Shizuo walked down the streets of Shinjuku that were lit by streetlamp now as darkness swept the sky. The blonde was looking around desperately, he had lost sight of where Izaya had run off to and now fear for the other over shadowed all other thoughts in his mind. What if someone found him before he did? If Izaya got hurt he knew he'd never forgive himself, because this was his fault.

He hadn't meant to yell at him, but Izaya always had a skill for making him mad. He had apologized to Celty for the text afterwards and also explained that Izaya had run off; at the moment she was also searching for the informant, but so far no luck from the both of them.

Sighing loudly, Shizuo looked around for a nearby store and soon spotted it. He walked into it deep in thought and grabbed a new lighter; he really needed a smoke right now. After his purchase, he walked outside and leant against the side of the store. The blonde removed a cigarette from his pocket and quickly put it between his lips and lit it. He breathed in deeply and let the hot smoke stay there momentarily before blowing it into the night air. Shizuo let his head hit the glass window of the convenient store in irritation as he stared into the smog filled sky above. All he could feel at the moment was guilt and nothing could fix that. Why had he let Izaya run off, why hadn't he stopped him? Shizuo put the cigarette back at his mouth about to take another breath but then he heard something that sounded like yelling at his left. He walked to the other side of the store as he noticed a little gap between it and the store adjacent, that's where he saw him.

Izaya was there, sitting on the dirty alley ground with something silver to his neck. Shizuo finally noticed the six others around him and at that point he could have tried to make some observation who they were and a smart way to help Izaya but at that point it was too late. Rage filled his body and soul as he grabbed the thing closest to him and pried it out of the ground as metal screeched against the cement it had been fastened into. He lifted it above his head and tossed it at the first one of those bastards he saw. The vending machine went flying and took out half of the group, sending them far across the alley. The three left had common sense enough to get hell out of there as soon as they saw Shizou, but they were the last thing on his mind.

Shizuo ran over to Izaya and knelt beside him staring into the others copper eyes; Izaya did nothing but smile back at him and Shizuo could think of nothing else to do but grab the other's shoulders lightly and pull him close, "I'm sorry…"

He felt Izaya's arms lightly wrap around his waist but no reply was made or needed. After a quiet moment Shizuo finally let go of the raven and looked down at him as he had let go as well, he noticed that he was bleeding slightly from his neck.

"Are you ok?" He lightly traced the wound as Izaya flinched slightly at this.

"Yes I'm fine… but if you hadn't have got here when you did I would have been much worse I'm sure." He smiled brightly at Shizuo.

Shizuo glared to the vending machine where the now waking gang members were, "Who are those guys, do you know?"

Izaya held his head and stared at them, "Um I think they said something about being my clients or something… I'm not sure…"

"Right…" Shizuo got up and walked to the vending machine, two of the gang members had woken fully and immediately darted out of alley leaving one behind. Shizuo picked the last one up by his collar as he dizzily stared back a Shizuo as he said gruffly, "No honor among thieves huh? All you're buddy's left you."

Regaining some senses the other replied, "I would have run to, what are you going to do now? Kill me?"

Shizuo scoffed at this, "You're not worth the whole five seconds I'd take, I just want you to tell your friends that if I ever see you within a hundred foot radius of Izaya ever again that I wouldn't mind taking the time to kill all of you." With that he dropped the half conscious man and turned around to walk back to Izaya's side.

The raven watched Shizuo curiously, "You know, I never knew you were so strong Shizuo." He eyed the vending machine while he said this.

The blonde froze at this knowing that this is usually the part when they run away, "Well… yeah… but I-"

"That's so cool!" The raven looked at him again, "You're like a superhero~ What else can you throw?"

Shizou blushed slightly, he thought it was cool? "W-well a lot of stuff…"

"Can you throw a car?" He replied excitedly.

"If I wanted to yes-"

"How about a building?" He interrupted.

Shizuo made a slightly irritated face but tried to hide it with a smile, "Um I don't think I'd want to throw a building, can we stop talking about-"

"But Shizuo-san's so cool! I want to know what else you can throw-" Shizuo shoved a hand over his mouth.

"Please stop talking…" He let go once he was sure Izaya had shut up and suddenly remembered his cigarette, he took it out of his mouth and stared at its charred remains, "Damnit see what you make me do… I can't even enjoy one cigarette around you."

Izaya swung his arms around Shizuos neck playfully, "Hey if I remember anything, I remember that those things are bad for you anyway."

Smiling lightly, the blonde threw the dead stick aside and got up again; dragging Izaya with him as he was still attached at his neck. "Are you going to let go of me sometime soon?"

Izaya pouted slightly then closed his eyes and put all of his weight on Shizuo, "Carry me~"

"Carry yourself," Shizuo tugged at the informants arms trying to get him to let go.

"Shizuo-san, you're so mean!" He said jokingly, "I almost died~ I deserve to be carried~"

Shizuo twitched, "Sure you did so why don't you live it up and walk?" Shizuo began walking, tugging Izaya along.

"Wha? No fair! Come on you made me run around with you all day, I deserve to be carried!"

"I SAID NO FLEA! GOD YOUR SO PERSISTANT, SHUT UP!" Shizuo yelled as he continued walking down the street and arguing with the raven that ended up loosening.

Shizuo ended up carrying him home anyways.

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