Ummm, so the style got a bit experimental on me. Not sure if it works or not. Anywho, this is a Secret Santa for Jazyrha through the BatFlash Clan. I hope you like it. Honestly, my whole thinking was there just aren't many fics with vulnerable Batsy & comforting Flash that avoid over-woobiness. This is my attempt.


Wally's voice cutting through the silence of the cave. Wally walking far too slow through each alcove, making sure Bruce hasn't tucked himself quiet in a shadow-edge. Anger fires Wally's feet, self anger. He patrolled too slow in Central City. Alfred called. He should have been here sooner. Checked every spot in his city, left nothing undone. Bruce would approve; Wally telling himself again, again. Bruce enforced on Wally: caution (vigilance) unyieldingly (constantly). Wally arriving later than he thinks Bruce needs, because of Bruce's standards.


Wally finding Bruce. Bruce staring at a bench he has laid his costume on. Bruce gripping the points of his cowl, fingering pointed tips pricking almost-blood on his index fingers. Bruce smelling to Wally like sweat, gunmetal, smoke. Bruce with purple spreading on his ribs, with small blister-burns lined on his jaw. Bruce whose jaw smells of antiseptic. Wally taping non-stick gauze light overtop. Bruce letting himself be treated by Alfred but waiting for Wally healing him. Cowl sliding into Wally's fingers. Cowl waiting, sweat drying on the bench for tomorrow. Bruce letting Wally close. Wally rubbing almost-blood dints from Bruce's fingerpads.


Wally interlocking his fingers, Bruce's fingers. Wally pulling Bruce up stairs, through a bookcase, up stairs, through a door, onto a bed. Bruce smiling at Wally, eyes only. Wally laying careful on Bruce's unburnt, unbruised side. Wally knowing Bruce should tell him what he's seen tonight. Bruce knowing not to tell Wally, not to hand him another city's horrors. Wally kissing Bruce, saving him held tight in his arms. Bruce thinking he's holding Wally.