"Let's go, Blaine, or I am leaving without you!" Blaine rolled his eyes, his friend yelling at him from downstairs. He shivered, his hair still damp from the shower and where it was on his neck. He pulled on a pair of jeans, and a dark red sweater, opting not to gel his hair back tonight.

He didn't want to go out really, but Sebastian had heard of a party at Delta-Pi-Zeta house, and apparently, it's one of the top most places to be when it comes to drunken times. Sebastian pleaded with him to go, and it was once he got on his knees, not like that obviously, that Blaine had to say yes.

"Who else is going to be there? And please tell me there are people that I actually know, and not like the last party where I sat in the corner of the room and watched as you went from guy to girl and back to the same guy as before and then leave me to fend for myself when you decided that he was the person that you wanted to have that night?"

Sebastian let out a huff, sticking his nose in the air slightly before breaking out into a large grin, smirking at Blaine.

"Please, that night was totally worth it. You heard the details. You were practically salivating over how much in detail I went into. Blaine, it's been a while since-"

"I know," he interrupted, not wanting to talk about how long it's been.

Sebastian shrugged, and threw Blaine's coat at him, hitting him right in the face. Blaine was glad that the place was close to their's, not having to drive that night, knowing that both of them planned on having a bit too much.

Blaine liked the college life; parties happening more often than he could ever dream, his classes were surprisingly good, and always seemed to challenge him to his fullest. He was excited for the new term to start, new classes, and new friends waiting for him. Sebastian broke through Blaine's thoughts with a tug on his sleeve, pulling him out the door and locking it behind him.

"Come on, princess. Let's have a fucking awesome night."

There was a steady beat that Blaine could hear from when they were a block away. Shirtless guys roamed around the front yard; some of them tackling each other to the dirty ground. Blaine felt a blush rise to his face, and he had to look away. Sebastian, however, smirked, nudging Blaine. The second that Blaine entered the house, he knew that he had made the good decision to come tonight; everyone seemed drunk enough, and if was lucky, he might be able to fool around with someone. Gay or not, it's still a frat party, and with the frat house they are at, he knows there will be someone who he could scope out.

Blaine separated from Sebastian, who had wandered outside again. Blaine walked to the kitchen, pushing passed the bunch of people that were in his way, too drunk to even notice being pushed aside. He grabbed the first thing he could get his hands on, and chugged it back, draining half of the bottle before pulling away, his face twisting in disgust of the taste.

Time had passed, and Blaine had gotten a few more drinks in him. He'd started talking to a girl who was there, who wouldn't seem to shut up before her giant of a boyfriend came up to them, a goofy smile on his face.

"Hey babe, have you seen Puck around?" The girl, Rachel, rolled her eyes.

"Last time I checked he was upside down on top of the keg out back. Sam tried to talk him out of it, but, you know Puck." Finn slurred something out that Blaine couldn't make out, and left, but not before giving Rachel a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

"I think he was aiming for your mouth," Blaine said and Rachel looked at him for a brief moment before letting out a large snort, smacking Blaine on the shoulder.

"You're good. I like you," she said sweetly and Blaine smiled back at her, another swig from his cup entering his body afterwards.

Blaine eyes droop slightly, the alcohol affecting him more and more as the time passed, and soon he kind of just wants to leave. His head spun and he made his way to the living room in hopes of finding Sebastian. Blaine lets out a frustrated sigh as he spotted Sebastian, hands on a girl's waist and mouth on her neck. He made eye contact for a split moment, before Sebastian smirked at him, pulling the girl into a hard kiss. Blaine snorted, and turned to leave only to bump into someone, whose drink now made it's way all the way down the front of his shirt.

"Oh shit, I'm so sorry, man," Blaine looked down at the mess, groaning out.

"Whatever, man." Blaine said tugging on his shirt a couple times, like it would magically get rid of the liquid.

"I could lend you a shirt, this is my house."

Blaine looked up at this, and into the other boy's eyes, breath catching in his throat. He was pretty hot, with his blond hair and big lips and Blaine had to bit his lip to keep from moaning out, as he boy was shirtless, his abs seemingly gleaming.

The boy didn't wait for an answer, grabbing Blaine by the wrist and pulling him up the large stairs near the main door. He stumbled a few times, the boy laughing at him for a moment before they finally reached the room in question. Blaine looked around as the boy moved around the room, digging into his dresser for a shirt.

"This one will do," he held up a blue Captain America shirt, holding it out for Blaine to take. "I'm really sorry about that," his words were slurred a bit. "I'm Sam."

"Blaine," he said before grabbing the shirt. "Thanks, I guess."

He put the shirt down for a moment, to take off his wet one, not realizing the eyes staring at him. Blaine heard a small grunt come from Sam and when he finished taking his shirt off, Sam was staring at him, eyes dark.

He swallowed hard as Sam moved slowly towards him, his breathing harsh and Blaine had to tilt his head back to look at Sam's face. He shuttered when he felt Sam's hand trail down his arm, the other one, his fingertips gently touching Blaine's cheek.

"Y-you're really gorgeous," Blaine let out a small gasp as Sam leaned down, his lips finding his own.

Blaine whimpered into it, his hands going forward to touch Sam's stomach. His head was cloudy, and suddenly his body grew hot as the kiss continued. He kissed Sam back hard, the hand on his face disappearing and wrapping around his waist, pulling Blaine flush against his body. Blaine blushed, Sam no doubt feeling Blaine's hardness against him.

His head fell back, and he let out a large moan and Sam attacked his neck. His legs grew weak and Sam manoeuvred them to his bed, pushing Blaine on it. Sam's eyes were dark, and Blaine crawled up the bed more, this time turning over on his knees to do so.

"Stop," Sam voice was rough, but he did what he said and froze in place. Blaine looked back over his shoulder slightly, his eyes widening as he watched Sam palm himself through his jeans, eyes fixated on Blaine's ass. Blaine shifted slightly, balancing somehow, pulling the edge of his jeans down and giving Sam a better view.

He stepped tugging them down when they were right below his cheeks, returning to his pervious position, this time dropping all he way down so his ass was in the air, face and shoulders against the bed sheets.

Sam let out another strangled noise, and rubbed himself faster before finally discarding his own pants. He climbed on the bed, a hand running down Blaine's body before sticking a few fingers into his own mouth and sucking on them.

"Shit," Sam cursed, teasing Blaine's hole with his wet fingers. Blaine whimpered, and tried his best to make Sam hurry it up. Sam's salvia free hand ran over the flesh of Blaine's ass time and time again, gripping it firmly every now and then.

Blaine heard Sam mutter a couple things under his breath, followed by a nervous laugh. Blaine was just about to ask him what he had just said when he felt Sam's long, and slick fingers slid into him. He let out a cry, biting the sheet below him as Sam moved his fingers in him more.

"You look so good, Blaine," more slurred words, the heat and the alcohol clearly messing with his head. Sam's fingers begin to move in and out and Blaine's panting beneath Sam, a garble of words falling from his mouth.

He whined though when Sam removes them, and he shifts, so he's on his hands again. Then he felt it; the tip of Sam's cock going down his crack, and he looked behind him again, Sam having a hold of himself and guiding his cock through it, lips shining with spit from licking them over and over again.

"Condom?" Blaine didn't recognize his own voice at first and Sam's eyes snapped up to meet Blaine's.

"Nightstand," Sam voice was low, and Blaine's cock twitched. He moved quickly, pulling the drawer open, and rummaging around for a few seconds before pulling his hand out, a condom in his grasp. He threw it behind him, landing to the right of Sam who stared at it for what seemed like forever.

Blaine looked at Sam, confused for a moment, moving to him and pulling the boy out of his stare, his lips on Sam's and Sam responded eagerly, hand coming up to grab at Blaine's hair and hold him in place as he thrusted his tongue into Blaine's mouth.

"Turn around," Sam said when they broke for air and Blaine returned to his position from before, ass right in front of Sam. Blaine heard the tear of the condom and the grunt Sam made as he slid it on.

Blaine licked his lips, excited for what was to come. His cock was hard and leaking a fair amount, the only attention it has gotten was the rubbing against the bed when Sam fingered him. He felt dizzy, and hot, and he just wanted Sam to fuck him so he could come and sleep.

He felt the head of Sam's cock against his hole, pressing in slightly. Blaine whimpered as Sam swore, running a hand through his blond hair. Blaine moved back a bit, edging Sam on, his ass taking more of the cock. Sam guided himself in, his other hand resting on the small of Blaine's back.

"More, please, more." Blaine pleaded, as Sam inched his way into Blaine's body.

"You're so fucking tight," Sam hissed out before going all the way in. He gasped for air and Blaine panted, the feeling practically indescribable.

"Move, fuck. Sam, please fucking move," and Sam did.

The pace was slow at first, Sam being careful, but it was Blaine who took charge, thrusting himself back on Sam's cock to a point where Sam stayed still and Blaine worked himself on it. Sam watched his cock slide in and out, Blaine's ass swallowing him up.

"Yes, yes," Blaine panted and reached back for Sam's hand, guiding them to Blaine's hips. "Fuck me, Sam."

Sam broke from his daze, and moved forward fast and hard, the bed moving with them with every thrust. Blaine cried out, his body shaking with pleasure as Sam hammered the same spot over and over again.

"Going to come," Sam warned and Blaine moaned, meeting his thrusts back as much as he could. "Fuck!"

Blaine whined out, and he reached to touch himself, only to have his hand batted away, Sam's large hand touching himself and jerking him harshly.

"Shit!" Blaine cried out, coming over Sam's hand almost instantly. Sam was close himself, as he moved in and out of Blaine. Blaine twisted his body, grabbing Sam's come covered hand and drawing it into his mouth.

Sam let out a cry and came, his hips jerking with aftershocks, chest heaving and body dripping with sweat. Sam collapsed once he disposed of the condom, Blaine already half asleep. The last thing he remembered was an arm coming around his waist.