Junior – Part Two

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Slash Kirk/Spock


Chapter 13 – Mummy

3 weeks old

Spock took a breath settling in front of the view screen. 3.43 days ago Doctor McCoy had allowed Jim to attempt walking again after his surgery and Spock had spent the days since alternating his time between sick bay assisting in Jim's physical therapy, running the bridge and caring for Selek. Jim had of course told him he did not have to attend his physical therapy sessions and focus his attention on Selek and the ship. And he'd of course rolled his eyes when Spock told him it was his duty to the ship to report on the Captain's health, he'd received a kiss when he added as his bondmate Spock would not allow Jim to go through the experience alone.

Tonight Jim had sent him back to their quarters after sharing their evening meal in sickbay knowing Spock had one last task for the day. At 1643 hours the Enterprise moved into range of Vulcan two so Spock had arranged to contact his Father to inform him of Selek's birth. He had not spoken to him for 4.48 months.

Switching on the screen Spock typed in his father's comm signal and waited for his call to connect.

"Spock, I have been expecting your call," Sarek greeted his face replaced the blue screen.

"Greetings Father," Spock inclining his head slightly and raising his hand in greeting, "I have news.."

"Is that Spock," Spock faulted hearing the voice, a voice he never thought he would hear again, "Spock sweat heart the baby, please tell me we're grandparents," The woman appeared on screen as Sarek moved aside her brown eyes shining with anticipation.

"I.." Spock stuttered staring at the screen lost for words as he took in the woman he watched fall to her death on a crumbling planet, the woman who was his mother.

"Spock, I'm just about to put Selek down to sleep would you like to say good night?" Spock ripped his eyes from the screen as Uhura's voice rang out across the living from the doorway of the nursery, Selek cocooned in her arms.

"Nyota, is that you?" Amanda smiled waving from the screen.

"I'm so sorry I didn't realize you were on a call," Uhura turned slightly towards the door adjusting Selek in her arms as he shifted.

"It's ok dear, come over," Amanda beckoned at Uhura eyes darting to her arms, "Is that who I think it is?"

"It is," Uhura smiled stepping forward so she could place a squirming Selek into Spock's arms. He held his arms out automatically taking his son.

"His name is Selek Christopher," Uhura smiled pulling back Junior's blanket to show Amanda his face when Spock didn't move.

"Oh he's beautiful," Amanda gushed eyes brightening as she took in Junior as he blinked at her through the view screen. Sarek leaned over just slightly so he could see Junior as well.

"He looks healthy," Sarek looked over Amanda's shoulder the shadow of a smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.

"Where's Jim sweetheart?" Amanda asked finally pulling her gaze from Junior's smiling face. She frowned taking in Spock's blank face, "Spock honey are you all right you look pale."

"You did not let go of my hand," Spock found words but he did not know where, his mind forcing itself back to the time before when everything had shattered. His and Jim's bond had shattered when the mentally unstable Dr Mordreaux had shot and killed his Thy'la. After his journey through time to save Jim his mind had been fragmented and chaotic as their whole bond over laid the remnants of the shattered remains of the one from Spock's altered timeline. It had taken him 1.76 months to fully recover with Jim at his side. The warning he gave to his mother so briefly when his mind was barely his own was forgotten and he had not thought to contact his father until now. There had been little need.

"What do you mean? When did you.." Amanda trialed off looking confused, even Sarek's forehead crinkling just slightly as he took in his son's pale face and empty eyes.

"Spock are you feeling ok?" Uhura asked taking Selek from his arms with little resistance before checking his temperature with the back of her hand.

"Mother.." Spock attempted to say more but failed still unable to process his shock and joy at seeing his mother alive, still unable to fully remember what he had done to save her.

"Spock!" A sprained voice exclaimed from the door saving him from his inability to think.

"Jim?!" Uhura exclaimed standing up, but Spock's reaction was automatic as he shot from his chair catching the man before his shaking legs gave out from underneath him.

"What are you doing you shouldn't be even walking," Uhura dashed over but unable to help with Selek in her arms.

"Spock," Jim turned pulling the Vulcan's face towards his own completely ignoring Uhura's concern for his health, "I felt you tell me what's wrong." He demanded.

"Jim?!" Jim's eyes darted to the desk console as Amanda's concerned voice came over the speakers.

Jim's eyes darted back to Spock's as he felt everything the Vulcan could not repress, seeing his broken memories through their touch "Why didn't you, you didn't tell me Spock, you should have told me."

"I did not, she did not left go of my hand, I did not think," Spock's reply was garbled as he experienced every feeling he felt when he watched her fall and the disbelief that she was alive and speaking to him.

"Breath Spock, you have to breath," Jim told him pressing their foreheads together. Spock took a breath then another as Jim's presence calmed his mind allowing him to regain control.

"I did not think to ask," Spock murmured finally seeing the blue eyes shinning in front of him.

"You were dealing with a lot," Jim voice was low as he managed a small smile before pressing forward. Spock met him half way as he moved to grasp Jim's hands still resting against his face.

"Please tell me you didn't break out of sickbay to smooch the hobgoblin?!" Doctor McCoy yelled from the door that was unable to shut because Jim and Spock were in the way.

"No Bones," Jim sighed pulling back smoothing a hand through Spock's slightly disheveled hair, "But it's a nice bonus."

"I apologize Doctor," Spock added shame at his emotional outburst replacing his shock at finding out his mother lived, "It was my fault."

"How the hell was it your fault?" McCoy demanded as Spock helped Jim find his feet keeping an arm around his waist to ensure he stayed up right.

"I don't know what just happened but I don't think it's your fault Spock," Uhura frowned stopping Spock from replying as he led Jim to the chair.

"Could someone tell us what just happened please?" Amanda demanded her concern obvious.

"I'm sorry ma'am I didn't see you there," McCoy apologized as he knelt beside Jim actually showing the gentleman hiding under his gruff exterior.

"Spock?" Amanda looked to her son as he knelt beside Jim as well.

"Sorry Amanda, couldn't not come and see you," Jim replied with a smile before grimacing when McCoy pressed a tender spot on his stomach.

"Captain, you do not look well," Sarek commented dark eyes surveying his son in law as the doctor scanned him.

"Selek's birth did not go according to plan," Spock replied his calm restored as he turned to speak to his parents, "Jim was severely damaged when he was forced to give birth naturally during a diplomatic mission on Ginlalei."

"But I'm ok now," Jim assured them before Amanda could say anything, "And the crew has been helping out, especially Uhura," he smiled turning to his Lieutenant, Junior wriggling in his blanket.

"Are you sure you're alright Jim?" Amanda didn't drop her concern as Jim failed to hide another pained grimace as McCoy pressed another tender spot.

"He hasn't ruptured anything this time," McCoy said before anyone else could speak finally pulling away, "But you sure as hell better not pull another stunt like that again," he growled glaring down at Jim as he stood, "And you will be carrying him back," he pointed at Spock daring him to argue.

"I will do so once we have finished speaking to my parents," Spock informed the doctor who nodded once and made for the door.

"Just so you know you're not of the hook," McCoy told Jim before nodding to the console politely, "Good evening Ma'am, Ambassador, Uhura," Then he was gone the door shutting behind him with a squeak.

"I should probably go too," Uhura spoke up adjusting Selek in her arm's as he squirmed, "And I should put this one down."

"I can take him," Jim held out his arms eager to hold his child.

"You are not too tired Jim?" Spock frowned as Uhura stepped forwards.

"My legs are tired not my arms," Jim assured him flicking his out stretched fingers in a not so subtle attempt to get Uhura to hand over the squirming baby.

"If you insist Captain," Uhura smirked placing Selek into Jim's arms making sure he was cradling his head properly before pulling away, "I'll see you tomorrow Spock, Jim" she smiled before turning to the console, "Good night Amanda Ambassador Sarek."

"Goodnight Nyota dear, take care," Amanda smiled waving through the screen.

"Lieutenant," Sarek inclined his head just slightly like Spock would.

"So tell me everything," Amanda said when the door slid shut behind Uhura.

Jim's smiled launching in to the story of their away mission on Ginlalei, glossing over the more unpleasant details before telling them everything that Junior had done in his three weeks of life.

"He almost smiled the other day," Jim grinned looking down at Junior's sleeping face, the baby having fallen asleep a few minutes into Jim's stories.

"That is unlikely as babies are unable to form a smile until to 4-6 weeks after birth," Spock informed him a slight twitch at the corner of his lips.

Amanda chuckled eye sparkling, "For some reason I remember you saying something like that before."

"I," Spock blinked unable to find the memory she mentioned, "do not remember."

"No you were only about 3 or 4," Amanda laughed, "I don't even remember where we were."

Jim's jaw cracking yawn cut off the rest of the conversation, "I think its time we left you to your rest," Sarek said.

"No, no it's fine," Jim replied attempting to stop another yawn.

"You need your rest Jim," Amanda told him, "but we'll speak again soon, and you," she turned to Spock, "I expect lots of updates, I've been missing your messages."

"I will ensure to update you on Junior's growth and I apologize for not messaging you," Spock replied still processing the joy he felt at knowing his mother was alive, "I love you."

Amanda blinked in surprise at the word's her son had never spoken, "I love you too sweet heart," she replied after a pause a fond smile touching her lips.

"Live long and prosper, Captain, Spock," Sarek held his hand up in farewell.

"Peace and long life, Father, Mother," Spock returned the farewell.

"Night," Jim nodded with a smile as Spock leaned over and switched the console off.

"Spock?" Jim questioned when Spock leaned over pressing his lips to Jim's forehead taking the sleeping Selek from his arms.

"I will put Selek in his crib to sleep and then take you back to the medical bay," Spock informed him cradling his sleeping child close. The nursery lights were dim as he laid Selek in his crib tucking him in carefully so he could not roll. He touched his fingers to his son's tiny forehead allowing himself to smile as Selek leaned into his touch. As a child he was unable to tell his mother he loved her, as an adult he would not make the same mistake with his own child nor would he let the second chance he had with his mother go to waste.

Closing the crib doors Spock placed the portable baby monitor in his pocket before returning to Jim.

"I could just stay here, we need to talk about this," Jim told him as he entered the lounge not having moved from his chair, "You lost your mother Spock, at least you experienced it and I never told you she never died, that you saved her and your father."

"I was the one that did not ask," Spock sat down beside him taking his hands, "I did not attempt to contact my father after I returned through time to ensure he was well."

"You weren't thinking straight for a while there Spock, I should have told you about your family made sure you knew they were ok," Jim caressed his palm, "in case things were different."

"It is ok Jim I am just glad my mother is alive, I have no regrets," Spock lips formed a smile pulling Jim towards him feeling his mate's warmth reminding himself he was also very much alive. Jim melted against him wrapping his arms around him caressing the back of his neck.

"I love you," Jim murmured allowing Spock to lift him into his arms taking him towards the bedroom, "but you realize Bones is going to kill you for not taking me back."

"That is unlikely as it was your idea Jim," Spock quipped tucking Jim into bed before changing into his own sleep attire and placing the baby monitor beside the bed. Ordering the lights to 10% he slid in beside Jim pressing close.

"Night Spock," Jim smiled snuggling close, eyes dropping closed.

"Goodnight Jim," Spock replied relaxing into the comfort of his mate's arms as he allowed is own eyes to slide shut.


Junior 8 months old

"Uhura are you here?" Jim asked as he stepped into the nursery. Jim had been reluctant to ask one of the yeomen to take over Jenny's duties as Junior's nanny, fearing they meet a similar fate to Jenny. Instead the majority of the crew volunteered to look after Junior when they were off shift and would not take no for an answer, which Jim could not be more grateful for. And this meant that since they only had 2 months left for their five-year mission Jim and Spock had decided there was no need to look for another Nanny.

"In the bathroom," Uhura yelled, Jim hearing splashes and giggling as he moved closer. Uhura, along with Spock was the one to organize the volunteers into shifts for taking care of Junior when he and Spock were on shift. She of course had arranged her schedule to basically be Junior's main caretaker after them, always being on hand if necessary when Jim and Spock were caught in ships business.

"Hey," He smiled reaching for Junior's towel as Uhura lifted a squirming Junior from the baby tub.

"Shouldn't you be on the bridge?" Uhura asked cleaning up the mess Junior and his splashing made of the bathroom as Jim dried off his son making him giggle when he tickled his tummy.

"In about 5 minutes," Jim replied taking Junior to the changing table to get him dressed in nappy and cute green and blue onsey, "Just wanted to make sure you have everything before I head off."

"I'm all sorted here," Uhura said taking Junior's wet towel and hanging it up in the bathroom, "When will Spock finish with his experiments?"

"He said he would be done tonight," Jim grinned lifting Junior, bouncing him up and down receiving excited babbling in return, "So we can all have dinner, I've arranged it with Bones and the others."

"What time?" Uhura asked taking Junior from Jim as they moved towards the door.

"2000 in the officers mess," Jim told her pausing on the threshold, "I also need to speak with you and the other heads about how the consolidation of all our research and experiments are going, we don't have long before we have to hand everything over to Starfleet."

"Ok," Uhura nodded shifting Junior to her other hip, "when did you want to arrange that?"

"I have to check the schedules, but probably Wednesday," Jim said thinking over his duties and what he could remember of the department head's reports, "I'll send out memo when I know for sure."

A almost babbled 'mama' broken him from his train of thought as he's eyes fixed on Junior, a startled Uhura snapping her head around at the same moment to stare at the baby sitting on her hip. Neither spoke.

"Mama," Junior cried louder bouncing up and down in Uhura's arms.

"I.." Jim began not really sure what he could say. Junior had said his first word and he should be proud but it was definitely not what he expected.

"Oh no, no I didn't," Uhura replied her voice shaking as she took in the hurt look fold across her Captain's face, "I'm so sorry Jim I don't know how this could have happened."

"It's," Jim swallowed eyes finding the ground unable to look as his son as his heart clenched. It was true that Uhura had spent just about the same amount of time with Junior as he had, maybe even more because of his recovery in sick bay, but he never thought…

"Mama," Junior cried again this time with a little more desperation as he reached his chubby hands towards Jim.

"Um Captain," Uhura said feeling relief flood her as she held out the baby to his 'mother', "I'm pretty sure he's not referring to me."

"What?!" Jim's head snapped up finding himself with an armful of baby.

"Mama," Junior mumbled burying his face into Jim's gold shirt all thought of crying gone.

Jim's mouth opened but no sound came out, he shut it and tried again, "You can't be serious," he managed. There was no way, he had been teaching Junior to call him daddy or dada and he was sure he was making progress. No one else would have taught him otherwise except, "Spock," Jim growled under his breath knowing his husband was just sneaky enough to do it.

"Tell the bridge I'm going to be late," Jim said scolding slightly at smirk on Uhura's face, "And not a word do you hear."

"Of course Captain," Uhura grinned watching him stalk off down the corridor without a backwards glance unable to hold back the relief she felt that Junior hadn't be referring to her and the laughter at Jim's new predicament.


Spock looked up from his experiment feeling a sense of foreboding a moment before Jim stormed into the labs Junior snuggled in his arms.

"Are you not supposed to have started shift 3.48 minutes ago," Spock asked one eyebrow rising as he took in the furious accusing look on Jim's face, feeling the same reflected in the emotions seeping through their bond.

"Are you serious, what the hell were you thinking?!" Jim exploded.

"I do not know what you are referring to," Spock stated hands folding behind his back into parade rest, "Nor do I think you should be using such language in front of our son."

"He'll live, You on the other hand," Jim growled poking him the chest after adjusting Junior so he could get his hand free, "You are the only one that would teach him to call me that."

"To whom are you referring Jim?" Spock asked taking note of the curious stares of his subordinates attempting to work out why the Captain was yelling at their Commander.

"Mama," Junior inquired curiously tilting his head just so in the same manner Spock was as he attempted to work out Jim's reason for his outburst.

"This is what I'm referring to," Jim pointed to the kid on his hip, "You taught him to call me Mummy."

"I thought it was only logical.." Spock began, noticing his subordinates with smiled forming in amusement barely holding the pretense of being engrossed in their experiments.

"So you're not even denying it," Jim cut him off with a glare.

"I see no reason why I would wish to," Spock replied shifting his stance just slightly.

"Why the hell would you do that?" Jim demanded hoisting Junior up higher as he squirmed upset by Jim's raised voice.

"As you are Selek's mother it is only logical he call you as such," Spock explained simply.

"If it hasn't escaped your notice Mr Spock I am a man," Jim growled low, "Not a woman."

"I am very much aware of that fact Jim however you gave birth to him, you are his mother, gender has no standing on this fact," Spock did not change his stance nor the mild tone of his voice, "It is also logical for a child with both a mother and father to call them as such to avoid confusion."

Jim glared at him, "So you've been teaching him to call me mama in secret," he accused.

"Yes," Jim's eyes narrowed as he caught the up turned twitch of Spock's lips.

"You bastard," growled Jim jabbing his finger in Spock's face, "You think this is funny don't you."

"My parents were married at my birth as you well know Jim," Spock corrected him not denying the second half of Jim's accusation.

"Arg," Jim groaned, "You're impossible."

"Mama" Junior whined tugging at Jim's shirt, tears forming in his eyes and Jim found he just couldn't stay mad. Junior had learnt to call him first even if it wasn't the name Jim was aiming for.

"Ok, ok, I'll calm down," he said ruffling Junior's soft hair, "But you," he turned back to Spock narrowing his eyes, "Are not getting off that easily."

Spock far from looking afraid of Jim's threat raised an eyebrow, "I will endeavor to prepare myself for what ever punishment you deem appropriate."

"Yeah well you won't be so cocky when I'm through with you," Jim told him before turning on the crew behind them, all of which had decided to completely ignore their experiments in favor of stifling giggles behind hands, "And if I hear one word of this conversation repeated you're all on cleaning duty until we reach Earth," Jim pointed at them accusingly.

"Yes Captain," managed Lieutenant Trout, the others only able to nod as they watched their Captain storm from the labs baby on his hip. Spock's eyes stayed on the closed door for a moment contemplating on what Jim had planned for his punishment before he ordered his subordinates to return their attention to their experiments before he did the same.


10 months old

The enterprise had returned to Earth and the crew scattered eager to get in touch with relatives they hadn't seen in person for what felt like forever. Jim and Spock were no exception. They'd arranged transport to New Vulcan in a week to stay with Spock's parents something that Spock was greatly anticipating even if he would never admit it. Now however, after 3 days in debrief and upgrade requisitions Jim and Spock stood outside apartment 435 as promised Junior babbling random words from his stroller.

"Jimmy," gushed Winona as soon as she opened the door pulling him into a bone-crushing hug.

"Hi Mum," Jim's reply was muffled by her shoulder.

"Greetings Commander Kirk," Spock said avoiding a matching hug by placing Selek's stroller in Winona's way distracting her entirely.

"Oh is this who I think it is," she swooped in, unclasping Junior from his strolled and holding the 10 month old at arms length looking him all over, Junior stared back just as curious, "You are just the cutest little thing," she smiled pulling him close so he could sit on her hip, "Hello Chris, I'm your Grandma Winny," she tapped him on the nose lightly introducing herself. Junior blinked at her still not sure what he should make of the woman that had kidnaped him.

"What are you doing just standing there, come in come in," she scolded ushering them into the spacious apartment over looking San Francisco bay. Jim let Spock deal with the now baby-less stroller and followed his mum inside taking in the old photographs of him and Sam as teenagers hanging in the entryway. There were very few of them when they were really little, Winona basically being off planet until he was eleven. After the corvette and other events he never wished to think of Winona had finally come home and moved them out of her brothers house. She'd then tracked down Sam and they'd made a go of being a family. It was far from perfect, but eventually Sam and he had to concede that Winona was trying. Now their relationship was decent to the point where he would actually speak with his mum at least once a month when he was able and tell her the important things happening in his life.

"Would you two like anything?" She asked as they sunk into the grey couches on either side of a teak wood coffee table, next to the red and yellow sideboard and green glass dinning table.

"I'm ok for now," Jim smiled taking in the miss-matched furniture that was typical of his mother, who knew engines not décor, as she would phrase it.

"I require nothing at this moment," Spock informed her placing his hands on his lap attempting to keep his posture even as he sank into the plush cushions.

"Oh good because I have absolutely nothing in," Winona grinned plopping Junior in her lap, "I have ordered out for dinner since we all know what a wonderful cook I am."

"Indeed," Jim said in a deadpan mimicking on of Spock's typical responses for whenever he used sarcasm.

His mother of course just rolled her eyes and ignored him turning her full attention to the baby in her lap, "So how's this little one then, you seem to be feeding him alright."

"Selek is eating 3 meals a day and still consumes formula 6.4 times per day," Spock informed her.

"And he's happy to try just about anything," Jim butted in to stop Spock from listing the foods Junior eats and the percentages he eats of them.

"It seems you've taken after your Vulcan daddy," Winona sighed eyes darting to an earlier time before they rested back on Jim, "You were a very fussy baby. I had to feed you mashed carrots for 3 months because you wouldn't eat anything else."

"I find myself unsurprised by that knowledge," Spock's tips twitched just slightly catching Jim's eye.

"Hey, I'm not that bad anymore," he protested. He just knew coming here would mean he would be in the firing line.

"Na," Junior gurgled finally deciding he like this woman and her shinny hair.

"No sweetheart that's not for tugging," Winona grimaced attempting to untangle Junior's hand from her blonde grey locks.

"Just be glad he hasn't seen your ears yet," Jim chuckled moving over to his mother to help.

"What do you mean by that," she frowned finding out moments later as Junior grabbed her fleshing lob in a tight fist, "Ow, ow ow," she muttered in favour of her usual swearing as Jim managed to get Junior to let go by tickling behind his ear.

"Mama," Junior protested as Jim pulled him away and sat him on his lap out of reach of anyone else's ears.

"He's pretty strong for a baby," Winona commented rubbing at her abused ear.

"He has inherited my peoples strength," Spock said standing up and heading for the stroller pulling out a smaller bag from the under carriage, "These should keep him distracted from his fascination with ears."

"Where in the galaxies did he get that habit?" Winona asked with a grumble still rubbing her ear watching Spock set the bag of toys on the ground as Jim sat Junior down on the pock a dotted floor rug.

"I think the first thing he noticed about us was that we didn't have the same ears," Jim shrugged settling on the couch once more, "So he likes to check everyone."

"Grabbing and checking are two very different things," Winona grumbled finally dropping her hand from her reddened ear, "So he calls you Mama," her frown turned into a cheeky grin.

"Blame it on him," Jim glared at Spock. He'd hoped his mother had missed Junior's protest when she didn't comment straight away.

"Oh and why's that," she grinned looking for an explanation.

"I thought it only logical that a mother be called mother by his child," Spock replied simply from the floor as he handed Junior a plush toy with big floppy ears.

"That sounds reasonable," Winona turned her twinkling eyes on Jim, "Don't you think Jimmy darling."

"Not like I can change it, I've tired," Jim grumbled slumping further into the couch cushions, '"He's just as stubborn has his father."

"I do not think he inherited such a trait solely from me Jim," Spock eyes gleamed.

"Sure, sure," Jim murmured a small smile playing on his lips.

The ringing of the doorbell drew them from the couch and to the table, as Jim set out the plates and Winona set out the food collected from the delivery boy she seemed very familiar with. Spock left Junior contently chewing on the plushies' ear on the floor to join them at the table and the platters of vegetable and meat curries and rice. Dinner was a quiet affair as they discussed the Enterprises last few missions, Junior's growth and what they were planning on doing next interrupted only by Junior who decided he didn't want to be left out anymore.

"Help me with the dishes Jimmy," Winona announced after the last helping of green bean curry was consumed, "You stay here Spock dear."

"Um ok," Jim nodded bemused as he handed Junior to Spock so he could start collecting up the dishes.

"I heard about what happened to your nanny," Winona murmured quietly as she filled the sink with soapy water ignoring the dishwasher not 2 feet away.

"I see," Jim placed the dishes next to her before picking up the dishtowel.

"Chris sent me the report," she continued explaining picking up the first dirty plate and submerging it into the hot water, "So I know Junior was involved."

Jim just took the now clean plate from her.

"I just," She sighed picking up the next plate, "You aren't going back to the Enterprise are you?"

"We haven't decided yet," Jim replied tightly really wishing his mother wasn't trying to have this conversation with him.

"But if you do you're putting your son, my grandson in danger. You won't be able to live with yourself if anything happens," Winona told him her eyes darkening.

"I may not have to live with myself," Jim muttered dropping the dishcloth on the counter unable to look at his mother.

She froze her hands still wrapped around the plate as she stared at him furiously.

"Anything could happened mum, here or in space there is no guarantee we'll be alive tomorrow let alone years from now," he decided to speak repeating the same words he'd told himself so many times over yet still unable to justify the risk to Junior if they kept the Enterprise.

"I am aware of that but there are some thing's almost impossible to live with," His mothers voice was soft when she finally spoke, "Your father.."

"I know mum, I don't.."

"No you don't know," Winona growled low cutting him off as he had done to her, "As much as he did to save us it is of little comfort when he still left us and it isn't the dead who mourn Jim so don't let your family go through that."

"I," Jim tried finding it hard to meet her steady gaze filled with the pain of losing the man she loved.

She turned back to the sink not waiting for him to find his words, "The future might not be certain but on planet is still safer then the missions you run in space."

"I know mum," Jim sighed, "Both Spock and I have been discussing it, but we can't deny being on the Enterprise has been the best part of our lives."

"Don't make my mistakes," she added looking pointedly over her shoulder to the living room.

"I'll try not to," Jim murmured picking up the dishcloth and taking the wet plate offered to him.


The next day

"Have you got a decision for me?" Pike asked as he surveyed the two men in front of him over his desk. He would find it hard to see them go if they made the decision to leave Starfleet to raise little Christopher, nor could he imagine handing the Enterprise over to anyone else.

"We are still deliberating the best course of action," Spock informed him sitting with his usual straight posture in the uncomfortable visitor chair.

"We still have a week before we head to New Vulcan," Jim added leaning forward the chair not suited to his usual slouch, "We'll give you our decision before then."

"I should think so," Pike scolded them even if his voice was touched with sympathy knowing how excruciating the decision was for them and he was some what glad he didn't have a choice when he left the Enterprise behind.

"We thank you for your patience Admiral," Spock spoke rising from his chair.

"I don't envy your choice gentlemen," Pike managed a smile waving them off, but before Jim could rise the door shot open and Mr. Scott stopped in the doorway bending over his knees to catch his breath a pad in hand. His harried secretary could be seen over Mr. Scotts shoulder trying to apologize for the interruption but Pike waved away her concern.

"What is it Scotty?" Jim asked surprised as he jumped from his chair to offer it to the panting Scotsman.

"I had ta show ye something befor' ya could make ya decision," he panted shaking his head at the offered seat holding out the pad instead.

"We havn't made our decision yet," Jim told him taking the offered pad his eyes scanning the contents.

"This could be done in six months?" Jim asked after a long pause.

"Aye," Scotty nodded finally straightening up his breath back under control.

"You're sure," Jim questioned again a small smile playing on his lips.

"Aye definitely Captain," Scotty grinned, "It'll be some hull work but in Space dock I can do it."

"Spock," Jim held out the pad to his curious first officer who took his time to pursue the contents adding another few tense minutes in the exchange.

"I believe it is possible Captain," Spock handed the pad back a light finding it's way into his chocolate brown eyes, "And I believe it will solve our problem."

Jim grinned and finally turned to Pike holding out the pad. He took it very curious to find what it said. He read over the documents eyebrows rising with each blue print and specification.

"If you approve," Jim grinned, "I think we've made out decision."

"Consider it done," Pike returned Jim's grin taking up his stylus.


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