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Chapter 2: Erasing Illusions

It had been roughly a day or two since my "hospitalization" in that room, and under Chizuru's watchful care, I had made a full recovery from my wound. Since I still felt uneasy about sleeping in that room alone (I heard strange noises at night), Chizuru vied for me to sleep in her room with her...and that is currently where I was at the moment. As many times as I had attempted to persuade her to let me leave, she refused and insisted that I stay for a few days longer.

She used those huge pleading brown eyes of hers.

...Meh, I relented; she won this round.

Standing awkwardly in her tiny room, I scrutinized the layout surrounding me. It was the same simple tatami-styled pattern that was formulated in my old, temporary room. I moved my borrowed futon over to a corner of her room and rolled it out deftly, smoothing out the wrinkles and deformities. It wasn't because I had some sort of OCD when it came to cleaning, I was bored. I wasn't used to sitting idly, that only invited trouble, falling asleep, some deranged sword-wielding maniac trying to attack you, etc. I would rather do anything else, anything,if it meant I could be relinquished from this boredom, heck, I'd even sew. I groaned inwardly, slumping face-first onto my futon, 'Geez, why can't I just leave this place...oh right, Oni's can't break promises.'

And you'd miss that Saitou Hajime, yes?

"The heck?" I shot up from the futon, shaking my head vigorously, trying in vain to dispel the thought that ran through my mind. "W-where did that come from? There is no way that I can feel anything for that guy...I barely even know him...scratch that, I don't know him!"

You can always get to know him, can't you?

"No, I can't! I won't!...Why am I having a conversation with my subconscious?" I flung my head back onto my futon, growling in exasperation.

I stayed there for a couple hours, felt like.

The rough sound of the shoji screen sliding back woke me from my angry fit, revealing a food-laden Chizuru. Sighing, I stood to help her, removing one large tray from her hands and placing it on the floor. "Ah, arigatou Akane-san..." she placed her tray on the floor, opposite mine and pulled two small cushions over towards us, "I thought you might be hungry, so I brought dinner." She graced me with a smile, which I stiffly returned. I was still a bit on edge from earlier.

We ate quietly for a while, the gentle tapping of chopsticks against plates being the only sound heard. I sat mine down atop the small rice bowl, and broke the silent din shortly afterwards. "Chizuru-san, I'd like to thank you for even allowing me to stay here with you...not many would have even allowed my type to stay in residence with them, I am in your debt." I bowed my head slightly towards her, raising a delicate eyebrow when she brushed off my thanks. "It's not a problem Akane-san, but...mind me asking, what exactly is your kind?"

I twitched, 'Does she really not know? How...she's one of us, isn't she?' I took up my cup of tea and sipped at it, all the while wondering how the girl couldn't know. "Chizuru, I'm an Oni...a pureblood of the original Oni of the East, in fact." Why was I telling her all of this? Riiiight...this involved her...in some weird descendant-y way. "My Clan increasingly mated with other Oni, which left a small amount of pureblooded Kitabatake Oni, replacing that small amount with pureblooded Yukimura Oni," 'Making the world a lot more complicated than it actually has to be.' I sighed and tried to work with her already confused expression, "in short, your predecessors were long relatives of mine."

I sat in smug silence, reveling in my power of somehow figuring all of that out , when she gasped and smiled one of her 'I got it!' smiles. "So we're related!"

"Yes, Chizuru, I believe we are."

"Wow...I really hadn't anticipated meeting another Oni...not since Kazama-san had been here."

Wooooooaaaah, back this conversation up...Kazama?'

"Kazama?...Kazama Chikage?"

She had resumed eating her boiled vegetables, and mumbled a garbled "Mhmm, do you know him?"

"Errrr...yes, he's my...cousin. He's been missing for a while though." I felt the small furrow in my brow, but that dissipated as I had the urge to laugh, when most of the rice fell from Chizuru's lips. "So, he's been that pleasant to you, has he?" I snickered into the sleeve of my yukata as she picked up the rice from the floor and returned it to its empty bowl. "Ne~ Akane-san, I need you to meet a few people in the morning, okay...as well as go into town with me too, if that's okay." I simply nodded as she removed the plates and cups. Before shutting the door behind her she turned slightly and smiled, "Akane-chan...you act nothing like him. Get some rest, now."

And slid the door shut.

I shuffled tiredly over to my abandoned futon, noting the darkness outside, and covered myself from head-to-toe. Quietly, I grabbed the delicate, little, golden bell that hung from a string around my waist, and gently shook it. The small tinkle it made , tugged painfully at my heart, tears threatening to overflow. "...Ahhh, Chika-nii, where'd you run off to...?" I placed the bell beside me and closed my eyes, letting the dream of that familiar blond with his annoying ways, slip in.

...You said you'd never leave, nii-san.

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