Definitely Not

Rating: T for swearing

Summary: People start to suspect that Momoshiro and Kaidoh are dating.

A/N: Just some meaningless MomoKai fun. Supposed to be a one-shot ... but yeah. Also, what-was-I-thinking-with-Momo-chan-fukubuchou.

Going to the movies is a fun way to spend time. Going to the movies with a certain snake wasn't really his ideal way to spend time at the movies. Especially since he dared Momoshiro to watch it with him, saying he'll cry his eyes out like a little baby if he saw the movie called The Boy and His Dog. Well, Momoshiro just had to go and prove him wrong of course, he doesn't cry at all. Momoshiro is manly and doesn't shed tears at stupid movies about dogs.

Which is why he's totally not crying right now. Totally not.

"You are such a cry baby," remarks Kaidoh.

Momoshiro quickly wipes his watery eyes, hiding half his face with his sleeve. They just finished watching the movie, and are exiting the theater.

"Am not," sputters Momoshiro.

"Then why were you crying, huh? Dumbass."

"I wasn't crying!"

Kaidoh pulls Momoshiro's jacket, yanking him towards him, so that he's forced to face the damn snake. Momoshiro tries to look as dignified as possible while snot is coming out of his nose and his eyes are puffed up and red. Damnit, stupid Mamushi with his stupid tragedy movie.

"You are crying!"

"I've just got something in my eye, I'm not crying, damnit!"

Kaidoh lets go of his jacket, and stuffs his hands in his pockets. "Crybaby," he says.

"Asshole," Momoshiro replies. They're quiet for five long minutes, until Momoshiro thinks about the ending again and he bursts into tears. "Whyyy? Why'd the dog have to die! It's so unfair! Poor Mr. Dingo!"

Kaidoh snickers at him, then punches Momoshiro's arm. "There's going to be a sequel, you know?"

"NO! Unless Mr. Dingo comes back to life—I don't want to see it!"

"You are such a crybaby," Kaidoh says again.

"Damnit Mamushi, I've got something in my eye, 'tis all!"

Kaidoh snickers and laughs at him the entire way home. Bastard. He'll get revenge for this.


"Are you eating those?" asks Momoshiro excitedly as he points his finger to Kaidoh's portion of fries.

Kaidoh shoves the carton full of fries towards Momoshiro. "You are disgusting, did you know that?"

Momoshiro starts grabbing Kaidoh's fries and stuffs them in his mouth. "Disgusting? This is delicious!" he says with his mouth full.

Kaidoh winces at the sight. "I said you're disgusting. Not the food. Well, the food is as well—I can't believe you can eat this crap."

Momoshiro swallows. "I'll eat anything. I don't discriminate, unlike you."

"I know what good food tastes like, unlike some dumbass I know," hisses Kaidoh.

"No, you just don't know what you're missing," says Momoshiro. He pops in another fry in his mouth before biting down on his 5th hamburger.

"Disgusting," repeats Kaidoh.

"Shut up, Mamushi." Momoshiro chews on his burger, then he remembers why they were even eating together. Kaidoh had wanted to talk to him about the tennis trip they were planning with the rest of the club, and Momoshiro dragged him to WcDonalds to do so. "So, did you call for the reservations?"

"Yeah, I did last weekend. I've got four rooms booked for two days."

"Is there a hot spring?" asks Momoshiro, suddenly interested now.

Kaidoh looks at him leery-eyed. "Yes."

"Awesome! A hot spring! A real Japanese hot spring!"

"This is not some sort of vacation, idiot."

Momoshiro huffs. "So what. We'll do some tennis, and then we'll relax at the hot spring. It'll be awesome!"

"Idiot. We're there for training, not for fun."

"What's wrong with having fun?"

"It distracts from training!"

"No it doesn't! You just don't know how to have fun, Mamushi."

"Shut up, moron."

"You shut up, dumbass!"

Kaidoh kicks his shin underneath the table, and Momoshiro is quick to counterattack. They growl at each other for a while, until Momoshiro thinks of something. "We get our own room, right?"

Kaidoh folds his arms, a bit insulted. "Of course we do, idiot."

Momoshiro smiles and takes another bite from his hamburger.


Momoshiro had to get revenge on Kaidoh for the stunt that he pulled last time. Okay, so Momoshiro cries at sad movies, so what. He's got a big heart—unlike that stoic snake. However, Momoshiro knows Kaidoh's weakness; he can't stand horror movies, he's as scared as a little girl when it comes to scary stories. So he invites Kaidoh to go to the movies with him, not telling him what kind of movie they were watching.

He pops in a popcorn in his mouth, satisfied he's gonna scare Kaidoh as revenge. "Want some?" he asks and offers the box of popcorn to Kaidoh.

"No thanks, that stuff is unhealthy for you."

"Suit yourself."

They stop talking as the big screen in front of them finally starts running commercials. Ten minutes into the movie, and Momoshiro can already tell Kaidoh is sitting on the edge of his seat. He's rigid, stiff and his eyes are wide and glued to the screen. Momoshiro smiles smugly to himself; revenge sure is sweet. Serves the bastard right for dragging him to a movie that made him cry.

"Momoshiro," Kaidoh growls underneath his breath. "What kind of movie did you pick out ..."

Momoshiro munches happily on a piece of popcorn. "Killer Snakes. It's a horror movie about snakes that—" Momoshiro shuts up once Kaidoh grabs his hand that was resting on the armrest, and squeezes it into oblivion. A particularly scary scene just came up on the screen that made the rest of the theater jump in their skin, but it made Kaidoh turn into stone, and oh-my-god-he's-got-a-tight-grip.

"Kaidoh," says Momoshiro in a high and shrill voice. "You're killing me here!"

However, Kaidoh doesn't notice that he's grabbing Momoshiro's hand and squeezing all blood out of it, no, he just sits on the edge of his chair with his eyes closed and shaking like a little girl. This would have been the most hilarious thing he's ever seen in his life, if it weren't for the fact that his hand feels like it's going to die of bloodloss and fall off his arm. Momoshiro is more scared of Kaidoh's strength, than he is of some stupid horror movie. He'll be lucky to ever regain feeling in his hand again once the movie is over.

They don't even get to that part however, as Kaidoh bolts out of the theater after one of the killer snakes jumps out into the screen, screaming like a little girl. He drags Momoshiro along, because their hands are now permanently fused together. Kaidoh doesn't stop running until he's out of the theater, catching his breath.

"Damnit Mamushi—I paid for those tickets!" complains Momoshiro. He tries to shake Kaidoh's hand off of him, but he's got a grip with the strength of an elephant.

"You. You ..." he says, the whites of his eyes large and wide. "You did this on purpose!"

Momoshiro rolls his eyes. "Duh. Now let go of me, I can't feel my hand anymore!"

Kaidoh's eyes travel towards their intertwined hands. He looks a bit surprised himself, as if he didn't realize that he grabbed Momoshiro's hand during the movie. Then he shakes it, and it looks stupid because now it looks like they're shaking hands. "I can't," he says a bit perplexed.

"What? Sure you can, just get those snakey fingers off of my hand and let go of me!"

Kaidoh shakes their hands again, but he's not letting go. Is he pulling some sort of prank here? "I can't!" he repeats distressed.


Their hands finally separate after a full damn hour. And it took taking Kaidoh to some sort of kitten petting zoo to calm him down enough. Momoshiro doesn't get the feeling back in his hand until it's late at night. He was sure it was going to be amputated though.


The Seigaku tennis members are all waiting at the bus stop, each with a large bag swung over their shoulders. It's weekend, and they're going on their tennis trip for some intense tennis training—and relaxing at the hot springs of course. But the bus wasn't there yet.

Momoshiro looks at his cellphone for the time. "Kaidoh, you sure it's coming at 8:30?"

Kaidoh, who is crouched down on the ground, hisses at him, also quite irritated that they've been waiting for a while, and the bus is twenty minutes late. "That's what the stupid website said."

"Yeah but, maybe you read it wrong. Maybe it was 9:30?"

"I didn't read it wrong, they're just late."

"Well, maybe if you checked again to make sure—Ow! Asshole! You didn't have to hit me."

"Shut up already."

Momoshiro hits Kaidoh's head in return, and then they both start pulling at each other's jerseys. The rest of the tennis club starts cheering out loud when the bus finally comes into view, and Momoshiro and Kaidoh spring apart.

"I told you," says Kaidoh with a smirk. Though Momoshiro can tell he's still angry for the bus arriving twenty minutes late.

"Alright guys, grab your stuff and get on!" says Momoshiro to all the other guys.

The bus pulls over and opens up the door. Kaidoh walks up the steps, and shows the driver all of their bus passes. He walks inside to find a seat. Momoshiro follows soon after, and he dumps himself in the seat right next to Kaidoh. He's grinning from ear to ear; he's gonna go to a hot spring!

"Stop smiling like a moron," says Kaidoh darkly.

"Geez, don't ruin my fun with your grumpiness. We're going to the hot springs!" Momoshiro throws his fist in the air. "Right guys?" he calls out, and some of the other members throw their fist in the air as well in agreement. Kaidoh simply sighs, crosses his arms and looks outside of the window.

Momoshiro ends up falling asleep and drooling all over Kaidoh's shoulder during the trip.

They're finally there, arrived at the local inn where they reserved the rooms for the Seigaku tennis members. As Kaidoh had said, both he and Momoshiro share a room together, while everyone else got stuffed with each other in the last of the 3 rooms. The room in which they stay in isn't that big, just a square room with a closet on the side for storage and a small table in the middle; totally traditional. Oh, but there's a door on the other side. Momoshiro dumps his bag on the ground and quickly walks over and slides the paper screen open.

"Awesome, we've got a garden!" he says happily as he walks outside. He's met with a nice view of lush green trees, trimmed bushes and—a hot springs! Well okay, he couldn't actually see the hot springs, but there's a small cobblestone path leading up to the high bamboo fence, which most certainly contained the hot springs.

"Look Kaidoh, look! The hot springs is right across our room." He's feeling giddy and happy, and he wants to take a bath and soak in it for hours right away.

Kaidoh walks outside as well, and he bumps his shoulder into Momoshiro's. "Stop squealing like a little kid, we're here for training, this is not a vacation."

Momoshiro jabs his elbow into Kaidoh's side, but it's not hard. "Let me have my fun, okay? I'll train, don't worry—but I'll definitely take a bath later!"

The snake simply rolls his eyes and walks back inside.

True to his promise, Momoshiro helps out with the training of the tennis members along with Kaidoh. They're captain and vice-captain after all, hence why they planned the entire trip to raise morale, and because Kaidoh's somewhat of a sadistic snake since he likes to make everyone work so hard they'll die trying. Momoshiro is sort of glad that he's mostly supervising the rest and doesn't have to join in on the super hard tennis training.

"Okay, go join them, Momoshiro," says Kaidoh. They're standing on a grassy hill, watching the other members run a hundred laps.

"Say what?" asks Momoshiro.

"Join them. You're not just going to watch them train, you have to train yourself too. Especially since you've been slacking off lately."

"I have not been slacking off!" he protests. Going to the movies twice did not count as slacking off! "And what the hell, why don't you join too then, huh?"

"I'll train alone at night," he says, as if this was already decided before he even came here.

Momoshiro takes out his racket from his bag while mumbling curse words under his breath. "Bastard," he says. Then for good measure, he smacks Kaidoh's ass with his racket, and quickly runs down the hill.

"Why you! Come back here!" Kaidoh chases after him, racket in hand as well, and he smacks Momoshiro back.

Some of the tennis members stop running laps and look into the distance, at their captain and vice-captain hitting each other's asses with their rackets. They wonder if they can slack off while they're not watching, but Kaidoh is already yelling obscene words at them once he notices they're standing still. Momoshiro uses that opportunity to smack Kaidoh one more time before he joins in on their running as well. The training lasts for hours and somewhere along the way, Momoshiro is sure he's died several times over and he's landed in hell.

At night, Kaidoh goes off to do some of his freaky training thing, and Momoshiro is happily soaking in the hot springs along with a bunch of other members. After that hellish training, this is exactly what he needs. His eyes are closed, and he's leaning against the natural rocks; the hot water feels amazing.

Horio swims closer to Momoshiro. "Momo-chan-fukubuchou, where is Kaidoh-buchou?"

Momoshiro wriggles his nose as he relaxes some more. He doesn't want to think about Kaidoh when he's relaxing. "I don't know, doing his stupid training I guess."

"You're not doing it with him?"

Momoshiro cracks open an eye and looks at him suspiciously. "No, why would I do that?"

Horio starts to fumble around with his fingers. "Uhm, ehh," he stutters. Kato then comes by and pulls Horio away from Momoshiro, giving him worried glances.

Momoshiro thinks nothing of it, and closes his eyes and sinks deeper into the warm water. Like he has promised himself; he stays there soaking for hours, and everyone else but him has already left the hot springs. Well, maybe he should get up and get out as well, because he's been feeling dizzy and lightheaded from all the steam since twenty minutes ago. He hears a splash of water, and Momoshiro opens his eyes to see who joined in. There's so much steam though, that he can't really tell, not until he sees the person swim next to him and rest against the rocks as well. He relaxes when he sees who it is.

"I thought you were training," says Momoshiro with a snort.

Kaidoh spreads his arms outside on the rocks, and his skin touches the back of Momoshiro's neck. "I finished it. Obviously." Momoshiro leans his head against Kaidoh's arm and looks up at the starry sky. "How long have you been in here?" he asks after noticing Momoshiro's wrinkly skin.

"I don't know—what time is it?"

"It's 11:30."

"Oh. Wow. I've been in here since 9."

Kaidoh smacks the back of Momoshiro's head. "Idiot, that's dangerous. You could have fainted."

Momoshiro shrugs with a lazy smile. "So, I haven't." But he does feel really lightheaded and dizzy though, but Kaidoh doesn't need to know that.

It's silent between them again, the only sounds they hear are the crickets chirping in the night, and the slight noise coming from the water, splashing back and forth against their bodies. It feels so nice and warm and Momoshiro is slowly losing his sight. He closes his eyes and focuses on Kaidoh's steady breathing, until he hears nothing at all anymore and loses consciousness.


Momoshiro's cheeks turn slightly pink as he looks underneath the futon. "Kaidoh," he says, a bit uncomfortable. "Why am I naked?"

Kaidoh, who is in the process of pulling on his training pants, simply scoffs at him. "I had to haul your naked ass back in after you fainted. I told you it was dangerous. Idiot."

"Oh," is all Momoshiro can say. "Couldn't you at least dress me?"

Kaidoh hisses. Momoshiro takes that as a 'no'.

They resume their training for the last day, even though Momoshiro feels all of his muscles ache and he's still rather embarrassed at Kaidoh dragging him back inside after fainting in the hot springs. All the members are complaining about dictatorship, and Momoshiro silently agrees with them. Silently, because if he's vocal about it, he's sure he'll get punished for it. Not that's he's afraid of Kaidoh, but who knows—he could have taken pictures or something last night for blackmail, when he was completely defenseless and naked. In fact, he should probably check out Kaidoh's cellphone to see if he really didn't take any pictures, just to make sure.

"Momo-chan-fukubuchou, what are you doing?" asks Horio.

Momoshiro freezes and he looks up with a fake smile on his face; he's caught in the act of snooping around in Kaidoh's bag. He was looking for his damn cellphone.

"Nothin'," he says nonchalantly.

"That doesn't look like nothing to me," says Kato, who stands next to Horio.

"Shut up you brats, go back to training before I double it."

"Y-yes!" they both yell out and they run away.

Momoshiro resumes digging through Kaidoh's bag, shoving away a few pieces of clothing and some shampoo and aftershave (heh—like that snake will ever get rid of his own stench with that), and he finally finds Kaidoh's cellphone. He yanks the cellphone out of the bag, already full of greed and curiosity, and flips the blue cellphone open. He's greeted by a cat wallpaper, how typical. He searches through the files and locates Kaidoh's stored pictures. First picture is a cat walking on a fence in some street. Second picture is a cat playing with a loose piece of string on the sidewalk. The third has a bunch of different cats eating some cat food on the street. Cats, cats, cats—fucking cats. He presses the button almost lazily, staring at the screen with glazed over eyes as each picture flashes by; Kaidoh's a catfreak.

And finally, he comes across a picture that doesn't have some stupid cat in it. It's a picture of him, actually. Him and Kaidoh fighting on the courts at school, yanking each other's jerseys and butting heads against each other. Someone must have taken Kaidoh's cellphone and snapped the shot.


Momoshiro turns to stone after hearing Kaidoh's voice directly behind him. Oh crap. He quickly drops the cellphone back into his bag and pretends he has never touched the thing in his life.

"What?" he asks innocently.

"What are you doing." It's not a question.


Kaidoh kicks Momoshiro's ass, and yells at him to go back to training.

And training he does, he's pretty much dead meat by the time Kaidoh calls it off, and everyone rejoices and goes to eat food. The thought of eating food doesn't quite energize Momoshiro, but he does stuff himself full. Kaidoh as usual, goes off into the night to do his own special training, and Momoshiro ends up soaking in the hot springs again.

Horio and Kato swim over to him. "Momo-chan-fukubuchou?"

Momoshiro stirs in his relaxation, he doesn't move to acknowledge them, but that's mostly because his muscles all ache and it hurts to move. "What?"

"Well you see, we were wondering ... what were you doing with Kaidoh-buchou's bag this morning?" asks Horio.

Ugh, Kaidoh again. "None of your guy's business."

"Oh," says Horio disappointed.

Then Kato steps up. "Momo-chan-fukubuchou, I have a question."


"Shh, shh!" Horio quickly silences him. "Don't ask him!"

Kato turns to Horio. "But, but, you want to know too!"

"Yeah but, not now!"

Momoshiro lazily opens up his eyes; he's not in the mood for those stupid brats annoying the hell out of him. "What is it already?" he asks with a sigh.

"Nothing!" squeaks Horio and he drags Kato away.

Stupid annoying brats. Momoshiro stays in the hot springs as the very last person again, he doesn't move an inch to get up and go back to his room. He's half asleep and half aware that his muscles won't listen to him either way. That, and he's waiting for Kaidoh to come back. That bastard has been training all this time again. Why can't he just relax and have some fun? Some more time passes on, and Momoshiro is slowly dozing off and he feels lightheaded again.

"You look dead."

"Ah!" Momoshiro's heart leaps in his throat and his eyes fly wide open. "Asshole, you scared me!" he says, his heart beating fast. Fuck, he didn't even hear anyone come in.

Kaidoh shrugs and sits next to Momoshiro. "I'm not gonna take you back inside if you faint again."

Momoshiro punches Kaidoh's shoulder. "I'm not going to faint." Momoshiro then sighs out loud. "All of my muscles hurt soooo much."

"Good, it's supposed to."

"No it's not," he complains. "You're just some sort of sadist who enjoys making people work till all of their limbs go falling off."

Kaidoh has to laugh at that one. "That's only because you've been slacking off that it feels that way. If you actually train every day, you wouldn't feel a thing."

"Not everyone's training obsessed like you," mutters Momoshiro.

Kaidoh splashes water in his face. "Say that again!"

"I said you're obsessed with training, you sadist!" Momoshiro splashes water back into Kaidoh's face.

They end up wrestling each other in the water, and Momoshiro is half aware that his towel is threatening to slip from his waist. But he's feeling too dizzy and exhausted to give a damn, and slightly happy he can wrestle with Kaidoh. He eventually stops first, and slouches against Kaidoh; exhausted, tired, aching, and dizzy.

"Moron, you're gonna faint again."

Momoshiro breathes heavily. "No I'm not." Well, maybe he is.

He doesn't protest when Kaidoh pulls him out of the hot springs. At least he's not completely naked this time. When they go back to their room, dressed in some nice yukatas, their futons are already made and on the ground, next to each other.

"Oh yay, futons!" says Momoshiro happily, regaining some of his energy.

"Stupid, you slept in it yesterday too." Kaidoh sits down on the one closest to the door.

"Yeah but, I don't remember sleeping it in," says Momoshiro and he sits on the other one. "You know what I've been wanting to do ever since I woke up today?"


Momoshiro throws a pillow at Kaidoh, and it his him straight in the face. He gives out a loud triumphant yell and laughs as Kaidoh's face turns red from anger. Kaidoh hisses and throws the pillow back at him, and they end up having a pillow fight with each other. Sure his muscles ache, and every inch of his body hurts just by moving, but there's no way he's giving up the opportunity to whack Kaidoh in the face with a pillow, no—that's just too precious.

Tired from training and the pillow fight, they collapse on their futons and fall asleep.


Momoshiro looks at the Japanese styled inn with sad eyes, the bus waiting for them behind him. "I felt like we just came here this morning," he says sadly.

Kaidoh walks by him, his bag in tow. "It was only for two days, you know."

"I know. We should come here again, it was fun. Aside from the training that is."

Kaidoh turns and starts to walk up the steps to enter the bus, and in doing so, whacks the back of Momoshiro's head with his bag. "We didn't come here for a vacation, dumbass."

Momoshiro rubs the back of his head and hurriedly chases after Kaidoh. "Come back here, Mamushi!"

He sits down next to Kaidoh again, this time getting the window seat, and drools all over Kaidoh's shoulder on their way back home. He wakes up by getting punched in his stomach.

When they're all back in school, and resuming their regular practices again, Momoshiro stands on the courts supervising some of the first years, while Kaidoh's off doing whatever captain business he's doing. Horio and Kato walk up to Momoshiro, both of them looking suspicious, and they're avoiding looking into Momoshiro's eyes.

"What is it? Do you guys need any help?" asks Momoshiro.

"Uhm, not really," says Horio. "We were just wondering about something ..."

Momoshiro spots Kaidoh coming out of the storage shed, and he's half paying attention to what Hori is saying. "Aha."

"And well ..."

Kato is the one who speaks up. "Are you and Kaidoh-buchou ... dating?"

"Huh?" says Momoshiro, his attention still directed towards Kaidoh who is now yelling at some first years. "I'm dating who now?"

"Kaidoh-buchou. Is it true?"

Momoshiro turns towards the two kids in front of him. A second or two passes before he realizes what they had just asked him. "Wait what—dating Kaidoh! What the hell, where'd you get that idea? I'm not gay! And I'm not dating Kaidoh!" he yells out loud.

Horio shuffles on his spot. "But, you've been together a lot lately. We even saw you go out on dates."

"Dates, what dates!" Momoshiro wants to demand who came up with the preposterous idea of him dating Kaidoh. Seriously, what the hell—him and the snake. Yeah right! Not even when hell freezes over!

"Well, I saw you eating burgers with Kaidoh-buchou at WcDonalds last week," Horio says meekly.

"We were discussing the tennis trip together!" That was so not a date!

"And someone saw you together at the movies!" says Horio.

"That's because I had to prove to him that I don't cry at movies!" Momoshiro fires back.

"And then I saw you at the movies a couple of days later!"

"That was just revenge because he made me cry the first time!" It makes perfect sense to him, damnit.

"You were holding hands."

"Only because Kaidoh's scared shitless—that proves nothing!" Momoshiro throws his hands up in the air. "Nothing!"

"During out tennis trip, you guys were all over each other too. Smacking each other's butts with your racket, how about that, huh?"

"We were simply fighting. Fighting!"

"That didn't look like fighting to me," pipes in Kato.

"It was!"

"And then you two were having a private bath at the hot springs as well. Just the two of you!"

Momoshiro sputters and is starting to feel embarrassed now. "That's only because that stupid bastard does training so late. It's not because we wanted to be alone!"

"Oh yeah, then why did the two of you get a private room, huh?" asks Horio slyly.

Momoshiro's cheeks start to heat up. "That's because we're captain and vice-caption of the club, of course we're gonna get our own room. We're special, damnit."

"Yeah but, together?"

"We slept in separate futons!" he protests.

"Then what were those sounds I heard coming from your room, Momo-chan-fukubuchou?" asks Kato.

Momoshiro turns beet red at that one. "W-we weren't doing anything weird. We were having a pillow fight. A pillow fight!"

"That didn't sound like a pillow fight to me," repeats Kato with a roll of his eyes.

Momoshiro's attention is taken away from the two questioning boys when a certain bandana-clad captain walks by. Kaidoh! His savior! "Kaidoh!" He yanks Kaidoh by his shirt and pulls him back, to his side. "Tell 'em Kaidoh!"

"Yeah Kaidoh-buchou, tell us!"

Kaidoh looks confused, and raises his eyebrows at Momoshiro. "Tell them what?"

"That we're not dating!"

Kaidoh looks at Momoshiro, then at the two brats, then back at Momoshiro, and finally back at the brats. He looks confused, probably as confused as Momoshiro is at being accused of dating the other. Kaidoh blinks his scary big eyes a few times before he gives a response. He takes in a deep breath. "We're not."

The two boys sulk and whine out loud. "Awww," they say in unison.

"Hah! Told you!" Momoshiro throws a fist in the air. "We're not! Definitely not! There yah have it, stupid brats. Now run along before I assign fifty laps to you both."

They finally leave the scene in defeat. Kaidoh turns to Momoshiro with a puzzled expression on his face.

"We're not?"