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This: is Talking

This: is Thinking

This: is Attack name/ Bijuu talking/ Summon talking

This: It Bijuu thinking/ Kais talking to mortals mentally

Ch. 1 Goku meets Naruto

Bardock revives his sentence. An eternity in Hell. However before he leaves he has something to say, "King Yemma," Bardock says, "I want to make a wager with you."

"A bet?" He asked. His eyebrow cocked in curiosity. Not many people knew this, but he was a betting man. So he listened.

"Yes. If I win, I get to live again, and I get to choose which planet."

"And if I win?"

"Then I loose my privilege of having a body, and wonder Hell as a soul for all eternity."

"Alright, what is it."

"I say in less than twenty years this universe and another will come together and Earth will be the planet that causes it."

He thought about it for a minuet. "There is no way he could be right. ?This'll be easy" He chuckled.

"Alright Bardock, you have yourself a bet." They shock hands. Or well...Bardock shock the big guy's pinky,

"I'll see you in nineteen years." The Saiyan said with a confident smirk on his lips.

Nineteen years later, Chi-Chi was pregnant with the son of Son Goku. They were both excited about the coming of their first child. Goku was doing all the hard chores she always did to keep her off her feet. Though she still cooked. She was way better than him in that department. Plus she cleaned better too.

And in another universe Kushina was also with child, with the son of Konoha's Yellow Flash, Namakazi Minato. And despite the fact that he was the Hokage and had many things to do. He always made time for his beautiful wife.

Both children were due on the same date though. And that was October 10th.

It was the day that both boys were due and in the the universe of that held the iconic Dragon balls. When a man from the Ninja world came to the Son home. He was trapped in their world for some time, and heard of seven magic orbs that could grant any wish.

He had six of the seven, and all he needed was the four ball. Which was why he was there. The shinobi of the Leaf knocked on the door. "I'll get it!" Goku shouted so Chi-Chi could relax. He opens the door only to be hit with a genjutsu and falling to the floor just moments after Goku opened the door. And the chakara from the justsu made Chi-Chi pass out on the couch.

The ninja went to the shrine that held the four star ball and before he left. He felt a searing pain in his side. 'I don't have much time…I must hurry.' He quickly left the premises in a swirl of leaves.

It was two hours later that Goku was freed from the genjutsu because of one hard slap to the face. "OW! What the…" Goku saw Chi-Chi on the floor next to him and she was in extreme pain. "Oh no, Chi-Chi!" He exclaimed, picking up his wife and laying her on their bed.

"Goku, please don't leave me." Chi-Chi said pleading to her husband.

"Don't worry Chi-Chi," he said to her, comforting her as breathing began to growing louder. "I'm not going anywhere." Hearing those words made her feel a whole lot better, at least until the next contraction hit her like a ton of bricks. She howled in pain as Goku took her hand.

Meanwhile Minato and Kushina where doing the same thing…well…sort of. Minato was poring his chakara into his wife's seal. "Hold on Kushina, hold on Naruto, Kyuubi, you stay right where you are!" Several people where there to help the Fourth Hokage and his wife with the birth of Naruto. It took a long time, but it all ended with Naruto's crying. And Minato holds his son for the first time as he cried tears of joy. It was the happiest day of his life. However this was also his last day alive.

And at the same time Goku was doing the same thing holding his newborn son. But it quickly turned from a moment of happiness to a moment of fear, as the night sky was being covered with black clouds that came from out of nowhere.

"I know Goku, just… come back as soon as you can." she told him. He passed their son off to his wife, and he took off on the Nimbus cloud to find the one responsible for this. But by the time he arrived, he was too late to stop him. He made his wish. He could tell because Shenron's eyes glowed, and for some reason the man collapses.

The whole earth began to shake. Goku looked down from the cloud and saw an entire village appear from out of nowhere. And little did that saiyan know that a newborn baby from that village would need him very much, very soon.


Uchiha Madara, was about to enter the building where Kushina had just given birth. When all of a sudden the world began to shake. Kushina was so afraid that the seal broke and freed the Kyuubi, killing her in the process.

Thankfully the fox saw Madara, and before the Uchiha could do anything. The fox picked up it's front right paw and…


The Nine Tailed Fox Demon killed the Bane of the Bijuu, Uchiha Madara. Quite deliberately too. I mean it made sure that he was dead by twisting it's ankle, back and forth, like we do to insure that a bug is dead under our shoe. The demon fox then saw someone with black spiky hair pointing out in all directions. He was just staring at it and finally it has to brake the awkward silence. "What!?"

"Who and what are you? I've never sensed a power like yours before."

The Fox was flattered by the complement, and knew that he could be trusted. "I am the Kyuubi." The Fox stated. "I am of the of the nine Bijuu, I've been recently been freed from my prison. And you are?"

Goku was scared because of it's power, but he could tell that it's ki was not completely evil. But either way he couldn't keep himself from stuttering. "I-I'm S-son Goku."

"Goku, huh?" It paused for a moment. "It's nice to meet you." It then flashed a big toothy grin at him. And as soon as that happened, it could feel itself slipping away. It knew what was about to happen. "Goku, I need you to protect my new jinchuriki."

"J-jin-what?" The fox then disappeared. He then had the cloud hover a few feet off the ground and he saw a man standing there with his back to him, and he was holding something in his arms. The man turned around to see Goku, and as much as he wanted to ask him a few questions but the Shinigami he summoned was growing impatient.

"His name is Naruto…and he is to be seen as a hero of this village." He then handed off little baby Naruto to Goku. And then Namakazi Minito breathed his last.

'I didn't even get his name.' he then looked at the baby and sensed the Kyuubi's ki inside the boy. That's when he realized the meaning of jinchuriki, 'Power of Human Sacrifice', and also why it said it was freed from it's prison. Most likely the boy's mother.' 'Now I get it. You're the jinchuriki.' "Don't worry Naruto. I'm sure that the village will see you as the hero you are."

That was when he saw a boy warring a mask that covers the bottom of his face, with his headband covering his left eye, and silver gravity defying hair. "I fear the village won't see him as a hero like his father wanted."

"Then what should I do?"

"Take him."

"What?" He then looked at the baby.

"I can tell your not from this area. So you can deliver him from this place. Away from the hatred of this village. But promise me this. He must return when he is old enough to this village to become a Ninja of the Leaf, or if your attacked by enemy ninja. Whichever comes first."

"Of course. I will train him and will care for him as if he was my own. Besides, I think he and my newborn son can get along great, growing up as brothers."

"Good luck."

"Thanks." And with that Goku jumped up on the cloud but before he left he had only one question. "What are you going to tell the leader of your village?"

"I will inform the Third Hokage of this. I'm certain that he will understand. But before you go, what's your name?"

"Son Goku, and you?"

"Hatake Kakashi, I hope to see you again one day."

"I hope so too. Kakashi." And with that he got on the cloud with baby Naruto, and he left for home. It didn't take long before he got home. And Naruto was thankfully asleep, and Chi-Chi wasn't. 'At least I can explain it to her.'

After explaining what happened to over there she had made her decision , "You're right to do what you did. Alright we'll adopt Naruto." Just then Naruto wakes up and looks around to see his new family.

"Hey, look Naruto, this is you new mommy, and this is you brother Gohan." Goku said and Gohan laughed approvingly.

"Huh? Well, looks like he likes the name." Chi-Chi said. 'I was hoping we would name him Einstein but...' "I like it. Can I hold him?"

"Of course." Goku said as he handed him to Chi-Chi. "Well Son Naruto, welcome to the family."

Doesn't that make your heart melt? Not the master of feels like iamgoku, but I try. Anyway, next time Bardock's gonna live again. Hope you enjoyed this.