"IZAYA!" A vending machine flew by the informants head and landed in a nearby wall, this time he was just about cornered. Shizuo had spotted him during his always unusually upbeat walk down the street, Izaya had been so lost in a text that he had forgotten to look out for him and thus another battle had erupted on the quiet evening streets of Ikebukuro. Several hours had passed since then and at least a hundred turn signals and trash bins had been removed from their homes and landed into the sides of unsuspecting buildings as the darkness enveloped the warzone.

Izaya had been backed into an alleyway with Shizuo quickly approaching; the blonde held his stop sign as if to strike Izaya on the spot. In defense the dark haired informant reached into his pocket for another knife but this was a sticky situation this time, nothing but a brick wall behind him, maybe he could find a way around Shizuo. Izaya turned to Shizuo with a optimistic look in his eye, all he needed was for him to let his guard down for a second, "Hey it looks like you got me this time," He stuffed his hands in his pockets and shrugged, "See you tomorrow then~?"

Frowning heavily, Shizuo swung the stop sign at Izaya with all his might barely missing him, "You bastard you're going to die this time!" He pried the metal pipe out of the crater he had made in the cement ground.

Feeling a bit frightful, but never completely, Izaya backed as far as he could to the alley wall, "Aw come on Shizuo; you wouldn't kill me, in fact you couldn't kill me."

"Yeah? Just watch me!" Shizuo swung again but Izaya had anticipated it and ducked, running out of the alleyway only to be met with swing after swing, driving him back against the wall.

Shizuo put all of his anger into this swing, "Just stand still and die already!" This one hit the cornered informant square into the face sending him into the brick wall and trickling down to the ground unconscious.

Taking it in for a moment, Shizuo stared at Izaya's still face. Was he dead? Well, all he knew for sure was that he'd finally gotten him to shut up. "Hey flea." Shizuo prodded the informant with his foot. "Flea…" He stared at him annoyed, was he just faking it? Kneeling beside him, Shizuo reached into Izaya's pocket and removed his precious cell phone, dangling it in front of the others face. "Hey Izaya I've got your phone, do something about it."


"…" Shizuo stared at Izaya shocked, "Holy shit I think I killed him." He muttered. Izaya had taken a few hits before and he had always gotten back up, Shizuo frantically looked for anything about him that could be used to define if he was alive or not, if not he'd go to jail for this for sure. "Izaya wake up!" He shook the limp man with no response. Unsure of what to do, Shizuo dropped his mangled stop sign and shoved Izayas phone in his pocket before picking him up clumsily. He walked out of the alley and looked at the street names to get his bearings; he had to get Izaya to Shinra's.

A knock at the door made Celty and Shinra turn to it in question, "Now who could that be…?" The doctor got up and walked to the door opening it cautiously. "Shizuo?" He said surprised, "And… Izaya?" Turning his attention to the black haired informant in the other's arms.

Shizuo stood at the door looking at his acquaintance, "Yes it's me… Look I need a favor, can you just tell me if this alive or not?" He held Izaya out for him to examine.

He took no time to waist and grabbed Izaya's wrist feeling his pulse, "Yes he's alive… god what did you do to him?" Shinra reached out for his adopted patient as Shizuo pulled him away.

"I hit him in the face with a stop sign. But since he's alive I guess I can get rid of him now." He turned around and headed back out of the apartment doorway to go dispose of the flea.

Shinra ran after him frantically, "Shizou wait! He could still die, if you hit him in the head he could have brain damage or internal bleeding or-"

Glaring at Shinra, Shizuo turned around to face him, "So what? That's what he gets for pissing me off."

"But he'd die a horrible death! Slow and agonizing, would you really just let him suffer?" He looked at Shizuo pleadingly.

"…" Turning around, Shizou replied blankly, "Don't worry I'm sure someone will kill him before then."

Shinra grabbed the blonde by his arm yanking at him, "But Shizuo you could go to jail for neglect!"


Sighing as Shizuo stopped walking towards the elevator, he continued, "Yes, you know like if you just watch a crime and do nothing about it. It's like that, besides it could be considered as you trying to dump the body."

"Fine…" Handing Izaya to Shinra, he almost fell over by his weight as Shizuo turned back to the elevator pressing the button for the bottom floor. "He's your problem then…"

"Shizou!" Putting Izaya down in a rushed gentleness, Shinra darted into the elevator doorway so it wouldn't close, "You can't just leave me with him! Besides you're the one who hurt him you have to stay!" Sighing, Shizuo pushed his annoying friend out of the elevator and onto his back easily as the door closed and the elevator began its way to the first floor.

Sitting up, Shinra muttered angrily, "That guy has no sympathy sometimes…" He got up and attempted to pick up Izaya as well. Finding no way to do that, he proceeded to drag him to the doorway of his and Celty's apartment.

The headless rider sat on the couch looking utterly confused and tense, she took out her phone and tapped words out on the keypad lighting fast, "What was that about?"

Shinra bent over tiredly holding himself up just barely, "Shizuo dropped Izaya here (literally)… he looks pretty hurt."

Celty looked up over the couch trying to see him and typed out, "Do you need some help with that? -_-'" Nodding defeated, Celty walked over and helped get Izaya on the couch.

"Now then…" Shinra looked at Izaya's face and studied it closely, "He hit him pretty hard but I don't have any equipment here to see what's wrong… Damn it Shizuo why couldn't you bring him to a hospital?"

"Because I didn't, besides I don't have that kind of money." Shizuo spoke from the open doorway lighting himself a cigarette.

Shinra looked up surprised, "Oh you came back after all." Stuffing his lighter in his front pocket, Shizuo stayed quiet only making a mildly annoyed face towards him.

Suddenly Izaya stirred, lifting a hand to his face to hold his aching head.

Celty typed into her phone and faced it towards him, "Izaya are you ok?"

He blinked his eyes open and let them adjust to the light for a moment before looking around, "Where am I…?" He said dryly while sitting himself up as Shinra guided him along as if to silently advise he take it slow.

"You're at mine and Celty's place, Shizuo hit you in the face with a stop sign so he brought you here." Shinra replied, "Are you feeling ok? Are you dizzy at all?"

Shizuo walked over to the couch assertively, "I knew you weren't dead! Come on lets finish this!" He reached for the coffee table seated in front of the T.V.

"Wah! Shizou stop he's still injured!" Shinra attempted to restrain him and save his coffee table from a horrible fate.

Turning his light brown gaze to Shizuo's, Izaya looked at him blankly, "Finish what..? Who are you?"

The room fell quiet.

MOST PREDICTABLE FILLER EPISODE BASED PLOT EVER I KNOW, but it sounded like a fun thing to do~ X3 hey there's only like two ways to make this pairing work and that's change one of their personalities or rape got it! Anyways I'm glad to be writing again~ I have been so busy with school lately, sorry about the lack of updates ^^'anyways this miiiiight get mature but for now I shall leave the rating less that so~ and yes I know, I'm writing a Durarara fic I'm such a traitor. I shall write more lemonlyrific SoKi fics later but for now I got this! Besides there be more dojinshi for Shizaya out there~

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