Okabe rubbed his eyes with weary fingers, "This wasn't a good idea."

Makise shrugged from over where she sat, her legs crossed, suggestive as ever, "You came up with it."

"Really? When? I can't seem to recall it that much," he rubbed his temples.

"A week ago at the christmas party, after that spectacle you made out of yourself," Makise switched her legs, sipped her coffee, just waiting what's gonna happen.

"Christmas party?"

"Blacked out the whole thing?" She chuckled, "Maybe you should switch to lemonade."

Okabe wanted to counter the commet, but he was interrupted by the ring.

"Well, maybe I should send them away," he thought aloud. "Or we should pretend we're not here."

"Cowaaard~" Makise chirped.

"Alright, I'll go get it."

After a while he came back with a guy in a suit and offered him a seat, Makise wasn't flashing herself anymore. Maybe Okabe was exclusive for that, maybe not. Who knows.

"You're the people who send messages back through the time with their microwave oven?" The guy asked, he had a heavy french accent.

"Yes, let me explain that, it works this way-"

"I don't care how you do it, I'm too stupid to understand anyway, those wouldn't even register in my brain so let's get to business," the guy straightened his tie. "I read the flier thought it was a joke, but hey I tried everything already."

"So what do you want from us, I can see you're not in this for money," Okabe said.

"Nope, so the message will be to me in the April 2011," he took a small piece of paper out of his suit's breast pocket.

"Let me guess," Makise exclaimed. "'Stay away from maids', right mister Strauss-Khan?"

"Nope, 'Pack more rubber, not the rubber chicken, and get ready for a surprise'," he rolled back the paper and stood up.

Then he placed an envelope on the table. Makise raised an eyebrow, Okabe opened it, you could see dollar symbols roll in his eyes.

And Khan went away.

"It's strange, but I feel more attracted to you," said Makise already clinging on Okabe reaching the envelope.

He held it above his head, out of her reach.

She started to kiss him anyway and they fell back in the couch.

"Too bad," Okabe said. "The oven broke yesterday when I tried to make some noodles."

"You know it, and I know it, and we're people who can keep secrets," Makise said then kissed Okabe's nose. "You can send messages to the past, but you don't get to check if it's recieved."

Okabe smiled and they jumped at it.

And that was a start of a new business career for both of them.