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Rory's wish

February 2012

The Anderson residence is completely quiet as Kurt and Blaine change in Blaine's room. The silence is heavy and as exhausted as it is soothing. So much has happened this week and there's so much to say. Maybe that's why they both keep their mouths shut. The rollercoaster of emotions they've all been on has taken its toll and after the constant noise of sorrow, worry and joy; it's nice and simpler to have a bit of peace.

They make a quick but efficient work of putting their tuxes on but Blaine's surprised when he's the first to finish. He's usually much slower than his boyfriend. Not that Kurt isn't thorough and deeply concerned about his appearance, he's simply quicker and more self-assured than Blaine.

He makes sure his cufflinks are in place and fixes his attention on Kurt. The sight of him struggling with his pink bo- tie brings so many emotions to the surface, Blaine has to swallow. He feels happy. He knows it's odd to feel that way after the week they've just had but it's hard to feel anything else when he's with Kurt. It's not that he's incapable of feeling anything but happy, it's just always there in the background, making him grounded. He's happy because he has Kurt and sometimes it seems that it's all he needs. He feels happy because they've just won regionals with one of their best performances yet. He feels happy because despite their flaws and their continual drama, New Directions are good people and he knows he'll have them in his life for a while. He feels happy because two years ago the idea of having a boy in his room was so inconceivable; it often made him laugh humorlessly.

However, Blaine can't just forget what happened a few days ago and what was about to happen. The shock of it all made the events hard to process. He knows Kurt was agonizing over what happened to David; feeling guilty and helpless. It's been difficult to watch from afar, wanting to help Kurt but not really knowing how. Blaine feels positively awful for David but he wishes Kurt would have come to him with his worries. It had hurt more than he would like to admit seeing Kurt confide in the God Squad instead of him. He's let it go, knowing that sometimes he can't be all that Kurt needs but it still nags him from time to time.

He knows Kurt went to visit David and Blaine's relieved to see that it elevated some of the tension from his shoulders. He's not worried about their friendship. Blaine is sure of Kurt, sure of their love and it would take more for him to start worrying. The big hug he received as soon as he opened the door forty-five minutes ago helped a lot.

David is only one issue. Blaine knows the impending wedding, for which they are getting ready, is causing Kurt's finger to shake and his brow to furrow anxiously. He makes his way to his boyfriend and pushes his hands out of the way. It's a testimony to the current situation that Kurt doesn't even protest at his high-handedness. Blaine takes hold of the cloth and makes a tsking noise.

"What did the bow-tie ever do to you?" he teases as he expertly starts to knot it. He gets distracted as Kurt shuffles closer and warps an arm around his waist. Their eyes lock and Blaine's heart swells at the warmth and tenderness in Kurt's eyes. They do look sad and aggravated, too but that's just a thin veil.

"It's being unreasonably unhelpful," Kurt mumbles and Blaine's heart squeezes sweetly. Poor heart, Blaine thinks with a private smile. Leave it to Kurt to be witty in every situation.

"It's just a tie," Blaine says softly as he finishes. "You usually have very dexterous and deft fingers," he adds provocatively before leaning over and nuzzling Kurt's neck. He doesn't need to see Kurt's blush to know it's there; he can feel its warmth against his own cheeks.

"We have a huge mistake to get to. Now is not the time to hit on me, Mr. Anderson."

"Oh, Mr. Hummel… It's always the time for that," Blaine breathes before bringing their mouths together. As per usual, he forgets time and space and focuses only on Kurt. His soft, firm and warm lips. His strong and yet gentle embrace. His long, powerful and graceful legs trapped between his own. It's just all too enchanting and Blaine has the ridiculous thought that if people could see them together, no one would ever use dangerous and harmful three-letter words.

The kiss ends slowly with a final delicious peck but neither of them moves away. They stay close, hugging and reveling in the possibility of this moment. Time's running out, however and they have to let go of each other. The embrace seems to have helped Kurt because his eyes look less sad and weary. Blaine feels his own spirit lift at the sight of the flush in Kurt's cheeks and the twinkling ocean blue of his eyes.

"They'll be all right," Blaine can't help but say. He doesn't need to specify who he's talking about. Kurt nods but he almost looks miserable again so Blaine brings one of his hands to the nape of Kurt's neck and he applies just enough pressure to bring their mouths back together. Kurt's lips slide lusciously against his own; they're soft and eager and Blaine can smell that unique Kurt scent and it drives him half mad. His breathing is suddenly ragged and he can feel Kurt's warm hand inside his jacket, clutching the fabric of his shirt just above his heart.

Blaine breaks free of the kiss with an agonized groan. He knows there's no time but he's two seconds away from saying to hell with Finn and Rachel and enjoying all the advantages an available, eager and gorgeous boyfriend and an empty house have to offer. He leans his forehead against Kurt and concentrates on bringing his breathing back to normal. Not an easy fit when his heart seems to be keen on bursting out of his ribcage.

His eyes still close; he sends a quick prayer of thanks. To whom, he's not really sure. He just feels tremendously grateful for Kurt and for moments like this when happiness is so acute, it almost becomes a burden. It's scary as hell but he loves it.

"Thank you," Kurt breathes while nuzzling his cheeks.

Blaine knows he's grateful for the distraction so he squeezes him a bit closer.

"And not just for now, but for being there this week and letting me deal with all this like I needed to," Kurt says. The words are so unexpected and dear, Blaine feels tears welling up in his throat.

"Love you."

"Love you, too," Kurt replies simply and it's enough to make everything else look okay.

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