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Both Mitsu and Naruto went inside Tsunade's office with a horrified look in their eyes. Tsunade had the look of evil right inside her heart. Sakura then entered in the office with a sense of death, fear, and sadness in her heart. Naruto had a calm demeanor on the look of his face however; he is still frightened by the fact that Tsunade is as deadly in his world.

"Mitsu, you have been pissing me off since the first day of school…. In fact I have suspended you for kami knows how much…. YOU ARE EXPELLED!" Tsunade yelled that everyone outside of her office heard her screech.

Naruto and Sakura swallowed after Tsunade laid the punishment on Mitsu.

"In fact I don't near the school the campus at all! Get the fuck out!" Tsunade demanded to Mitsu.

Mitsu ran out the office and was to never to be seen again.

Tsunade got back on her seat to take a breather and looked at Naruto and Sakura. Both Naruto and Sakura both swallowed air when they made eye contact with Tsunade. However Tsunade both looked at Naruto and Sakura with a state of concern and calmness.

"Honestly Naruto, out of all the things I saw from you today, I would definitely suspend you right on the spot but seeing how you protected Konohamaru and his friends, I'm not. As for you Sakura, you need to stop being a drama queen for once. It seemed like you really deserved that backhand from Naruto. Should I even mention how much attention that you guys brought after that slap," Tsunade confronted them.

Naruto ducked his head in shame for what he did towards Sakura. Sakura on the other hand felt like she did deserve the slap. Both the student and the ninja looked towards each other both embarrassed by the fact that they are now the talk of everything after what just happened.

Tsunade then broke the silence by saying, "Ok I leave you two to sort this mess over. I got to deal with the parents of Mitsu."

Tsunade then left her office leaving Ninja Naruto and Sakura. Both seem ashamed at what they caused.

"I'm sorry that I…" both Naruto and Sakura said in unison.

"You go first," Naruto said.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you and cause your whole year to be a mess," Sakura answered in remorse.

"No… I'm sorry I shouldn't have hit you like that. That was totally uncalled for," Naruto responded in guilt.

"So did you mean it," Sakura questioned Naruto.

"Excuse me?" Naruto questioned her back.

"What you said to me earlier after you slapped me silly," Sakura answered his question.

"Oh that… Let me think," Naruto responded following a quick moment in silence.

Immediately, Normal Naruto said in his mind, "Did you say the same thing to my Sakura chan?"

"Yep," Ninja Naruto responded to his normal self.

"Yea I mean it," Naruto answered Sakura's question.

"Oh I see," Sakura said after there was another moment of silence.

"What's the matter Sakura-chan? You are not acting liking the Sakura-chan that I love dattebayo," Naruto responded.

"Well baka for your information, I'm still trying cope with my last relationship," Sakura said in a bit of frustration.

"Oh that… Well I understand," Naruto answered.

"Well, what about your relationship with Hinata?" Sakura questioned him.




"I broke up with her… Apparently she cheated on me. I don't want to tell anymore details to you," Naruto answered.

"Oh…. By the way can I tell you something…? Will you go out with me?" Sakura said as she immediately blushed.

Naruto gagged on air immediately as he was intently listening.

"Excuse me?" Naruto said astounded as to what Sakura said.

"I said will you go out with me after school?" Sakura repeated.

Naruto thought carefully of Sakura's offer and said, "Yea….. I go out with you."

"Ok…. (Grabs Naruto on the collar) But if you tell anyone that you are going out with me, this will be the last time you ever take me out on a date," Sakura said in a serious tone.

"Now that's the Sakura-chan I know and love and don't worry I keep it a secret," Naruto said with a smile on his face.

(Throws Naruto back in his seat) "Whatever," Sakura said.

(laughs) "I'll think of something when we get out of school," Naruto said feeling satisfied.

Tsunade then enters her office with two passes in her hand and said, "You guys should head back to class… I giving you guys a warning to not be in fights unless you are only just protecting yourselves."

Both Naruto and Sakura took passes from Tsunade as they were walking out of the office.

"Oh and Naruto…. Its nice to see you back to the way you were," Tsunade added.

"Thanks Baa-chan," Naruto responded with a smile on his face.

So Naruto and Sakura went to back to their first period class silently and both enter the room with everyone staring are including Kakashi.

"Take your seats Naruto and Sakura," Kakashi said to break the silence

"Hai sensei," Naruto and Sakura answered.

Both Naruto and Sakura went to their seats and Kakashi continued his lecture…

During his lecture, he assigns the class a group project to analyze a song in any means necessary. Kakashi immediately grouped Naruto with Sakura and Sasuke…. The last time he did this ended in disaster….Sakura definitely thought that Karma was going after her…. She was right it seems like Karma act like a bitch to those who are a bitch.

Later in Lunch….

Naruto was eating his normal lunch, ramen and Arizona Tea. A group jocks decided to try to perform a sneak attack behind him.

"Dude what the fuck are we doing?" one of the jocks whispered to each other.

"We are avenging Mitsu…" The head jock said to his comrade.

Ninja Naruto was aware of their presence around him. As the group of the sneak up behind closely, Naruto took his large Arizona tea can and opened with loud pop. He turned around sipping on his ice tea to see fully scared jocks afraid of getting a smack down from Naruto.

"You know I can't fight you guys but, you don't want to piss off the person looking at you guys (points to a bodily figure)," Naruto said.

The jocks turned to where Naruto was pointing to… It was Tsunade cracking her knuckles and she was not in the mood to break up a fight…. She was more in to ending it before it starts…. The jocks then realized that it was too risky and too tough to face Naruto and end up with a different outcome especially with Tsunade breathing on their necks. The will have to wait until Naruto shows his weakness or give up trying…

One person was walking towards Naruto's empty table and that person was the lone avenger, Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto looked up and saw what looks like a small smirk on his face. Something that both Narutos haven't seen in awhile yet to have his normal self see this happen.

"Mind if I sit here?" Sasuke finally said.

The lunch room was mostly at moderate volume until everyone heard what Sasuke told Naruto. The whole cafeteria fell in silence and everyone stared at both of them.

"Yea you can sit here, if you tell me why 'ttebayo," Naruto finally said before slurping his noodles and to break the awful silence that conquered the environment.

Sasuke in response said simply, "I want to reconnect that bond that I severed a year ago."

Ninja Naruto eyes widened as he couldn't believe what he just heard. Back in his world, the Sasuke in there was quiet as usual but he didn't talk as much as he did towards his friends. Everyone doubted that Sasuke was truly out of the darkness that controlled his mind into killing his brother but none the less he still has that dark avenger tone in his voice.

"Ok then. So how are you doing," Naruto said.

"I should be asking you that question especially after what happened today and what's been happening to you the last semester," Sasuke answered.

Naruto's normal self butted in thought, "He has been chased down by his fan girls ever since he broke up with Sakura-chan."

"Ok smart mouth tell me you been doing with love life ever since that melodramatic day," Naruto said in confidence and before drinking his drink in hand.

"I should be asking you what you been doing being beat down to a pulp by weaklings," Sasuke retorted back.

Sasuke then added the word that Naruto wanted to hear from him, "Dobe."

Naruto immediately responded, "Teme!"

Both friends looked into each other's eyes in rivalry and the whole lunch room once again became silent with the focus on them. Naruto immediately gave few chuckles and Sasuke just smirked making the environment of the lunch room to become normal again. Naruto finished his ramen after that commotion.

"Now that's the Sasuke teme that I know," Naruto said his usual antics.

"Does it look I've never been myself for past semester? Look at you baka. Why say something stupid as that," Sasuke said adding to insult.

"You never cease to amaze me Sasuke," Naruto said getting annoyed by Sasuke's remarks.

Both "friends" then talked about how their project will be worked out and thus ending their lunch time. The rest of the school day went normally on by and everyone still was talking about this morning. Naruto however couldn't wait for what he has in store for Sakura… The problem is where will he take her? The most he is worried about is his normal self doing well to fit in most importantly trying to get balance in his crazy world and well do the same if not better than what his ninja self is doing.

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