For a moment June couldn't speak. He had really just called her 'mom'

"Are you okay?" he asked

"Yes, I'm fine" June replied hugging Raf "I'm just happy…"

"Happy birthday, mom"

"How did you know about that?" June asked looking Raf in the eye

"I wanted to know, so I asked Jack" he replied

A few days later Jack had told his mother about what was going on and that he and Arcee were taking Raf to school that day and then Bee was going to pick him up.

"Are you sure he'll be safe, Jack?" June asked in concern she honestly didn't like the idea of allowing her baby to ride on a motorcycle, but this was no ordinary motorcycle

"We won't be going very fast and you know Arcee will help me keep Raf safe"

"Okay, Jack, I just don't want to see either of you in the ER" June said sternly as Jack opened the garage door

"Arcee, please keep my boys safe"

"Don't worry June, I promise I will keep them safe" Arcee said her tone reassured June that Arcee would do everything in her power to keep Raf and Jack safe.

"Okay, I trust you Arcee" June left the garage and Rafael soon came out a confused that he hadn't heard from Bumblebee.

"Jack, do you know where Bee is?" Raf asked "he usually calls me by now"

Jack said nothing just passed Raf a helmet

"Really…" Raf's face lit up realizing what this meant

"Really, so put on the helmet, you're not getting on until it's secure" Arcee said

Raf secured the helmet and they went on their way

They arrived at school and went their separate ways for class.

"Looks like you're taking the big brother role to heart" Sierra said "It was sweet of you to bring him to school like that"

"You think so?"

"Yeah, he's not related to you but you treat him like he is, it… it's nice to see. A lot of guys around here wouldn't do that"

"Raf's had enough bad, he needs good for a change, and maybe DNA says he isn't related to me but everything else says he is" Jack shrugged "and if he wants to ride with me once in a while, he's family, and I can't say no to family"

Sierra left and Jack sighed

"You know that's the exact reason Arachnid came after him" Arcee's voice rang in his Bluetooth

"She won't get her oily claws on him not as long as I breathe and you function"

"Got that right partner, I'll be here when you get out"

"See you then"

With that an unspoken new protection pact was formed. Arcee and Jack would insure that Rafael was safe from those that would do him harm especially those that wished to do so to hurt them.

The End