Olivia couldn't sleep. That wasn't entirely new or surprising. She had spent many a night that way. After pacing restlessly about the apartment for about an hour, she strapped on her gun and went to Central Park. She was running when she heard a small whimper.

"Is anyone there?" she called.

More sniffling and whimpers followed her question, and from that Olivia could tell that she wouldn't need her gun.

"It's okay," she cooed. "I won't hurt you. Come on out. Come on." Her voice was soft. "It's okay. No one can hurt you."

A little girl around the age of three came into her view. She looked a little thin, and she was clutching a tattered pink blanket.

Olivia bent down so she wouldn't look so tall. "Hi, Sweetie, my name's Olivia. What's your name?"

"My name Rose," she said, shivering from the cold.

"Come on out of there, Rose," Olivia said, holding her arms open.

The girl shook her head. "Me hiding. I safe here."

"Rose, Honey, it's okay. I promise I won't let anything happen to you."

"I not safe out there. They said they'd get me if I told the truth."

"Rose, I'm a police officer. I can help, but I need you to tell me what happened."

"But what if they know?" Rose's shoulders began to shake. "If they know, they find me, and they kill me, and then they take me where nobody find me."

"Did they tell you that would happen?" Olivia asked her softly.

Slowly, Rose came away from the bush and came toward Olivia. She nodded as she took her hand. "Yes, they said they kill me if I say the truth."

"Can you tell me who they are, Rose?"
"The men who took me knew my daddy. They killed both my parents and took me, then they brought me to a room."

"Where was the room, Rose?" Olivia asked, lifting her up.

"At Tommy's house. Jack lived there, too. Tommy made me stay down in the room so nobody be able to see."

"Do you know Tommy or Jack's last name?"

"No, Livy, they no say it." She snuggled up into her chest.
Olivia brought her back to the precinct and made a call to ACS, Rose balanced on her hip.

"Livy, me no wanna go with them. Me wanna live with you."

Olivia was startled a little. "Really?"

Rose nodded. "Yeah, yeah!"

Just then, Elliot came into the room and went into Cragen's office, causing Rose to hide her face in Olivia's neck.

"He a bad man, Livy?" she asked in a whisper.

Olivia smiled. "No, no. He's a good man. He's a police officer like Livy. He's my partner."

"What that mean?"

"He helps Livy catch bad guys."

"Bad guys like Jack and Tommy?"

Liv tipped her head. "What did Jack and Tommy do?" she asked bringing her into the interview room.

"Tommy hurt me, and Jack, he watch." Rose said softly.

"How did he hurt you?"

"He touch."

"Where did he touch?"

"'The private place, Livy. It hurt, so I tell him stop, but he not. Jack just watch."

"Did Jack ever tell him to stop?"

Rose picked up a doll and began to rock her. "Baby crying, Livy," she said.

Liv recognized that she was trying to soothe herself by soothing the doll. "Why is baby crying?" she asked her.

"She scared."

"Why is she scared?"

"She got hurt. Like me. No cry, baby. No cry."

Liv stroked her hair. "I know a way that might help you stop being scared."

"Really, Livy?"



"Well, do you think you'd recognize them if you saw them again?"

"You gonna make me go back to the house, Livy?" Rose's lip quivered. "Me no wanna go back!" She held onto her tight

Liv shook her head. "No, no. I was thinking if you could point them out we could fix it."

"But Livy, what if they see me?"

"We have this special glass. They can't see you, but you can see them."
Rose shook her head. "They will hurt me, Livy."

"Not if I'm there."




Liv smiled, waving as Casey came over to join them. "Rosie, this is my friend, Casey."

"She a superhero, too?"

Casey chuckled. "I guess you could say that, Rosie," she said.

Rose smiled. "You catch bad guys too?
Casey nodded. "Sure do."

Liv patted her friend's shoulder. "Rosie, you ready?"

Rose held onto Liv's collar. "Uh huh."

Casey pressed the intercom button. "Send them in."