Okay so you guy's should know the drill this is BoyxBoy yep it's a slash between Chandler and Joey i love them so much why wouldn't i write a story about them. The show Friends and it's characters Does not belong to me never will. Hope you enjoy.

Am I gay? Chandler thought as he paced back and forth in the living area of his apartment at twelve o'clock at night. This has always been the questioned he had pondered I mean god his father was a drag queen and let us not forget that everyone who ever met him thought he was gay the first time they saw him. I mean all his life he thought he couldn't get girls because of how he looked and how he acted. But now he knew that it was because people thought he was gay. "Ahh" Chandler cried out in frustration.

"What is it Chandler" Joey said as he ran out of his room with nothing on but his boxers and a picture frame in his hand in a threatening position.

"Nothing what's with the picture?" Chandler asked as he took a step back from Joey. Confused on what he was doing and wanted to get a better view… Now nun of that, let's not get side tracked Joey came in here for a reason Chandler thought as he tried not to look at Joey below the waist line of his boxers.

"Oh I heard you scream and thought that someone broke in." Joey said as he put the picture frame down.

"Right because the last time somebody came to our house to steal stuff you got locked up in the cupboard willingly and you think now that a picture frame is the way to scare them… and it wasn't a scream it was a grunt." Chandler said as he took a stool and sat down as far away from Joey as possible.

"Hey! I thought we weren't going to bring that up again and the picture frame was the only thing on the way out here." Joey said as he crossed his arms and spread his legs.

"Yeah… sorry man my bad…" Chandler said as his eyes wondered down Joey's body.

"Hey! You okay?" Joey question as he notice Chandler staring off into space.

"Yeah man I'm great" Chandler said as he shook his head trying to snap out of it.

"Okay if you say so I'm going to go back to sleep. I have an audition tomorrow." Joey said as he turned around and picked up the picture frame on his way back to his room.

Damit what's wrong with me Chandler thought as he got up from his stool and kicked the counter on the way to his room.


It was 1:00am Chandler was in his bed almost about to fall asleep when he heard the door creak and on instinct fell out of the bed. Chandler then looked up noticing Joey in the middle of his door way.

"What is it Joey?" Chandler said as he got up then ran his fingers through his hair.

"I'm nervous about tomorrow." Joey said as he walked towards Chandler.

"Don't be you'll do great I bet you'll get the part. What's the part?" Chandler asked

"I will be playing the Italian pizza maker" Joey said excited.

"Well… I'll bet you'll get it" Chandler said as he put his hand on Joeys shoulder.

"Thanks" Joey says as he looks up into Chandler's eyes and smiled.

"No prob-"Before Chandler could even finish his sentence Joey crashes his lips against Chandlers. Wait is Joey kissing me… Yep… Yes he is Chandler thought as he was caught off guard. This feels so weird I think I should stop Chandler thought but his lips weren't listening they were moving against Joeys tasteful and lushes lips and he couldn't stop them. Chandler then ran his hand through Joey's hair he couldn't help it Joey was right there in front of him and he wanted Joey.

Joey then ran his hand down Chandler's shirt covered chest, to the waist band of Chandlers sweat pants then moved his hand underneath taking hold of Chandlers cock.

Chandler let out a moan, he was shocked that Joey was moving so fast he hardly had time to process everything Joey was already stroking Chandler's cock and Chandler had already had gotten a massive hard on. "You… mo…ve …quick…ly" Chandler said as he took breath as their mouths parted so that way they could breath. Chandler started to buck forward trying to create more friction between Joeys hand and his cock.

"Well I have to pay you back somehow."

"Pay me back?" Chandler asked as Joey got onto his knees.

"Yeah for believing in me when nobody else did" Joey said as he slid Chandler's pants down his legs revealing his harden length.

Chandler was shocked he didn't know what to do but he defiantly didn't want Joey to stop. "Joey… mhm" Chandler bit his bottom lip he didn't have enough time to respond to Joey before he took chandler's cock into his mouth. Joey sucked and swirled his tongue around and lick Chandler's Cock. "Nhh… Joey… ahhh" Chandler moaned as Joey sucked and pumped Chandlers cock with his mouth and hand at the same time. Chandler closed his eye knowing that he was about to cum. He was about to warn Joey when Chandlers alarm clock went off.

Chandler opened his eyes and realized he was in bed alone. He turned around and looked at his alarm clock it was 5:00am Chandler hit the snooze button he then looked down noticing he had a hard on, he then closed his eyes again. It was just a dream…I am so gay Chandler thought as he took one of his pillows and put it over his face in shame.

*So no one told you life was going to be this way. Your job's a joke, your broke; you're love life's DOA. It's like you're always stuck in second gear, well, it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year. But, I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour. I'll be there for you, like I've been there before. I'll be there for you, cause you're there for me too.*

At Central Perk the usual hangout the gang sat around the coffee table in their usual seats as Rachel served the coffee.

Now of course Chandler was sitting on the couch pondering the question yet again if he was gay. I mean all the signs were there the dreams, the skipping of the heart whenever Joey appeared, the way he would watch Joey in the corner of his eye while Joey cooked naked of course he would tell Joey not to do that while he was a round but he never listen and the way when he looked at Joey, Joey would smile back.

Yep I'm gay Chandler thought as he put his hand over his eyes and slouched back into the couch.

"Hey Chandler! You okay?" Joey asked as he sat down next to him and put his arm around Chandlers Shoulders.

"Yeah, yeah I'm cool… fine even don't worry. I was just thinking… what's with all the questions?" Chandler asked on the offensive as he got up from the couch and waved his hand in offence and sat down at the tabled near the counter.

"Sorry for asking one question" Joey said as he looked up at Chandler with the rest of the gang.

"What's up with you?" Monica asked knowing that there was something wrong with him.

"Nothing I was just thinking about things… Non important things" Chandler said as he got up again from the table. "You know what I have something I was supposed to do. I'll see you guy's later ta-ta." Chandler said as walked quickly out of the coffee shop.

"Ta-ta? Now I know there's something wrong with him" Ross said as he took a sip of his coffee.


Chandler ran back to the apartment he couldn't even be around Joey without blushing. How could he speak to him now or anyone else what if he slips and tells them that he likes him or worse Joey finds out? Joey would probably be so disgusted with him he couldn't live in the same room or probably the same apartment building what if his friends like Joey more and they vase him out.

"I couldn't live without them or Joey. Maybe if I avoid Joey I won't have to deal with it I could run away from my problems that's the ticket. Wait until my dad finds out that I'm gay that will be a field day for him. GOD DAMIT! Why did it have to be Joey?" Chandler said as he hit his head against the door of his apartment forgetting he hadn't even opened it yet and was yelling to himself in the hall. Just great I'll become the new Mr. Heckles god he's weird Chandler thought as he entered the apartment and closed the door and headed for the bathroom maybe a shower will do me some good.

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