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I stared off into the distance, planning my trip home inside my head so I could absent-mindedly let my feet do the walking without getting lost again.

"I wonder if I should return to the Soul Society or Urahara's tonight?" I asked myself quietly.

Shrugging, I continued the walk, my footsteps being the only thing to break the eerie silence.

It wasn't long before I paused in my tracks and asked out loud, "Who are you?" I could sense a spiritual pressure only very slightly, but enough to know that someone was there.

"Who are you?" I repeated, turning around to face where I was guessing the enemy stood.

I searched my pockets for a soul candy but failed to find any. Damnit.

Quaking with fear now that I had no defence, I repeated the question again, "Who are you?" Unfortunately, the fear made an appearance in my tone. Great, now I sound weak.

Chills ran down my spine as I felt a cold breath on my neck and a slight chuckle came with it. I thrust my fist recklessly towards the target. It had hit nothing. Maybe this was just my imagination? No, no... Seika's the one always daydreaming and imagining things, not me!

Waiting, I remained still. The cold breath returned, as did the laughter. Terrified, I still stood in place.

I looked around slowly and suspiciously, suddenly a voice spoke up, "Grimmjow, you have messed around with her long enough. We must bring her to Aizen-sama immediately."

"Fine..." another voice sighed.

The two revealed themselves; The first one had pale skin with raven black, fairly short, messy hair, and half of a horned helmet covering the left side of his head. His eyes were an amazing, vivid shade of green. Another detail I noticed was the green lines under his eyes running down his cheeks; it made it look as if he was crying. His clothes were similar to that of a Soul Reaper's, but white with a different top. His hands were casually concealed in his pockets as he stepped up to me along with his friend.

The second one had blue hair spiked back, with a couple strands hanging down over his face. Piercing blue eyes and some sort of... Teeth, on the right side of his jaw. His clothes also resembled a Soul Reaper's uniform, though the jacket was entirely different; it was quite short and open, revealing his muscular body and... Wait, Hollow hole?

"W-who are you..?" I asked, terrified. They were Arrancar. And there's two of them. TWO. I could probably take one, but TWO? Yup, I'm a goner.

"I am Ulquiorra Cifer," the pale one answered. Damn. That's gonna be interesting for me to pronounce.

"And I'm Grimmjow Jaggerjack, bitch," the other replied. What an ass.

"And you are trash. You are coming to Hueco Mundo with us, Aizen-sama requests your presence," the pale one continued. Wait, Aizen? You mean that Superman-wannabe and traitor to the Soul Society? Wonderful...

"Okay, one, I'm NOT trash. Two, I don't wanna see Aizen. Three, bye bye!" I waved before I dashed off. I'm naturally a really fast runner, whether I'm my spirit form or gigai, it doesn't matter. I'm either as good as or better than Yoruichi-san and I have the energy of a hyper Yachiru, so I have nothing to worry about. Or so I thought...

I ran for barely five seconds before I found myself being picked up by the ass-ancar. He threw me over his shoulder casually as the other one lifted a hand out of his trouser-pocket and created a black portal leading to Aizen-knows-where.

"Let me go, LET ME GO!" I screamed, banging loudly on Grimmjow's back.

"Shut up, woman!" he snapped angrily.

Honestly, I couldn't be bothered to do this for the next half hour. I calmed down and waited as we entered the portal.

It was a few simple minutes before we reached a large room containing a long table and around ten seats surrounding it. Each seat but two had an Arrancar seated comfortably in it. There were three others in front of them, two being very familiar faces.

Let's see here... Yay, Gin's here! And I have no clue who the black dude is, but honestly, I couldn't give a damn. So the one in the middle must be Aizen.. How cute! Aizen's got himself a little posse!

"We have brought you the woman, Aizen-sama," the pale one said, bowing down respectfully to his leader.

"Well done, Ulquiorra," Aizen smirked.

"Where can I put this piece of shit?" Grimmjow asked rudely. I thrust my knee into his stomach violently. His grin faded and he flashed me a disgusted look.

"Oh, get over it," I smirked quietly to myself, just until he dropped me on the hard, marble floor. I groaned as I stood up and ran over to the Emo Boy.

"Why'd you get these freaks to kidnap me? I don't want anything to do with you or your stupid army!" I stated. Unless that anything means being the one to kill you, hehehe. That'd be nice. "I want to go home!"

"Chika, Chika, Chika... Calm down... The reason you are here is because my faithful scientist has been doing some research, and states that you would be exceedingly powerful as an Arrancar. You cannot go home, you are going to help me whether you like it or not," Aizen explained casually.


"Do not argue with Aizen-sama, he will kill you," Emo Boy interrupted. I kept my mouth shut from that point on, knowing my arguments would be completely useless against freaking God.

"Thank you, Ulquiorra," Aizen smiled victoriously. "Let us begin."