plan, considering I loved space. With my bare feet and maroon night robe hanging loosely about my short form, I padded silently down the stairs, through the living room, and out the front door. I was thankful the door wasn't at all squeaky. When reaching the yard on soft green grass, now dark green, I lied down and stared up into the night sky.

Dozens of stars flickered around my sight, and I wished I could see much farther. I saw the Milky Way and the Big Dipper. I love it out here.

Instead of being obsessed with alien species like my father was, I was obsessed with space; the space with all the brilliant stars which you can never touch; the space with millions of floating galaxies; the space with millions of other planets besides our own which haven't yet been discovered and maybe never will. There was so much to learn. I wished someone could explain it to me.

Then I remembered the alien species. One of them in particular could very well be watching me at this moment. I turned and looked at the garage, and sure enough, there next to it, was the Topkick. It… or he was facing me like he was analyzing me.

I got up rather slowly from my lying position and started to walk towards him with a hard but curious gaze. I felt a shiver come down my spine when stopping only three yards away from him. I stood there not saying a word or he. Water came into my eyes from the memory of my father, but I kept my gaze. Then, I thought I heard a very soft grunt and which made my mouth open just slightly in shock realizing it was from him. I softened my gaze and brought it to the ground, saying word barely audible… "Hello." The truck seemed to stiffen when I finally said something, but he remained stable and strong. I wanted to know the main question that was in my mind. I, of course, wanted to know why they were here on Earth; why they had to come and kill my only father.

I walked closer as I felt yet another urge to touch him. A strange pull was compelling me to come closer. But I now stopped a foot away. My eyes fell upon an exotic symbol which remained on the grill of the truck. It was some sort of a robotic face. Remembering the similar but different symbol of the alien who killed my father, I then stepped back and started towards the house once again. It was abruptly cold when walking back; realizing heat radiated immensely from him and had surrounded me only a moment ago. I actually found it… comforting.

I awoke from a nightmare. Dreadful it was as always. I held back tears and cringed. I hated this. I wanted it to end. I could scarcely sleep correctly. Turning my head, the clock read 5:23. I groaned and felt pain. My dreams were always of pain. The pain from which I lost my mother and father.

I finally climbed out after staring at the ceiling and put some torn jeans and a T-shirt on for a day of fiddling with my knives and swords. I took fencing lessons starting at age 9 but stopped when age 14. My mind wanted to move on to learn more of unique swords such as the Samurai.

I have 27 knives, a Rapier Sword, a Samurai Sword, a Katana, a Gladious, and a Scimitar. I collect them, but also train with them to have more of a defensive and prepared personality for upcoming events. I most certainly wasn't going to be helpless.

Before I went downstairs, I read some chapters from A Princess of Mars until hearing Sarah in the kitchen making breakfast.

"Morning Aunt Sarah." She glanced at me once before returning to cooking.

"Good Morning Liz. Have a nice sleep?"

"Yes, thank you." I lied as I sat at the kitchen bar. I didn't want her to worry about my personal problems.

"Good" was all she answered back. I smiled as Will sat next to me dressed in his military uniform. He patted me on the shoulder. "You feel alright here Liz?"

I smiled wider. "I'm feeling great here." He smiled back and took a gulp of his orange juice.

"Hey Will?"

He turned to me.

"I was actually wondering if you had any place where I could… put my swords and knives." I started hesitantly, thinking it wasn't a good time to say it. I started to add something but he interrupted…

"Well, all of my rifles are out in the garage and I usually shoot out in the field behind the house. You could work with your blades out there, too. Just don't cut yourself." Will did really know me when it came to my skills in weaponry and I loved him for it. I then remembered that he said to put them in the garage… Oh great, I will be seeing him again. I thought with some sarcasm.

I faked a smile and nodded to Will. Without remembering of breakfast until later, I was departing up the stairs to retrieve my weapons. My arms were overly full as I headed to the garage. The door of it was opened just as yesterday and on the inside, the Topkick sat unmoved. I walked slowly in, realizing this was where he slept, so it was his domain.

I stared at him for a moment, looked down, and said as strongly as I could, "I'm sorry to intrude, but I need to put a few things away." I raised an eyebrow when I received a barely audible grunt. It was nerve wrecking to have an alien watching over the Lennox's.

Without another word, I walked to the back of the garage behind the truck where a table stood. I carefully placed the bag with my knives on the table so as to not drop it with so much already in my hands. Next, I set each sword down in a neat fashion where they lay from longest to shortest. Girls usually organize music CDs or nail polish, while I organize swords and daggers. Now I know why people call me complicated.

I found myself even humming while busy with rearranging, unaware of the presence of the Topkick no longer; unaware he could very well be listening.

I gradually stopped humming when my hand rested on the beautiful Katana sword. I unsheathed it. And that… was a big mistake.

The garage was suddenly filled with the sound of the Topkick's engine coming on-line. I jumped and gasped at the sudden outburst, thinking he was attacking, but instead of readying myself, I cowered and backed away, knowing that I sure enough wouldn't win. The Topkick rolled out of the garage onto the driveway reversing itself so it could have a view of the house and the inside of the garage.

I must have distressed him. I was behind him when unsheathing my sword. He was just caught off guard. Ugh! Now I'm contemplating what an alien thinks! I'm losing myself. I figured.

I quickly sheathed my Katana and walked out of the garage. I silently berated myself for not getting into a defensive position when thinking he was attacking. I, at least, should die with some confidence in myself. I wore an apologetic look on my face. I swore that I would never be involved in alien matters and yet…

"It looks like you insulted him! Ha!" Will said while laughing and came towards the Topkick.

"I only caught him off guard that's all." I replied still with an apologetic look.

"Caught off guard? How in the world did you catch Ironhide off guard?" Will asked amused.

"Ironhide?" I think the truck stiffened as I said his name. Couldn't blame him though.

Will had a huge grin and replied. "Yeah, Liz, this is Ironhide. He is a weapon's specialist; always putting Autobots under his rank in their place."

My eyes grew wide in pure horror. "A weapon's specialist." I whispered the words. I have been around a weapon's specialist this entire time!

Will still had an amused look. "Yeah, probably even one of the toughest Autobots on earth if you ask me, but don't worry. Even though he is hard as rock on the outside, I bet he can be as soft as a pillow on the inside; although, no one has seen that side yet."

I quickly put my Katana behind my back but gripped it tight if he ever made a move. I wasn't fazed by the amusement Will seemed to have of this…Ironhide. "Yeah well, the last thing I want is to be on his bad side."

Will hugged me with his left arm and just laughed. He then finally said, "Now are you going to tell him your name or not?"

I raised an eyebrow at him.

Will just smiled and winked.

"I don't think so." I said while walking back to the house, but then was grabbed by my two shoulders and dragged over to Iron… Ironhide.

Will had a sincere look plastered on his face and whispered in my ear, "He wouldn't dare hurt you Liz. If he was, he would have already done so."

I pursed my lips, rolling my eyes slightly at the all too familiar statement, and took a few steps toward Ironhide. I hesitated and then whispered so only he could hear.


And before my uncle could patronize me further, I walked back to the house with my Katana in hand, heading for my room. My thoughts never ceased as they were constantly fussing about how I told an alien my name! What is wrong with me? I had told my name to one of them, who is a part of the species that killed my beloved father.