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Sugar's wish

December 2013

Kurt shifts his heavy overnight bag on his shoulder and holds his phone a bit tighter, all the while he tries not to tell Rachel that she's being completely ridiculous. Not that it's not the case; she is ridiculous and it's not as if Kurt doesn't usually enjoy her antics. However it wouldn't help the conversation along and he doesn't have time for any more of this nonsense. It's his night with Blaine and Rachel (who has been informed of this) should know better than to drag the conversation. Especially over a topic that is as old as it is boring.

"Rachel. Say yes. Go out with David. It's obvious you want to."

"But Finn…," her protest dies before it is fully formed. Kurt frowns and tries not to feel wretched over the whole affair. He wants Finn to be happy and he obviously wants his best friend to be happy as well but it seems that since Quinn's car crash and the wedding that never was, they couldn't be happy together.


"I know. I know. Moving on. New York. New experiences. Stardom," she says it resignedly. "I'll go out with stupid David."

"That's the spirit," Kurt drawls with no small amount of sarcasm.

Her voice gentles as she wishes him a great evening. "Give a kiss to Blaine for me."

"Will do."

He hangs up and fishes his keys out of his coat pockets. He loves the fact that Blaine made a set of keys for him as soon as he moved to New York. Kurt had been carrying Blaine's doubles for his own apartment for a week, not really knowing if it was the right thing to do, when Blaine presented him with the set of keys. It's really no wonder the boy owns his heart.

He lets himself in and tries not to feel too disappointed when Blaine isn't here to welcome him.

"Finchel drama. Again," he announces to the empty living room. He likes Blaine's apartment. It's not too big, not too far from his own place and it's so well furnished, it was sometimes hard to leave.

He hears someone shuffle behind him and turns around with a smile only to be surprised.

"Oh no! Not Finchel drama! Not again!" Cooper Anderson teases as he comes to Kurt. They hug and Kurt realizes he has missed the goof ball. Coop lives in Florida with his girlfriend Blair and they don't get to see him much. He's another gorgeous specimen of the male species with his clear, playful blue eyes and his dark silky hair. Kurt often thinks that it's a good thing the Andersons only reproduced twice. Gaga knows what kind of trouble a few more would have generated.

They sit on the couch and exchange teasing banter as they wait for Blaine to appear. When he does, he's dressed in dark jeans with a blue shirt under a red sweater. His hair, however, is still damp and wild (just as Kurt loves it) from the shower he just took and he's still holding the customary bow-tie in his hands.

He sees Kurt and his smile is almost blinding.

"Sorry, I'm running a bit late," he says bending over the couch for a quick but sweet smooch. "What is it I hear about Finchel drama?"

"It never ends," Kurt replies. He moves a bit on the couch to make some space for his boyfriend. With their busy schedules and their homework and the whole letting Blaine adapt to life in New York, It's harder than he thought it would be to see each other more than once or twice a week. They haven't seen each other in three days and the proximity of their bodies is like a balm on Kurt's soul. After a year apart, three days shouldn't feel like a struggle but there he is, basking in Blaine's warmth as if it is the elixir of life.

A chorus of bips interrupts their conversation. Blaine and Kurt both take a hold of their phones and almost instantly laugh. They've both received a picture from Sugar. She's with Brittany and a couple of girls Kurt doesn't know. They're queuing in front of a cinema theater in Los Angeles, a huge poster of Sarah Jessica Parker behind them.

Blaine shakes his head in amusement. "I forgot about that."

"I heard the rumour that her father actually financed the movie," Kurt says, eyes wide with laughter.

"Do you doubt it?" Blaine raises his eyebrows.

"Absolutely not!"

They laugh and Coop clears his throat rather more loudly than is necessary. Blaine turns his attention to his brother with a roll of his beautiful eyes.

"So, dear brother o' mine, what are you doing in New York? I mean, besides ruining my date night."

"Isn't that reason enough?"

Blaine's eyes narrow but Kurt knows it's more for show than anything else. Cooper smirks as his little brother enters the eternal dance of brotherly banter and mockery.

"It's not that I don't appreciate the unannounced visit and the cloud of overpriced perfume that comes with it but don't you think it's time to share the details?"

"You know what? For that tone, you can go to sleep uninformed… Not that much sleep will be involved tonight," Cooper says with a sniffle. He then proceeds to switch on the TV and ignore the blushing couple next to him.

"My 30 year-old brother, Ladies and Gentlemen," Blaine shoots.

"You're a pest."

Kurt watches them bicker with a fond smile. He feels the urge to send a quick text to his own infuriating brother. Finn must know about the Rachel/David date and he must be pretending not to brood in his small college room. Kurt does send the text; promising to drop by tomorrow after class.

"Kurt! Some help, here," Blaine pleads. Kurt is tempted, how could he not be with those puppy eyes staring into his soul but he knows better.

He snorts. "Not getting involved seems like the sensible choice, here."

"You can't claim to be sensible and date Frodo the idiot over here," Coop remarks innocently. It's really hard not to laugh at Blaine's baleful glare.

"He may be a hobbit but he's a lovely one," Kurt counters with a smirk. Blaine looks as if he's not sure how to take Kurt's comment. After a few seconds of struggle, he smartly decides to move on and turns back to his brother. Cooper feigns ignorance and focus on sending a text.

"Fine. Be like that. I'll just call Blair," Blaine wiggles his eyebrow in triumph. It is a sight to behold, Kurt thinks with a private smile.

"Already sent her a text," Cooper says, shaking his phone in front of Blaine's frowning face. "She is not to disclose anything without my permission," he shrugs before pocketing his phone and Kurt has to admit it's well played.

He has a fair idea of what's going on. Blair and Cooper have been together for three years, living together for two and Cooper traveled all the way from Florida to see Blaine. It doesn't take a genius to guess what Cooper came here to announce.

It seems that Blaine has finally put two and two together because his eyes suddenly widen and his mouth falls open.

He has to clear his throat before speaking and Kurt's heart squeezes. "Oh," Blaine says feebly, his eyes looking suspiciously wet. Cooper doesn't look playful anymore; a tentative and joyous smile crossing his face. "When?" Blaine asks after a pause.

Cooper grins fully. "When did I propose or when is the wedding?"

Blaine grabs his brother's shoulder and pulls him into a tight embrace.

Kurt's throat is suddenly dry and with tears in his own eyes, he decides to offer them some privacy. He goes to the small kitchen and starts making some tea. The water is just boiling when he feels a pair of strong and lovely arms wrap around him from behind. He instantly relaxes into them and let his arms rest above Blaine's.

"You didn't have to leave," Blaine whispers. His breath is hot against Kurt's neck and it sends a ripple of sensations down Kurt's spine.

"I know," he reassures.

"My brother is getting married," Blaine grins against Kurt's skins. There's wonder and laughter in his voice, causing warmth to spread in Kurt's chest.

"I know," he squeezes his boyfriend's hands.

"I'm happy," Blaine says as if it's not the most obvious thing in the world.

Kurt smiles. "I know, sweetheart. I know."

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