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Chandler P.O.V.

Finally I found the perfect place to hide out. Of course my work building wasn't my first choice and my office isn't the perfect place to sleep but I managed. The whole reason I decided to stay here than anywhere else is because I knew no one would come searching for me here. All my friends knew that I hated my job even though they couldn't remember what I do for a living what so hard to remember about statistical analysis and data reconfiguration.

Anyways it was my lunch break so I decided to go see my favorite creepy old guy vendor for a hotdog I knew it was raining but it was better than having to spin in my chair all day it was fine for the first few hours but after the last turn never again the caretakers had a good enough time cleaning up that mess.

I couldn't believe how much It was pouring the tapping on my umbrella was getting so annoying I almost let go of thing but I knew better of it because I didn't want to get wet I was about to cross the street when I heard my voice being called out by the one voice I didn't want it to be.

Please don't let it be Joey… Anyone but him I don't want to go through this not yet I thought as I turned around slowly to see Joey standing a few feet away waving at me… this isn't good. I just stared at him I was shocked I would have never guessed that Joey would be able to find me here. It couldn't get any worst… I thought then all of a sudden a car swooped by and ran over a puddle and since I was next to the curb I got the full blast of water and now I was drenched from head to toe. Why did I have to think that you never think that I'm so stupid oh crap Joey still staring at me oh and he's moving towards me I have to get out of here and quick I thought as I turned away from Joey and crossed the street I had to get away now I couldn't do this with him I couldn't face him with me looking like this. I made it a cross the street and headed down an alley way I just had to get gone and quick.

"CHANDLER!" I heard Joey yell from behind me.

"Joey go away I can't deal with this right now!" I yelled back as I walked faster.

"CHANDLER!" Joey yelled once again.

"Joey just go I know I'm disgusting and gross which is pretty much the same thing and I know you don't feel the same way about me… So just… just go okay. Leave me be to wither alone in my humiliation" I said lowering my voice.

"Your Humilie what? Never mind. Chandler stop!" Joey said as he ran in front of me blocking my way. It began to thunder and it was raining a lot harder now "Stop okay… You got to stop running haven't you learned that running doesn't suit you."

I thought it was working out just fine… wait a second how in the world did Joey find me. "I thought it was working alright till now." I stated as I looked around trying to find another way out I could turn back. I can't look at him knowing that all I wanted to do was to kiss him but I couldn't not now not ever how could he like me I'm a guy for goodness sakes and Joey's straight as an arrow.

"Chandler I'm trying to say something here."

"And I'm trying not to fall into pieces I know you don't like me I know okay but I can't help the way I feel I can't okay so leave because I can't look at you and know that I can't kiss you I can't say that I love you so please just leave." I said as tears began to run down my face.

"You really don't get it and I thought I was the dumb one." Joey said wait now he was calling me dumb.

"Now I'm dumb great just great way to make me feel better Joe."

"That's not what I meant why do you think I came all the way down here for me just to call you dumb?" Joey asked as he walked closer to me.

"I don't know" I said now that I think about it, it does seem stupid.

"Chandler I don't think your dumb or disgusting and gross. I think your smart smarter than most people I know, your funny, nice, kind, you smell good, you make awesome breakfasts, lunch and dinner when we don't order take-out or get filled up with bear, I love the fact that I'm not as smart as you and Ross and can't talk as smart as you guys can but you except me anyways, I love the way you smile when you wake up in the morning and say hello, I love the way when we're watching TV and something funny is happening and you laugh you look up to see if I'm laughing to, I love the fact that you're so hot and you're in love with me. I love you Chandler and I'm sorry I couldn't tell you sooner." Joey said the words were flowing out of his mouth and I was holding on to every word like I was in trance.

He then moved closer to me and this time he was so close I could touch him. I couldn't say anything did joey just say he loved me? I thought as I looked at him.

"I love you Chandler" Joey said once again yep he said it. Joey then moved quickly as he wrapped his arms around me his head laid on my shoulder as he whispered into my ear. "I love you okay, I bloody love you."

I couldn't believe it the man I had dreams about my best friend actually had the same feeling for me. I dropped my umbrella as I wrapped my arms around him taking in the familiar scent again only this time he also smelt like the rain which I have to say I really like. "I love you to" I said as I smiled.

Joey then looked up at me smiling at me. "I know." He said as a little laugh broke through his lips right before he kissed me not sloppy or messy one but a real kiss you know the ones you usually see on TV ha you wonder were joey learnt that.

Wait a second Joey was kissing me let me think about this for a second… *The guy* I had feelings for is kissing me and I wasted my time thinking that Joey didn't feel the same way about me then running away when I could have been kissing him. "But when did… how did…?" I asked puzzled I still wanted to know why he had feeling for me I mean why now I mean he has a girlfriend.

"You can thank dream Chandler for that… my subconscious really does love you" He said smiling that sweet smile that makes my heart skip a beat every time I see it.

"Your subconscious?… dream Chandler?" Yeah I was very confused… wait a second did he have a dream about me?

"You know what never mind" Joey said as he was kissing me again but this time I didn't hold back as my hand caressed Joeys cheek and our mouths moved together. I closed my eyes seems like my dreams were actually coming true.

"You better not be messing with me." I said as our lips parted for second we both forgot we needed air.

"I don't think I would kid about this." Joey said as he then backed me up against the wall under the fire escape. "You just got to stop running because I'm seriously tired here and I'm wet… and if you do run away from me again I will chase you down…"

"Can't make any promises… more because I like the idea of you chasing me." I said as I smiled.

Joey smiled back at me before he kissed me. I never knew that it would feel so good to be with another man but not any man… Joey. I never would have thought being right here in the rain in an alley way kissing Joey would feel so good.

"We should go home before Cynthia gets there." Joey said as he suddenly moved away.

"Wait… Cynthia you mean to tell me you haven't broken things off with her?" I asked.

"Nope that why you're going to do it." Joey said as he picked up the umbrella off the ground.

"No I'm not you should have broken things off with her in the first place." I said as I was still leaning against the wall.

"If I had who knows where you would be right now and this is your punishment." Joey said as he walked towards me holding the umbrella above my head.

"Wait punishment… punishment for what." I asked what did I do to deserve a punishment.

"You ran away twice and tried to run once and may I might add you lied to me." Joey said as he kissed me on the lips.

"I'm sorry for lying and running away I couldn't help it running away is like second nature to me."

"You mean first nature." Joey snickered as he looked at me with those beautiful eyes of his and the words that I was going to say back at him disappeared. "And let's just call breaking up with Cynthia step one of your punishment."

"Wait step one? You mean there's more?"

"Yep" Joey smiled

Chandler P.O.V End


"Joey! Joey! YOU HOME" Cynthia yelled as she knocked on Joey's door.

"Hey can you keep it down some of us are trying to sleep" Chandler said as he opened up the door.

"Oh sorry is Joey home?" Cynthia asked as she tried looking behind chandler into the apartment.

"Oh I'm sorry sweetie you just missed him apparently he had to leave… something to do with a big movie gig. Joey said he wished he could say good bye in person but he had no time. He was actually supposed to be there last Monday but you know how Joey is. But hey you're a model you'll meet new men." Chandler said as he looked to the right of him behind the door where Joey was standing giving him the thumbs up.

"Oh… well I guess I could give him a call"

"Good idea you should do that" Chandler said as he closed the door.

"But wait I don't know his new phone number." Cynthia yelled through the door.

"Neither do I bye Cynthia" Chandler said as he stared at Joey.

"Bye" Cynthia said slightly confused as she left.

"Is she gone" Joey said loudly.

"SHHHH" Chandler said as he put his hand on Joey's mouth to keep him quite as they stood still like that for a while trying to listen to her footsteps as she walked away. "She's gone… So are we even now Punishment over? I broke up with your girlfriend for you and I even cooked you a three course meal…"

"Yeah for now" Joey said smiling at Chandler as he walked towards him.

"What's with the smile?" Chandler asked stepping back.

"Nothing I swear…" Joey said as he crossed his fingers.

"I know your lying I can see your fingers." Chandler said as he pointed at his hands.

"Or am I?"

"That doesn't even make any sense." Chandler said as he backed into his the desk that was up against the wall.

"Oh yeah I guess it doesn't" Joey said as he looked at his fingers then back up to Chandler.

"Joey what are you planning?" Chandler asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Joey smiled before he kissed Chandler.

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