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The Epilogue

Callie loved days like this. It was early autumn and the weather hadn't turned for the worst yet. The trees were just beginning their transformation into the spectrum of shades of orange before they'd litter the ground in the cycle of new birth that winter brought. It would probably be another harsh winter for them. The previous one brought blizzard after blizzard to the area, causing problems both at home and at work for the ortho surgeon, but Callie even looked forward to that this year. Things were good and though she still had the same worries plaguing her as last year, she also had Arizona by her side to get through it together. Last year, she had spent hours outside in the middle of a blizzard looking for her daughter who left the apartment in the middle of the night. She cried for days after finding her safe down at the police station, because every worst-case scenario of her daughter freezing to death in feet upon feet of snow almost came true. Last winter, she was called in for a pile up on the highway in the middle of another blizzard and had to take Sofia to the hospital daycare where the providers didn't listen to her warnings about Sofia's wandering and she was found hours later in the morgue sitting next to a dead body as if it was nothing. Last winter, Callie's blood pressure got so high her doctor warned her of going into cardiac arrest if she didn't learn to manage her stress levels better. When Arizona showed up, Callie thought she wasgoing to have a heart attack right there in the hospital, but instead of the fallout she was expecting, here she was, waiting for her girlfriend and daughter to make their way over to her car.

"Hi, Mommy!" Sofia yelled from across the parking lot where Callie was leaning back against their SUV, waiting for the two to arrive. She couldn't help but smile at the sight of the two coming toward her. Both had carefree grins plastered on their faces. Hand in swinging hand, they came closer as their laughter reached Callie's ears. When both women had relatively light schedules, they'd meet up from work and drive together to pick up their daughter from school. Sofia was doing well at school. Being five now, she was mainstreamed into Sidwell Friends' kindergarten classes. Though there'd been no jailbreaks, there'd been plenty of attempts, but the school handled it and only called the mothers to inform them, not to punish them for it. Today, however, was not a fluke in schedules that brought them to the school together. Callie and Arizona had spent the morning in court legalizing Arizona's role as Sofia's mom; Arizona had officially adopted Sofia as her own. Not that anyone would ever question Arizona being Sofia's mother. They were two peas in a pod. But now Arizona had all the legal rights afforded to her as well. Callie was so happy she could burst.

"Hi, baby." Callie scooped her daughter up, peppering her with kisses before she secured the young girl into her booster seat in the back of the vehicle. They were off to celebrate and though neither woman saw Hershey Park as a romantic getaway to do much celebrating, this weekend was about family. They were a family.

"I love you." After shutting the door on her daughter, Callie stole a quick kiss from her girlfriend. The past six months had been wonderful and things were only looking up. They'd worked out all their differences and set rules and boundaries so nothing like their past would ever come between them again. Sofia was their number one priority and then each other and though things weren't perfect, their daughter was, and that was all that mattered.

"I love you." Arizona smiled before climbing into the passenger seat. Today meant the world to her and as happy as Callie was, Arizona felt ten times happier. She might have lost five years, but there wasn't a second that went by that she regretted the past. They wouldn't be where they were today had they not gone through hell to get there. They would never have realized what they were missing had they stayed in Seattle, because they never would have known any different and she didn't doubt they'd be unhappy and barely getting by if that were the case. Things worked out better than she could ever have imagined.

"So, I was thinking-" Arizona wasn't sure how her girlfriend would take her idea, but it had been circulating around her brain long enough that she was ready to hash it out with Callie.

"Is that something new for you?" Callie teased and then scoffed as she watched Arizona's middle finger rub across her eyebrow. "I'm not sure that was the kind of sign language they had in mind when they told us to keep practicing."

Arizona laughed before reaching down to lace her fingers through Callie's on the gear changer. "Yeah, well, it was the first sign I ever learned; don't want to forget that now, do we?"

"What were you thinking?"

"Support groups. I love the support we get from ours," Arizona paused, trying to collect her thoughts.

"That's good since that's why we go." She knew Arizona was working through what to say, but teasing the blonde had become a daily occurrence just because she could. Just because Arizona was here and that meant she could tease her, make love to her, or even argue with her anytime she wanted; she didn't take anything for granted anymore.

"Will you let me finish?" Arizona huffed. She enjoyed the teasing and did her own fair share, but that didn't mean she couldn't give Callie a hard time for being a brat.

"Go ahead. I'm all ears." Callie looked in her rearview mirror at her daughter; Sofia was out cold and would probably sleep the whole two hours up the highway to their destination.

"I love the support weget, but I can't help but wonder about the kids or their siblings and what they're going through. Growing up, Tim got tons of extra attention for his dyslexia and that always left me feeling left out. I know it's not the same thing, but I can't imagine it's easy on any of them. I've done some research and I was thinking of starting a family support group, not just for families dealing with autism, but for any family dealing with issues that put strain on the rest of the members." She saw it in their friends' kids where one child got more attention and not because that child was loved any more or less but because that kid needed it. Everybody needed a little support.

"What would that entail?" Callie liked the idea, but what she liked even more was how Arizona dove right in without ever looking back. Not only did she make their life better just by loving them, but also she wanted to make everybody else's life just a little easier.

"It means instead of finding babysitters or only one parent or guardian making the support meetings, everybody would be welcomed. The kids closed off from society would have places to make friends where they wouldn't have to fear being judged. The siblings could connect with other siblings and have a few moments to talk to someone else who gets it. I've watched families torn apart from a child falling to incurable diseases because they came on so fast and didn't have the support behind them. Their other kids acted out because they didn't understand and had nobody who understood them. The parents were trying to save their one child and unselfishly forgot about the other ones. The difference here is these kids and families will live with this their whole lives and so everybody will go through it their whole lives; maybe a family-oriented support group could stop that cycle or at least make it less painful." Arizona's hands were sweating. She still had her moments when she was afraid of overstepping boundaries with Callie, even if she had free reign and equal say in their family and she was worried this might be the moment she did just that.

"I love you."

"Does that mean you like the idea or that you think I'm crazy?"

"It means I know you're crazy, but I love you anyway and I think it's an excellent idea. Sofia was lucky that I made friends with Noah, Stacy, Liz, and Melissa because she had automatic friends built in; not every parent has the time to go to the meetings, make friends, and then make time for their friends. It would be a nice thing to do, giving everybody an evening a week to come together like that." Callie loved how caring Arizona was and every day she fell more in love with the blonde and she didn't think that was possible.

"I don't want to discount the need for the other support groups; we all need time without kids or spouses to talk through things, so this could be in addition. People could go to both every week or whatever fits their schedules."

"You're great." Callie was so proud of Arizona.

"I'm great?"

"Yes, you're just really great." She was smiling so big her cheeks hurt and she wanted nothing more than to pull the car over and kiss Arizona.

"I think you're pretty great." Callie had opened her home, her family, her life, and her heart to Arizona after everything they'd been through; in her eyes, Callie was the great one.

"You're just saying that because you wanna sleep with me."

"I already get to sleep with you. Every night."

"She's out cold, I didn't even have to read a story because she was pretty much gone by the time her head hit the pillow." Arizona returned to their bedroom just as Callie was climbing into bed after her shower. For a last minute decision, Callie had been able to score a pretty awesome hotel suite with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a lounging area with a small kitchen. She wasn't sure how her girlfriend could pull that off during the start of what was supposed to be peak season, especially when she wasn't talking to her parents so she couldn't drop her dad's name, but Arizona wasn't going to complain. This was so much better than the two queen sized beds in one room that she was expecting.

"I figured as much. She was pretty much dead weight when I carried her out of the park." Callie grabbed for her book as she settled back against the pillows.

"We had fun today. I'm not the amusement park type, but it's different watching your daughter experience it. The lines and crappy food aren't as annoying because Sofia was having so much fun." Arizona leaned back against the doorframe watching her girlfriend. Her dark brown locks were cascading over her shoulders, leaving the bronzed skin damp from her shower, causing Arizona's heart to beat faster in her chest. Today was perfect and she didn't want it to end.

"Are you coming to bed or are you planning on standing there all night in practice for tomorrow? Because today was still a work day. Tomorrow's probably going to be hell." The half day in the park was a test to see if Sofia could function with the crowds and everything and she did wonderfully, but that didn't mean tomorrow wouldn't bring problems and they needed sleep to be able to keep up with their five year old daughter.

"Why did you give Sofia my name?" Arizona hadn't asked yet because, to be honest, it had slipped her mind, but today, when the judge read off Sofia's full name during the adoption proceedings, she decided that it was time for those answers. She understood why Callie had still given Sofia the Sloan part of her name because he'd always be her father regardless of his role, but she didn't understand where the Robbin came into play.

Callie looked up from her book and watched Arizona fidgeting in the doorway. When she filled out the birth certificate, she didn't think twice how inappropriate it might be for Sofia's name to be what it was, because the blonde would always be a part of their lives even three thousand miles away. Callie might have left her behind with no intentions of ever rectifying her mistakes but Arizona would always have the other piece of her heart. Arizona and Sofia. Before she even knew what her future held, Arizona was it for her. There'd never be another woman to take her place or even try to fill her shoes because when Callie walked out on the love of her life, she swore Arizona would be the last woman she ever wanted to love. You couldn't replace perfection and to her, Arizona would always be perfection, regardless of how they ended and why.

"She was perfect. Ten fingers, ten toes; everything about her was perfect. It still is. The only name that would do her justice was yours. When I told Addison that you were it for me, and that I'd always love you, they weren't just words. I might have walked away, but I was going to raise our daughter to—I wasn't going to let you down. Everything I did for Sofia was to make you happy, even if I thought you'd never know. If you ever found out, no matter how angry with me you were, I wanted you to be proud of me for raising her the way you would have had I given you the chance." Callie wiped at her wet cheeks. Arizona had always doubted that she would be a good mother, but Callie hadn't ever thought anything but that the blonde would be an amazing mother. She doubted herself on a daily basis, but she worked hard to be everything she knew Arizona would be.

"I am proud of you; when I got here and everything was a mess between us, I was still so proud of everything you had been and done for Sofia. You raised a wonderful kid, a perfect kid." Arizona wiped at her own tears before turning back toward the other room. "I forgot something. I'll be right back." She disappeared from sight as Callie grabbed a tissue to dry her face.

"Why did you turn up Sofia's CD player if she's sound asleep? I hate Baby Beluga, Arizona." Callie could hear the distinct lyrics of her least favorite song even as Arizona closed their bedroom door.

"'Cause." She withheld her smile as she made her way to the bed.

"Are you trying to annoy me because I played Elvis on the ride here? Because it's working," Callie moaned, knowing the song would be on repeat until one of them got up in the middle of the night to shut it off, but not before Callie had dreams of whales and dolphins and children chanting the obnoxious lyrics.

"No." Although it was a pretty brilliant payback, but that was far from Arizona's intentions as she climbed on the bed, taking Callie's book and throwing it over her shoulder.

"Arizona, no. We can't. Sofia's in the other room," Callie argued as her girlfriend straddled her hips, pinning the lower half of her body to the bed.

"Sofia's always in the other room." It wasa perfect day and Arizona intended on ending it as perfectly as it began.

"Arizona Robbins!"

"Yes, Calliope Torres?" Arizona's laughs turned into moans when Callie bucked her hips in an attempt to throw her off, but instead caused a delicious friction between their heated bodies.

"These walls are thinner than the condo's." Callie wasn't sure why she was fighting it when she wanted it probably more than her girlfriend did, but she also didn't want their daughter interrupting. Sofia's radar went off when her mothers were being intimate and had more than a handful of times decided that was the perfect time to barge into the room to get into bed with them. It took lots of patience to teach Sofia to knock first and wait for an answer before she was allowed to open closed doors in the apartment.

"Why do you think I turned up the music? We wouldn't want Sofia hearing her mommy moaning, now would we?" She leaned in and nipped at the exposed tanned neck under her as Callie's hands found her panty-clothed ass and squeezed tight.

"If your daughter hears us—"

"She is my daughter, isn't she?" Arizona scraped her teeth over Callie's bare shoulder before pulling the tank top off to give her more canvas to paint with her tongue.

"She is." Callie's breaths became shallow as Arizona's lips attached to her erect nipple, pulling it deep into her mouth. She could feel wetness begin seeping through the thin layer of lace of Arizona's panties and onto her bare stomach.

"Say it again." She switched from one breast to the other, tracing her tongue around the tight bud. The gasps coming from her lover along with Callie's fingers digging deep into her ass were making it hard to concentrate.

"If your daughter hears us—" Callie moaned when Arizona bit down before returning to teasing her with just the tip of her tongue.

"Then you might want to be quiet, huh?" Arizona laughed, pulling back to discard her own shirt. She needed to feel flesh against flesh as she lay flush against her partner with Callie pulling her as close as humanly possible.

"What are you doing?" Arizona squeaked when she went from lying on Callie to being pinned underneath her as tanned hands pulled her panties down her thighs, leaving them there. The cold air combined with the searing wetness between her legs was a shock to her system and before she knew it, Callie's fingers were tracing through her wet folds.

"I'm touching you." Callie grinned when Arizona's eyes fluttered shut in pleasure from the pressure being applied on her erect, throbbing bundle of nerves.

"Okay. Don't stop." For all of ten seconds, she was distraught over their change of positions but those thoughts quickly went by the wayside as Callie began teasing her over stimulated sex. "Just don't stop."

Callie didn't plan on it. She never wanted to stop. Feeling Arizona's body begin to tense under the ministrations of her fingers against her clit, Callie reached down, entering her with two taut fingers. Moans clouded the sounds of singing whales as Arizona rocked her hips with each thrust. She was already on edge, but she wanted it to last. She wanted to remember this moment, the moment when she made love with her partner on the day she became Sofia's mom in more than words. They were cementing their future and Arizona never wanted it to end.

"Let go." Callie leaned forward, whispering into Arizona's ear, her hand never letting up its quick pace to bring her into pure bliss.

Arizona's hands, which had been gripped tightly to the sheets, were now pulling Callie's face to hers. They shared messy kisses as Arizona tried to focus on experiencing every ounce of pleasure Callie had to offer before she exploded, crying out into her lover's mouth. As Arizona squeezed her fingers to the point that they were unable to move in and out any longer, Callie curled them, her thumb flicking over her clit as Arizona continued to ride out the waves of pleasure. "Oh God, what are you doing to me?" She had no time to come down as another climax slammed through her system, draining her of coherent thought and motor function. Lying there blissed out, it wasn't until the cold air of the room brought chills to her skin that she realized Callie was no longer laying atop her. Her panties now had met the fate of Callie's book as her lover took position between her legs.

"I can't go again." Or she thought she couldn't until Callie's tongue dipped through her soaked folds, reigniting the throbbing of pleasure as all of her blood rushed once again between her legs.

Purposely ignoring her lover's engorged nub, Callie's tongue traced and teased Arizona's heated wet core. Today was all about Arizona and Callie intended to bring her unlimited, indescribable pleasures until she passed out. When fingers began pulling at her hair, pushing her head further down, Callie thrust her tongue as deep as it could reach until cries and screams filled the air once again. She wasn't rushing this time. She was going to worship the woman under her like she deserved.

Arizona woke up feeling drunk or drugged or maybe hung over. Her head was foggy and her body felt like it had gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson, but it was the best kind of exhaustion she could imagine. Turning toward her lover, planning to pay her back for the wonderful night since Callie refused to be touched and made love to her until the wee hours of the morning, Arizona's objectives were cut short. Lying on her back was her beautiful girlfriend, sound asleep with their beautiful daughter wrapped securely in her arms; both were snoring in unison. Never in a million years did she think the sight before her would ever replace her need for sex, but she got more pleasure out of the two loves of her life cuddling together than anything else. They were beautiful and they were hers. They were her family. Scooting closer to the pair, Arizona wrapped her arm around both of them, pulling them in tight against her as she snuggled back down for a few more hours of sleep. Nothing was going to come between them again.

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