"Nice shot... for a woman."

"Nnoitra. What are you doing here?" Ulquiorra-sama asked. "I held out on Grimmjow now go before I actually do hurt someone."

"Ya wouldn't. Ya don't have the guts to even try to hurt me," Nnoitra grinned smugly. "And if ya did, I'd still beat ya."

"...Cero," Ulquiorra-sama murmured, an emerald-green cero blasting from his index finger as he pointed it towards his target.

When the sand, smoke, and whatever other substances that danced freely through the air had cleared, Nnoitra stood unharmed, a short way away from his original position, his smirk growing. "Is that really the best ya got?"

In the blink of an eye, Ulquiorra-sama disappeared. A cero and a flying spoon assured me of his position a moment later.

The nearby building caved in as the weight of Nnoitra's body crashed in on it. Relatively unscathed, Nnoitra's hand reached for his weapon. He charged towards Ulquiorra-sama, who skillfully caught the sword in one hand and retaliated with another cero to the face. The impact from the short-range cero sent Nnoitra flying off into the distance, never to be seen again - or so we hope...

"...Trash," he muttered as he dusted himself off.

"That was so... easy. Teach me to fight like that!" I yelled enthusiastically.
"Fine... Start on your ceros... try to cero through that wall."

I immediately obeyed, the golden cero flying right through the wall and consuming everything in its path.

He stared. If you looked deep enough, you'd see that he was in a state that seemed almost surprised. "...I'll be back." He sonido'd away, leaving me to fend for myself out in the dangerous desert of Hueco Mundo.

I sat down and spent the next few minutes drawing in the sand, tracing with each of my fingers in turn to give the picture a little more... variety. Each stroke was so free. I didn't know what I was drawing, really. They were only lines. Somehow they joined together to form a picture. I smiled as I lifted my finger after adding the last line. The final picture was something to be proud of, until an inconvenient gust of wind blew sand onto it. I was just about to scream out a string of curse words to the invisible demon when I noticed a familiar face had returned.

With him, he had a few oddly-shaped characters. They bounced around excitedly. I quickly counted them all. Twelve in total.

"Try ceroing through these things whilst they are moving. I had Szayel inject them with something to increase their speed so pay attention," Ulquiorra-sama commanded. He moved out of the way, standing on the sidelines to watch.

"Where'd you find them?" I asked.

"They're just a few of Szayel's many, many... many Fraccion."

"Won't he be angry if I kill them?"

"He can bring them back to life."

"I still don't want to hurt them..."


"Fine, fine..."

I charged a cero almost instantly. The hyped-up Arrancar were still bounding around happily when the remnants of the cero had cleared. Twelve.

"I missed them all?!"

"If you want more accuracy, try focusing the energy in your fingertip instead of your palm."

Easier said than done.

I attempted again, this time trying Ulquiorra-sama's strategy. I was unsuccessful at first, but with every cero I improved a little more. Soon, I was able to fire it from all of my fingers collectively. It took a while, - actually, it took all night, because I could just about see the fake sun beginning to rise. He allowed me to leave to sleep ages ago, but I was too stubborn to listen - but I did manage to focus the power completely in just one finger in the end. It was a tiring process, but it was worth it. Afterwards, I was so much more accurate. Eliminating the Arrancar was easy.

One left. All right.

"Cero," I mumbled tiredly.

I missed.

I twitched. "Cero."

I missed again.


I missed... again.

"When I cero you, you're supposed to die, okay?!" I shouted. "Cero, cero, cero!"

Missed, missed and missed.

"Screw it." I sonido'd to him. Keeping up with his speed was difficult at first but once I'd worked out the pattern in his movements it was easy. I grabbed hold of the Arrancar's arm, sporting a psychotic grin as I whispered 'say goodbye' followed by a cero.

Only after he fell to the floor I realised what I had done.

I just killed twelve innocent Arrancar...

But wait... Arrancar aren't innocent...

But I still killed them... so I'm just as bad as them...

...I'm a monster.

"Well done. You have improved a greatly," he congratulated me. I gazed at the ground. Everything fell so silent, I could hear him breathing.

"I'm a monster," I murmured.

"It comes with the position," he said.

"But what about..." I tried to think of somebody I could use to falsify his statement. "Akiro-san? She's so chirpy and nice, she couldn't possibly be a murderer... Can she? And what about that sleepy guy from the meetings? Or Halibel-san? They don't seem like the type to kill, and if they do then they probably do it to protect something they care about, which is okay... Right?"

"You're right. But more often than not, an Arrancar loses all sense of morality. Killing to protect doesn't exist for an Arrancar. They have nothing to protect, so it's just killing. You, on the other hand, could be an exception." I averted my sight from the floor and fixated it on him, listening intently to what he had to say. "You are special. Your regeneration is far more powerful than probably any other Arrancar. Because of that, you remember your past life, correct?" I nodded. "If you still have some of the memories that you created in your previous life, chances are you will also have retained some other humane aspects. For example; morality and emotions. Most Hollows know nothing but anger, hate, sadness, void... It's very rare that they know any feelings other than these. You've been lucky enough to keep your dynamic personality beyond death. You aren't a monster, remember that."

"...Thank you." I wrapped my arms around him, holding him tightly in my embrace. We remained like that for no more than a second before I realised what I was doing was probably pretty awkward for him (and me) and I let go. "I, uhm... Sorry," I said nervously. "So, what do we do next?"


Days passed and nights flew by. I'd spend the day training, training, training. Nothing else was allowed on my agenda except for training. Even during a meeting, Ulquiorra-sama would leave me with some of Szayel's Fraccion and make me practise my ceroes or sonido. Nights went by so quickly. I'd leap into bed, sore as hell, asleep before I hit the mattress. The next morning would be full of anxiety. I dreaded the activities that would come the minute I finished dressing myself - and sometimes I'd be dragged out there without even being able to do that - because I had noticed that each day the training would get harder and harder. Heck, each hour was getting more difficult.

The week was nearly up. We'd organised for Aizen, Gin, Tosen and the other Espada to come and watch us fight. None of them seemed particularly interested from what I've heard, except for Aizen. He was curious to see how far I've come; how much use I could be of to him.

Swords clashed. Emerald eyes met blue ones briefly before the former-mentioned of the fighters retreated back to his original place. Noticing the lack of pressure on his sword, I hopped back myself.

"You're improving."

Every time I heard those two words, I'd get giddy with glee. It meant I was one step closer to winning the challenge.

"Thanks to you. I wouldn't have been able to come this far without you," I attempted to force a smile. My everything hurt so much.

"Once more. Then you may retire to bed for the night."

Once more. Could I even handle that? I was beaten, bloodied and bruised. I didn't think I could go once more. At least, not without dying. He, on the other hand, didn't even have a scratch on him. He wasn't even using half of his true power!

I vanished, reappearing behind him with a cero charged and aimed for his arm. Purposely; I don't want to hurt him beyond repair. In this week he'd helped me improve my ceroes tremendously. He grabbed my hand from behind me, the cero dissipating into the air. He aimed a high kick for my head, which I ducked under and sonido'd away from. I reappeared behind him. He probably predicted this, and shot a cero towards me, but I'd already moved. I was standing a few feet away from him, almost directly behind him. One of my Bala shots scraped across his cheek lightly. He retaliated with a well-aimed Bala of his own, catching me in the leg, completely off guard as I attempted to get him from behind once again. I retrieved my sword from its sheath and charged towards him.

"Idiot, your sword is a last resort," he said in monotone as he raised a hand to block the strike.

I ignored him and pressed down further on the blade, hoping, praying just to see a single droplet of blood run down his hand. To get through his Hierro would be such an achievement...

With a bored expression upon his face, he fired a cero towards me. Instinctively, I sonido'd a short distance away from where I was, taking my blade and my hopes with me. I glared, feigning another sword strike to distract him. I sonido'd behind him the moment my blade almost touched him and slashed from behind instead. His hand held the distance between him and my blade.

He pointed towards the ground and muttered, "Cero."

There was an explosion at my feet, the impact sending me flying through the air. I somehow skidded to a stop in mid-air. A powerful gust of wind reminded me that I was wearing a skirt.

"Don't look at me!" I blushed as I attempted to push the skirt down.

He was desperately trying to refrain from sweat-dropping. "Maybe you should wear something a little more practical? Just a suggestion."

"But I like skirts and dresses!" I whined.

He sighed and shot a feeble Bala, which I very narrowly managed to dodge. When I finally fixed my skirt, I grasped my sword tightly and faked another strike from behind, hopping into the sky above him to fire a cero immediately afterwards. He dodged and came above me, firing a cero of his own. I sonido'd out of its path. By now, my body had started to ache even more and the fight was becoming pointlessly long. I was beginning to lose interest. Somebody else must've agreed with me, because another cero flew towards my target; a red one.

"Time's up."

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