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(Near Kohona High School)

As the cherry blossom trees bloom in the early spring, an early Monday morning before sunrise. A black and white sprints through the forest of cherry blossom trees. As the figure was sprinting with all of his might, he said, "Shit! Shit! I'm late! Thanks a lot Iruka!"

He has headband strapped on and on it was his family symbol. His hair is as yellow as the sun. His short sleeved black long coat had his family symbol as well. His name…. Naruto Uzumaki. As soon as he got to the door the second bell rang.

"Fuck! I'm late!" he said with rageful expression.

As he opens the door to his first period class, all the eyes were staring at him.

"Naruto you are late. Care to explain why you are late today and why you were gone last week," Kakashi questioned him being irritated by him interrupting his lesson plans.

Before he could ever answer however, his eyesight caught on to a certain jock threaten to him to beat the crap out of him.

"I have… No excuses to be late or skip class," He said with defeated look.

Something in Kakashi made him worry about what is happening to Naruto. The last semester he was always was involved with school fights….

"Take your seat Naruto and after class… I want to talk to you," Kakashi ordered.

"Hai sensei," he responded immediately.

"Busted!" a jock who threatened Naruto yelled in triumph.

Everyone in the class laughed as Naruto slowly walked to his desk. Upon walking to his desk, he passes the person who crushed his heart, Hinata. She used to date him until she cheated on him for Kiba. The next person he passes by was a black haired, a bit of an attitude person, and his former friend Sasuke Uchiha, who at the time they were best friends but grew apart as the years go by. To add to that whatever Sasuke did, Naruto wanted to do better… Deep inside Naruto however, he wanted to reconnect on that friendship he lost but he also realizes that Sasuke wasn't the same person since they both met each other for the first time. Next left to the seat that Naruto was designated to was a pink haired girl who had insecurity of having an enlarged forehead but she was the most popular girl in Kohona High school and maybe beyond the high schools in Japan. Her name…. Is Sakura Haruno. Her hair was stiff as a thread and really long. Naruto had a huge crush ever since 1st grade until he had a relationship with Hinata. Naruto still has those strong emotions towards Sakura deep inside his heart even during his relationship with Hinata. However Naruto clearly sees that Sakura is still trying to get Sasuke in a relationship with her. Naruto then got prepared for Kakashi's history lesson as soon as he got to his desk.

"Um Sasuke kun…. You look beautiful today as always," Sakura complemented with love struck passion.

"Sakura chan, give it up he is never going to notice," Naruto said in disgust.

"Shut up Naruto you baka! You are so fucking annoying! I hate you," Sakura yelled enraged.

"Wow drama queen much' ttebayo," Naruto responded at the obvious.

"Shannaro!" Sakura yelled as she stood up and lunged towards Naruto. That was her infamous yell…. Soon almost the whole class went under their desks and hope that they don't get caught in between Sakura's rage. She punched Naruto straight in the face and he flew back towards the wall and fell down. He simply stood up without emotion knowing that he has faced something even worse. Both Naruto and Sakura looked into each other's eyes with enraged anger just waiting to explode.

"Naruto and Sakura….. Settle this outside of class…. Right now you guys are disrupting my lesson and you are wasting my time….Sit down," Kakashi ordered in calmness.

"Hai Kakashi sensei," both Naruto and Sakura responded in defeat and both sat down.

During the full hour of being in Kakashi's class however…. Naruto was thinking of the dreams he had that last night…..

* Don't worry Sakura chan…. I promise I will get Sasuke back…. It's a promise of a lifetime!*

*My name is Uzumaki Naruto! My Dream is to become the next Hokage!*

*How can I become Hokage…When I couldn't even save my friend…*

"Those dreams are still clear in my head…..Why am I going to save Sasuke? What was I in that dream? What does it mean," Naruto thought being lost within his own world…. Little did he know however…. There was another side of that dream….

*meanwhile in the Konohagakure*

In the different set of cherry blossom tree forest, an orange figure was jumping on the branches of those trees… His hair too is as yellow as the sun… He too was Naruto Uzumaki… However he was wearing an orange jumpsuit and a short sleeved red long coat. What was new to his usual clothes was that he had a chunin vest.

"Fuck I'm two hours late!" Naruto said to himself.

As he was jumping through the forest of cherry blossom trees he was thinking of his dreams he had last night as well….

*My ambition is to become Souban of all Japan!*

Naruto also remembered the day on an open field that he was talking to Sasuke on graduation in middle school. He also remembered that he beat up a yakuza gang with yo-yos or whatever he called it….

* All the toughest guys here, step up and fight me!*

*Sorry to keep you waiting Sasuke...*

What he said when he was trying to get Sasuke back to his school was always in his head and the fights that he had with him… He also had the dreaded kiss that happened during one of those fights… His dream reminded him of his story…. And still it was continuing….

"That dream…. What I dreamt… Is really similar to my story," Naruto thought as he was going through….

As soon as Naruto got to the training grounds, he gets pummeled to ground by a pink haired Kunoichi wearing a red vest and short shorts. She too was wearing a chunin vest. She too was Sakura Haruno…. However she has shorter hair. She created a crater around Naruto's body.

"Naruto you're late!" Sakura yelled at him.

"Please don't tell me that Kakashi sensei got here earlier than me," Naruto responded in fear.

"Sorry Naruto," Kakashi appeared over him.

"Fuck dattebayo!" Naruto immediately yelled.

"Don't worry Naruto at least you weren't the only one late," Sasuke said as he appeared above him.

As Naruto gets up, Kakashi then said to him, "Naruto this training is really important because by the time the five years come up you Tsunade will step down as Hokage and you will fulfill your dream."

"I know sensei," Naruto responded…

During Team 7's training, Naruto still couldn't get those dreams out of his head.

*Meanwhile in Kohona High School*

Lunch break…

Naruto was sitting in table all by himself eating ramen… Not only was his dream last night bothering him, but he was being reminded of his past and how everything around him changed… The fact that he was the strongest in Kohona high school was now a mere joke. All these memories were overwhelming him to the point that a tear from falling from his cheek fell in his ramen and made the taste bitter. Soon, a group of jocks surrounded Naruto only to remind him that he was the joke of the school…

"Hey kid! You're going to get extra can of whoop ass today," the leader of the jocks said defiantly towards him.

"Why?" Naruto questioned him.

"Why? Simple… You missed the Tuesday and Thursday of last week… Otherwise known as beat up Naruto days," the leader said in annoyance.

"Fuck…. Now I know why I didn't want to go to school on that week," Naruto thought in panic.

Naruto soon tried to get out of the sea of jocks that circled him but couldn't see an opening.

So… He accepted the fate that was waiting for him….

(30 minutes later…. Within 5th period…)

Naruto all bruised up from head to toe was in Principle Tsunade's office…

"Naruto…. This has been the fifth fight you've been in for the past three weeks. Not only that but you skipped a week of school… Tell me what is happening in your life young man," Tsunade said with her usual personality.

" The past year have really life altering. I broke up with Hinata a year ago, Sakura chan still hates me, and Sasuke hasn't been talking to me. That is what is happening to me," Naruto said in the upmost of calmness.

Tsunade surprised by the fact that Naruto ended up being the one picked on by jerks after one year of being in the public school system.

"So that is what is happening right now… Okay Naruto… I send you straight to nurse Shizune's office so she can bandage up those wounds… Right now I'm still trying to get rid of my gambling habits and the last thing I hear is Naruto getting beat up at the start of the year… All I'm saying is that Naruto…. Just be yourself for once!" Tsunade rambled emotionally.

"Can I go now?" Naruto said without ever realizing what Tsunade just said.

(sighs) "Okay Naruto…. But please…. Try to take care of yourself just for once," Tsunade frustrated from what happened to him.

"Thanks Baa-chan," Naruto said as he stood up and headed for the door.

Naruto then went to Shizune's office…. Funny not only was Shizune a nurse, but she is also Tsunade's secretary… After Naruto got patched up, he then went to Asuma's math class which to him is the easiest of all his classes.

(Two hours later)

School was then dismissed and Naruto was walking with his legal guardian, Iruka. Naruto was just keeping his head down ashamed what his past has done to him.

"Naruto, is there something we should talk about," Iruka said concerned for Naruto on what has happened.

"No. I'm fine," Naruto answered hiding his sadness.

"You don't look like you are okay," Iruka noted to Naruto.

"No really… I'm fine," Naruto repeated.

30 minutes later at (Naruto's house)

Naruto then presumed of doing his after school routine: Homework for two hours, dinner for thirty minutes, and wondering what his future will end up…

(Meanwhile in Konohagakure)

Naruto, after a hard day's work and being surrounded with adoring fan girls (bigger than Sasuke's fan club was during his academy days); he decided to relax at the comfort of his home. His home wasn't like his old apartment that he lived… It was his parent's house… From the master bed room to the living room down stairs… His home somehow survived when Pain attacked the Kohona. Everywhere in his living room were pictures of his parents from when they were in the academy to when his dad became Hokage. Every heart warm memory was still stuck in his head when he met his parents in his psyche… From the time when he met his Hokage Dad when he was at the verge of having Kurama be in full form to the time of when he met his former Kyuubi Jinchuriki mother when he was struggling to take control of his chakra. He can still feel their presence even in his house. Naruto then decided have dinner but instead of having the usual ramen like he always did, he decided to cook from his mother's recipe cards located in the dining table. He decided that he would eat fried rice with pork and some veggies. During his dinner, however he remembered how his life has changed after saving Sasuke from a short relationship with Hinata to regular arguing from Sakura. After dinner, he went up to the master bed room and was preparing to go to bed but, the events in his dream last night flared up.

*Sasuke… What we started back then… Let's finish it here 'ttebayo!*

*Wanna fight, pretty boy!*

*(To Pain) Even if I'm the one feeling the pain of what is past…. I always look toward the future…. I also try to fulfill my pervy godfather's keepsake!*

(In Naruto's room…. At the Kohona Gauken universe same time)

In the midst of remembering what has happened in the past, the events in his dream flares up. He also was trying to sleep but those memories kept flaring up. So got out of bed, turned on his light, headed towards his mirror on his closet door to get a good look of himself…

(Naruto's room…. At the Ninja universe same time)

Naruto just couldn't control his dreams of him in a different universe so he decided to get out of bed and went to mirror on his closet door.

(In both universes at the same time….)

When both Narutos looked in the mirror, both were surprised of what the mirror reflected. Then they both looked at what they were wearing…

"Funny… I'm not wearing and orange jumpsuit," the Naruto from the Kohona Gauken universe thought as he looked at his attire.

"That's strange… I'm not wearing a normal black pants and white polo with a black long coat," the Naruto from the Ninja universe thought as he reviewed his attire.

Soon both Narutos moved closely towards the mirror strangely and perfectly mimicking each other…

Then the Naruto from the Ninja universe moved differently than the Naruto from the Kohona Gauken universe. This both freaked out both Narutos…

"What the hell 'ttebayo?" Naruto from the high universe reacted as his felt like he just ate too much ramen.

Naruto from the Ninja universe with his mind blown decided to place his hand on the mirror. His hand phased through the mirror and his whole fell through it and landed on the Naruto in High school universe. Both Narutos looked into each other's eyes and both screamed freaking out on how weird this day turned out to be…

And this is where the story begins…

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