This parody story, which is a very short one-shot, is based on a "Stanley Steemer" commercial. I recommend watching it on YouTube before reading this story, though.

DISCLAIMER: Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo are both owned by Hanna-Barbera.

Yogi and Boo-Boo had been sent out of Jellystone Park by Ranger Smith months ago for doing what Yogi likes best: food stealing. They looked everywhere for a job to get some money for weeks. Eventually, they did get a carpet cleaners. This was only because, for some odd reason, Boo-Boo seemed interested in carpet cleaning. As for Yogi...well, let's just say he'd prefer taste testing.

Then one day, job quitting finally came for them. The two bears were driving in an SUV around the suburbs that day, on their way to a house that needed carpet cleaning.

"You know, Boob," said Yogi, "I always thought a job as a fine chef would do for me. But this is worse than Jellystone Park. Sheesh! I just wish I'd see a waffle iron around here."

"But Yogi," said Boo-Boo, "This is the job that I wanted, and besides, if you were a chef, you'd probably eat everything before..."

Suddenly, he stopped his sentence, as he saw a rolled up carpet, now filled with permanent stains, on top of three trash cans.

"NO!" he shouted. Yogi puts his foot (or is it a paw?) on the brakes and stops the car, and then Boo-Boo gets out of the car and rushes to the carpet. "WHY? I could've saved this one! I COULD'VE SAVED THIS ONE!"

At this, he began to cry, likely staining the carpet once more.

"It just doesn't get any easier," he said in between sobs, "Just take me too! Just throw me out! Don't look at me, Yogi!"

Yogi pulls the rear view mirror down, which covered his eyes.

"This isn't supposed to end this way," said Boo-Boo, still sobbing, as he begins to lift up the carpet, which was quite heavy. "You don't deserve this. It's gonna be alright."

He walks over a bit further to the SUV, still with the carpet in his hands. "You're all a part of this!" Finally, he gets down on his little knees and looks up to the sky for a second, then shouts "You're all witnesses!" Then he stands up, still sobbing, and doesn't go to the truck, but instead begins to stroll forward around the suburbs with the heavy, stained carpet, leaving Yogi behind.

"It's heavier than it looks!" complained Boo-Boo, as he continues to walk. Eventually, he is least from Yogi, who of course was still in the truck, wondering what had just happened. He then shuts the still open right door and drives off.

Long story short, that was their last day of carpet cleaning!

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