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Slash Kirk/Spock


Junior- Part 1

Chapter 1

The beginning

The room was in twilight, the only light entered from the open doorway leading to a well-lit bedroom just illuminating the sink and toilet, leaving the shower cubical in shade.

Jim looked in the mirror. He had large purple bags under his eyes, standing out on his pale face. His hair was a complete mess, sticking up in all directions, from Spock running his fingers through it to sooth Jim's pain. Spock stood behind him and switched the light on brightening the room, his human like eyes full of concern in his otherwise stoic face. Jim flinched at the sudden light.

"Jim, you need to report to sick bay. You are unwell."

"No, Spock." Jim sighed, turning to face his Bond mate, "I'm fine, I just need to get more sleep. You have been keeping me up awfully late with lots of strenuous activity" He smirked, teasing, trying to lighten the mood.

Spock's eyebrows twitched downward along with a small down turn of his lips, resembling a frown.

"That is not the reason you have just finished vomiting last evenings sustenance into the lavatory 2.2 minutes ago."

The smirk melted from Jim's face. He eyes shifted from under Spock's concerned gaze focusing briefly on his hand gripping the pearl white bathroom cabinet top and stopped on Spock's chest already clad in his striking science blues, ready for a day on the bridge, mapping star charts. Jim was still in his sleep pants.

"I'll be fine Spock, I just ate something funny is all. I mean I have been trying a larger range of foods lately. The Andorian Fritter things could have caused this. I did say they didn't really agree with me." Jim said, his reasoning was almost a plea.

"I too ate the Andorian Faditter Debolian, and I have felt no ill effects." Spock returned.

"So, you have a different digestive system to us human's, and you know you're more tolerant to alien foods when they don't have meat in them." Jim counted lifting his head to meet Spock's steady gaze. "I'm fine Spock, after coffee and a bite to eat of some normal food I'll be right as rain." He smiled and stepped away from the Bathroom cabinet, a step closer to Spock. "Seriously, I'll just have a shower and get dressed, that will make me feel 100% better then we'll head over to the mess hall together."

"Jim, I protest, you have not been well for 3.6 days, after we…" Spock trailed off and paused. His eyes trailed over Jim's bare torso, resting on a slowly healing bruise just under his collarbone. Spock reached his hand up and gently stroked the mark with his thumb.

Jim's face softened as he took Spock's hand in his and brought it to his lips kissing in lightly. Spock's gaze shifted flowing his hand's movement and met Jim's eyes. "Spock you do know that was my fault and we checked in with Bone's straight after, he said I was fine. "

"This could still be a delayed reaction to the pollen you ingested." Spock continued.

"Bone's said it was completely out of my system 2 days ago. He said it would take awhile to get back all my strength, and he also didn't mention anything about throwing up being a symptom." Jim reasoned back.

"He, however, also told you to report to sick bay if there is any unexplained illnesses." Spock replied calmly watching Jim's face closely.

Jim dropped Spock's hand and brushed past him as he entered their bedroom through the sliding door. Spock turned to follow his progress as he rummaged through the draws pulling out a clean golden uniform shirt and black slacks, along with a fresh pair of briefs and socks. Jim turned back towards Spock and stopped just outside the open bathroom door holding his bundle of clothes in front of him, his command gold strategically placed on top.

"I just ate something wrong, that is an explanation, there is no need for me to go to sick bay, if I have any unexplained symptoms then I will go and see Bones straight away. But right now I need to take a shower and get ready for the day. Shift starts in 20 minutes." Jim said determination written all over his face.

Spock shifted his position slightly in discomfort.

"Jim, you are the Captain, it is essential that you…"

"That's right Spock" Jim Interrupted him, almost growling, "I'm the captain, " he said placing his free hand on his golden uniform shirt, " and the Captain needs to be on the bridge." His tone allowed no argument.

"Very well, but…" Spock clenched his hands behind his back,

"But, if I don't feel better by the end of the day I'll report to sick bay, ok, does that make you feel better." Jim finished Spock's request in a huff.

"That is acceptable" Spock consented and stepped out of the bathroom to allow Jim to step through. He closed the door with a grumble and an eye roll, obviously having no intension to visit sickbay any time soon.

Spock sighed and closed his eyes to step further away from the door, trying not to think about the small instances of pain and discomfort he could feel through the bond that Jim could not fully block out, or the way Jim's hands shook slightly as he held his treasured gold shirt. Spock regained his composure. No one but Jim could cause him to react in such emotional ways. He busied himself with collecting his pad and opening a new page making a decision. He would monitor his T'hy'la through out the day and use the data to convince him to report to sickbay at the end of Alpha Shift. With this thought Spock started to note down all the symptoms Jim had already shown.


The circular main bridge was awash with light. The entire room was taken up by computer consoles, and viewing screens. Flickering lights constantly drew the unoccupied eye from one side of the bridge to the other. Workstations wrapped around the circumference of the room, leaving only the front of the room free for the main viewing screen that reflected the constant starry night the ship flew silently through. An inner ring of two smaller workstations stepped down from the main workstations and was from them separated by tall transparent touch screens ready for easy use. Straight in front of the main viewing screen were the main helm and navigation controls that stepped up from the smaller workstations to be level with the outer ring on workstations. And sitting in the centre on an elevated platform in full view of the whole room was the high backed Captains Chair.

"Captain on the Bridge" Spock announced as he and Jim stepped out of the turbo lift 4.3 minutes later for their shift startling the Alpha shift Bridge crew into standing and saluting their superior officer.

Jim grinned, "You know you really don't need to keep doing that," he said to Spock as he waved at his crew to relax. Lieutenant Commander Uhura looked at Jim's pale face in concern and shared a look with Spock, her hand hovering over the connection to sick bay. Spock shook his head subtly and moved to the right of the turbo lift to his station. Jim moved around the balustrade that stopped any one from launching from the turbo lift into the main part of the bridge and made his way to the command chair. A young Lieutenant stood next it at full attention.

"At ease Lieutenant Hansen," Jim grinned, "You are relieved from Beta shift, apologies for being late"

"No problem Captain, nothing to report on my part sir." Lieutenant Hansen replied relaxing, "She's all yours." With that Hansen saluted and left the bridge via the turbo lift along with the beta shift science officer.

Jim settled into his chair, "Good morning everyone, I hope you're all well." He said smiling addressing the whole crew and received murmurs of acknowledgement, then Jim leaned slightly forward in his chair with his elbows on the armrests, and his hands casually placed over his stomach, "Now, Reports, what have we been up to since yesterday and what's on the agenda for today? You first Lieutenant Sulu" he said turning to Sulu, positioned at the helm, expectantly.

Sulu already facing the Captain began his report. "We are still on course to reach the Alpha Quadrant star base 6 in 4 weeks at warp factor 2. "

Ensign Chekov took over excitedly "We are 4 days out from planet Gamma Trianguli VI, but we're still within the Delta Trianguli star System and we should be passing Alpha Trianguli, as it reaches its peak orbit in 2 days sir, before passing out of the system. "

"Excellent Lieutenant Sulu, Ensign Chekov," Jim said smiling and nodding at the youngest crewmember. "Uhura, got anything for me?" Jim turned in his chair to face Uhura for her report.

"No urgent communications, Captain. All the reports from on planet have been compiled and are ready to be sent to the Admirals when we reach star base 6." Uhura said, delivering her report in a formal manner.

"Very good Lieutenant Uhura, looks like I won't be needed today after all." Jim joked turning to Spock, "How's the star mapping going Mr. Spock, anything to report?"

"No Captain, everything is going accordingly. So far all the data that has been compiled is consistent with previous data assembled by the USS Fesarius, under the command of Commander Balok, 5.78 years ago." Spock replied in his usual even tone.

"Good, good." Jim said nodding his head and turned to his left to face a young woman, whose blond hair was sculptured into a perfect gravity-defying beehive, "Ok last but not least, Yeoman Radd, what have you got for me?"

Janice stepped up to the Captain's chair and held out a pad and stylus for him to take.

"Just the usual Captain, department reports for you to read and sign, and two requisition orders, one for Mr Scott's Bifinic drive and one for a new supply of coffee beans to be collected from star base 6 when we arrive." She smiled as she leaned over his shoulder and scrolled through the various reports.

"Coffee, what would we do with out it," Jim joked, "I'll have to go through some of these reports at lunch time, with Mr. Spock, but it shall be done by the end of the day." Jim smiled at her, holding the Pad and Stylus in one hand, while the other stayed resting on his stomach.

Janice smiled back at the Captain, giving him a playful look, "I'll look forward to it." She said then stepped back from the command chair and made her way to the turbo lift.

"Well that's everything then" Jim said holding the pad in his lap, "back to what ever it is you were doing before I came in." he grinned around the room at large as everyone that hadn't already done so turned back to their stations.

Spock watched from the corner of his eye as Jim's grin faded and a grimace replaced it. He could feel an echo of pain through their bond as he used the pad to hide his hand that was clutching at his stomach. Spock made to stand from his chair and help his bond mate, however before he could, the pain faded and Jim relaxed. He quickly picked up the pad and started reading through the reports. Spock turned and saw Uhura watching Jim with concern in her eyes. Spock caught her eye and she turned back to her station. Spock scanned the room and realized she wasn't the only crewmember that noticed Jim's lax in control. Spock sighed in his own Vulcan way and turned back to his station quickly adding his observations to his list.


Two hours in to Alpha shift the bridge was a very boring place to be. All the instruments were checked, communications were relayed to other departments and everyone was getting just that little bit hungry. The Star Charting was almost complete for this sector and was very boring. So as a distraction officers engaged in quiet conversations with the people next to them about what they were going to have for lunch, or their plans for shore leave when they reached the Star Base, or like Sulu and Chekov, were discussing the new and exotic plant species found on Planet Gamma Trianguli VI. The only two people not engaged in any sort of conversation were Spock, who was continuing to diligently compare the data collected by the Enterprise against that collected in previous missions by other Star Ships, and the Captain. Jim was slouched slightly in his chair reading through the endless reports that no one tells you about until you accept the position of Captain. Who thought the man who saved the world would be rewarded with paper work.

He signed and sat up straighter, something was niggling at him. The pains in his stomach had settled down and he wasn't feeling like he was going to be sick every time he moved or smelled something he didn't like. He couldn't concentrate on the words on the pad. Every time he read something he would forget it as soon as he moved on to the next line. The only thing he seemed to be focusing on was what the properties the funny looking blue plant from Gamma Trianguli VI had and how it might be able to cure cancer or male patterned baldness or something. Chekov's Russian accent was hard to tune out, and Sulu's enthusiastic descriptions of the plant were not helping. Jim clutched the pad harder gritting his teeth and tried to tune them out.

Then he had a thought,

"You know what" he said to him self, "I'm the Captain, I don't have to put up with this, this is my ship, and my bridge, why the hell should I have to put up with annoying chatter. Then should be focusing on their instruments anyway, not blabbering on about some stupid plant."

With that Jim stood up and yelled.

"You two stop talking about that stupid blue plant and get back to your jobs!"

Sulu stopped mid sentence and they both stared at the Captain as he glared done at them with his chest heaving and pad clutched in his hand. No one on the bridge moved, it was dead silence. The Captain had never yelled at anyone for talking on the Bridge.

"Well, what are you waiting for!" Jim growled, his hands flinging out wildly.

"Sorry Captain." Chekov mumbled and averted his eyes as he turned quietly back to his station.

Sulu looked up incredulously at Jim, he had never minded them talking quietly, he even said once that he enjoyed it.

Jim turned the full force of his glare at Sulu.

Sulu quickly dropped his gaze, "Yes sir, sorry sir." He forced out and quickly turned back to his station.

Jim Swung around and turned his glare on the rest of the startled bridge.

"That goes for all of you, get back to your stations!" he growled, "This is not the canteen."

Everyone quickly turned back to his or her stations, except Spock.

"Captain, perhaps.." Spock started trying to placate his angry mate.

"NO Spock, perhaps you should shut up and get back to your work right NOW!" Jim almost roared. Everyone on the bridge flinched at his furious tone. Even Spock visible deflated at his words and lowered his eyes. He could feel Jim's irrational anger pulsing through their bond and could do nothing but send soothing emotions back in an attempt to sooth his rage.

Jim felt his attempt. "Stop that right now Commander and get back to your bloody star charts!"

"I apologize Captain." Spock said submissively and turned back to his station. Everyone was on edge, waiting for something else horrible to happen. The Captain had never in the two years they had been on their five-year mission raised his voice to Spock in that way. The only times it has occurred was when the ships and her crew's safety was on the line.

Jim sat back down in his chair clenching his fist and looking around making sure no one was defying his orders. Once he was sure no one was even on the verge of making a sound Jim relaxed and continued to read his report.

Five minutes later he shifted. "Uhura?" he said mildly, and the whole bridge frozen once again. "Could you comm Yeoman Rand and get her to bring me a cup of coffee please." Jim continued, turning to face Uhura at her station.

It took Nyota a few seconds the register that The Captain was not yelling at her.

"Ye..Yes Captain, of course" She managed to stutter out as she turned to her communications panel.

"Excellent, Thank you Lieutenant." Jim replied and turned back to His reports.

The Bridge let out a quiet sigh of relief and relaxed in to their chairs. Their Captain maybe crazy, but at least he was calm now.

Spock watched his mate closely for a few minutes and then turned his calculating gaze around the bridge. He caught the eye of Uhura and nodded, then did the same for Sulu and Chekov as they too caught his gaze. They all relaxed a bit more, they knew Spock would handle their Captain's violent mood swings. Spock turned back to his station and continued to write his observations down in his pad. He would get Jim to the sick bay after shift whether he liked it or not.


After the lunch hour the bridge was silent, everyone was engrossed in what work they could find, doing their best to keep distracted and not annoy their moody Captain.

Spock was worried. Jim had eaten very little at lunch and had refused to go anywhere near Dr. McCoy. He made sure the doctor would not be having lunch at the same time as them. Jim even blocked their bond to stop emotional transference, so he did not know if he was in pain or not. His body and facial expressions gave nothing away. Spock turned back to his station after observing the captain and continued to work on his list of symptoms.

A sharp cry of pain shattered the silence of the bridge. Everyone swung around to the source of the noise. Spock gritted his teeth cutting off the sound abruptly as he gathered his mental shields. His breathing was heavy and Uhura stood up to try and help him. He had been caught by surprise. The flare of pain Jim experienced was immense. He quickly stood up, brushing past the concerned communications officer and made his way over to the command chair. The whole bridge turned again to the Captain as he left out a groan of pain and his pad dropped to the floor. He was hunched over in his chair clutching at his stomach. Sulu and Chekov quickly stood to aid their Captain as Spock reached his side.

Jim reached out blindly towards Spock with his right hand. Spock took it immediately and supported Jim's weight as he listed dangerously from his chair.

"Sorry Spock, I should have listened" Jim ground out, his teeth gritted against the pain, his eye shut tight.

"I'm here my T'hy'la." Spock whispered in to Jim's ear in comfort as he lost his fight with consciousness.

The Bridge crew watched in horror as their Captain collapsed into their First Officers arms. Sulu and Chekov stood helpless, their faces full of concern.

"Uhura" Spock spoke calmly and evenly, "Inform Dr. McCoy that I will be bringing the Captain to Sick bay directly." Spock said as he gathered The Captain into his arms carefully cradling him to his chest, one arm under his knees, the other around his shoulders.

Uhura moved quickly to do as he said.

"Also send him the contents on my pad, it is a list of the Captain's Symptoms over the day." Spock added moving towards the turbo lift.

"Yes Mr Spock" Uhura said not looking up from her task.

"Mr Sulu you have the Comm." Was the last thing Spock said as the lift doors shut with their usual squeak. The only sound left on the bridge was Uhura's urgent communication to Sick Bay and McCoy's violent cursing in reply.


Spock arrived at sickbay and with controlled haste stepped through the sliding doors into McCoy's domain. The room was painted a deep blue, compared to the vibrant white of the ship's corridors. There were a series of 4 bio-beds lined up along the curving wall on the right side of the sick bay, all with a bio-monitoring computer situated above them where multiple screens showed all the main statistic's of the patients state. Along with the computer over the bed was a round florescent light mounted of an adjustable arm ready to be used. Grey-green curtains hung along rails that ran around the ceiling above each bio-bed to give the patients some privacy. All the curtains were left open, as the beds were empty. Between the two middle beds and at the back of the room were doorways leading to offices, storage facilities and other testing rooms. On the left of the large room were the main computer consoles and communications terminal along with various workstations ready for quick analysis of samples and data. Every free wall was dedicated to blue and burnt-orange built-in storage for easy access to numerous medical supplies.

"Doctor." Spock called to get McCoy's attention.

McCoy looked up from the computer console closest to the door. His face was a mask of rage.

"What the hell is wrong with you Spock?" he yelled startling the other doctors and nurses in the sickbay, "Why the hell didn't you tell me any of this earlier? You were observing his symptoms but couldn't even tell me about it. Good God, man do you want Jim to die." McCoy verbally hurled accusations at Spock.

Spock blinked and carefully adjusted his grip on Jim.

McCoy deflated quickly, he wasn't one to argue while his best friend, or any one else for that matter, could be dying. Especially when Spock doesn't even respond, that was a very bad sign indeed.

"Bring him this way Spock" McCoy said a bit more calmly, as he indicated for Spock to follow him through the right hand doors into a private exam room, similar to the main room only smaller and with one bio-bed.

"On the bed." He said pointing at the only bed in the smaller room. A blonde nurse stood beside the bed quickly finishing smoothing down the thin pale blue bed sheet.

Spock lowered Jim on to the bed carefully cradling his head until he laid it comfortably on the pillow. The monitors above the bed instantly picked up on Jim's vitals and displayed an elevated heartbeat, high body temperature and an irregular breathing rhythm.

"I apologize Doctor, I should have brought him to you earlier, however he refused, as he is the Captain I could not..." Spock explained quietly not taking his eyes from Jim's face still tense from the pain.

"Not your fault Spock, I know how stubborn this idiot can be, but you still should have at least told me some thing was up." McCoy griped walking over to the bed with a medical tri-corder and scanner in hand. He ran the scanner over Jim's prone body and frowned at the results.

"Spock help me get his shirts off" McCoy asked Spock putting the tri-corder aside on a silver trolley situated beside the bed. Spock lifted Jim's torso off the bed and McCoy carefully pulled his shirts one after the other over his head handing them to the Nurse. Then Spock gently lowered the unconscious man back on to the bed.

"Nurse Chapel," McCoy said referring to the Blonde nurse as she finished folding and putting away the Captains shirts, "Get the blood kit."

Nurse Chapel quickly brought over a tray holding an array of basic blood drawing tools, and placed it next to the tri-corder. McCoy picked up a tourniquet and wrapped the white rubber band securely around Jim's upper left arm. He laid his arm out with the inside of his elbow facing upwards and tapped at the vein bulging slightly from it. Nurse Chapel picked up the hypo-needle and attached a vial to the end of it before handing it to the Doctor. She got another three more ready.

"Its probably a good thing your unconscious for this hey Jim," McCoy mutter as he quickly and efficiently drew four vials of blood from Jim's arm.

He handed them off to Nurse Chapel, who labeled them and placed them in a vial holder.

"Take those to the lab and have them tested for hormone levels, white cell count, iron and copper levels and anything else they can find that's unusual. Make it their top priority" McCoy ordered her.

"Yes Doctor," she said, shooting Spock a concerned gaze before gathering the vials and leaving the room in the direction of the medical labs.

McCoy turned back to Jim and Spock, who had not moved from his position by the bed, one of his hands resting on the mattress just touching Jim's.

"Have you drawn any conclusions as to what is wrong with the Captain, Doctor?" Spock asked, a hint of concern almost present in his voice.

"I haven't got a clue Spock," McCoy answered, "but I can treat some of his symptoms now that we have taken some of his blood." He said drawing the trolley with him over to the storage draws in the walls of the room and pulled out various coloured vials and hypo-sprays. He removed the blood kit and lined the implements on the tray of the trolley next to his tri-corder.

"His hormones are going haywire, which would explain the mood swings and hot flushes. The pain in his abdomen is from his muscles constantly cramping. Its almost like his organs have rearranged themselves." McCoy explained bringing the trolley back over to the bed, "He isn't in immediate danger, so we don't have to worry about him dying on us just yet. But if we don't find out what's wrong with him soon, I don't know what could happen." McCoy continued gravely, "Dammit Jim." He muttered under his breath reaching for a hypo.

"Could his hormone levels have anything to do with the aphrodisiac properties of the pollen he ingested on Gamma Trianguli VI?" Spock queried as McCoy started injecting Jim with the various hypos.

"It is possible, but I made sure it was all out of his system, after you brought him in 2 days ago. " McCoy said as he picked up his tri-corder and scanned Jim once again. "There's something there that just doesn't add up, it could have something to do with…" McCoy trailed off staring at the information presented on the screen of the tri-corder.

"To do with what?" Spock asked, prompting McCoy to continue.

McCoy didn't reply he was looking up at the bio-screens above the bed.

Spock opened his mouth to ask again but McCoy spoke breathing a sigh of relief,

" The hypos have worked, he's vitals are stabilizing for the moment."

Spock looked from McCoy to the screens and noted that Jim's heartbeat, temperature and breathing were all lowering to normal levels.

Spock looked back down at his mate resting more comfortably on the bed, his face relaxed.

"Spock, stay here with Jim. I'll be back in a few minutes I'm gonna go check to see how his blood tests are going. He should be waking up soon now that I have stabilized his hormones and given him a muscle relaxant. He might be a bit groggy from the pain meds, but I didn't give him any sedatives. He should be awake for the results." McCoy said moving towards the door taking the tray of empty hypos with him.

"Very well Doctor, I will inform you if there are any other changes." Spock said taking hold of Jim's hand.

McCoy hid a smile a Spock's small affectionate gesture towards Jim and moved out of the room the door sliding closed with a squeak behind him.

Spock entwined his left hand with Jim's and leaded over the bed caressing Jim's face with the other hand sending as much love and affection through their bond as possible.

Spock's right hand trailed down Jim's neck and stopped to rest on his chest just to the left of centre. Under his sensitive hand Spock could feel Jim's heart beating rhythmically, steady and strong, unlike the erratic beating he could feel as he carried Jim through the ship to the sick bay.

Spock then quickly let go of Jim's hand and left the side of the bed to retrieve a chair from the other side of the room and carry it over closer to the bed. Spock sat retaking Jim's still unresponsive hand in his and absentmindedly caressed it.

He sat in silence continuously running Jim's symptoms through his mind trying to draw any conclusion as to what was wrong with him. Doctor McCoy had only treated his symptoms and he knew Jim's strong steady heartbeat would not last if the cause of his illness could not be found. He had all confidence in McCoy's medical skills, even if he would never reveal that fact to the Doctor himself. However, he could not understand why the Doctor had asked for copper level tests to be run on Jim, he had not shown any symptom's related to copper deficiency nor an excessive level of the mineral. But then he reasoned perhaps there had not been enough time in the course of the illness for animatic symptoms or others to make them selves present. And any animatic symptoms could be linked to iron deficiency, rather then unstable copper levels. That would explain why McCoy was getting the levels of both in Jim's blood tested.

Before he could continue with his train of thought Jim's hand tightened around his. Jim groaned and arched slightly off the bed, shifting his position slightly. He pulled Spock's hand further up towards his chest and Spock stood up to follow his hand.

"Jim" Spock said catching Jim's disorientated mind.

"Spock?" he questioned as his blue eye's blinked open. He used his free hand to rub at them, bringing his gaze into better focus on Spock's relieved face. Spock smiled down at him and leaned over so their faces where inline.

"T'hy'la" Spock whispered, kissing Jim gently on the forehead, "Do not scare me like this again." He then leaned back and his expression returned to its usual Vulcan control.

"I'll do my best not to, Adun, "Jim said grimacing as he sat up. Spock used their clasped hands and his free hand around Jim's back to help him into a sitting position. Jim breathed deeply trying to gain his bearings through a drug-induced haze.

Jim turned to Spock and brought his free hand to cup Spock's face while the thumb of his other hand slowly drew circles over Spock's knuckles.

"I'm sorry Spock, I should have listened." Jim said staring into Spock's eyes.

"All is well for the moment Jim, I forgive you." Spock said in a calm soothing tone and allowed Jim to pull him forward into a chase kiss.

"However in future" Spock continued pulling back, "Please listen when I ask you to report to sickbay, I cannot allow a repeat of this occurrence to happen again."

"Don't worry Spock I have learnt my lesson," Jim smiled, "I don't think I want to make a repeat performance of collapsing on the bridge, do you."

"No Captain I do not." Spock replied firmly.

Jim sighed and pulled back the hand resting on Spock's warm cheek.

"So what's wrong with me Mr. Spock and where is Bones, shouldn't he be hovering over me like an over bearing mother hen?" Jim asked switching to captain mode and taking in the private room he currently resided in.

Spock stood up straighter and placed his free hand in the small of his back. Neither the Captain nor the First Officer felt the need to unclasp their other hand.

"Doctor McCoy is currently checking on your test results. He has not yet determined what is the cause of your illness, however the test results should shed some light on the matter. For the moment Doctor McCoy has treated the most severe of your symptoms. These include your erratic hormone levels and abdominal muscle cramps." Spock reported in a precise crisp tone.

"That would explain why my head feels a bit fuzzy." Jim replied rubbing at his temple closing his eyes briefly. He turned his head to look up at Spock, "How long until the Bones gets the results?"

"Doctor McCoy has been gone approximately 7.4 minutes. Your tests have been given top priority therefore if my calculations are correct then he should return with the results in approximately 23.7 minutes." Spock responded without delay.

"Well I guess we better occupy ourselves while we wait." Jim said with a grin pulling Spock closer to the bed and reached up to him this his free hand. Spock took it and lowered it to Jim's lap retreating half a step back from the bed.

"I do not think that behavior is appropriate, in this circumstance, nor in your condition." Spock reprimanded, "Especially since the drugs keeping you stable could wear off at any time."

Jim deflated, "True, …" he paused and grinned, "It was worth a try." Spock's eyebrows raised in amusement.

"May I suggest instead Captain that we engage in conversation while we wait." Spock suggested in an amused tone.

"I guess I will have to defer to your judgment for now Mr. Spock." Jim replied smiling.

"That is the most logical thing you have said all day Captain" Spock jested and Jim laughed.

Spock arranged his seat slightly closer to the bed and sat making himself more comfortable. Jim leaned closer to his bond mate and they talked their hands never letting go of each other's.


23.8 minutes later McCoy strode back into the room holding a pad, his face was unreadable, but his eyes showed a mischievous glint.

Jim and Spock looked up at him as he made his way further into the room and stopped at the end of the bed. Jim sat up straighter to face McCoy properly.

"So what's wrong with me Bones," Jim asked, "Can't be too bad otherwise you'd be ranting at me by now." He grinned.

"Only you Jim," McCoy smiled shaking his head.

"Only me what Bones?" Jim questioned confused. Spock stayed patiently silent waiting for McCoy's report.

"Only you Jim can make the impossible, possible." McCoy continued. "It seems the pollen you ingested wasn't only an aphrodisiac, it also had potent fertility properties."

Jim looked confused, "and what has that got to do with me?" he asked then his eyes widened, "shit you mean it…"

"Yeah Jim, it has 'healed' your uterus and attached it to your rectum. That's why your muscles have been cramping and your organs have rearranged themselves. They are accommodating the change." McCoy explained. "Congratulation's Jim you're pregnant!" He finished with a Cheshire cats grin.

"What, but…" Spock cut Jim off.

"Please explain. Jim is a fully functioning Homo sapiens sapiens male, he does not have a female uterus, nor is he able to become pregnant." Spock asked, his speech slightly more rapid then usually betraying his alarm at McCoy's announcement.

"Wait, " MCoy said holding his hands up, one still holding his pad, and looked to Jim "You haven't told him Jim, and you've been together what 2 years?"

"Told me what Jim?" Spock queried turning to Jim his gaze dark.

Jim looked between McCoy and Spock, "I didn't think it was necessary, " he defended and then looked at Spock's probing gaze, "I developed a uterus when I was exposed at birth to large amounts of arcanic radiation on the shuttle craft when the Kelvin was destroyed. It is like an appendix, it's there but it doesn't actually do anything, so they decided there was no need to remove it. I'm completely male, I don't have ovaries or any other female bits."

"Well you do now Jim," McCoy added, "Your hormones are going crazy trying to compensate now that you're a fully functioning hermaphrodite."

Jim gapped at McCoy, Spock's eyebrows lowered into a frown.

"Even if I have ovaries now or whatever, how is it even possible I'm pregnant. A Human and Vulcan can't have children with out genetic medical help." Jim reasoned trying to wrap his mind around what McCoy was saying.

"Looks like the properties of the pollen also manipulate the genes so it is possible to conceive in any situation without medical help, which includes cross species." McCoy clarified, still unable to wipe the grin off his face. "Your pregnant Jim, no doubt about it, it's in its very early stage now but the multiple tests and my tri-corder do not lie."

"Great.." Jim muttered looking down clenching and unclenching his fist.

"I'll have to give you estrogen supplements to help stabilize the egg, which should mellow out your irregular hormone fluxuations, but I can't do anything about your mood swings. And you will also have to have copper supplements regularly as well, since the baby is part Vulcan and will be taking a lot of copper as it develops." McCoy started to explain then paused, "unless you want to…" he trailed off studying Jim's down turned face.

Jim's head snapped up, "Yes, we want to keep it. There is no way we would want to get rid of it, would we Spock," Jim exclaimed, alarmed by even the thought. He looked over at Spock clutching his hand tighter.

Spock didn't move, only stared at them. "Spock…?" Jim questioned more carefully studying Spock's blank gaze. Spock blinked and stood up abruptly pulling his hand away from Jim's.

"You found it unnecessary for me to be informed of an anomaly that could have became significant in our future. Therefore it is not necessary for me to be included in this decision, as you have shown my opinion on this regard to be unnecessary." Spock said in a perfect monotone with his hands clasped tightly behind his back, then turned to McCoy, "If you will excuse me doctor I will return to my place on the bridge."

Spock unclasped his hand and strode stiffly from the room.

"Spock…"Jim whispered, his eyes wide and mouth gaping in shock, "what…" he reached for the door completely unsure what was happening. Confusing masses of emotions were bleeding through their bond and he could not interpret any of it.

"Bones?" he looked at the equally shocked McCoy helplessly.

McCoy took one look at Jim's helpless expression and exploded.

"That goddamned green-blooded-hobgoblin!" he roared, startling Jim. "Stay here, I'll be back in a minute, with your bloody stupid elf." McCoy turned around and stormed out of the door after Spock.

Jim blinked completely confused at what had just happened.


Lieutenant Palmer was returning to her quarters after her shift at communications. She had just finished organizing the most recent reports on the star charts, sent to her by Lieutenant Uhura, ready to be transmitted to Star base Six's data banks when they arrived. She was worried about the Captain. Almost everyone on board had heard by not of the Captain collapsing from excessive pain on the bridge. Thinking deeply she almost didn't notice Mr. Spock as he strode past her in the narrow corridor. She quickly jumped to the side and stood to attention. She watched as he made his way to the end of the corridor and disappeared around the corner in the direction of the bridge.

She breathed a sign of relief and relaxed and began walking once again towards her quarters. That is until she had almost reached the end of the corridor when she heard muffled curses and harsh footsteps from behind her. She turned quickly and jumped to the side as the Chief Medical Officer stomped past her, his face a stormy mask and muttering about stupid unemotional green elves. Lieutenant Palmer watched in fascination as McCoy reached the end of the corridor and also disappeared around the corner to the bridge.

Neither man had even acknowledged the fact she even existed. Lieutenant Palmer smiled and decided to change her course and headed for the mess hall instead. She wanted to be in the best place to hear the good news about the Captain's recovery. She knew this was the case because everyone on the Enterprise knew the CMO and First Officer would not leave the Captain's side unless he was going to be ok.


The bridge sat in shocked silence after Spock carried the Captain from the bridge. No one knew what to say. Over the course of the 5-year mission so far nothing like this had ever happened. Sure the Captain was injured regularly, but he had never, refused to ever, show any weakness on the bridge. The whole bridge crew was rattled to the core, and frightened for their Captains life and their First Officer's sanity. Sulu had not moved from his position at the helm. He couldn't take the Captain's chair even though he was in command of the bridge while the senior officers were in sickbay. His hand was resting on Chekov's arm, calming the young Russian's trembling. Uhura was monitoring the inter ship frequency's waiting for any message relayed from the sickbay and news about their Captain. She was worried just like everyone else. She may not always see eye to eye with her Captain, but she respected him and even begrudgingly loved him for being Jim. After 3 years in Space under the command of the man how could she feel any differently? She was also was scared for Spock. She couldn't even fathom what losing his bond mate could do to him especially after losing Vulcan and his mother. But she knew it would be bad.

Spock stepped from the turbo lift and the bridge took a surprised breath. Uhura and Sulu stood abruptly from their chairs.

"The Captain?" they managed to gasp.

Spock didn't even look at them. "The Captain is well." He intoned stepping past Uhura to his station and sitting down stiffly. His back ramrod straight and his body completely still. The bridge stared at him shocked and unsure of what to do. Sulu stood by his console not sure if he should sit back down or offer the captain's chair to his ranking officer. Uhura took a step towards Spock's chair afraid something horrible had happened.

"Return to your work." Spock ordered in a flat monotone referring to no one and everyone.

The bridge crew turned back to their station's unsure what to do. Uhura and Sulu sat back down in their places turning to each other their faces wearing matching confused expressions. Before any quiet muttering could break out across the bridge McCoy stormed from the turbo lift his face a mask of rage, hands clenched into fists. The entire bridge crew cringed back from the man fearful of his wrath. McCoy's gaze whipped around the bridge and landed on the back of Spock's head.

"You god damned son of a hobgoblin" McCoy bellowed thundering across the bridge towards Spock's station, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

He reached Spock's chair and grabbed his shoulder spinning him around to face him.

Spock's face was blank, his hands rested stiffly on his knees.

"There is nothing currently wrong with me Doctor, I am in optimum health." Spock spoke in a monotone, eyes looking straight ahead.

McCoy seethed towering over Spock, " Like hell your ok. You're in shock you stupid elf."

Spock blinked and looked straight at McCoy, " That is illogical Doctor, I have nothing to be shocked about."

"Illogical, Illogical, are you kidding me!" McCoy bellowed, " You're the one being illogical. Is your brain short-circuiting or something? Jim needs you and you run out on him, what the hell is your problem?"

The bridge crew watched in stunned silence as the battle between McCoy's rage and Spock's stone façade continued to play out.

"You are incorrect Doctor," Spock replied, "I only removed my self from a situation that no longer necessitated my presence."

"You're the one that knocked him up you green blooded pointy eared jack rabbit. Your half the problem so your presence is one half of the god damn solution."

"Solution Doctor?" Spock queried, "You have already found the solution. The Captain is stable and will remain that way under your care. I am unnecessary."

"Snap out of it Spock." McCoy yelled grabbing Spock's shoulders, "Jim's pregnant with your kid you are entirely necessary. For the next 18 bloody years you will be necessary!"

"Pregnant?" Chekov involuntarily squeaked from his chair.

McCoy whipped his head around to face the navigator, "Be quiet." He snapped and whipped his head back around to face Spock.

"It is impossible for a male of your species..." McCoy interrupted Spock's speal.

"It's Jim Kirk, of course it's bloody possible." McCoy growled shaking Spock's shoulders, "He's your bloody bond mate you know it better then anyone!"

Spock broke from McCoy's fierce gaze and looked down at his hands, his body relaxing slightly into its normal state of Vulcan control. Spock closed his eyes concentrating on his bond. He felt Jim's distress and confusion and a little bit of excitement. He also felt his regret at not telling Spock about his extra organ. He looked deeper and found another spark of life connected to Jim's life force, undeniable proof of the pregnancy. He sensed Jim reaching out to him and Spock reached back. He sat silently for a few more seconds then looked back up at McCoy his stony expression replaced with his normal calm face.

"I apologies Doctor, you are correct. You may let go of me, I will return to sickbay with you at once." Spock said in acceptance and McCoy stepped back from Spock's chair releasing his shoulders.

"About bloody time you snapped out of it." McCoy said relieved he had managed to get through the Vulcan's thick skull.

Spock stood from his chair and faced the wide-eyed crewmembers.

"Repeat nothing you have heard in the last 4.6 minutes, Lieutenant Sulu you have the conn." Spock ordered and he and McCoy walked off the bridge and disappeared in to the turbo lift.

The bridge sat silent once again as everyone looked around in wide-eyed shock.

"Pregnant?" Chekov squeaked again turning to Sulu in shock.

"Ah..." Sulu replied unable to form a sentence.


McCoy marched back into sickbay closely followed by Spock at a more sedate pace. Jim was sitting on the bed his legs dangling over the sides smiling at them as they entered his little private room.

"What took you so long?" he questioned with a grin.

"Your stupid Hobgoblin wouldn't listen to reason." McCoy said stepping up to the end of the bed pointing his thumb over his shoulder at Spock who stood in the doorway.

"I find your reason and my reason Doctor to be two entirely different concepts." Spock spoke in retaliation, making Jim's grin widen. Spock stepped swiftly around McCoy and stopped in front of Jim taking his hands.

"I apologize Adun. My reaction was most illogical."

Jim's smile softened as he looked up at Spock and gripped his hands tighter.

"It's ok Spock, your reaction was entirely logical. What guy wouldn't freak when he finds out his male spouse not only managed to get pregnant, but also with a kid that shouldn't be possible to conceive naturally." Jim smiled.

Spock's lips twitched, "Your argument is sound."

"If you want to continue this little make-out session, please do it else where, I do not need the trauma." McCoy butted in staring pointedly at their clasped hands.

Spock released Jim's hands and stepped back from the bed.

"Ah Bone's you don't need to ruin all my fun." Jim complained, shifting on the bed to face him.

"I was lead to believe clasping hands was not an inappropriate Public Display of Affection, Doctor McCoy." Spock said arranging his hands behind his back.

"Not between human's it isn't, but don't you think I don't know what your doing. I'm wise to your little Vulcan ways." McCoy scolded waving his finger at the couple.

Jim laughed and Spock's eyes twinkled. McCoy huffed.

"Right, now pay attention, we should get on to business." McCoy said moving to pick up his pad and stylus, " Your condition Jim is not normal, this pollen has altered your physiology allowing you to conceive, which means your body is going through some serious changes to be able to sustain the fetus."

"What changes does that mean Bones?" Jim asked curious.

"Like is said before your hormone levels are changing, less testosterone, more estrogen. And because the child is half Vulcan your copper levels are going to be greatly effected, so you'll have to have supplements." Bone's explained.

"Wait, more estrogen? I'm not going to grow boob's am I Bone's?" Jim asked hesitantly.

McCoy snorted, "No Jim, you're not going to grow breasts, and your pelvic bone won't change either, which means bottle feeding and a Cesarean delivery. A natural delivery could kill you and the baby." McCoy finished on a serious note.

"We won't have to worry about that for a while, thank god. And I don't think I could pull off boob's." Jim Said looking down at his chest.

"I think you having breast's Jim would not be such a bad thing." Spock chimed in.

Jim and McCoy both looked at him incredulously.

"You have some bizarre perverted fantasies Mr. Spock." McCoy said, at the same time as Jim's


"You miss interpret my meaning. Breast feeding is the best recommended way to bond with a child, as well as provide the infant with the needed vitamin's and minerals to establish a strong immune system." Spock explained calmly.

"Sure what ever you say Spock," McCoy said waving him off, "Moving on, the cramps you are having are your organ's Jim are rearranging themselves around your new functioning addition, and will stop once they have settled."

"Well that's good, It would be difficult to run this ship if I keep keeling over, huh Spock" Jim joked.

"I would be most inconvenient, Captain." Spock replied, slight steel in his voice.

Jim grin slid and he quickly whipped back to McCoy,

"So Copper supplements? How many of those will I have to take?" Jim asked changing the subject quickly.

"We will have to assess your blood every few days to determine how much is needed and I'll administer it accordingly. " McCoy clarified.

"So I'll have to come to sickbay all the time?" Jim asked dismayed.

"Yes, Jim. I want to keep a close eye on you. It's not like we have much to go on." McCoy said concerned, "I don't want to put you at risk nor your kid."

Jim nodded in understanding and McCoy looked to Spock.

"Were your Mother's medical records saved Spock, we could find some really useful information there since she was the only human to carry a Vulcan child up to this point?" McCoy asked looking at the Vulcan.

"Most of the data banks from Vulcan, as you know had a copy stored off planet as basic procedure before it's destruction. I will have to ask my Father to transmit the data, he will have access to the files on New Vulcan."

"It is lucky you pointy ears goblin's are so paranoid about losing data huh, Spock." McCoy said teasingly making a mark you his pad.

"Indeed Doctor." Spock replied.

"So what does that mean from here Bone's? I don't want this to affect my command or the Enterprise." Jim asked.

"Don't worry Jim, it shouldn't affect your command. But you'll have to be careful. You will experience mood swings and cravings and everything else that goes with any pregnancy as well as something's we don't even know about yet." McCoy explained.

"Doctor McCoy is right Jim," Spock added, "Perhaps it might be best if I take command for the duration of your pregnancy?"

"No Spock, I'll be fine. I'll just have to take it a little easier." Jim said trying to be convincing.

"Your Captaincy is extremely stressful Jim, it could affect the fetus." Spock implored.

"That's what I have you for Spock, you can do all my paper work, then I won't be stressed at all." Jim said forcing a smile, trying to joke.

"Jim, I..." Spock started. McCoy cut him off sensing a fight.

"Look, It's really up to the Admiralty to decide. They will have to be informed as soon as we reach star base 6." McCoy sighed, "Though I don't know what's going to happen, even with my recommendation you might be asked to leave star fleet for the duration of your pregnancy as is protocol for female officers that conceive while off plant. But with star fleet still rebuilding after the Naranda Incident, I don't think they could afford to lose three high ranking officers from the flag ship."

"Three officers, Doctor?" Spock queried.

" Yes three Spock, I know you would give up your commission to follow Jim." McCoy replied.

"You would be correct Doctor, I would follow Jim always. But the third?" Spock asked eyebrow rising.

"Would be me of course, I'm not letting you two get away so easily. I don't think even you Spock, would be able to keep Jim out of trouble on your own." McCoy grinned. "Plus who else is going to make sure this kid you've got comes out healthy."

"True, that. Bone's I don't know what we would do with out you." Jim said smiling leaning over to clasp McCoy on the shoulder. "I guess we'll just have to wait for now. But what about away missions?" Jim continued.

"No" Spock announced, "They are too dangerous."

"Now wait a minute, not all of them are that bad." Jim exclaimed.

"You are injured on 93.4% of away mission's on M-class planets previously unexplored and on 46.7% on Planet's previously documented by the federation. You are also seriously wounded on 56.9% of any away mission." Spock laid out.

"That's not that bad." Jim said, "I mean I'll just have to be more careful. If we do get to stay on the Enterprise, I can't be cooped up on ship all the time, that would kill me even more." Jim reasoned.

"That is not the point Jim, you are at risk every time you leave the Enterprise I will not allow you to put our child at risk as well." Spock almost growled.

"Spock I…" Jim broke off and turned to look at McCoy imploringly.

"Look this isn't something we have to worry about now," McCoy butted in, "We don't even know if you'll be allowed to stay on ship. We don't have any more away missions until we reach the star base. And after that I'll assess any away mission in future and decide if it is safe enough for you to go." McCoy finished folding his arms over his chest signaling the end of the argument.

"That reasoning is sound." Spock agreed.

"Great, I guess I won't ever get to go on any away mission's," Jim grumbled under his breath folding his own arms over his chest.

"If you want to keep this baby Jim, you are going to have to make some sacrifices from now on." McCoy scolded.

Jim took a breath and unfolded his arms, "Yeah your both right, I do what ever it takes to keep this baby safe." He said determined.

"Good to know." McCoy replied.

"I am glad." Spock said taking Jim's hands in his once again and meeting his gaze.

"Right well that's enough of that. You two should go back to your quarters and discuss this whole thing between you. I'll put you on medical leave for the rest of shift. Jim you need to rest so no strenuous activities." McCoy announced, butting in to the bond mates moment, " Come back here before dinner time and I'll give Jim some vitamin's and more hypo's for the muscle cramps."

"Sure thing Bones." Jim said jumping up from the bed. Spock led the way to the door. Jim paused at McCoy's shoulder, "Good the know you can be the voice of reason when we need you," Jim said quietly, "Thanks."

"No problem, kid. Just doing my job." McCoy replied smiling waving Jim off.

McCoy watched as Jim continued to the door and him and Spock left the room together hands brushing as they walked.

McCoy sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "Only you Jim," he muttered. With pad in hand he too left the room and made his way to the lab, ready to get this show on the road.


AN: all the info about the planets, star systems and names of random people are from the original star trek I found on Wikipedia or /wiki/Star_Trek:_The_Original_Series or remembered watching from ST:TOS. :D