Chapter 16- Final Chapter—10 years later

Ziva and Tony certainly had there hands full even though they still had a whole life ahead of them. But they were both extremely happy. Once the twins turned 3 years old Ziva decided too stop working at NCIS and become a stay at home mom. Her and Tony had 2 more kids Jethro Timothy Anthony Dinozzo 'JT'. Tony really wanted too name him Anthony the 3rd but of course Ziva refused. JT was 7 years old now and very much like his father look and all sandy brown hair with those bright green eyes except he had Ziva's skin tone that olive color that Tony loved. There youngest is 3 year old Taliah Rebekah Shannon Dinozzo, named after Ziva's sister and Gibbs first wife who will always be his first love. Adam was now 20 years old. Still in college at Ohio State but gonna be a field agent soon along side with Tony who was now Senior Field Agent after Gibbs retired.

Gibbs married Dr. Samantha Ryan and helped her raise her son and the 2 of them adopted a child named Anna whose parents were killed while in the Army. Anna's 11 years older and good friends with Maya and Sara.

McGee and Abby married 3 years after the twins birth 2 months before JT was born and the 2 of them have a son named Lucas Jackson McGee who is 5 year old know and a complete geek like his father. Abby and Tim still both work at NCIS. Jimmy and Breena married and moved away after Ducky passed away because it was too painful for Jimmy too be around. Ducky passed away surrounded by family at the age of 88 becoming sick of the flu which took him all too soon.

Ziva never picture life like this but maybe that's life maybe you can't dream and wish for what will happen and you just go out there and live your life and see what will happen.


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