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On the Moonbase bridge, the rest of the operatives were waiting for those in Numbuh 362's office. Kuki was dangling her feet on a ledge while chatting animatedly to Wally, who was sitting on the lower ledge. Nigel was lying down, staring at the dome shaped ceiling, while Hoagie was entertaining – or rather, boring to death – those who cared to listen to his corny jokes. Fanny was rocking back and forth on her feet, while Patton was just staring at a wall.

"Oh look, they're back!" Kuki giggled.

Everyone snapped out of whatever they were doing to see the future kids walking over. Most of them looked grim, but the younger ones – who weren't really aware of the direness of the situation – looked as giggly as ever. However, what surprised them was that Abby was with them, talking with Harry.

"Did anyone notice Abby going with them?" Nigel asked skeptically.

Everybody shook their heads. However, Nigel noted the twitch in Hoagie's eyes when he saw Harry and Abby. Heck, it was hard not to notice Hoagie fidgeting in his place as his gaze burned into Harry's skull. That only meant one thing.

"Hoagie?" Kuki asked, turning to the goggle-wearing operative. "What's wrong?"

Hoagie flinched before replying, "N-nothing's wrong, Kuki…"

"Hm…" Fanny glanced at him, tracing his gaze over to Abby and Harry. Then, she grinned evilly. "Oh-hoh-hoh! Ah see now! Yer jealous!"

Wally looked confused. "Why would Hoagie be jealou- oh." By that point Patton had placed his hands on the Australian boy's head and turned it over to the brown-skinned girl and one of her future sons. He grinned as well. "Hoagie's jealous of Harry! Hoagie's jealous of Harry!"

"N-no I'm not!" Hoagie blushed furiously. "I swear on my Yipper cards that I am not jealous!"

Kuki giggled. "Hoagie and Abby, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"ARRGH!" Hoagie yelled, silencing the chatter from the surrounding operatives in the Moonbase. "I SWEAR TO NUMBUH ZERO AND SECTOR Z, I AM NOT JEALOUS OF HARRY AND ABBY!"



"Derp me." Haylee stated. Everyone turned to her, and she blinked. "What? It's a silence breaker."

Rachel shook her head as she approached. "Numbuh 2, you don't just shout those kinds of things out loud here in the Moonbase. Honestly, I thought you'd know by now."

"You're jealous of Abby and Harry?" Abby raised an eyebrow.

Harry turned as pale as chalk as he excused himself and ran to the Moonbase bathroom. Artie shook his head. "Never say that around Harry. He's afraid he'll be doing the Back to the Future movie thing."

"Eh?" Hoagie jaw dropped at the mention of the movie. "So what you're saying is…"

Leanne bashed Artie's head, making him whine. "Idiot! Now you've let them in on the joke!"

"What joke?" Everyone asked.

Lee sweatdropped. "Er, ya see…"

"HARRY'S MY SON!" Hoagie yelled again.

This time, the whole universe fell silent at the time-space continuum changing statement. Most of the operatives who had no idea why they were gathered around jaw dropped before escaping to their SCAMPERs and returning to Earth, leaving the whole Moonbase to the remaining kids.

Abby facepalmed while blushing. "The idiot scared off all the other operatives!"

"But is it true?" Nigel asked Rachel, who nodded mutely. "Ah…"

Fanny rolled her eyes. "It's always the same with ye stupid boys. Blurtin' out things that aren't s'posed to be blurted out!"

"I don't blurt things that aren't supposed to be blurted out!" Patton said in defense of himself and the other boys.

Panini and Fanny both stuck out their tongues. "As if!" They said together. Blinking, they looked at each other, before Panini turned away, biting her lip.

"So, I end up with Numbuh 5 in the future?" Hoagie asked loudly.

Cheren glanced at him. "Don't tell me you don't want to. If you didn't, then Haylee, Harry and Artie would be disappearing right about… now."

"NONONONONO!" Haylee shrieked, her voice echoing through the Moonbase.

Everyone covered their ears, wincing as Haylee continued her tirade. Mason grumbled, "I swear, if Haylee didn't look so much like her dad, I'd say she was Aunt Fanny's daughter with that set of lungs…"

"Eh?" Fanny blinked as Harry came back, looking green.

At the mention of their mother, Francis and Panini looked at each other, biting their lips. The black haired girl tugged on her sweater sleeve nervously while her brother combed his fingers through his red hair, which was styled exactly like Patton's.

Sheila looked at them, then at Fanny and Patton, before yelling, "PANINI AND FRANCIS ARE- mmph!" By the last part, the future kids tackled her to the ground, resulting in an operative pile up. The unfortunate part was that the present operatives were included in the pile up.

In order, from top to bottom, was Cheren, Aurora, Mason, Leanne, Haruka, Abby, Hoagie, Lee, Dillon, Nigel, Rachel, Panini, Patton, Fanny, Francis, Haylee, Artie, Kirie, Kuki, Wally, and then, finally, Sheila. The others didn't join in the pile up because they might be squished.

"Mmmph!" Sheila protested from beneath the pile. "Mmmph, mmph mph mmm!"

Cheren hopped off the pile, followed by everyone else. The ones who were on top of their respective crushes were blushing like crazy, while their future children only rolled their eyes and mumbled something about possibly changing the future. Kirie only did a thumbs down while mouthing, 'Kirie disagrees'.

Sheila brushed herself off, saying, "I was gonna say Panini and Francis were siblings, ya drongos! Honestly, I'd say you were a bunch of dingoes runnin' loose with a bunch o' dodo feathers in their mouths!"

"Suuuure you were." Mason said sarcastically.

Dillon poked Cheren on the shoulder. "Cheren, shouldn't we be going somewhere? Y'know, bender hunting?"

"You really wanna go without weapons?" Patton asked.

Leanne rolled her eyes. "Uh, hello?" Her shadow rose from the floor, followed by Lee's and Dillon's. Aurora and Panini smirked before making flames erupt from their palms, while Mason and Haruka surrounded themselves in purple gases, giving them a mysterious sort of look. Sheila only grinned and tossed a light ball at Wally, bonking his head on purpose.

"'Ey, you cruddy sheila!" Wally protested.

Sheila grinned. "That's my name, so don't wear it out, mate!"

"But guys," Rachel said. "Nowadays benders aren't really… accepted as normal people."

Lulu only blinked. "You mean that one time where some troopers were yelling about freaks or stuff like that in your time, and Aunt Violet got captured and Aunt Luna and her Sector were turned tiny?"

"…?" Everyone turned to stare at the glass-eyed girl, who 'eep'ed and hid behind her brother in embarrassment.

Lee only shook his head. "Sometimes I wonder if she got it from Aunt Ogie or Aunt Lenny."

"Yelling… troopers?" Nigel mused. "Well, that's pretty much an event that hasn't happened yet, so you've basically messed up the timeline."

Artie sank to his knees dramatically. "NOOOOO!"

"Either that, or it could be a pairing name that you guys thought up, like Panda Warriors!" Kuki said cheerfully.

Wally demanded, "What the crud are Panda Warriors?"

"Warriors who are pandas, silly!" Kuki explained, giggling into her sleeve.


Panini crossed her arms. "So, what do we do now? We can't jus' sit 'ere and do nothin'!"

"We'll supply ye with 2x4 tech, IF the blabbermouth manages to." Fanny glared at Hoagie, who glared right back before running off to the weapons room. Then, he came back, loaded with SPLANKERs, GUMZOOKAs, you know.

Those who didn't have weapons on hand took one, but those who did only smiled. The Grayson twins were two of them. "We don't need those. We got our 4x4 versions of the SPLANKER and the GUMZOOKA right here." They patted the holsters on their belts.

"…" Kirie took out two Japanese fans and opened them, releasing pink blossoms. When one of them touched Patton, however, he flinched, running as far away as possible from them. "…?"

Patton said in response to her silent question, "Those flowers are deadly sharp! You'll get nasty paper cuts!"

"Eh?" Everyone flinched as blossoms hit them as well.

Kirie smiled apologetically and shrugged, closing the fans and putting them in a hidden compartment inside her sleeve. Cheren looked at her pointedly, and she sighed, picking up the blossoms before blinking and sign languaging irritatedly.

"What did she say?" Abby asked.

Cheren narrowed his eyes, translating her sign language. "She said she doesn't need to pick up the flowers because they disintegrate IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS?"

"Oh gumballs." They looked down to see the petals burning a hole right through the Moonbase floor, right under their feet. Momentarily, they all looked at each other, before yelling, "AAAAAAH!" and falling down on a COOLBUS's roof. They were all relieved for a moment, before the roof caved in, and they fell inside. At one point, Denny accidentally knocked the 'head-for-Earth' button, and the ride started, making them all lurch forward before they zoomed towards Earth at lightning speed.

Fanny was clutching the handlebars on top. "Can't ANY of ye stupid boys STOP this STUPID COOLBUS?"

"I CAN'T!" Hoagie yelled, fists clenched onto the headrest of his seat. His hat flew off, revealing his brown hair. "Whoops!"

Abby caught the hat while holding down her own and playing monkey bars on the handlebars. "Watch where you're flying that thing, kid!"

"I caaaan't!" Denny wailed, gripping onto the wheel for dear life. "It's set on direct course to Earth!"

Cheren crawled over and held on to the driver's seat. "Where does it say that, Denny?"

"Here!" Denny pointed to a radar, which Cheren examined before yelling with wide eyes, "WE'RE GONNA CRASH INTO THE DELIGHTFUL MANSION!"

"WHAAAAT?" Everyone panicked while still holding on to whatever they were holding on. The Gilligan triplets were subsequently clawing the COOLBUS seats while trying to get a good grip. The Dimalanta twins were in the midst of trying to hold on to a headrest while keeping Haruka's skirt down. The Grayson twins were gripping the windowsill of one window, while Kirie and Lulu were clutching each other and the seat for dear life. Sheila was laughing, her tail spinning, and Dillon was already hugging the floor, his shadow Mario looking around and deeming the situation dire.

"HANG ON TO YOUR UNDERWEAAAAR!" Cheren yelled, as the COOLBUS made impact.