I've been promising this story for a while now. I have most of chapter one written, so you can expect that in early March. But for now here's the prologue.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Matilda, or any other book I might possible reference in this. Just so you know…

Prologue: Miss Honey

At nine, Harry Potter was convinced that Jennifer Honey was the best person in the world. He had entered her class at the tender age of five. She had been the first person that didn't flinch at the sight of him…he'd been enthralled ever since.

Even after he'd reluctantly moved on to the next grade, he continued to help her out whenever he could.


A Tuesday is when our story actually begins. We find our nine year old hero, who is blissfully unaware of the troubles he will face in a little under two years, helping Miss Honey clean the black boards.

"Oh Harry," she said. "You don't have to help; why don't you go out and enjoy the sunshine with the other children?"
Harry sighed. "Dudley has all the other kids running away at the sight of me…besides, I enjoy helping you." He turned his back on her quickly, to avoid showing the blush he was sure was adorning his face. If he were to admit it to himself, he had quite a crush on her; the thought in its self was both embarrassing and terrifying.
"Do you want me to go talk with his parents?" she inquired. Harry turned, all blush draining from his face, horrified. "Never mind then," she muttered. There was a small awkward silence before Miss Honey said,

"Did I tell you about my brilliant new student? She, forgive me for saying this, but she might very well be smarter than you were at her age! I was sure she would be happy in an upper class, but when I went to auntie* about it she refused."

Delighted for the subject change, for his home life was always a bit touchy*, and not the least bit upset, Harry hummed in sympathy. "I expect she threw a fit about it too, huh?" Miss Honey sighed and nodded. "So what's her name?" he asked curiously. Miss Honey smiled warmly, and said, "Matilda." Though he was completely unaware of it at the time, Harry would soon earn a lifetime friend out of that little five year old girl he had yet to meet.

Prologue end.

It's short, I know. But it's just the prologue. Tell me what you think!

*1: He knows about the Truchbull being Miss Honey's aunt.

*2: Yes, I'm implying abuse, but we already knew about it…she does not know about the cupboard.