This was an idea I had today, after hearing that the PnF movie's coming out on DVD pver here on this coming Monday, as I saw a commercial this morning on Disney.

Then I saw an image of 2-D Jerry as a Platyborg while walking in the mall, and made up a story to go with it.

Jerry doesn't fit in in his dimension, but Monogram lets Platyborg's human friends adopt his little brother, as they understand him.

I hope people like.

It was mid afternoon in the 2nd Dimension, as a young Platyborg male was playing in his enclosure at the O.W.C.A Animal Shelter with toys, as Monogram had rescued him from Alt Doof's place.

But he was different than the former General Platyborg, his older brother and agent X of the agency.

He had special needs, like Autism, but he was happy to play with toys and his pole.

Carl sighed, watching the young Platyborg male sucking on his tail, which didn't have a spike on it like Platyborg's but nobody wanted to adopyt Jerry, as he was a Platyborg, and thought he was evil.

But he saw Platyborg enter, as he always came to chjeck on his little brother, but the red headed member of the former Resistance sensed that he wanted to talk to him.

"He's in a better mood than yesterday, Platyborg." he told him.

"Uep, because Monobrow wanted him to get rid of the pole.

He loves that dang thing, along with sucking on tails." he told him.

Carl then opened the door to Jerry's enclosure, as the young Platyborg male was distracted but Platyborg smiled, seeing his little brother playing and happy.

"Hey, Jerry." he said as the younger Platyborg turned around smiling.

"Platyborgie!" he said hugging him tight.

"I know, you missed me, but I had things to do.

You wanna get out of here?" he asked.

Jerry nodded, jumping up and down, making his brother laugh.

"I have some friends in the 1st Dimension, who you'd really like.

Actually we should go now.

Go get your stuff, okay?" he told him.

"Even Mr Pole?" Jerry asked.

"Fine, he can come, but he's not allowed to hit anybody, as it's naughty, remember?" Platyborg said.

"Jerry remember, Platyborgie." he told him.

Carl watched, as Platyborg was helping Jerry, but were done in a matter of minutes, but Platyborg then had his portal remote, which Jerry didn't know about.

He then pressed a button on the remote, as a portal emitted, leading to the 1st Dimension, as Jerry was amazed.

"Platyborgie, Jerry like magic remote." he said.

Platyborg smiled, at his little brother, as they went through, but Carl sighed, as the portal closed.

Platyborg smiled, as he and Jerry appeared on Maple Drive in the 1st Dimension, knowing his friend's house wasn't far, but smiled, seeing a dark purple haired girl with a light brown skinned girl, but Jerry was curious, but also scared, as he didn't know how to be social around other people or animals, but hid behind his brother's back.

"Wow, so that's the 2nd Dimension Jerry, hiding behind Platyborg?

He looks cool." Leah said as Jerry was stunned.

He saw a blue watch on Leah's left wrist that enabled her to become her true platypus form at will, but Doof had made it for her.

"You think Jerry cool, like this?" Jerry said softly.

Leah nodded, along with her nakama.

"We're gonna be adopting you, dude." she told him.

Jerry smiled shyly, hearing this, as he wanted a home, but had been attached to Alt Doof, but the one eyed man had seen him as a screw up.

Platyborg handed the two females a book, which informed themj about taking care of his brother, but Jerry then saw him put a watch on his arm.

"It's a videophone, so we can talk whenever you want, okay?

I need to go, buddy.

But I'll come visit, okay?" he said.

He then saw Jerry getting upset, but Platyborg activated the portal, running through it, before Jerry could follow him, but the younger Platyborg was having a meltdown, but Leah knew how to handle him, but was letting him calm down, before talking to him.