I ran as fast as I could after ichirou in the pouring ran.I triped over a rock and imedately my hands went to protect my stomach as i stoped running once he heard that i fell and rushed over to help me he helped me get up ,i felt a sharp pain in my ankle.

`ooowww`i said holding my ankle.`i think i sprained it.`

`gomensai`ichirou said picking me up.`you shouldnt walk on a sprained ankle`

`No, ichirou you have every right to be mad at me.`I said.`gomensai,i didnt tell you about this earlyer. I still love you and thanks for everything i still want to be friends.`

He put down at the frount of the door step.

`yeah, me too. ill see at work tomorrow.`he said kissing me on the forehead and left.

I opened the door to the smell of fresh baked cupcakes, i went in the kitchen to see shindou in the `kiss the cook` apron i brought him,putting some freashly made cupcakes on the table to cool.

`How`d things go`he said giving me a quick kiss.

`it went very and i are just friends` i said rubing my swollen adomen`but while doing it a sparined my ankle`

`ill wrap it up`shindou said picking me up and going to our bedroom.

He sat me down on the bed , got the first aid kit,and started to wrap my sprained ankle.

`for work tomorrow youll work at the cash rejester. you cant be standing up when you`ve a sprained ankle.`He said as he finished.

`ok`i said laying down on the bed.

Shindou went to go ice the cupcakes.

10 minutes later shindou came back with 2 chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate coffe bean on it.

i grabed a cupcake and took a bite out of it. amedeatly my face lit up

`there so good`i said with a smile on my face.

`thank you`he said putting the plate and licked the cupcake crums off my face. From that point we got into a hot make out session.

we broke apart.

`i love you`i said loveingly.

`I love you,too,Uru Shindou`he said and we both dfirfted to sleep.

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