Junior – Part One

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Slash Kirk/Spock


Character death

Chapter 6

Entropy Effect – Part 1

(24 weeks along)

It was the last day of Jim's command until Junior was born and everyone was doing their best to making it as memorable as possible. They had even planned a surprise party after Alpha shift that he wasn't supposed to know about to wish him a happy maternity leave, even if he really wasn't actually going anywhere. Spock had also been through all the necessary reports and forms in the last week so the transition of temporary command went smoothly.

Jim was ecstatic Spock was back to his old self. They had even discussed activities Jim could do to keep him occupied during his three months of leave so he wouldn't be on the bridge bugging them all the time, instead it would only be some of the time. I mean the enterprise was his and he couldn't leave her unattended for that long without checking up now and again.

The day, however was dampened by the presence of the prisoner on board, who they had picked up from the star base on Aleph Prime two days previous. The man, Dr Georges Mordreaux had been a renowned theoretical physicist, one that Spock confessed to having great admiration for, until he had been accused of murder and unethical research on self aware beings*. It was found that he had been experimenting with time travel, and offered to send people back in time. The only problem was the device he created hadn't worked and so instead he killed his volunteers to cover its failure. This however couldn't be entirely proven, as they never found any bodies.

They were transporting him to Rehabilitation Colony seven, which was situated in the same star system as Aleph Prime, so the trip was a short one. And the sooner they arrived the better, Jim thought. He did not want a man such as he on his ship for any length of time.

Jim turned to the doors to the turbo lift swish open and Spock stepped out.

"Hey, morning Spock", Jim grinned.

"Good morning Captain," Spock replied, eye's twinkling as he moved over to his spouse, "Is everything well?"

"Of course it is. Did you finish your inspection of the science department?" Jim asked propping his chin up with his hand, resting his elbow on the arm of his chair.

"Yes, I did," Spock replied almost smiling down at Jim's expectant blue eyes, "The staff are performing admirably and the experiments are progressing well."

"Excellent, that's what I like to hear," Jim grinned, "So what else do you have to do today?"

"I must run through the calculations of the Centri anomaly," Spock informed him, "And you Captain have reports to finish before the end of shift."

"Ah," Jim replied sitting up straighter smile fading slightly, even if the gleam in his eye didn't, "I guess I'm not getting out of those then."

Spock folded his hands behind his back, "No, Captain, you are not. Yeoman Rand will be here shortly with your pad."

"Fine, fine I'll do them, but you have to give me a foot rub," Jim told him leaning back and running his hand over his rounded stomach.

Spock's eyebrows rose, "I do not see how giving you a foot massage is in anyway related to you doing your duties as Captain."

Jim grinned, "It's my last day, making me do my reports is just plain mean, so I want compensation."

"I am not being 'mean'," Spock replied, "I am merely informing you, you have reports to fill out."

Jim just looked at him, eyebrows rising slowly.

"Very well Jim, I will take the exchange," Spock sighed.

"Why thank you Mr. Spock," Jim replied face splitting into a huge triumphant grin then he reached out, "Now help me up I need the bathroom."

"Illogical," Spock muttered as he grasped Jim's hand gently, helping him to his feet as the rest of the bridge crew suppressed giggles.

"I'm allowed to be, I am pregnant you know," Jim poked, "Now back to work Commander."

Spock let out a huff as he moved back over to his station keeping an eye on Jim as he strode in the direction of the turbo lift.

The doors opened before Jim could reach them. A grey haired man welding a bulky gun stepped out sweeping his crazed gaze around the bridge.

"Mordreaux?!" Jim exclaimed stepping back in alarm hand automatically sliding over his stomach.

"MUDERER!" He screamed locking eyes with the Captain.

The seconds seemed to stretch in slow motion as the man brought his gun up, pointing it at Jim, until a deafening bang echoed around the bridge brought every thing into chaos. The bullet caught Jim in the shoulder, ripping his flesh and shattering bone, slamming him back into the railing. Blood splattered, red and dripping over the pristine panels.

"JIM!" Spock yelled jumping from his seat in answer to his spouses pained cry," Call Doctor McCoy and Security. Get a trauma unit down here now, emergency 9*"

Mordreaux, a maniacal grin on his face stepped back into the lift. Sulu launched from his seat, to give chase but could only slam into the lift doors as they shut tight.

Uhura quickly slapped the intercom replying the message without delay. Chekov sat frozen in his seat staring at the blood seeping across the floor as the other bridge members frantically tried to find out what had happened.

"Jim?" Spock asked carefully cradling his bond mate as he lowered him to the floor, "Do not summon the lift Mr. Sulu, Doctor McCoy cannot be delayed," Spock quickly ordered as Sulu reached for the door controls.

"Arrg," Jim replied clutching his wounded shoulder the other hand sliding around his stomach, "Junior, junior's ok," he grunted, " He didn't hit…"

"Doctor McCoy is on the way," Spock assured him as he laid his hand over Jim's applying pressure to the gapping wound. He could feel Jim's pain and distress flooding through their bond and opened his mind further pulling it into himself feeling it ease in Jim.

"We need to catch Mordreaux," Jim muttered trying to sit up, "He could hurt someone."

"It is being taken care of Jim, you just need to lay still," Spock told him. The risk of damaging Jim further was the only thing stopping him from carrying his bond mate to sickbay, but if McCoy took much longer he would have to take it.

"What the hell's going on?" Sulu jumped back from his guard of the doors as McCoy flung himself on to the bridge medical bag in hand skidding to his knees next to the bleeding captain, "Jim!"

"Bones," Jim whispered relieved at the Doctor's presence.

"Hey kid, your going to be just fine," McCoy said wiping out his tri-corder running it over Jim's shoulder. It showed everything he had already suspected after glancing at the wound. The bullet had entered diagonally, shattering Jim's collarbone and causing extensive ligament damage. Now it was lodged against his ribs. It was a miracle it hadn't hit anywhere that could affect Junior directly. The biggest concern at the moment was the blood loss.

"Where is the trauma unit?" Spock asked quickly, concern bleeding into his usually even voice.

"On its way," McCoy defended his team, frustrated they could not get there any quicker, " I need you to apply this to the wound," he said reaching into his bag for a white gauze compression pad, then his tri-corder beeped ominously. It showed a danger signal and McCoy immediately thought of poison, but the readings where in the wrong range*.

"What the devil…?" He had never seen anything like it before.

"Spock?!" Jim whispered in alarm clutching at his bond mate as a shimmering sliver mist clouded his vision, "Something's wrong, I can't, I can't see."

Spock grasped Jim's hand watching as the mist drowned out blue and murmured "My strength to yours, my will to yours,"* using the hypnotic technique to strengthen their connection taking all of Jim's pain and fear inside himself.

Jim felt the burning pain in his shoulder drain away as he found himself cocooned within Spock's mind. He could sense on the edge of his awareness as the trauma team burst on to the bridge and Bones started to hook him up to various devices. He felt a shadow of pain pass over him and start pulling him down, away from Spock, away from everything. He felt detached as tiny tendrils invaded his nerves seeking to destroy their delicate connections. Spock was still there clutching on to his mind refusing to let go and falling with him. Jim realized then what was happening and the only option open to him.

'I'm sorry, Adun' he whispered in his mind, then using all his remaining strength he had left, he mentally and physically shoved Spock away shattering their connection.

The force sent Spock sprawling across the deck, echo's of Jim's pain clouding his senses, preventing him from returning to his bond mate's aid.

"Bones, save junior, you have to get junior out," Jim gasped as McCoy pushed him back down and the blackness pulled him under.

"What, Jim, what do you want me to do?" McCoy asked desperately as his friend and captain lost his fight with consciousness.

"Dammit, we need to get him on the stretcher," he ordered and carefully cradling Jim's head as he was transferred.

Spock slowly came to awareness as he pushed himself to his feet and watched unable to speak as McCoy floated Jim into the turbo lift, the trauma unit keeping his body functioning.

But all Spock felt was hollow, empty. Everything, every part of him had suddenly gone numb. The ghost of Jim's mind reverberated around his, but that's all that was left. Their bond had shattered and he knew there was nothing more McCoy could do.

His Jim, his T'hy'la was dead.


Soon after McCoy and his team had left the bridge with Jim, security called in confirming Mordreaux was in his room screaming about how he never touched anyone and he'd been their the whole time when they confronted him. Security details had been posted on every deck. And every other security officer was scouring the ship for the missing weapon when a thorough search of Mordreaux room had turned up nothing.

The Search was completed and nothing found so Spock took it upon himself to question Mordreaux, and to look into the eyes of the man who murdered his Adun. The man, the doctor had been someone he had admired and believed incapable of the crimes he had been accused of. He had convinced Jim to put him in a room rather then in the brig so he would be more comfortable. This one gesture may have cost him everything.

He could hear the yelling and pounding from the end of the corridor as he drew closer to the two red shirted security officers flanking the only door reinforced with a shimmering power shield*.

Both security guards turned to acknowledge him, faces grim. Word had spread about what had happened on the bridge.

"I am here to speak with the prisoner," Spock informed then as they stood to attention.

"Of course Mr. Spock," Lieutenant Al Aluriga said moving to type in the access codes, disabling the power shield.

"Dr Mordreaux," Spock said loudly enough for the professor to hear, "please calm yourself. I am coming in to speak to you." *

The pounding and yelling stopped abruptly, "Mr. Spock, is that you? Finally a rational person, please please you have to believe me. I didn't hurt anyone."

Spock prepared himself for the worst as the door slid open to reveal the man who had killed his bond mate standing stock still in the centre of the room arms out and shaking slightly, hands visibly empty.

He turned, nodding to Al Aluriga, who hesitated then saw the look on her Commanders face. The door slid closed with a squeak.

"You have been informed of what has transpired in the last hour Doctor?" Spock questioned the man, as he surveyed the room taking in its disheveled appearance. The security team was very thorough in their search, using both scanning and physical search methods.

"Not much, your security team just came in said I'd attacked someone and started pulling the room apart, then manhandled me until they were satisfied I didn't have a weapon. I didn't do anything Mr. Spock, I swear. I haven't left this room since you put me in here," Mordreaux rambled voice rising in pitch in tune with his hysteria.

"Your assurances are hard to believe Dr Mordreaux, when I witnessed the event with my own eyes," Spock replied gaze locking with the prisoners.

The Professors next plea died in his throat, chocking him as he stumbled back horror spreading across his face. Spock's eyes once vibrant with the spark of life were dead. The crimson blood smeared across his tunic and slowly drying on his hands solidified the terrifying sight.

"I was on the bridge at my station when I witnessed you, Dr Mordreaux, exit the turbo lift and shoot my Captain in cold blood with a 2212 model slug-throwing gun*," Spock continued voice flat as he advanced on the cowering man, "You are aware Doctor that the Captain, was my life mate, are you not."

"W, was," Mordreaux stuttered, back hitting the wall, eyes wide and pleading, "I didn't. I I swear, I was here, I wouldn't. I I must have b been framed, I didn't."

"Famed?" Spock stopped studying the sniveling man in front of him, the man he had believed incapable of the crimes he had originally been accused of, "You have already been sentenced to a rehabilitation colony, the most severe penalty handed down by the federation, what purpose would anyone have to frame you?"

"Death, they wanted to kill me," Mordreaux replied as hysterical laughter bubbled from his lips tears streaming down his face, "That's all that's left is death."

Staring down at the man, Spock felt his suppressed Vulcan heritage bubbling to the surface. The part of his race so violent it was capable of wiping out its own kind, the part that would rise and tear limb from limb anything just on the mere thought of it hurting their mate. He wanted to snap the pathetic insect cowering in front of him. The thing did not deserve to live after taking the life of the one he held most dear.

"Spo-ck," Mordreaux gurgled breaking the Commander from his dark thoughts. Both his hands had found their way around the Doctor's neck lifting him off the floor.

Spock blinked as Mordreaux face started to turn purple, eyes bulging. Emotions flowed from the man through Spock's grasp. He felt only fear, and finally his rational mind took over. This man did not kill his Adun, this man could not stomach taking another's life.

He dropped the scientist to the floor in abruptly listening to his gasps for breath as the stench of urine from his soiled pants reached his nostrils.

"I apologize Professor, I cannot stay here any longer. Please take the time to calm down and clean yourself before I return," Spock intoned turning to the door hands shaking slightly. The doctor nodded mutely eyes wide as the Vulcan stepped into the corridor the door sliding shut behind him with a squeak.

Al Aluriga eyes assessed her commanding officer as she reactivated the power shield, "Did you learn anything Mr. Spock?"

"Nothing of significance," Spock replied then turned down the corridor in the direction of the bridge.

"Sir," the security officer stopped him voice grave, "Doctor McCoy called asked you to report to sickbay when you where available."

"Of course," Spock almost mumbled changing direction.


Spock stopped at a lavatory delaying his journey and watched as the cool water turned pink as it washed away the once warm crimson blood from his hands. The swirling water was hypnotizing as it made its way down the drain. He hardly noticed as drops of water dripping from his face mixed with the bloodied water until he slammed off the tap breathing heavily and the wetness continued. He had never understood human tears. Vulcan's, having evolved on a desert planet had never developed tear ducts. So the concept of water dripping from ones eyes was very much alien to them. The act of crying being connected to emotion was another enigma. Many Vulcan's had difficulty finding any logic in using the same response to express both happiness and sadness. Spock had asked Jim to explain it to him once, which had ended in his mate confusing him even more with a series of metaphors and human expression. He as a hybrid had developed both a second eye-lid that protected the eyes from the hardness of the desert light and human tear ducts. As far as he knew they had never functioned fully. Even as a child he had not cried, then his steadfast devotion to Surak's teachings had prevented him from expressing emotion in such a human way, only anger was able to break through his control.

He blinked staring at his empty expression in the small mirror embedded in the wall above the sink. The water streaming from his eyes slowed and he took a towel from the holder unfolding it slowly patting his hands dry then his face. He placed the towel on the sink and retreated from the confined space back out into the corridor. All emotion was absent from his face and pushed deep into his mind.


Spock stepped into the sickbay, the sound of the monitors around the only occupied bed pierced the silence. His eyes took in the grey curtain shielding his site from the prone figure and moved swiftly on to the rest of the room searching out the CMO. What met his sight was a grim faced Nurse Chapel stepping out of the corridor leading to McCoy's office.

"Where is Doctor McCoy?" Spock questioned her stepping further into the room.

"He's in his office," Replied the Blonde nurse glancing behind her before stepping forward allowing the door to slide shut.

"For what reason did he call me?" Spock continued clasping his hand behind his back.

"I called you Mr. Spock," Chapel replied pulling back her emotion, then continued as Spock looked at her expectantly, "We have repaired the Captain's shoulder and any internal trauma, but he was hit with a, with a Spider-web slug,*" she explained faltering in her professional façade, "It has spread through out his nervous system, there is.."

"I am well aware of the fact that the Captain is deceased, any attempt you make to keep his body alive is futile," Spock replied cutting her off abruptly, "I however wish to attain the status of our child, with the severing of the Captain's and my bond I am unable to determine if the fetus survived."

The Nurse paused taking in the ridged stance of the Vulcan in front of her. She mapped the harsh lines of his face and noted the emptiness of his previously effervescent brown eyes.

"Jim had a baby boy," McCoy answered gruffly, face a mask of grief, as he stepped out into the main sickbay startling Chapel, "39 cm and 1546 grams, hair black, eyes silver. He was a stillborn Spock, I couldn't get him out in time."

"I see.." Spock replied his eye cast downwards and his hands flexed behind his back.

"The poison in the slug had already spread through into juniors system before we got to him…" McCoy started to ramble bitterly going through all the scenarios in his head that could have saved both Jim and the baby, if he had just gotten to them sooner. But he knew once the neurophilic metallo-organic substance of the Spider-web was in the blood stream and invaded the nerves there was no way to stop it and meant the imminent death of the victim. This was the reason it was used in terrorist assassinations so often.

"I do not blame you Doctor," Spock shifted cutting him off, "You responded efficiently. It is unfortunate that our child had to die also."

"Unfortunate Spock," McCoy's grief turned to anger as his hackles rose, " You think Jim's going to think its unfortunate that your baby is dead!"

Chapel jerked back in alarm frightened by McCoy's sudden rage, tears forming in her eyes barely able to hold them back any longer in the horrible situation that was just getting worst.

"Doctor, the Captain is dead, he does not have an opinion." Spock replied eyes dark, unconcerned about the doctor's out burst, stating only fact, emotion absent.

"That beeping you hear, that, that tells me other wise," McCoy growled flinging out his arm barely missing Chapel as he jabbed his finger in the direction of the still grey curtains across the room.

"That beeping, as you put it Doctor is machine's artificially keeping James Kirk alive. As I am sure you are aware the machine's are not registering any functioning brain waves." Spock answered stonily.

"Fuck, there could be a chance, life is more then just electrical signals," McCoy shot back, desperation seeping into his voice.

"You are aware of how the web functions.." Spock asked him unmoved.

"Yes, God Dammit, I know more then you," McCoy exclaimed flinging is hands up, winding his fists into Spock's collar shaking him.

"And you are also aware how a Vulcan's marriage bond works, " Spock continued doing nothing to dislodge the Doctor from his person, ignoring the stench of bourbon on his breath.

"Yes, Dammit," McCoy growled clenching his fists tighter.

"Then you are aware of the fact that I was connected to Jim's mind as he died. Although you wish to ignore the facts Doctor the body that remains is a shell. It is no more alive then any anencephalic clone, waiting for its owner to butcher it for spare parts." *

Spock did not flinch as McCoy's clenched fist connected with his jaw, nor when Nurse Chapel's scream drowned out the harshness of the machines. He simply stood taking McCoy's abuse letting him work out his frustration using the sharp instances of pain to inform him he was still alive.

"You bastard, You fucking heartless bastard, You didn't even love him did you, You green blooded demon," McCoy ranted throwing punch after punch, connecting with a part of Spock's unmoving body each time, " Fight be back you asshole," He gasped out punches wavering.

"Leonard," Chapel managed to choked out grabbing one of the Doctors shaking arms, tears braking their dam as they flowed down her face, " Please stop it, Stop in now, he wasn't the on who did this, you didn't either, there isn't anything we can do now, please."

"Dammit," McCoy growled leaning over as he took a shaky breath, "Dammit Spock, why the hell did this happen?"

"I do not know doctor. I will however find the answer," Spock replied touching a hand to his sluggishly bleeding lip, " Now I ask you to please let Jim go. Do not prolong the travesty of life*. He would not want you to hold on, when there is nothing to hold on to Doctor."

McCoy stood up to look at Spock his body was ridged and his face, showing the beginnings of darkening bruises, was blank, but his eyes. His eyes were finally showing the first emotion since Jim was ripped from his mind. They were filled with so much deep seeded sorrow and agonizing pain. Shown only by those who had, had everything ripped away from them in one single moment, who had nothing in any sense of the word left to live for in this world.

The doctor finally nodded, moving towards the plain grey curtain pausing for a moment at its edge, "Do you want to say goodbye?" McCoy asked quietly one eye on the bed holding his oldest and dearest friend.

Spock nodded his head minutely, moving forward slowly to meet McCoy at the curtain and stepped past him into the oppressive world of the dullest grey. His eyes trailed across the rhythmically beeping instruments until they made their way to the empty figure on the bed.

Jim was lain out, his body covered up till his chin in a regulation pastel blue medical blanket, his eyes open showing only the silver cloud that had taken residence over his once shimmering blue eyes. His chest rose and fell steadily with each breath the respirator forced into his lungs. Spock knew his heart was beating but the man that lay before him was not his Jim was not the man that he had fallen in love with. Nor was he the man that was until an hour ago carrying his unborn child. That man was gone, removed from this world by a crazy lunatic with a gun.

Spock moved forward and ran his hand delicately down Jim's cheek, still warm as the blood still flowed keeping the tissue functioning and healthy regardless of the brain's capacity to do so.

"Goodbye my T'hy'la, my Jim," Spock breathed unable to spare a glance to the bassinette by the bed. A small lump interrupted the otherwise smooth blue blanket, indicating the tiny body beneath.

He stepped back out of the curtain nodding to McCoy who nodded back moving to take his place behind the curtain.

Spock closed his eyes blocking the image of the sterile sickbay and Chapel whose tears now flowed freely and silently down her face. He delved into his mind and found a fond memory of Jim's content smiling face as he stroked his rounded stomach lovingly hardly aware of the world around him. He focused on that image blocking out the sound of the monitors slowly dying bleeps as McCoy precisely and deliberately went to work*, unhindered by the alcohol in his system. He did not listen as the bleeps merged into one as they flat-lined and eventually died all together throwing the sickbay into complete silence saved for the labored breathing of the nurse and Doctor as they held back their desperate sobs.

The Vulcan opened his eyes as McCoy stepped up beside him and caught him as the Doctor crumpled, sobs racking his whole frame. Fatigue, grief and the alcohol did their work as he slipped into the blankness of sleep.

Nurse Chapel quickly ran over to them as Spock carefully lifted the defeated man up and placed him on the nearest bed. The two worked together efficiently as they removed his boots and belt making him more comfortable and covering him with a blanket.

Spock turned slightly to the silent grey curtain.

"I'll have them moved to the Cryo chamber before he wakes," Chapel replied intent on her task of carefully tucking in her college, referring to the ships morgue specially designed to preserve deceased crew members until the time that their will can be read and their body dealt with.

Spock nodded moving away from the bed, eyes returned to their empty state, "Very well, I will return to the bridge and determine the cause of this incident."

"Let me fix you up first," Chapel suggested calmly ignoring the tear streaks on her face, gesturing to his split lip and bruised cheek, as she stepped around the bed.

Spock nodded once and she led him to one of the exam rooms just off the main sick bay.

Ten minutes later Spock stepped back into the main sick bay a plan forming. He had one chance to fix this, to stop this from happening entirely. And if he succeeded the first time he truly saw his child would be alive and well and in the arms of his most treasured person.

The Vulcan first officer spared one final glance to the dull unassuming grey curtain that hid all his grief and exited the sickbay. He had a job to do and he would not fail his T'hy'la nor his child again.


The constant humming of the ships engines was unusually still. It was like its soul had been ripped from it. Able to function but empty of life. The crew moved through the stillness, going about their duties as if they were ghost. Unable to face the reality of what had happened.

As the acting captain Spock had spent the rest of the day returning the ship to a sense of order after the frantic security searches and the announced death of the captain. No one had questioned his orders or the crisp flat tone he used to relay them.

Now he sat quietly in his and Jim's quarters meditating. He needed file away the events of the day and strengthen his mind against the turmoil created by his severed marriage bond.

Their destination had not changed, nor their mission to safely transport Dr. Mordreaux to Rehabilitation Colony seven. Spock had had to ensure no attempt was made on the Doctors life after the cause of the Captains death had spread through out the ship. It was a most fortunate that the crew of the Enterprise was not only extremely loyal but also highly trained and followed orders without question when necessary.

Spock rose from his position eyes empty, refusing to take in his surrounding as all his memories of Jim threatened to overwhelm him at every reminder of his living presence that littered the rooms, from a golden commander shirt draped carelessly over the dresser and the shelf dedicated to old earth literature, to the very scent in the air mingled with Spock's own. He could not bring himself to remove any of the items from his line of sight fearing moving them would make the absence of his T'hy'la more real.

The only thing keeping him from crumbling into insanity at the loss of his bond, like so many other Vulcans who had had their life mate torn from them it such a traumatic way, was the plan he was slowly constructing from wild calculations and speculation. A plan solely depended on the co-operation of a version of the man that had murdered is Adun.

Before he could move further the door chimed, causing Spock to flinch minutely as it cut though the silence of the quarters. Slowly he moved to through the sleeping area and in to the main room to answer the door.

Nyota stood in the entrance as the door slid open, its usual squeak dulled by the oppressive atmosphere. Her face was a mask of pain as she looked into her closest friend's deadened eyes.

"Spock," She whispered in greeting stepping into the room as he stood back to grant her entrance.

"Nyota, what is your reason for visiting?" Spock queried tone flat as the door closed behind her.

"You know why I'm here," She replied stepping into his personal space and wrapping her arms around him, resting her cheek on his shoulder, "I'm so sorry Spock, I don't know what I can do, but I'm here for you what ever you need."

Spock let himself fold, allowing himself this one weakness. He took what comfort he could from the embrace, before stepping away, "I need you to ensure the ship and its crew keep performing admirably in my absence."

Noyta searched his face in confusion, "Your absence, Spock? Where are you going?"

"There is a 2.567% chance of saving Jim from his fate, and I will take it. It however means I must leave the ship for a time to reach my goal." Spock informed her mechanically, needing to tell someone he trusted his crazy plan.

Nyota's face crumbled and her voice cracked as she spoke, "Spock, Jim, the Captain is dead. There is nothing you can do to change that."

"The Captain was killed by a version of Mordreaux that is not currently the prisoner residing in containment on this ship. The man who was on the bridge at 1023 this morning therefore, when all other possibilities are removed, was a future version of the Professor," Spock replied explaining his deductions, "This means he has perfected his time travel device that he was convicted of using to kill his friends, in which case I can convince him to construct one for myself so I can return to the past and prevent his future self from killing the Captain."

"Spock?" Nyota questioned surprised and concerned over his theory, "They couldn't find any evidence of Mordreaux's device actually working. Time travel is..

"Quiet possible as we have experienced, Nyota. So it is not illogical to conclude that Dr. Mordreaux created a device that allows you to travel through time at will." Spock cut her off.

"But why would a future version of Mordreaux accuse Jim of being a murderer? Why would he just come back in time to kill him now?" She questioned not knowing if she should be convincing Spock to give the idea up or encourage him to follow it.

"I do not know, but I plan to find out, when I find him," Spock almost growled.

"Spock you can't just jump back in time and think you can fix everything, you could make things worst, destroy whole time lines. You should know that better then anyone," Nyota implored him trying to make him think about what it was he was proposing to do.

"Mordreaux has already destroyed everything this timeline could offer me," Spock replied, voice empty.

Nyota sucked in a breath at his confession, pain puncturing her already fragile heart.

"So it is only logical that I go back and attempt to fix it," Spock continued ignoring the pain he was causing his closest friend.

Nyota made her decision quickly looking up in the pale face of her the man she had loved with all her heart, taking in everything that the day had stripped away from him. Everything she could never have given him that Jim had, gone in the instant of his death, "I'll ensure the ship is still in one piece when you go and save our Captain. "

"Thank you Nyota, I will not fail in this," Spock replied the tension built from awaiting her answer sliding away.

"I know you won't Spock." She replied a small sad smile curling at the corner of her lips, "I'll make sure everyone stays out of your way while you work on the device and make sure you call me if you need any help," Nyota promised as she clasping his arm briefly before moving to the door leaving Spock to implement his plan.


"Dr. Mordreaux, I have returned to question you. Have you calmed yourself?" Spock asked stepping into Mordreaux's room.

"Mr. Spock?" Mordreaux replied timidly, standing from his chair, "Have you calmed down?"

"I have taken the time to meditate, you are in no danger from me," Spock assured him stepping further into the room.

Mordreaux let out a relieved sigh sinking back into his chair, "I'm fine for now, what else did you want to ask me Mr. Spock?"

"I wish to enquire about your experiments. I have read all your published works and reviewed your trial transcripts. So I am aware of your accomplishments, however what has not been made public is your completion of a finished time device." Spock confronted him.

Mordreaux stared at him in shock, "How do you know I completed the device?"

"I did not know, however it was a logical assumption considering the unusual circumstances that lead to your friend's disappearance. Now I know my assumption was correct." Spock informed him.

"I," Mordreaux stuttered, " what, you know I never killed my friends."

"You sent them back in time," Spock stated.

"Yes I did," Mordreaux willingly confessed, almost relieved to reveal his sins.

"May I inquire as to why you felt it prudent to use your friends as the specimens in your experiments?" Spock needed to know.

"I didn't use them as specimens Mr. Spock," Mordreaux defended, " They persuaded me to let them use it to get to the past. And without one of them the device would never have worked in the first place, he took years off my research by realizing the jumping mechanism was just a rerouted transporter matrix."

"You did not coheres them into partaking in your tests?" Spock continued his questioning.

"Haven't you ever wanted to go back, to live in a past time? A time that was you think would be better then now?" Mordreaux asked back trying to get the Vulcan to understand.

"No," Spock shook his head.

"Tell me the truth!" Mordreaux snapped rising from his chair.

"Dr. Mordreaux, as you are aware, I am a hybrid. The techniques for intercrossing highly-evolved species of different evolutionary origin were only perfected a few years before my birth. I would not exist in an earlier time."* Spock explained calmly.

Mordreaux let out a frustrated breath, "That is irrelevant, and I know you understood my question. Haven't any of your crew-mates ever expressed the desire to live in another time? Because I can assure you that virtually any human who is willing to confess their hopes and dreams will tell you of their conviction that they are out of place and belong somewhere out of reach."*

"A very romantic and nostalgic notion Professor, but I fear coming to such a general conclusion for the humanoid race is remarkably illogical for someone of your standing," Spock replied dryly.

"Fine, then you won't understand why they wanted to use my device. But you must understand that my friends were the first people who had believed in my work for a long time. I could not dangle what they wanted most in front of them and refuse to give it to them,"* Mordreaux pleaded sinking back into his seat as he clenched the arm rest to ground himself.

"You are aware in consenting to your friends wishes you have inadvertently changed the course of time," Spock informed him gravely, " And in doing so you have led to the events that have occurred today."

"I, that's, I didn't," Mordreaux stuttered trying to wrapping his mind around Spock's accusation, "I took into consideration the historical factors when I sent them back. They went so far back that any alteration to the timeline is minimal."

"It does not matter how far you have sent them back. In using your device you have allowed the potential for it to be used again. You your self, have come back into the past to murder my captain, for reasons I do not yet understand," Spock almost growled, but composed himself, before he allowed the anger to consume him.

Mordreaux gripped his chair arm tighter trying to hide his trembling at Spock's tone and what the truth could reveal, "I know Mr. Spock, I did it I know sometime in the future I will utilize my device to return to this time to kill your captain. I do not know why either."

"You are also aware that if I choose to kill you now, you could not kill my Adun in the future," Spock continued calmer, even through the underlying threat in his voice.

Mordreaux scooted his chair back in fear, "You do not need to do that Mr. Spock. Perhaps even just having this conversation could prevent me from my actions."

"Perhaps," Spock murmured closing his eyes. His memories remained the same, and Jim Kirk remained dead.

"The only other option is a simple one," Spock continued on.

"And what would that be?" Mordreaux questioned warily rising slowly from his chair to allow himself a more defensive position, not that he thought it would help much.

"You may not be aware of the fact, as the federation authorities chose to keep the particulars away from the public, that this ship has been in events that have disrupted the future of our civilization. Due to the severity of the disruption we were unable to prevent the catastrophic consequences this led too," Spock explained, " In this case, however, its severity is not beyond our capacity to correct and therefore our responsibility to repair the damage to the continuum before the suffering of further consequences can occur."

Mordreaux relaxed slightly but it not back down from his defensive stance as he studied Spock's still form, "You want to prevent my future self from killing Jim Kirk?"*

"That would be the effect yes," Spock replied finding it unnecessary to explain his motives.

Mordreaux took a steadying breath and sunk into his seat, "I admit, the thought of myself, even a future version killing anyone is…"

"Then we must work together to correct this," Spock urged him.

"You must promise me one thing before I help you Mr. Spock," Mordreaux insisted, " You must promise not to prevent my friends from going back. I owe them that much."

Spock had to pause at the request. While his main goal was to prevent Jim's death, the overall goal would be to repair the time space continuum. The results of the Narada's time jump was enough to convince him that any change in the continuum could cause catastrophic events that affected the entirety of the universe. And in turn needed to be fixed before those events could occur.

"I will make a compromise," Spock decided, " I will reserve the right to convince you to abandon your experiments, if I must travel that far back, before these events become possible. For your sake as well as my own."

"You would try and convince me to give up my life's work. To give up on everything I have spent my entire life trying to achieve. I do not think that likely Mr. Spock," Mordreaux exclaimed.

"Then you have nothing to fear from the compromise," Spock argued.

Mordreaux continued to study Spock's pale emotionless face searching for any opening and finding none, " I'm sorry Mr. Spock but I can't let you do that. I need you to promise me this one thing or I won't help you."

Spock studied the man, hands clenched behind his back. And found he had little choice but to give in to the request. Even with the rage slowly building once again, he could not bring himself to taint himself further by taking the man's life. And knowing it would compromise everything he believed and feared about time travel.

"Very well. You have my word not to make any attempt to stop your friends from going back in time," He promised after a deep breath.

Mordreaux nodded, "Even after today, I trust you to keep your word. I'll show you my designs."

The doctor turned to the computer console on the desk and turned it on motioning for Spock to come closer. The Acting Captain of the Enterprise took a deep breath and moved to stand next to the man who would in the future murder his bond mate.

"I value your trust, sir."


It took Spock half an hour to review Mordreaux's reconstructed plans and another 4 to construct the device itself. It came down to Nyota to discreetly acquire all the various parts and deliver them to his person to complete it. The task however was made easier with the ship being in its sleep cycle and only having a skeleton crew manning each station. The security detail, curious about the learned quickly that questioning their superior officer's actions were not welcome.

"Is it done Spock?" Nyota questioned standing to one side of the table scattered with a variety of tools and dismantled devices, wires sticking out in a multiple of colours.

"It is," Spock replied stepping back from the tables with a palm sized rectangular mechanism in his hand. Its face sported a simple keypad of 5 buttons and 2 dials and a screen, currently blank.

Nyota took it carefully from his hand and using the straps conveniently attached to its sides, secured it to his wrist, "Is this really going to work?"

"The accuracy won't be as good without the derucks drive, but Mr. Spock's addition of the biometric scanner should allow him to hone in on my bio signature around the time plotted," Mordreaux explained picking up a small electronic tool from the table. He moved around it to adjust a small calibration on the device.

Spock watched him curiously as he held out is wrist for the professor.

"It better work, or Scotty is going to have our heads for what we did to the transporter," Nyota continued eyes roaming over the dismembered components she had, had to borrow from the main transporter.

"If I succeed then there will be no need to ask for his forgiveness," Spock replied pulling his hand away and adjusting the large strap.

"I still can't believe such a small device could transport you through all of time and space," Nyota said in wonder.

"To perform such a task it is surprisingly simple to comprehend. I find what is most fascinating about it is the fact no one has stumbled across its design sooner," Spock commented setting the dials to the correct time.

"Perhaps they have Mr. Spock, but perhaps they also chose to be less public about it," Mordreaux replied a little regretfully.

"That maybe the case," Spock replied looking up from his wrist his hand wavering over the power switch, "I am ready."

"You must remember the further you go back the more power the device will use, which means the less time you are able to spend in that time. Once the power reaches critical it will automatically pull you back into your original time," Mordreaux explained pointing out the softly glowing blue bar filling up the bottom of the little screen.

"You have already explained," Spock snapped impatiently.

"I know," Mordreaux replied affronted, "It's just crucial that you don't lose it, because you'll be stuck in what ever time you have landed if it comes back on its own."

"I am aware of that, I have no intention of removing it from my wrist," Spock continued tone flat once more.

"Go ok, so your set to go back a week from now, to Alpha Prime," Mordreaux asked again nerves showing.

"Yes," Spock answered shortly.

"Good luck, I know you'll bring him back to us," Nyota stepped in running a soothing hand down Spock's arm.

"Thank you Nyota, I will not fail,"

"I know you won't," She smiled sadly.

Spock, focusing on the glint of hope blossoming in her eyes pressed the button and everything swirled to black.


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