A/N: I told you I'd be back, right? I'd never leave my lovely readers! So here's a little cutesy drabble that's been in my head for a moment.

Elderly Edward at his finest...

Chapter 1:

I know you are sick.

But I've never said a word.

I didn't gossip like the rest of the neighborhood.

Calling you the "Crazy Cat Lady."

And you are.

That's the truth, but I'd never call you that.

At least not to your face.

I'd just watch you pick the thorns from your rose bushes.

Suck the blood from your thumb.

Laugh when you hopped around quite madly.

And then you'd look up.

You could feel someone watching you.

It's me.

But you can't know.

So I close the blinds and scuttle back to my recliner.

And only one thought crosses my mind:

I need to stalk your old, fine ass from the other window.