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"Come with me," he says, smirking at her in the way he always smirks. It his trademark, a thing he's done since the day they were born. Kol and Rebekah. Rebekah and Kol. One and the same. "You don't belong here, Rebekah," he says it lowly, as if he knows they're being listened to.

They are. Nik is always listening to her, for her.

"Not with him." Kol is pleading, pulling on her hand. She's only staring, staying silent and trying to remember his face the best she can. It seems so long ago that he was in a coffin. Dead, no life to his face. The only remembrance of his life was in her memories, along with her brothers', if they chose to think about him at all.

He was the black sheep of the family. Not Nik, she thinks, it was never Nik in her eyes.

Rebekah shakes her head and smiles at her brother, pulling him into a hug and burying her face in his neck. He doesn't hug back at first- he doesn't want to accept that his baby sister, his twin sister, was choosing someone else over him. Unfortunately, she would always chose Niklaus. Kol knew that better than anyone.

And so he hugged back just as tightly, closing his eyes and remembering her smell, the way she felt. He doesn't know when he'll see her again. It could be days, months, decades... you could never know.

But he lets go and smiles at her, not a smirk, and rests his lips on her forehead.

Rebekah opens her own eyes and steps back, surrounding herself in her own arms. A form of her own self protection. It didn't make her feel any less lonely.

"Raise hell for me, sister?" he's almost gone, retracing his steps into the darkness and leaving, by his own choice, alone in the 21st century. He'll be okay, Rebekah knows. He could never not be okay.

She smirks back at him, nodding once and raises her hand, wiggling her fingers toward him in a form of a wave. "Only if you break a few necks on your way out."