A/N: Inspired by a picture of Mamoru and Haruka I saw in the manga. Set many years in the future, in the middle of winter.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, all belong respectively to the creator of UDDUP

December 24, Christmas time. Mamoru never enjoyed this time of year, it reminded him too much of what happened almost 5 years ago. She disappeared without a trace, and never heard from her again. The Wall broke apart, Igawa and Mamoru went their separate ways; every once in a while Igawa will ask Mamoru out for lunch but he quietly refuses. He doesn't necessarily blame himself for what happened, but he doesn't blame anybody else either. Sierra never forgave him though, no matter who's fault it was.

He missed her smell around the house the most, her scent was so distinct to him traces of it still lingered in the house. He had to cook for himself again, which meant microwave food and ramen; and the occasional slice of cake. He wished she had taught him a little bit more about cooking.

Grabbing his cane and his fur lined coat, he made his way out the door of his home. He decided a walk would be good to cool his nerves a bit, no matter how cold it was outside. He wasn't wearing his special shades today, he knew exactly where he was going. Besides, even with what little he could see with the outlines and wire figures he didn't want to bother looking at them.

Even though he was blind, he could still picture everything that was going on around him with what he heard and smelled; people singing carols, the smell of pine and peppermint. Walking down the street he remembered where to turn when he smelled the bakery he always went to. The one good thing about this time of the year were the sweets that were baked there.

"Ah, Mamoru-san welcome," a dainty voice echoed throughout the shop as Mamoru walked in, the bell chiming behind him. Counting his steps up to the counter as he always did, he stopped right before the counter and placed his hand on the warm glass container which held all the cakes baked for the day.

"Surprise me Amaya, not sure what I want today," Mamoru replied back in his usual rough tone of voice. The bakery woman's voice reminded him of her everyday. "Maybe that's why I always come here"

He felt the woman take his hand and place it under a box with what felt like a ribbon on it. Mamoru reached for his wallet to take out some money when Amaya gently nudged it away.

"No need today Mamoru-san, Merry Christmas." She said happily, bowing to him.

A small smirk shone through his normal scowl, "Thanks,"

Mamoru turned and walked out of the bakery, balancing the cake in one hand as he always has. He walked over half a block to a cross walk and waited to hear the affirming ding of the go signal. While waiting he heard a few girls, he assumed young high schoolers, behind him giggling and whispering to each other.

This he was used to, whether they're talking about how tall he was, or whether they noticed the cane didn't matter to him. He tended to keep away from people at all costs.

Hearing the first chime of the go signal he walked across the street and straight into the park he visits on a regular basis. Finding the nearest bench and sat down, opening the box that contained his Christmas present. The fork was there where it always was, and he picked it up and took a bite of the cake.

"Strawberry..." he thought to himself while munching on the delectable.

A cold wind blew through his bare hands and he felt a few snowflakes on his cheek. He tilted his head up and let the snow drop on his face. Closing his eyes he started to relax and take everything in, he pictured his surroundings. Remembering the wire membrane he usually saw, he tried to form images with it. He pictured the snow atop the trees and creating a beautiful blanket on the ground. Then some foot steps interrupted his mello. He opened his eyes, almost expecting to see what he had imagined, But only pitch blackness welcomed him.

He moved his head back down to take another bite of his cake, but he still listened intently on the footsteps coming near him. Not one, but two people he assumed. As they walked near him he could hear their voices and laughter. Passing by him quicker then he expected he was in silence again. There was something odd about tonight, he felt calm which is something he hasn't felt in a long while.

There have not been any attempts on his life since she left almost exactly 5 years ago. There was no need for him to fight anymore, no body to protect. He still practices every day to keep him alert and ready at any moment.

He reached for one last bite of his cake, and he set the box aside as he heard another pair of foot steps in the distance. This time the crunching of the snow was apparent, it must be snowing harder then he thought. As the foot steps got closer, they sounded small, like they were coming from a petite woman in heels. Closer and closer they came until eventually they stopped right in front of him.

He leaned forward and clasped his hands together, leaning against his knees. He looked in the general direction of the woman in front of him, still staying silent.

"How are you ever going to know it's me if you don't wear the right sunglasses, Mamoru-san?"

The soft, delicate voice rang through his ears like chimes. He knew that voice, a voice that hadn't hit his ear drums in years. It was soothing, like all his worries went away. A smirk grew on his face and a small chuckle escaped his lips.


Mamoru stood up as his whispered, but in a split second before he could react, the woman rushed into him, wrapping her tiny arms around his torso, pressing her face into his jacket. She started sobbing and gripped his jacket with her hands. Sighing he wrapped his arms around her in return and rested his chin on her head. She was taller then he expected.

"Even though I may be blind, I can see you're still a little brat," he chuckled again as he felt her laugh a little through her tears.

"I've missed you..."