Summary: Second in the TItP trilogy. After keeping them apart for a decade, the wheels of fate have started to turn and bring the kids back together. What will happen when they find out that they're to become the tenth generation of the Vongola?

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Time Skip: Eight Years Later

Kyoya stepped off the plane and caught a glimpse of the country called Japan for the first time in eight years.

After his parents' divorce almost a decade ago, he had had to leave his home in Namimori to go live with his father in France, and this after having finally met people that he actually might care about. Now, he was back home, and even though he would never admit it, he was hoping that he would meet at least one of them again.

Letting the smile fall off his face, he slowly walked into the airport to look for his mother. It didn't take long to find her, and he was soon enveloped in a motherly hug.

Smiling faintly, he said, "Ohayou, kaa-san."

Smiling up at him, his mother said, "It's so good to have you back, Kyoya! You've grown so much! You're looking more and more like your father by the day."

"People tell me that all the time," he said automatically, his mind somewhere else.

Seeing that she no longer had her son's attention, Misaki giggled lightly, saying, "Well, let's get home, shall we?"

And with that, the two Hibaris were soon on their way home.

The next few days were anything but quiet, as Kyoya explored the town of Namimori, seeing what had changed and re-establishing his control over the area.

By the time a week had passed, Kyoya had established himself as the most powerful in the area and not even high school students would cross him.

But despite all this, he was a little disappointed. He had spent a good part of the last seven days exploring the town and he still hadn't caught a glimpse of any of the three kids that had lived here when he was younger. Just as he was thinking this, though, almost as if his thoughts had summoned him, a streak of black hair almost knocked him over.

Snapping out of his thoughts, he looked down at the younger boy, who had fallen to the ground.

Letting out a small growl, he was about to attack the kid for not watching where he was going and disturbing his thoughts when something quite strange happened. The kid laughed.

"Gomen, ne?" said the boy, looking up at him with cheerful brown eyes. When their eyes met, though, the smile fell off the boy's face to be replaced by a dumbstruck expression.

As Kyoya's mind worked fast to try and remember where he'd seen this boy before (he had been doing this a lot lately, seeing as most of the people in this town were those he'd known when he was younger), the boy raised his finger to point at him, his mouth gaping.

"Kyoya-nii!" he shouted finally, jumping up and tackling the skylark.

Kyoya's steel gray eyes narrowed a little as he stared down at the boy. "Takeshi?" he asked in a quiet voice, and the boy now identified as Takeshi grinned brightly up at him.

"You're back!" he said happily. "I can't believe it! Where did you go?"

"I moved to France with my dad," replied Kyoya automatically, not bothering to withdraw himself from the younger boy's embrace. "How are Tsuna and Ryohei?"

At this, the boy withdrew, a pout growing on his face. "They both moved away after we returned. You're the first one I've seen since breakfast."

Kyoya didn't even bother pointing out how absurd that statement sounded, opting instead to nod and inform him, "I'm starting at Nami-chuu tomorrow."

"Really?" asked Takeshi in a hyperactive voice. "That's awesome! I get to see Kyoya-nii everyday again! Ne, do you think we'll be able to see the others again too?"

"But of course."

Time Skip: One Year Later

Sasagawa Ryohei smiled brightly as he looked upon his childhood home, which he hadn't seen in nine years.

Soon after the whole "kidnapping" fiasco almost a decade ago, Ryohei's maternal grandmother, who lived in Kyoto, had gotten sick. For that reason, and spurred by the fear that one of their children would get kidnapped again, the Sasagawa couple had decided to move the whole family to Ryohei's mother's birthplace.

Now, after months of begging and pleading, Ryohei had finally convinced his parents to move back so that he could start junior high at Nami-chuu.

With a wide, goofy grin on his face, Ryohei ran into the house and up to his old bedroom, which was currently empty except for the big brown boxes which held all of his possessions.

Taking a deep breath, the young boxer threw his energy into unpacking, and by the time night rolled around, the carpet was rolled out, his father had helped him set up his bed again, and a quarter of his clothes had found their place in his closet.

"You seem happy, sweetie," his mother commented over dinner.

Ryohei, his mouth stuffed, looked up, his eyes shining brightly. Quickly swallowing his food, he said, "Of course I'm EXTREMELY happy! We're back in Namimori! I can't wait to meet my friends again to the EXTREME!"

His little sister Kyoko, who was sitting beside him, blinked up at him with an innocent smile on her face. "Can I meet nii-san's friends too?"

"Of course!" replied Ryohei with a smile, ruffling her hair playfully. "After I EXTREMELY find them again!"

Only three days after the Sasagawa family moved back to Namimori did the first day of school come.

Unlike many kids, who dreaded the beginning of a new school year, Ryohei was actually quite looking forward to it, seeing as it would be his best chance to see his friends again.

Contrary to what his family were most likely thinking, though, the people he was looking forward to seeing again weren't only those he had been hung out with at school when he was younger, it was also the other kids he had met in that strange little place called the Vongola HQ all those years ago.

Even though he had known them a considerably shorter amount of time, the bonds Ryohei had with those six others were stronger than any he had with any of his other friends. Maybe that's just what happened when people lived together for an extended period of time, and there was no one else for company there that were their age except for themselves.

Either way, Ryohei was one happy boy as he stood in front Nami-chuu, grinning like an idiot.

What Ryohei hadn't heard, though, was that the disciplinary committee leader of that school was extremely strict and, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for him, he had managed to get his attention the moment he stepped onto the property.

There he was, standing and minding his own business, when a tonfa suddenly smashed into his back.

Startled, Ryohei stumbled forward before his boxer's instincts kicked in and he regained his balance, whipping around to face his opponent and bringing his arms up in front of him in the default guard position.

What he saw there made him immediately drop his guard again as he stared at the older male standing in front of him.

Not noticing the sudden attention he was receiving, the attacker, Kyoya, merely growled out, "You were blocking the gateway to the school and there for disturbing the peace. It is time to receive your punishment, herbivore."

Ryohei just continued staring, before shouting, "Kyoya-nii!"

Kyoya, who had been just inches away from hitting him again with his tonfa, froze in his tracks. His eyes slowly travelling up to meet the younger male's eyes, the prefect slowly relaxed his stance, acknowledging, "Ryohei. I'll let you off this time, herbivore, but next time, make sure you don't block the other students' way in."

Smiling widely and completely ignoring what Kyoya had just said, the young boxer showed his signature grin and threw an arm around his shoulder, effectively stunning all the passersby who had stopped to watch the show unfold.

"It's good to see you again, Kyoya-nii! How are the others? Have you gotten in touch with Nagi-chan or any of those Italian guys? How are Tsuna and Takeshi?"

Glaring at the offending arm, Kyoya didn't bother to attack him, deciding to give him one more chance.

"No, we haven't gotten in touch with the others, and seeing as Tsuna moved away nine years ago, I have no idea about his welfare. Takeshi, on the other hand, is doing well. He's coming over to my residence tonight."

Easily deciphering the obscure invitation, Ryohei said, "EXTREMELY excellent! I'll meet you after class, then!"

Time Skip: One Year Later

"Watashi wa Sawada Tsunayoshi desu! Hajimemashite!"

Takeshi, whose head had been resting in his arms, blinked his eyes open when he heard the introduction. He wasn't sure if it was the voice, but for some reason, he suddenly felt an overpowering feeling of familiarity wash over him.

Slowly raising his head from his arms, the boy looked up and into a face he hadn't seen in approximately a decade.

There, standing at the front of the class, was a boy his age with dishevelled brown hair and innocent, chocolate brown eyes; eyes that only one person in the world possessed.

Feeling excitement take hold of him, the cheerful teen immediately stood up and shouted, "Tsuna-kun!"

Everyone turned to look at Takeshi in confusion, but the boy wasn't really paying any attention to them. His eyes had locked on Takeshi, and he had on an expression of astonishment that was quickly melting away into excitement.


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