"Do I look hot or not?" Sebastian waltz into Blaine's room, dressed sharply.

Blaine didn't look up from his place on the bed, dressed still in his pj's from last night. He flipped through the magazine he was looking at, letting out a large sigh before closing it.

"What the hell are you doing? We're going to that party tonight!"

"I'm not, but feel free to go," Blaine responded, moving to get into the bed. Sebastian though, moved fast, gripping Blaine by the arm, pulling him harshly.

"No way, you are not going to mope here about whatever happened between you and Sam. You guys had a fight? Just get over it!"

Sebastian didn't know the truth behind what happened to them. Blaine simply told him that they had an argument over something and that he doesn't want to see Sam, and vice-versa. Sebastian wasn't taken no for an answer though.

"Just come for like, half an hour, say hi to the rest of the guys there, because I know that you are kind of friends with some of them too, and if you want to leave then we can leave."

Blaine let out a large groan.

"Fine, but when I say we leave, we leave." Sebastian punches the air in triumph and rushes out the door, poking his head back in for a moment.

"You better be ready to go in five minutes!" He squawked when Blaine threw a pillow at his face, laughing at him to get out.

It's like déjà vu to Blaine when they approach the house that night. It felt like the first night he might Sam and that had him stopping for a moment, before shaking his head and carrying on. Sebastian had already had a couple drinks for they left, so Blaine watches as he begins to dance in the streets, thankful that there are no cars on the roads.


Rachel grabbed him into a hug, squeezing him tightly before letting go, carefully making sure that she didn't spill any of her drink. She ended up looping an arm around his, and dragged him into the house. Blaine looked over his shoulder, eye scanning for Sebastian and he groans when he sees he's already chatting out a girl, drink in hand. He does works fast.

Rachel hasn't let go of him, and drags him into the living room. He's met with a loud cheer as Finn and Mike come up to him. He greets everyone with a smile, and pries Rachel's arm off him, putting it on Finn's instead. She babbles on about her doing some big show and Blaine nods, pretending to listen.

Of course Blaine's on the lookout for Sam, hoping that he could talk to him, hoping that things could go back to normal. But it's someone else who catches his eye. He standing there, talking to some guy, red cup held loosely in his hand. He hasn't changed in looks at all, still dressed up like always. He looks in Blaine's direction and Blaine watches as his eyes widened his mouth falling open in shock.

His chest hurt and he thought that seeing would be better since they'd been talking on the phone for a while now, but it doesn't feel right. Blaine felt his chest tighten and he balled his hands up into fists, clenching them tightly as he makes his way over to Blaine.

But Blaine doesn't let him reach him, Blaine turns, and it's now he notices the tears that had formed in his eyes. He didn't want to see him, he could barely talk to him when he did. Their last conversation didn't end well, and that plus the past made it clear to Blaine he didn't want to see him ever again.

He finds Sebastian in different room, and he grabs at him, dragging him away from the girl he was chatting up.

"I want to go home," Blaine said and Sebastian raised an eyebrow, taking in Blaine's dishevelled appearance.

"Okay, okay, we'll go."

Blaine had made his way to the front door, Sebastian being pulled back by the girl. He watched as Sebastian wasted no time in charming her, kissing her on the cheek before saying something Blaine couldn't make out a slipping her his number.

Blaine soon felt a hand grab his wrist from behind, and Blaine spun, ripping it from the hold. Instead of who he thought it would be, he was looking into Sam's eyes.

"I can't talk right now, Sam," Blaine watched as Sam's face scrunched up in confusion, his eyes moving over Blaine upset face.

"What's wrong?" His voice is rough, and Blaine just opened his mouth, no words coming out. Blaine kept on glancing behind Sam, and he sees him again, and Blaine does the only thing he could think of doing, he hides. He moves forward, pressing his face into Sam's chest, his hoodie open slightly, and he fits perfectly into the opening, the clothing covering his face u completely. He heard Sam's heart give stuttered beat before Sam slowly wrapped his arm's around him.

They stay like that for a good few moments, and suddenly Blaine realized what he was doing and where he was and he blushed. He tilted his head up slightly, looking up at Sam, and whispered out to him.

"His he gone?"

Blaine could hear the confusion in Sam's voice as he talked.

"Is who gone?"

"A taller guy, brown hair. He's wearing black pants with all the safety pins running up it, and a bright red shirt." Blaine felt Sam body move, obviously looking for the person that Blaine had described.

"I don't see him. Maybe he's in the kitchen," Sam looked down at Blaine, and Blaine felt himself flush again. Blaine pulled away from Sam, stepping back, opening his mouth to say something with suddenly Sebastian pushed passed Sam, rolling his eyes, and grabbing Blaine by the wrist, and dragging out of the house.

Blaine let out an annoyed huff when his phone buzzed the next morning. He remembers coming home last night, the walk home somewhat awkward seeing as him and Sebastian said nothing. They ended up on the couch, Sebastian putting on some movie that neither off them really cared about, and all too soon, Blaine felt his eyes begin to droop down. He moved closer to Sebastian, head resting on his chest and he felt Sebastian's arm make it's way around his shoulder.

He must had moved him afterwards, carried him up the stairs before stripping him of his clothes, leaving him in his boxers, and tucking him into bed.

Blaine hand went to reach for his phone, his eyes still blurred with sleep, and he had to blink a few times before opening the text.

Getting' bagels, sleeping beauty. Coffee is on it's way.

Blaine smiled at the phone before groaning and getting up, his legs shaky as he made his way to the bathroom to shower.

Sebastian was sitting at the table when he came out, half of a bagel hanging from his mouth as he flipped through a paper. He grinned as Blaine walked in, shoving the box of bagels in his direction.

"Ran into Sam there," Sebastian starts as Blaine plucked a blueberry bagel from the box. "We talked for like, two seconds before he said he had to go."

"Is that so?" Blaine picked a piece and tossed it in his mouth.

"Yeah, I kind of yelled at him," Blaine went wide eyed.

"What? Why?" Sebastian shrugged.

"I told him that whatever happened between the two of you needs to get fix, because all you've been doing is moping round the house, and to take two fucking seconds out of his busy workday to give you a call." Sebastian pauses to take another bite of his bagel. "You guys are like, really close friends. I hate seeing you like this."

The last part is mumbled and Sebastian is looking down for a moment before slamming his hands down on the counter, making Blaine jump.

"Well, I'm going to the gym. It's not like I was born with this smoking body. Gotta work on it," Blaine watched as he bound from the kitchen and soon enough he heard a 'bye' and a slam of the door, and Blaine was alone again.

Blaine jumped again as his phone went off, and he stops breathing for a moment when he sees who it is.

"Hello?" There was a pause. He tried again. "Hello?"

"Uh, hey Blaine. I was wondering if you wanted to work on your part of the project. We probably shouldn't put it off anymore."

Blaine toyed with the rest of his bagel, no longer feeling hungry.

"Sure, when do you want to?"

"I was kind of hoping now would be alright," Sam voice was quiet, and Blaine let out a surprised 'oh' before shaking his head, realized that Sam couldn't see him.

"Sure, the door will be open," and he ends the call.