*In skips a VERY satisfied/smiling LOA clutching her review clipboard*

LOA: HELLO my fine readers, sorry for the delay on the review chapter but it's here.

Hidan: Where the fuck have you been?

Itachi: We KNOW where's she been and why she's so giddy right now.

Kakuzu: Have you forgotten that she was with me. ;)

Hidan: :-: I fucking hate all of you!

LOA: Don't be like that Hidan, you'll get to have your epic sex.

Hidan: You fucking promise?

LOA: I fucking promise (no pun intended lol) Anywho let's start off the reviews. Take it away Sasori my man!

Sasori (rolls his eyes): Don't call me that LOA. Aside from that, we have two questions from 'mmteku123'. Question one:

*Who is the most seme out of the Akatsuki?*

Itachi: That rules us uke's out.

Sasori: Damn, safe to say it's not me due to my small physique.

Deidara: It's alright Danna, you're the most seme to me un.

Sasori (clears throat): At least I can count on my lover on that.

Zetsu: I believe I qualify to be the most seme. How can I not be?

Kisame: Like hell Zetsu, if anyone is the most seme it would be me! I'm the tallest and most masculine out of the Akatsuki.

Kakuzu: Not quite Kisame, I'm the most seme. You may be a tad bit taller and muscular than myself however, my deep voice obviously makes me the most seme AND the manliest.

LOA: Hmmm, you do have a point Kakuzu. That sexy voice of yours does give you an edge, however, Kisame is the tallest and most masculine so that takes into account, and Zetsu's split personality makes him as much seme as you two.

Zetsu: Thanks LOA!

LOA: No problem. As for the most seme, I'd say there's not quite a one choice though. It'd be between Kisame, Kakuzu, and Zetsu.

Sasori: Figures it'd be one of those three, the most seme doesn't have to have the largest cock you know. It's how you use it to satisfy your lovers.

LOA: VERY good point. Ok I change my mind, ALL of you are the most seme in your own different/unique ways XD

Sasori: Glad you finally see it my way so let's hurry up and finish this chapter. Question 2:

*Will there ever be the time where Deidara, Tobi, Itachi, and Olivia be hardcore seme to their lovers?*

Olivia&Tobi: YES!

Deidara: We've already discussed this with LOA and it's only fair that all us uke's get to be in ultimate control over our seme's un. ;)

Hidan: FUCK YEAH! I've been dying to fuck the hell out of Kakuzu for a while now. That miser has NO idea what's coming to him

Itachi: I'm rather looking forward to that myself, I can be quite forceful when I have to be.

LOA: OK~ On to the next question:

*Hey Hidan, I know your usually the 'uke', but have you ever fucked kakuzu? as the seme?
Love, captain awesome.

Hidan: Yes, yes I fucking have. But the fucking miser won't let me top him NEAR as much as I fucking want to! Stingy bastard! A REAL mean can take it up the ass like I can. OW!

Kakuzu (just smacked his lover upside the head): I hardly let you for the simple fact that you boast and brag about it to everyone when I do let you top me. A real man doesn't beg to be fucked raw up the ass by his lover!

Tobi: Tobi better read next question before a yelling match happens. This is from 'lexypink1' for Tobi's Zetsu.

*Is Zetsu able to have a threesome with when he splits?*

Zetsu: I don't know, I've never tried. It might work but since we don't have a fucking clue, why don't we try it out on 'lexypink1'? That's a splendid idea.

*Zetsu literally drags poor 'lexypink1' into a bedroom to experiment. I hope they have fun though XD*

LOA: Is it just me or has Zetsu attacked someone on every review chapter so far?

Zetsu: HELL YES! I'm a BAD boy sometimes.

Itachi: Next question. This is a doozy from 'lolXP':

*This is like a question and story request cause I would love to read your version of this anywho...If LOA version found a smart mouth 6 yr old girl and adopts her into the family what would they do? (even olivee & they do luv the lil girl ;)) Sex can be involved in the story like she walks in on them or something*

LOA: Holy Jashin, I don't know!

Hidan: Holy Jashin, what the fuck? The answer is no, that girl would be SO traumatized if she lived with all these fuckers.

Tobi: Tobi and Olivee would love the little girl and adopt!

Olivee: Sounds good to me Tobi, but don't forget at some point I'm having a jashinist or two.

Kakuzu: No, no way in hell are we doing that. We can't afford the expense!

Itachi, Zetsu, Deidara, and Sasori: Find her a NORMAL family that will take her in (un).

Kisame: Nah, if that happened she could stay with us for a while though she might get beaten up if she has a smart mouth like Hidan.

LOA: Okay~ on to six questions from 'MyMidnightShadow' SIX! OMJ you trying to cramp my fingers on this computer? Kidding XD, let's get to it. Question 1:

*To Deidara: Would you ever fuck Tobi? You are his SEMPAI after all.*

Deidara (sweatdrop): I knew that question would come up. *sighs* Believe it or not, despite how much he aggravates me (though not NEAR as much as before) I would fuck him. I'd be the seme of course un.

Tobi: Awww, Tobi never knew his sempai had the hots for Tobi *blushes*

Deidara: No comment un.

*Question 2 for Tobi: How did Madara get into you? O.O

Tobi: Um, Tobi can't really remember. He snuck up on Tobi and threw him on the ground then Tobi blacked out.

*Question 3 for Madara: Why Tobi?*

Hidan: Don't include that fucker to show up in the reviews!

Madara: Shut the hell up Hidan, this Uchiha is on the verge of appearing more in these stories from now on or LOA is going to feel my wrath.

LOA: As long as your wrath doesn't include what's in your pants; I can't much more of that lol.

Madara: You know you want it LOA. As for the question, why NOT Tobi. He's actually the perfect choice for a host body when I needed one. Who in their right minds who EVER suspect a childish boy like him to contain one of the most dangerous shinobi of all time.

LOA: ….Don't get ahead of yourself Madara O.O Next question 4:

*Hidan: What would you do if Kira and Olivia met?*

Hidan (facepalms): What the fuck? That's two different stories concerning different crap. It won't fucking happen so I don't have to worry about a thing. If it did and Olivia found out, I'd be in fucking shit hole!

Olivia: You hit the nail on the head baby.

LOA: That's a little awkward so let's change the mood:

*Question 5 for LOA: Would you write a story with all the OC's letting?*

LOA: …..Letting? I think I know what that means Xl, I doubt it. Too much work for me, I have enough on my hands as it is.

*Question 6 for Kisame: I challenge you to Dance Dance Revolution. XP*

Kisame: That's not even a statement but I'll answer it. *glances around and whispers* I accept your challenge; I can cut a rug believe it or not.

Tobi and Olivee: WE LOVE THE DOOM SONG! We know what you talking about in that review and saw Invader Zim. Funny as shit!

LOA: Alrighty Maxie boy, you're up ;) OMJ, 5 question from you? I already know this is going to be a pip. (And yes, Maxie IS a good reviewer XD)

*Question 1 to Zetsu: Where in the world do you keep your garden?*

Zetsu: Why is he asking us that? Considering we end up providing herbs and assisting Sasori with the drugs, it's a very simple question. I guess.

If you must know Max, we have a secret portal in our room and take it to our VERY private location of the garden. That's all the info you're getting, we can't tell you the exact whereabouts for obvious reasons.

*Question 2 for Olivia: Have you ever considered taking a rape prevention class? Just a suggestion... *Cough* hint *Cough*

Olivia: I've thought about it but I won't be able to. It costs money and I get my allowance from Kakuzu…..you should know what that means.

Kakuzu: She's not taking the class Max. It's too expensive and she's got me and Hidan to protect her.

Hidan: If we're not fucking around, I told her to kick the guy in the crotch and jab him hard enough in the fucking eyes to blind him.

Olivia: That would work but don't forget what happened in 'Unwanted Visitor.' Doesn't always work you know.

LOA: Don't worry Olivia, just have them teach you self defense, they can do that much. Rather Tobi teach you though, those two will get too rough.

*Question 3 for Tobi: (holds out a can of red bull) Would Tobi like a special drink?

Tobi (shakes head): Sorry Max, Zetsu banned Tobi from red bull. Tobi can't have it anymore after what happened last time he drank too much of it. Tobi was a bad boy and got angry instead of hyper. He smacked Zetsu and punched him in the crotch and laughed about it.

Zetsu: I punished him severely for that too Max so don't tempt him! Tobi's a good boy and needs to stay that way.

*Question 4 for Kisame: *gives you hug and kiss on cheek* I'm sure you'll get to gangbang soon. I know it's not a question, but I feel sorry for you.*

Kisame: *glomps Max* You hear that LOA, give me the gangbang already! Max knows I deserve it and he doesn't need to feel sorry for me. LOA will need the pity if I don't get some more action soon.

LOA (hides in a corner): You'll get the gangbang so don't hurt me.

*Question 5 for Deidara: Do you brush your hand mouths? Also, can you taste with your hands? P.S Your view of art is right! Nobody wants the stare at the same piece of art forever.*

Deidara: Never thought someone actually would ask me this un. Yes, occasionally I do brush/wash my hand mouths for the simple fact that they get dirty like the rest of the body un. I use them for sex too so why NOT clean them right un? No, I do NOT taste with my hands or I'd be tasting that damn clay all the time, who wants that un?

Of course my view of art is right and I know you added that to make up for the silly questions you asked me. I actually don't mind and guess what Max, you and I are going to express our views of art RIGHT NOW UN!"

Kisame: You're not having all the fun this time Deidara!

*Deidara and Kisame both glomp and strip Max's clothes off right in front of LOA and proceed to *clears throat* have a hardcore threesome.*

Hidan: Who's fucking reading the last question LOA?


Hidan: LOA?

LOA: …


LOA: That's nice

Hidan (facepalm): LOA obviously is enjoying watching the threesome and doesn't fucking care who reads the next question so this jashinist is going to. It's from 'sb30'.

*My question for the lovely author, could you give us a hint on your next possible story? Or are you not planning to make another soon? :D

Hidan: FUCK!

*Scoops up LOA and forces her to focus on the screen*

LOA: Alright Hidan I get it. Let's see, ooooh, 'sb30' want a sneak peek'. Ok listen up my naughty readers, here's the scoop. I do have a story in mind that is going to be my next one, however I don't know when as of yet I'll be writing it.

I'm planning on finishing baby uke's and unwanted first, then try to do the four/five requests I got (not sure if I'm going to do anymore requests after this O.O) Anywho, here's the next story (of mine) that I'm going to do:

Something happens to Tobi, how I don't know yet, and he's now a….VAMPIRE! In this, one by one someone falls prey to his seductive charm (or whoever he turns) and the remainders have to fix him and quick before everyone gets turned by master Tobi.

I know who gets turned but you readers have to wait for the LEMONY fun!

Tobi: YAY! Tobi always wanted to be a vampire. Does Tobi gets to seduce Olivee and sempai?

LOA: I can't tell you Tobi, you'll find out when the story gets written

Tobi: Tobi can't wait and better practice. Oh Olivee~!

Olivia (runs): Back you bad vampire! I'm not practicing.

Tobi (gets Olivee trapped in corner): But Olivee, Tobi a GOOD vampire!

LOA: Well 'sb30' I hope you're happy. The whole vampire thing has gone to his head and now he's on the prowl lol. It's ok, he'll get over it.

Hope you readers enjoy the final chapter once I find out who's going to be Olivia's baby boy from the votes and now if you'll excuse me, there's a threesome I'd like to continue watching.