My Sincerest Apologies…

I forced my breathing to calm.

The darkness around us was unsettling, but Ron's arm remained around me, making the situation seem less alarming. The silence was quickly overrun by the immediate sirens blaring and echoing around the room. A red and orange light began to beam brightly, penetrating the black chamber as it shone, before plunging back into obscurity and then returning again, continuing its process.

Ron's body was rigid. Thoughts rung through my brain in a current of barely contained worries and concerns for the people inside the hangar. Concerns including my aunt, uncle, and Robert.


Who else would attempt to infiltrate the base?

"Ron?" I questioned quickly. I was wondering where we were to go when we managed to escape the projection room. The people in the hangar would surely need help if are being attacked.

Haven't we had too many wars with Decepticons already? Why are the Decepticons attacking now? At all?

What are they after…?

"Stay behind me." He grabbed my stiff hand with his substantial, heated one and guided my form behind him in composed movement. Feeling that overpowering pull was enough to distract my thoughts, but I swiftly focused on other things. It definitely wasn't a good time now to think of what we had just gone through not two minutes ago. I briefly admired his aptitude in traumatic and chaotic circumstances. But another part of me felt irritated; irritated he was treating me as an inadequate frightened civilian.

Well…I guess he has a right to think that.

But I will change his outlook. I will do my best in assisting other civilians…and also see if I can even kill a Decepticon along the way.

Gosh, I think I'm having an adrenaline rush…

I felt horribly unprepared however. My flimsy blue dress made my unease reach its highest. A dress cannot protect one's body whatsoever, especially not in exigent situations such as this.

As soon as I'm involved in a dangerous incident, I'm wearing a dress and a thin pair of heels. What could go wrong?!

Even throughout my bursting feelings and brainwaves, I managed to preserve a thoughtful demeanor. If Ron had any requests, then I would stand more than ready to accomplish them. The soldier part of me sprung to life, and I felt game.

I quietly slipped my feet out of the heels, thinking that they really wouldn't be good for running if need be, or that anyone would be paying attention to the appearance of my feet. With my hand in his, Ron made it to the door in the blinking darkness. I could see his hand searching for the lever as the constant orange and red flickering of emergency lights cast shadows around the chamber. An eerie feeling built up in the center of my chest.

I could faintly see a black object in his brawny hand. And that object suddenly brought an unwanted and very pressing thought.

This is real.

Ron surged forth, swinging open the door in the process. He had the gun trained wherever he looked and had me glued to his back. My hand almost hurt from the pressure of his, but I said nothing. The first detail of the situation that hit my ears was screaming. The intenseness of their vocals had me frozen in place for a short moment and I couldn't concentrate well because of the horrifying cries for help.

"Focus on me, Elizabeth."

His voice brought me back in urgency. Severity coated his words, which had me tense and tingle in a strange combination. My eyes sought his. They seemed to glow; those eyes of his. A touch of concern had surfaced within him; however, it was overruled by vigilance. His other hand retrieved an alternative pistol from the back of his pants. Same brand. Same product. I briefly wondered how many he had concealed in there…

My eyebrows creased as he placed the one in my hand.

"Do not forget what I have taught you." I opened my mouth to refuse, but he continued strictly. "Have poise and conviction in yourself." He gripped my hand holding the weapon. "Do not have mercy on your target for they will not have mercy in return." His voice was grave. "Do not let your guard falter."

We stood there in silence for a moment or two. I was still adjusting to the fact that I may have to stand against one of those things; those things which were stronger, faster, and more intelligent than I. At this time, I knew I was required to be prudent, and that is what I am most experienced at preserving. I am neither brave- I would certainly like to be brave- nor cowardly in tumultuous happenings. Discretion is the one trait in which I can truly act on. But discretion and prudence were still secondary to my fear which showed itself vividly in my eyes. I was afraid, yes. But only sane human beings would be afraid to some degree.

He took a long look at me. I even thought his eyes settled on my lips for a split second before returning my gaze. Little-no huge, wide-winged butterflies swirled in my chest when spotting that, even if I may have imagined it. Many unspoken things even now remained unspoken. Lips did not need to be moving in order for one or the other to express what they were feeling. It was all in the matter of a sort of understanding and acceptance. But understanding was lost to me as he put distance between us as, backing away; his next words setting fire to my heart.

"Proceed down this corridor. Turn left, and follow the path until you reach an exit."

My chest compressed at the directive. He was ordering me to leave. No less, ordering. "No."

His eyes narrowed at my remark. He appeared determined, ready for what was to come. I knew him to not accept any counters, at least not from me. Maybe it was a matter of the sexes. Even so, stubbornness flowed through every vein in his large hollow body. "Reach the exit and find protection outdoors. Locate Will and Sarah, and if you cannot, then I need you to move far from the Base as quickly and as quietly as you can."

"You're not coming with me." I whispered, my eyebrows constricting. It wasn't a question. This is what I had feared. He is leaving all of the dirty work to himself. My eyes locked with his, silently but sternly telling him that he was not going to win that easily. "I want to help you."

"You are assisting by avoiding peril. My mission is to evacuate each and every civilian from the Base."

"I can't just leave you. You can't just go off and fight Decepticons with a puny little pistol!" This was ridiculous! It was as if he thought himself to be of greater height and mass; thinking he was capable of defeating one of those Cybertronians single-handedly!

"We will encounter each other again when this is over."

He was ignoring my every argument. And now, I couldn't read his clouded eyes or his stoic countenance.


"Ron…I can't just…go." My voice dropped to a murmuring level. This wasn't right. He needed help, some sort of assistance.

"Now, Elizabeth."

Again, my chest area tightened, neither liking being told to run nor abandon someone whom I shouldn't. I need to go… I'm only a hindrance to him. I blinked slowly. That word practically acted as another inferior attribute for my unique existence; a new quality that many would see first and foremost before anything other than what was good in me. A hindrance. Now I knew even if he required assistance, I couldn't offer any to him.

My expression gently disclosed realization, then morphed and became hard like his. I stared in his eyes for a moment longer, straining to hide my emotions, even though he can most likely find them anyhow. I felt unimportant; insignificant; irrelevant. I was incapable and inexperienced with the whole 'saving the world' thing evidently.

Stiffly, my head nodded once. I wanted to say something more, but decided against it. Things were getting much too complicated. My heart felt as if it was crumbling, slowly, and I had not a clue if he possessed even a sliver of concern. I didn't really expect him to. So as I inclined myself to strengthen my resolves, my body turned to face the direction of the nearest and safest exit.

Except, as I turned…

My wrist was snatched; body roughly spun around, and was crushed to the firm chest of a very resolute, peeving, and vexingly tall brute.

Yet again.

Potent dark eyes sought my own.

All too soon, thoughts of yearning and yen coursed along the nerve receivers and transmitters of my brain.

No! I am supposed to be mad at him! I will not be so deeply in love when gazing into those terrible eyes and those equally terrible lips and the beyond equally terrible hard body that is regrettably pressed against mine. I will not succumb to this ludicrousness!

Do not go into the light, Elizabeth!

And neither go into the dark!

Then, where the heck am I supposed to go?

It was true. Ron and my terrible feelings for him were a mix of light and dark. I was clearly trapped in a silly and daft prison of multiple desires. And all too soon in that prison, I believed my mind was on a path to madness.

My own hand impulsively positioned itself between Ron's body and mine, feeling his steadfast warmth against my palm. He made no move as his eyes searched mine. A frighteningly warm hand unhurriedly made its way to my lower back. My eyes began widening as it went further around me. And, of course, the reddening of my cheeks was part of the equation. As his hand settled on the small of my back, our bodies pulled closer; our faces now mere inches.

The world around me was fuzzy as I couldn't shake the feeling how much I wanted to crash my lips to this good for nothing brute. And I believed his thoughts were much the same. But I really wasn't certain of anything at the moment. My other hand was placed between our bodies as a sort of brace; else my natural instincts replace it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! This has to stop!

Okay, never mind, please don't stop!

But this really wasn't the time to be romantic. Remote cries and the barraging of bullets brought me back to actuality. It was time for us to part ways.

I really, really didn't want him to leave me however. For only a short amount of time we were reunited, but now an attack of Decepticons has to show itself, pulling us apart because of duty. My heart was thumping fiercely. Breathing, apparently, was no longer necessary to my needs as no breath came in or out of my nose, too afraid of the one before me standing in all his grandness. Even though we had a small, physical exchange not long ago, I still felt unsure of his feelings. He was so hard to read. But, as of now, clearly he wanted something.

His eyes lowered, evaluating my every weakness.

I fleetingly saw a flash of conceit in his eyes, it traveling through him easily. He knew I was susceptible to his lures.


Sometimes maybe…

But not ALL the time!

I stared into those bottomless blue eyes, careful not to soak too seriously in their waters. The shrewdness behind them roused too many ambiences to spread through my brittle bones. I closed my eyes for some odd reason. Maybe it is because I wanted to hide, or maybe because I somehow knew what was going to happen next.

His forehead touched mine; his breathing now wafting around my face in a pleasant sensation. I shook a bit from the strange effect he had on me, never getting acclimated to the incessant fuzzing that always seemed to fog my mind whenever our foreheads contacted.

"Ron." Just…just don't go.

My hands slowly released their hold on him, moving upward towards his face. My fingers gently glided along his rough skin, fascinated by the feel. I was fascinated how I was able to touch him without him getting bemused or cross. I was savoring every moment of it, too. But something made him grasp my hands and pull them down. The rejection set off a low pang in my torso. I forced my eyes open.

He was upset. Well, on the outside it seemed. Inside, I could somewhat perceive an unfastening temper; set to emit at any time. His eyes were not looking in mine or at me whatsoever, staring behind me. It puzzled me. What did I do? Perhaps I was too forward about something or was wasting too much time. And that hurt me. But he didn't free my hands. They stayed within his with some rigidity before he slowly let go. We stood in silence.

In the shadows, a whisper reached my ear. The low rumbling drove my legs feeble and faint. His voice sounded in my head even after he spoke, the words repeating in the same enchanting tone.

"Stay safe."

Stay safe.

And he was gone.

All his warmth and security vanished in the gloom.

I almost didn't register a silhouette treading deep into the shadows. Each flash of transitory light allowed me to see every other step he took. The outline strode further into darkness until I no longer saw it.

My eyes were finally adjusting to the sporadic arrivals of lights in the black.

There has to be an exit sign somewhere…

I was cold. It always seemed to happen when I became nervous or unsure. And this was undeniably a tense situation. It was as if my blood was retreating to the core center of my body to protect, while leaving other parts, such as my hands and feet, chilled.

I was alone. The silence of the halls didn't help my fears as the balls of my feet padded softly on the stone floors. It was a compulsion of mine to welcome the throws of silence. You never knew when a foe was listening or following your moves. Silence can preserve you. For a time.

Then, I saw it. A sign. The glowing arrow pointed to turn left to reach an exit. Yes!

But, as I turned, my core felt as if it had frozen along with my hands and feet. I became solely immobilized on prime instinct.

There in the shadows, tapering red optics gleamed.

Oh great.

Well…that was all I thought at the moment.

The Decepticon was wrought like a hound, but most surely bigger with a silver metal bulk. Its stance was predacious, ready to pounce if I even dared to twitch. My right hand shook as I held the pistol, as did my whole body. A deep fear began to spread itself to my heart, sending signals to my brain that I was going to die.

I am aren't I?

The hound growled; a profound metallic vibration which echoed through the halls. And in doing so, its tail flicked, causing jagged spikes to protrude into a form of mace-like weapon. It only made my bones quiver in submission.

I speedily, and almost clumsily, lifted the gun, pointing it at the wicked machine. I really doubted that a small 45 auto would injure even a miniscule Decepticon; but of course, had to try anyway.

A nearing gasp brought me out of my petrified state; however, affecting my body to practically jump into the air in alarm. My eyes adjusted again to the dark, getting accustomed to the continuous appearances of the red and orange emergency lights.

A woman and a man emerged from around another corner, possibly commencing toward the exit just as I. Their hands were tightly woven and I could plainly see their terror as they laid eyes on the thing before me. The Decepticon, seeing as I was not a threat, turned to them and bared its teeth viciously.

The woman cried. Fat tears streamed down her face as her mascara spilled in black streaks. Her date pulled her behind him in a rush. The hound turned toward them, slowly, as if testing the man, teasing him. The man had his eyes trained on the metallic beast but was unmistakably panicked.


Everyone froze, including the hound. The sound of the bullet releasing and colliding with the Decepticon's metal hide was enough to make the darkened hallway sing with reverberations. Utter dread overflowed my shaking form. My hand held the pistol in front. The firearm had a plume of smoke exiting from its barrel.

I was the shooter.

I had the hound's attention.

My vision was immediately flooded by garnet optics. It inched closer, and I would've sworn its optics turned darker. The rapping of his claws on the stone floor sent ripples of goose bumps to spread along my arms and legs. The pistol in my hand shook unbelievably.

When daring to look back at the alarmed couple at another opening of a hallway, I briefly saw the man's lips move. My eyes strained in the dark. He repeated the movement.


I guess that was all it took. That was all it took for me to lose my fear. That was all it took for me to spring toward the hound, weapon firing repeatedly.

The hound snarled and launched into the air, irritated of the constant firing. Its claws made a final scrape across the floor as it leapt. Its jaws extended, baring rows of gnarled fangs. Its tail swirled above it, eager to strike into my tender skin and bone.

But I wouldn't let it.

Just as soon as it leapt, I ducked low, sliding onward across the floor as its toothed tail just managed a clean scratch along a part of my arm. I let out a loud gasp at the sharp contact. But, as soon as my slide ended, I wasted no time flipping around in a squat to aim at the Decepticon, drops of blood roving along my skin from my trivial wound. My heart dropped each time I pulled the trigger. Nothing seemed to penetrate into its skin.

It came closer and closer with each scuffing of the claws. It seemed to smile, its ruby eyes glinting, when detecting my plain fear arise. It's playing with me… I couldn't get a clear shot at the hound's source of life. My heartbeat swelled substantially and I could feel the blood draining from my face as a result of fear. I retreated sluggishly backward when on my rear.

Please no! Not now! I can't die now!

"Hey, diesel breath!"

I was startled at first by another voice in the hall. It took everything I had to cast a brief glance in the man's direction, fearing for his safety and curiosity getting a better hold on me than reason. The woman who was beside him had disappeared.

The hound had turned its attention on the man also, exposing its jagged rows of metallic choppers. It no longer paid any mind to me on the floor.

The man held up a fire extinguisher, its hose pointed solidly at the Decepticon. The extinguisher could spray out C02 (Carbon Dioxide), which meant that it might slow it down some and maybe do damage to the hound's metal skin from the extreme cold.

It must have been adrenaline which caused me to smile temporarily.

He's definitely a marine.

"Come here you ugly son of a b-"

Okay, now he's a really clumsy marine.

The hound came crashing down on the man in a speedy desire to exterminate. Some sort of spittle dripped from the machine whenever he got close to biting off the man's head. Freaked exclaims and wild snarls emanated from the two, and I was left watching worriedly. If I interfered, it may put the man in even greater danger.

I need a clear shot! I wanted to shout to the man. But I didn't have the courage to do so, standing momentarily petrified as the two tussled, with a gun raised unsurely.

The man struggled to activate the extinguisher as the hound kept coming at him. He dodged the hound's claws and teeth however he could. I held my pistol tightly, waiting for a time when the Decepticon would be away from the man for a clear shot. I needed a shot at its spark.

The man smacked the hound's head with the extinguisher, causing the Decepticon to fly back some. It shook its noggin a bit after the unexpected blow. The man retreated to the wall behind him and lifted the extinguisher's hose. White spray propelled out of the nozzle and onto the Decepticon in a flurry. The hound's metal skin was beginning to turn silvery, as chilled vapor wafted over its structure. It released a piercing screech.

My weapon was still pointed at the thing, and I thought it was time to end this. I willed my hands to cease their trembling and to focus.

But as the hound yowled and became weaker and weaker with its skin gradually being frozen…

It stopped.

And soon after, the extinguisher ran out of dioxide.

I lowered my pistol as my eyes traveled over the motionless hound. It made no sound, except for its iced skin which sizzled and popped. I looked to the man, who looked to me. His eyes appeared wild from fear, but relaxed as relief took its place.

But, I frowned.

Hastily, my eyes flew to the metallic figure, aiming at its bulk.

The sizzling and popping became louder, and the frozen, white substance on his hide cracked, then shattered onto the floor.

It was alive and freed.

The man's expression was incredulous. He fidgeted with the extinguisher to make it work again, but that wasn't going to happen. Besides, I was the one who needed to end this. I could nearly detect the unraveling blind fury behind the bloodshot optics. And as its optics settled on me once again, I couldn't obtain enough nerve to even pull the darn trigger.

He would be disappointed, Elizabeth. C'mon, remember what he said. Remember…

My eyes focused, pupils hardening, mouth parting.

"If your actions are displayed accurately, the weapon within your hands shall listen to your every command." He had said.

"Do not be afraid, rather be the bullet yourself and kill what you see fit to destroy."

With a shaky voice…

"Eat lead."


A gasp escaped me as the shot was fired. My body flew back. My bones fell limp. I allowed myself a few moments of recline on the stone floor, thinking uncaringly. All thoughts went blank as my mind became hollow and cold.

An unpleasant brassy, cracking sounded near my ears. My nose caught a scent of some sort of gasoline. Gurgling noises echoed through the hall in a disturbing manner. I couldn't bring myself to reality it seemed. But I forced my body up and my eyes settled painstakingly onto the hound.

I shook and my breathing labored drastically. I had to get away before it got up, before it sprung.

"Hey, hey, hey, it's okay. It's okay."

A presence took place beside my form on the floor. I vaguely caught his reassuring words, too busy planning to escape whether he was with me or not. I had had enough of this alien.

"You're alright. It's dead. It's gone."

It's dead. It's gone.


I focused on the so-called corpse, seeing it only jerk as the scent of strong petrol swayed through the hall. I think I'm gonna be sick. My nose wrinkled over the vile stench.

Someone's warm, hazel eyes met mine. They didn't belong to anyone I knew. The skin around his were crumpled, and it took me a moment to fathom he was actually smiling.

And I really couldn't believe that he actually started to laugh.

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Anger and frustration were beginning to take its place. Why was this man laughing when a Decepticon, in the form of a vicious hound, almost killed me with its bare metal paws?!

His smile immediately faded. A hand placed itself on my shoulder.

"Hey, it's alright. Don't cry."

I'm crying?

I rashly - hopefully not too rash- pushed his hand away, wiping my tears quickly in the process. "Who are you?" I finally asked, embarrassed with my slight hoarse voice.

He smiled. "I'm Sam."

I didn't smile back, mainly because I was still trembling with after-shock. "Elizabeth." I slowly rose from the floor with the support of the wall. He followed suit.

"We should be quiet. I really don't want to have any more surprise attacks. We're vulnerable enough as it is." Droplets of sweat were forming on his forehead. I finally noticed his tuxedo had rips in some places from his brawl with the robot.

I raised an eyebrow. "Are you a soldier here?"

"No, definitely not. You?"

"I'm not a soldier." I looked down at the metal carcass, eyes scanning over the steaming spark chamber where the bullet pierced.

Where it pierced out of pure luck.

"Then where'd you get the gun?"

My eyes turned back to his in the dim lighting, and then spotted the firearm lying against the wall where I must have dropped it when killed the creepy, nasty Decepticon. "A soldier." I then remembered my wound from before, seeing it slowly drip with blood. The blood was already starting to dry. I ripped a piece of fabric from my dress and wrapped it around my arm. I looked around, gathering the hazy exclamations of people from where we stood. It was almost deadly quiet aside from the screams. "We should help them." I whispered. My hand grasped the pistol from its lying position and again looked back at Sam.

"I'm sure the Autobots are doing the best they can." His face turned nearly pleading. "We need to get out of here, okay? Decepticons could be swarming the halls just like that one." He glanced at the corpse as it lay on the floor. He was almost rambling with his fast-paced words and sentences. "Besides just l-look at us. I mean, we're in formal wear for Pete's sake."

Well of course he was right, so I complied, nodding. "Then we should find that exit."

He seemed to relax slightly, shoulders slumping. "What are they after?" He asked distractedly, wide eyes searching the halls.

"I'm not sure. But I have a feeling we'll figure it out real quick." I muttered grimly.

A sudden boom made us lose our balance and fly to opposite walls of the hallway. Profound vibrations crossed through the floors, causing our legs to scrunch up. The ceiling above trembled severely.

Excruciating screeching submerged our senses.

I covered my ears in agony, the fearsome echo enough to split them. Pain-filled moans escaped my mouth as the wretched sound flooded my mind and its thoughts, causing my body to slide down the wall and onto the floor. Wetness leaked into my eyes and I didn't know how much longer I could contain myself before tumbling into unconsciousness.

The screeching increased its profundity, the intensity of the sound causing my ears to nearly leak with blood.

Fight it! Fight it!

Make it Stop!

And suddenly…it stopped.

And along went the bursting of glass and emergency lights in the halls.

I flinched, shielding my face as best I could from the impending flakes of glass shooting this way and that. We were left in complete darkness. I rested a little. My ear drums steadily ceased their ringing.


I heard him groan. "What the hell was that?!"

I breathed. Once. Twice. "I don't know."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I replied when moving my jaw around, popping my ears.

"I'm never, ever coming to N.E.S.T Base ever again. Don't want anything to do with them anymore. Just want to have a normal life with a wife and maybe a couple of kids…"

"Sam! Are you alright? You're mumbling, which isn't a good sign."

A sigh traveled to my hearing. "I'm fine."

I sat there and breathed for a couple of seconds. "Where are you?" I asked in a quiet tone.

"I-I'll come to you. Just keep talking." He paused. "But be very quiet, okay?" Another pause. "Or maybe you should just stay quiet and I'll feel around for you." He rambled on.

I rolled my eyes, but smiled a little. This guy was a handful.

"Sam, we'll be fine if we just talk in light tones." I started making conversation for him to find me. My back slouched against the wall. "Where did that woman go before all this happened?"

I heard him shuffling around with some crunching of glass shards. It smelled of smoke from the eruption of electricity. "Uh, Carly? I told her to run to the exit, said I would be following shortly. You can see that I lied."

"She won't be happy."

"No, she won't."

By that time, his hand touched my elbow.

"Follow me, and stay close to the wall." I crouched low to the cold floor. My body pressed snugly against the stone wall and he followed. By trailing the wall, we would be able to reach some kind of destination. We started moving along it at a satisfactory pace. It was sort of difficult at first with my annoying blue dress, but I supposed I managed. "The exit shouldn't be too far from here." I whispered. My voice lightly rebounded off the walls in the dark. Now without the alarms going off, I could hear openly.

Thundering booms continued to vibrate through the walls. My growing fear for the people never wavered. But for now, as we crept along the walls, and when we both agreed to stay quiet, I was busy listening to the very serious mutterings of this guy named Sam.

I smiled.

I liked this guy.

"U.S. Marines, U.S. Marines! Get down on the ground!"

We had just gotten up from the floor after crawling past how many corners? We didn't exactly know. All I knew was that N.E.S.T was much larger than I had originally expected. It had seemed endless in the dark. A faint breeze had alerted us that the exit was near, and open. It wasn't long before we turned another corner that flashlights blinded our vision, marines yelling at us.

Sam sighed in relief and or exasperation. We slowly kneeled to the floor, our hands placing themselves on our heads. "Hey, hey, hey. We're not Decepti-creeps, okay? So take it easy on us! Hey, watch it! This is a new suit! It already has a couple of slits!"

A soldier searched Sam for any weapons, or any metal qualities he might have to be certain he wasn't a robot of any sort. They did the same with me, taking Ron's gun, and I was left having a suffering in my gut. I was still recovering from the aftermath of my first killing. My very first killing just happened to be a fulminating Decepticon.

"Come with us! We need to get you two to safety!" A soldier behind dark goggles and a face-mask proclaimed.

"Did a woman come this way?!" Sam motioned fervently with his hands after he was searched. "She's tall, has blonde hair!"

We were tugged away by this small unit of marines while Sam voiced his questions. I tried to get an eyeful of the outside, glad to be rid of complete darkness even though it was still dark. Many crowds of people were like ants as they scattered away from the Base. They were sprinting toward the flat desert. The thundering booms were louder than they were before in the halls. Fire ate up patches of green across the courtyard. Statues were cracked or crushed.

But what stood out to me most, were voices; in the distance.

Almost metallic-like voices.

They were too far to be heard word for word. But they sounded angry…and heated. The familiar bellowing rumbles followed shortly after.

"We need to move, now!"

I didn't realize I was slacking until one of the men pulled me onward. My bare feet hit moist, sinewy grass as we ran to the numbers of fearful people.

"Everyone, stay calm!" One frustrated soldier shouted.

Yeah, I don't think they're listening very well, sir.

The soldier and his affiliates left Sam and I instructions to stay with the large crowd of people. They had to escort others to this destination as well.


I turned when hearing Sam's name being called. A tall, blonde haired woman came strutting towards us in very uncomfortable-looking high heels. It wasn't long before she pulled him in for a hard and passionate kiss.

I laughed a little, gazing at anything but the two as they had their reunion. And even more so when she ended it and slapped him across the chest indignantly.

"Samuel James Witwicky! Don't ever do that to me again!" She hugged him fiercely, eyes watering and red. "I will give back your ring if you do."



You have got to be joking.

"Everyone get down!"

It was a blur, really. I had immediately dropped to the ground at the command when a top part of the Base's roof was blown to pieces by an unknown force. The ground shook beneath us. Women were screaming and men were yelling.

Two F-22 jets came soaring through the blasted opening. F-22s…

They were headed this way.

And the only odd thing was that something green was attached to one of the jets, and something orange was attached to the other. Lights were everywhere.

I didn't have time to see clearly enough though, for the whole civilian and soldier crowd went running, seeking safety among the outer skirts of the desert area. Helicopters were in the air, drifting above us. Harriers hovered overhead, aiming at the Decepticons. Marines, Navy, Air Force; they were all here. Here to help us.

"Ya wan som mo', ya filfy son o' Primus?" A strangely familiar yet brassy voice questioned.

To who or what, I didn't have a clue. It was all I heard until a deafening boom embed itself into the earth. An invisible wave of air knocked us over. Oxygen momentarily drained from my lungs. My eyes met the star-filled sky as I lay on my back. My hands felt stringy grass and dirt. Ringing invaded my hearing as the boom's rumble clouded my ears.

Shock. This was shock.

And because of it I suppose, I barely registered my body being pulled up almost immediately off the cold ground.


"We gotta go, Elizabeth! C'mon, look at me!"

My bones found their strength and I willed my ears and mouth to cooperate with me. I stood up with Sam's hand on my arm for support. He quickly tugged me alongside him. Carly was on my other side. I quickly regained steadiness and freed myself of Sam's aid.

Dirt was flying everywhere because of the large collision of the F-22 jet. I looked back, still moving with Sam, his girlfriend, and all the others. Two Cybertronians were deep in combat. I could hear raspy retaliations, groans, and wails. The F-22 fighter was obviously one of the two combatants, and larger than the small, neon green automaton. Even though the one was the larger, the other had velocity and dexterity to his movements. The larger was having problems keeping up, but his weapons were large and to a point, overwhelming. Each firing of the alien's missiles or canons deafened our ears.

"Where are you taking us?!" I shouted to a random soldier. It looked as if he belonged to Delta Force, but I wasn't positive. My bare feet were receiving a heck of a beating as we all ran to shelter. Explosions were at our back and it was earsplitting along with the crowd's screams.

He looked at me behind protective shades as we ran. Breathing was becoming difficult but adrenaline kept me rolling. "To an underground fortress! It's specifically designed for emergencies! Now go! Keep moving!"

Sam moved in front of me swiftly, shouting to the soldier. "Hey, look, the Autobots are gonna need more help than this! More Decepticons are pouring in! Yo-You, gotta do something!" His words had an unnerved pitch. His eyes looked dead on into the soldier's, and I wanted to grin. My faith lifted at his optimism.

But a reply didn't come. Couldn't come.

Another bellowing boom resounded through the Earth. The remaining F-22 jet rocketed itself into soil. We stumbled a little on our feet but recovered. The marine shouted orders to some others and went on his way toward the commotion. The aliens were far enough away now to barely see them in the dark; save for the sparks and illumination of their cannons as they whizzed and whirred. The orange Cybertronian remained fastened to the jet's left wing. It looked like it was trying to scratch and pound the jet to death. When looking forward again, people were disappearing into the ground which meant we have nearly reached the underground tunnels of N.E.S.T. The passages must have been blocked when we were inside the Base.

"Go! Go! Go! Keep moving people!" A marine bawled nearby. He stood at the entrance with his weapon raised at the conflict behind us in the distance, lest they happened to move closer. The mass of civilians followed his commands as they strode into the ground. My legs were bruised from all the falling and tripping. I could feel faint stings along many limbs, knowing they were minor scratches from rubble falling from the night sky.

It was total mayhem.

Harriers were emerging and fired at the scene, causing heaps of dust to sweep into the air. Grating roars of agony originated from various directions in the murk. But as they launched missiles into the bodies of the enemy, one was torn piece by piece, soon bursting into flames; the pilot's cries could be heard even to my ears. Its remains landed noisily on the ground, tremors traveling within the earth. I steadied myself when spreading my arms to keep balance.

A dark winged shape sprawled through the atmosphere, jumping for the residual aircraft. The harrier tried to outmaneuver the thing but failed as the dark form used talons to sever the wings off primarily. The harrier came crashing just as the other. I knew it had been another Decepticon.

My hope was thoroughly subdued as destruction befell on our reinforcements. I could barely see what was occurring. It looked as if our skills were outnumbered. There was an escape plan, but what of an attack plan?

Thoughts filtered my mind; thoughts of Will fighting alone; thoughts of Sarah weeping; thoughts of Robert shouting profanities; thoughts of Ron surrounded. They all had me stopping, a realization pulling itself together briskly.

I was running.

I should be with them. And now, I didn't want to go underground. I didn't want to leave Will, Sarah, Epps, or Ron behind. I had to help somehow; and I would not be a hindrance. My face congealed. My eyes lit on fire. I purposefully focused on assembling my anger so I could acquire courage; so I could be brave and find my family.

People rushed past me in shadows. I turned from safety, eyes finding peril, and caught my breath before beginning to run a new, perilous route, eyes watering.


I turned to see Sam and his girlfriend making their way back to me, hand in hand. Their eyes were as wide as dish plates. I was irritated that they followed. I didn't want Sam to get mixed up in this.

"What are you doing?" Sam shouted. "No, you can't go back!"

"I have to! My family is out there and I'm not going to sit in a hole and watch what happens!" My jaw clenched tightly as I looked to the ground somewhat. I watched his eyes change to various emotions, shifting this way and that. "You should go, Sam! Watch over her!" I nodded my head at Carly. "You've already saved the world multiple times!" I paused, a person bumping into me hard making me stagger a little. He raised both eyebrows, clearly wondering how I knew that information. "But I'm going back!"

"They're going to the shelter! They'll be okay!" Sam reasoned.

"Three are fighting Decepticons! I need to go!"

They didn't move.

His girlfriend, Carly replied this time, shouting. "Then, we'll go with you! You can't be on your own!" Sam nodded at her statement, even though he appeared awfully apprehensive.

I almost rolled my eyes out of both irritation and rile. But, deeper inside, I was grateful that they would come with me. I didn't want to go alone. And so I didn't object, mainly because we were spoiling enough time as some people were being killed or injured.

I nodded firmly. My body turned again toward the fight in the gloom. It seemed to go on forever and I wondered when dawn would come. My eyes narrowed as dirt acted like mist and showered on us, sullying our skin. My face felt tight from drying tears staining my face. And in addition when turning, I understood I needed something; a very necessary something.

A weapon.

And as my eyes lay on a dead soldier off to the side and closer to the battle, I could dimly see a knife in his lifeless grasp, the other sustaining a rifle. Blood had puddled around his left side. My body tensed at the sight. But this was no time to shed tears. I had to salvage whatever arms I could.

He won't be using it any longer. It's for the best. I reasoned with my tussling thoughts.

"C'mon!" I shouted to Sam and Carly as we trotted through the distressed mobs of people. We headed in the opposite direction of them all. We all had to be shouting to hear one another. Things were really getting out of hand.

"What are you doing?!"

"We need weapons, don't we?!"

"Where can we find weapons out here?!" Carly asked, skeptical.

"There!" I pointed to the body. "Can you shoot?!"

"It's not my strong suit!" Sam replied. He sounded unsure, but ready nonetheless.

"You and me both!" I glanced at him reassuringly. I tried to make him feel like he wasn't alone. Because he wasn't.

We reached the body. A still smoking singe was implanted into the soldier's side, most likely killing him within a split moment. I passed the rifle to Sam. He seemed vastly unfamiliar with the gun, but soon learned quickly. For that I was thankful.

I handed the pistol that was on his leg to Carly. "Can you shoot?!"

"Barely, I guess! But I have military blood in me!" She nodded, assuring me. I nodded in return, smiling spite of our hectic situation.

I took a deep breath as my eyes settled on a blade on his chest. My fingers clasped themselves around the grip, feeling the hard rubber. My other hand found a secondary pistol on his other hip, somewhat nauseated that it had blood partially glued to it. Truly, I didn't know what I was doing. Marching into the battlefield and using what little knowledge I had to take down Decepticons. I had killed one, but that was entirely luck. But soldiers were out there and killing them, so why couldn't we?

A woman screamed.

Well, far too many women were screaming, but this one seemed extremely distressed. And it was barely heard; yet my ears still caught the high tones and feminine distinction. The only thing was…it sounded especially recognizable.

Sam and Carly curved their heads toward the sound, having heard it also. Sam's eyes were overly alert for any danger that would concern us civilians and soldiers. I didn't blame him. In the darkness behind us, I could see more Cybertronian shapes and another crowd of people sprinting our way.

"Put her down! Put her down, now!" I heard someone shout harshly; furiously.


My pupils widened in terror. No, it can't be.

"Let's go." I didn't know if they heard me, but it was mainly for my confidence that needed some work. I stood from the ground, and with Sam and Carly headed toward the scream. We were headed to the heart of this outbreak. We were going to help end this.

Outside the N.E.S.T. Base, in the desert, a battlefield was established.

Aircraft of various forms flew about N.E.S.T. in an alert approach. Raucous gunfire clinked against metal. Shouts of distress sounded from all around Sam, Carly, and I.

"Keep your head down!" I heard Sam say to Carly. My eyes were busy searching ahead, fixed on a battlefield where sonorous expletives and outcries rung. Shrill and rowdy gunfire set the scene ablaze. Cybertronians and men alike were thrown this way and that. Just watching it made me slack a bit in dismay. We hid from the eyes of soldiers in the dark. Anyhow, they were occupied plenty. Their attention was solely on the center of this crisis. And we were heading straight for it.

How exciting!


"Let her go!"

Almost there. Almost there.

We were nearly there. It was maddening what we were doing. What I was doing. And the battle was becoming even more frenzied. The shapes of the Autobots and Decepticons were unclogging. My hands held both pistol and blade. I forced myself to gain confidence. But another part of me was having a really tough time cooperating.


I just had to roll my eyes. Get a hold of yourself…

Sam snagged my arm and drew the three of us behind a flipped and abandoned tank without so much as a word. I could hear his and Carly's ragged breathing from the all the running, and found that I myself was breathing quite desperately as well. We three peeked out to the battle that was only about seventy-five yards away.

Various forms of robotic aliens were showed as torch lights were flashed upon them from helicopters above, aiming to kill the enemy. Voices were becoming much clearer; although, most of the language was of the Cybertronian dialect, and of course…I am no extraterrestrial linguist.

A missile fired and hit an enemy on the field, causing him to fly backwards in a spiral and plummet to the ground.

The same woman screamed once more.

My eyes searched for the source. And there in the darkness, feet of numerous forms appeared firstly. Then showed torsos; then emerged human faces as they ran in our direction, opposite of the action that was transpiring.

They were N.E.S.T. Base soldiers.

A majority wore armored vests around their black and white tuxedoes, baring pockets stocked with magazines and combat knives. They held various rifles in their arms. And among them, were yet more civilians.

I stood upright from behind the overturned tank, eyes on them all. My eyes searched for my aunt and uncle first and foremost.

"Wait!" I heard Sam say. But soon he was standing beside me, along with the blonde.

"Move it, move it! Get to the fortress!" The command was aimed at us, coming from one of the N.E.S.T. soldiers.

I didn't listen; for that's when I spotted a billowing dress in the mass of soldiers and civilians.

"Aunt Sarah!" I cried, immediately running to her. Her head had risen at the sound of my voice, confusion clearly masking her perturbed features. Then just as I felt her gaze, she was trotting toward me with urgency, forehead creased with deep concern. I met her halfway with as much enthusiasm, more than happy she was alive and well.

But as we reached one another, it was a short reunion. Well, it wasn't a reunion whatsoever. We were taken to the ground from a sudden burst of an explosion transpired overhead.

"Sarah, Liz, get to the outskirts, now! Sam, what the hell are you doing here?!"

Will! He had appeared beside us and Robert beside him, looking rowdy and rough. They too had vests over their black suits, sporting rifles just as the others. Both Sarah and I stood hastily, breathing labored. But once again, there was quite the loud interruption. But it wasn't like the others.

All Cybertronians ceased their warfare as they viewed the new arrival on the ground.

It was an F-22 fighter jet.

He stood tall and menacingly; most likely the leader of this raid. His plates were colored much like a standard jet, excluding the black supernatural markings across the tan metal. His artilleries were drawn. I could see missiles loaded and ready. But the arrival simulated nonchalance as his weapons were lowered and non-glowing. Another landed suddenly behind him, thrusters declining.

I was incredibly confused.

"Thundercracker." A very tall and blue Autobot revealed. His mouth was hidden behind a metal covering, and eyes shone like glowing turquoise.

The first F-22, or Thundercracker, merely turned a lip plate upward, showing absolutely no humor. His ruby eyes shone darkly, appearing empty and deadpan in lack of emotion. "Prime."

Oh, wow… Never before had I heard a Decepticon speak. So let me tell you, his voice was dripping with iniquity. Frissons throughout my body made goose bumps rack my skin when hearing that horrible intonation. The utterance was dulled, but had an echoing tone attached. Caution overruled my instincts.

My eyes widened considerably. But even more so as I beheld the Autobot who spoke to him. So he is the Autobot leader.

"Be-gone…or you shall suffer consequences beyond your imagining. I give you the option of returning to the wormhole you derived, Thundercracker. I suggest you accept it." The Prime said, and then shifted almost casually, playing the Decepticon's game. "But if you dare show yourself to me for a second time, your fate then will not be as providential."

"No, let us be rid of this filth! He has caused too much destruction for a merciful release!" Another grating voice responded. I had to agree with whoever had disagreed with the Prime. But that was only my opinion. However, the Prime was the Autobot leader most likely because of his open mind to even the Decepticons and their wicked intellects. So in a way, I also agreed to his words.

"I only want a few things for my return journey to my Master." Thundercracker's optics flashed between the two who spoke. Artificial innocence was apparent within his tone. "Give them to me and many of your precious humans shall be spared their lives."

The second jet cackled. It almost sounded insane. "Or most of them shall be spared."

"And who is this Master whom you speak? Megatron has been deceased for four years now." Yet another metallic voice questioned warningly.

He simply smirked, mouth plates curling upward.

"Enough games, Thundercracker! What is it that you so desperately require?"

His head deliberately rotated toward the spot where Sam stood, who was fidgeting rather uneasily with his newly acquired rifle. Optics gleamed red.

"First…I'll take the boy."

It happened so fast.

Without a thought, I had sprinted in the direction of the guy named Sam Witwicky, needing to save his life. My blue, tarnished dress blew in different directions as I did so. And when I had reached him in the last possible moment, my body had been snatched quite brusquely in a hard, metal hand. Massive, piercing claws wrapped themselves around my legs and torso.

So now, I was in the tightly compressed grasp of a Decepticon, starting to regret my decision of saving Sam instantly.

"No…!" Sam shouted loudly enough for his voice to reach me as I was elevated in a gigantic palm. Others shouted as well, including a distant cry from Sarah. "Take me, take me!" Sam continued his loud ranting. I silently thanked his concern for my well-being. I would be concerned also if someone was in the hands of a Decepticon.

"Well, what do we have here?" Enflamed optics scanned my figure. "Another one." He paused as everything around us seemed to hold their breath. "How fortunate."

The crimson optics left my face, leaving me to swallow deeply in anguish. They settled on the Autobots before him, face plates smiling callously. The optics flashed in hostility, and a disconcerting chill swirled within my gut in unpleasant consternation.

I knew his subsequent actions would be wicked. A conspiracy was behind that smile of his. And I had a forthcoming suspicion I was part of it.

Or I was just a plain, ordinary, common hindrance.

"…Lord Starscream sends his regards."

White hot pain drilled across my back.

I screamed.

And screamed.

And screamed.

Vicious pain immersed both my body and essence. I screamed until my throat could no longer contain it; my mouth soon drying in the desert winds. I could no nothing. Only my eyes remained wide open, and mouth agape in a silent yell. Tears freely oozed down my face, mixing with dirt and dust. Traumatization drew me into its veiled comprise.

It felt as if my back was splitting; like a blade was dragging its serrated point past and above my spine in a dreadfully slow pace. Everything seemed to halt at a brisk stop as the point gave a final drag before sliding off my lower back. I didn't have the strength of voice anymore, to scream what I was experiencing.

All sorts of havoc began then, as I faintly heard maddened bellows and cries lift to even my height as I was dangling in the grasp of a vile Decepticon.

A thought came to my head as I thought of the thing that practically tore my body apart.

I hate robots.

Somewhere, a great definite roar of rage tore through to my muffled hearing, far surpassing those with weaker vocals.


A huge, sudden impact, metal on metal, had me flying out of the Decepticon's clutches and into the air. I stayed immobile, when airborne, the pain just too much. But I could no longer feel it, really. My back had become numb and mind endured the persistent emotion of surprise. Hazy bellows, growls, and roars were all that traveled to the nearly deaf ears of mine. Words of an uncommon tongue I could somewhat distinguish.

Ground, yes that was ground. And I was falling straight to it. But even when perceiving the all too familiar flat surface, I had no sense to be afraid. In fact, I had welcomed it for that one moment. Welcomed it because it was a finer death than the suffering I was withstanding. I wanted it to end. Now.

But somewhere…in a little tiny part of my rational mentality, I knew that death at this time was the wrong path to journey. It was the easiest avenue to take.

And at that moment of resistance, I was caught.

The abrupt contact shot pain through my numb body for a split second, but then my numbness returned. The movement of bones was impossible for me. And if I did move, the pain would surely return. I really didn't want it to return.

Large, inhuman fingers tightly coiled themselves around my quaking, dirtied figure. And I knew it was much different from the previous hand that contained me. The hold, in its own sense, was inexplicably consoling. It was warm, almost hot. I didn't have enough reason journeying through my brain to back away from the interaction, having no clue as to who or what was sequestering me from the world and all its perceptible danger. But to say the least, I was appreciative. And I was…drawn to it. Maybe it was the dizziness in my head or the strange thoughts I was having, but I felt captivated by it.

I was lifted. Slowly. By that large, otherworldly hand. One warm, metal hand. A black hand, I realized sluggishly.

Warm liquid seeped along my own fingers as they lay on the smooth metal beneath me, unmoving and feeling that warmth. I didn't think this liquid felt right, wondering how a fluid appeared on a giant palm. But soon, I began to grow…cold. Not even the massive palm's alleviating heat could prevent it.

I tried to see the one holding me, straining everything I could on it-him. But my mind was so dazed with such a strange feeling of pain. I was twitching some, I knew. Shudders of pain sailed from my legs to my head; one end to the other. But I stared straight at him. Because I knew; I knew he would be the last one I would see before slipping into unconsciousness.

And I didn't know if I'd be able to wake up.

Humming inundated my hearing.

Smoldering sapphire plagued my sight.

I was drowned…in blue.

Something struck into my core. A torrent of foreign feelings and emotions sank deep inside my heart, fabricating sensations and thirsts I have never known, nor any human being for that matter. I was awakened by an all too familiar force as it stirred memories within me.

I began crawling under Ironhide just as before when washing him. There was a little leak. Oil pans were some of the most flimsy sections of a truck. The leak should have been larger, but considering he is an Autobot, it was probably an accurate size.

I crawled further. I went further because of curiosity, but was also tugged by some sort of a compelling pull, silently willing me to advance. Stronger and more effective it became as each of my knees met the concrete garage floor. My brain fuzzed with strange dizziness from a feeling that I had never felt. And soon enough, my ears heard something.

It was a faint humming…

I stopped, turning myself upon my back. The metal above me was of fine craftsmanship. Markings of an unusual sort acted like tattoos trailing along the metal. With a gentle hand, I lightly caressed the foreign steel with the soft digits of my fingers. I think then, Ironhide…shivered. The metal above me had quaked to some extent, however fleeting it was.

Beneath this particular metal plate, his spark was hidden. The life source of this powerful Autobot was just within the confines of this overlay. I could…feel it; at least I think. The humming was emitting from his spark, it slowly growing louder with each passing second as I examined the peculiarities of Ironhide.

However, before I could move back again, a sudden pulse of energy spread along the veins and through the blood vessels of my body. My body uplifted when it came, irises becoming large, and absorbing heart pounding energy like no other. I couldn't control it. I didn't know what to do when emanating a light inhale of breath.

That pull was not ordinary at all.

No, indeed…

Dawn never came to me.

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