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Chapter 1

"Testing 1, 2, 3" - Someone speaking Italian

"Testing 1, 2, 3" - Someone speaking Japanese

Testing 1, 2, 3 - Someone's thoughts


In a small room, inside an old abandoned warehouse, a little girl with brown hair, around the age of ten, just regained consciousness. Her clothes were wrinkled and dirty, torn in some parts, revealing bruises and scratches.

Where am I?

Pain started to seep just as she regained her senses. The pain was so agonizing that she would cry out in pain if it weren't for the black tape covering her mouth securely. Both her wrists, as well as her ankles, were tied together very tightly and that didn't seem to be the only reason for her discomfort. A piece dark cloth seemed to obstruct her visions.

She couldn't see much of anything through the blindfold, but that didn't mean her other senses was blocked, too. Through her ears she could still hear voices. There were two or three men in that same room with her, probably somewhere across the room from where she was lying down. Foul air surrounded her, irritating her nose. A distinct smell of nicotine mixed with cheap perfume lingered in the air.

The girl tried hard to remember of the incident that put her into a situation like this. Even after she thought long and hard, there was nothing she could remember. Not just what she had been doing before she lost consciousness, but also all of her memories. She had no recollection of her age, birthday, home or parents. The only thing she knew was that her name was Tsunahime and that was it.

Suddenly, she heard someone stood up. He started walking and with every step he took got louder, Tsuna could only hope he wasn't going into her direction.

Her chest tightened as she felt her pulse going faster and faster from the adrenaline pumping through her vein. Fear overwhelmed her as she trembled.

She felt a bit relieved when the footsteps stopped, but that moment didn't last long

"Hey kid, are you awake?" He said in a low and hoarse voice.

What is he saying? She didn't understand a word he said. All of them seemed foreign to her. Somewhere deep down, she felt that something bad would happen if she didn't answer. It felt like her intuition was warning her, but her body just refused to move.

"Tch, damn brat," The man stated and kicked her right in the stomach, sending her flying and hitting her back to a wall before meeting the cold, hard ground once again.

The impact loosened the blindfolds and in response to the harsh movement, she tried to cough up blood, but the tape covering her mouth prevented her from doing so. She could only make out a small growl-like sound from her throat. Blood oozed out slowly from behind the tape and trickled down her chin.

The other two men stood up, surprised by his action

"Hey! You're going to get us into trouble!" One complained.

"Yeah! They told us not to harm her," The other agreed

"Hmph, what do they even want with the brat? She doesn't look much special to me." He said.

The man soon returned back to his seat, although Tsuna didn't pay much attention to it. She regarded the pain she received of more importance. Slowly a headache started to appear. It was just a matter of time before she loses consciousness once more.

Just as she started to give in to the pain, the door to the room was opened harshly, making a loud bang noise with it.

"Freeze! We've got you surrounded!"

Tsuna could barely make out the sight of men in similar uniforms coming inside the room before everything turned black.


Busy, that was the one word that described the central police headquarters perfectly. Over the last few days, the number of crimes had increased by a long shot. Robbery, murder, theft and many other cases of felony had been reported from every parts of the city.

No one in the headquarters was spared from the hectic work, not even Gabriele Vivaldo, the senior inspector. Being an inspector, he was given a private office to be able to work in private without any disturbance. Yet, even with the privilege he got, it didn't lessen his workload.

Inspector Vivaldo was currently working on a case, and a hard one it is. Under the direct orders of the chief, he was to track down a rogue mafia family under the name of Vischio. Through hard work and research, he finally got a lead. Just two days ago, he had managed to capture three of their subordinates.

True, they mignt not have much of an importance to the family, but this was still a huge step to the downfall of Vischio. Certainly, this arrest was terrific, but they had also brought a problem with them, in the form of a young girl.

Within normal circumstances, the kidnapped child will be given medical attention to and returned to their family as soon as possible. If they were thought to have information needed for the police, the family would be ordered to cooperate with them to the best of their capabilities.

Sadly, the girl's conditions were different. The three men, who were found with her, denied that they were the ones to kidnap her. Their order was to look out for the girl. Further instruction, they said, would have been given the next day. Even an idiot could understand that they were planning something for her.

Identity of the girl was immediately searched, but they only had little work on as the girl didn't have personal belongings. To make matters worse, the girl had went into coma due to head trauma.

The inspector rechecked her files. Only general physical knowledge was clear about her. By the looks of it, she seemed to be a Japanese girl around the age of 9-11.

Knock! Knock!

His attention was instantly diverted to the door. "Come in," calmly, he said.

It was soon opened, revealing one of the inspector's subordinates, one he had instructed to give him details of the girl's state.

"Sir, I'm here to inform you that the girl had awoken," His tone was polite and clear at the same time

"I see, then quickly question her for any personal details. Also, don't forget to ask her for any particular information regarding her kidnappers and her relation to the mafia, if there is any."

At the command, the subordinate seemed to have become nervous, before replying, "I-I have already done that actually, sir"

Vivaldo waited for him to continue, but he has not looked up from the floor since his command. Did he think he was going to be punished?

"Well? What are you waiting for? Give me a full report of what happened."

"A-ah yes!" He looked up, cleared his throat before continuing. "During the questioning, we have found out that the girl does not speak Italian. Therefore, an interpreter was called in. It seems that she can only understand Japanese. On more questioning, we have also found out that she seemed to have suffered from amnesia. Consequently, the only information we could get out from her was that her given name is Tsunahime."

Amnesia, huh? Now things have gotten from worse to worst. He had seen many cases involving memory losses before. The best way to treat them, in his opinion, is to let the patient lead his everyday normal live as he did before. Nostalgia usually helped their ability to remember the best.

"Okay," he nodded in understatement. "Continue to monitor over her progress in healing. Report back to me as soon as anything important happens."

"Yes, sir!" He saluted him quickly before heading towards the door to leave.

"And…" Vivaldo proceeded, stopping him just as he was about to leave the room.

"Yes?" He said, wondering what his superior was going to say.

He glanced at his desk where a framed picture of him and another person together was placed.

I guess I should ask for his help. Considering that he is Japanese, this should be the best option.

"Contact Hibari Kyousuke, the Japanese policeman. I have something of urgency to be discussed with him."

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