Yahoo it's me once again! I have started another story due to my being bored with the others. That doesn't mean I won't continue the others, I just need to do stuff that I feel like and I hope that you guys enjoy my stories. Although my stories are based off animes or movies, I always put my own feelings and ideas into each story just like any writer should do. If at any point I am not using as much description for one thing than what I do for another it usually means, but not limited to, myself wanting you, my loyal reader, to give me some feedback on how you want the descriptions to be like. It's not unusual for me to be verbose in many situations; I find that articulating yourself is a trait that is often overlooked. Thus, if the details in my story are not on par with those of the original story than forgive me for being creative. If you are going to judge me for my creativity, then your god will have no leverage for whatever ill used arbitrary excuse you defined your life with. To look down upon creativity in your false watch tower: is to cleave the proverbial head off your so called ruler. Well that's all I have to say about that! Lets get on with the story!

Chapter 1: My New Job

The beautiful Leaf village is where this story takes place. The village has healed since being destroyed, and life could not be better. With the major threat to the Leaf gone, peace has run rampant, although no one has seemed to complain. For the shinobi of the village this was a time to train and finally progress their careers.

Of course with peace comes rarely any missions; thus, boredom ensues quite quickly. Out of all the Ninja none were more annoyed by his boredom more than Naruto. He would go to Lady Hokage's office every day and demand a mission, but all he would get would be some stupid D-ranked one; rejecting them every time he would return to training, hoping he could get a better one the next day. Unfortunately, it would be months before he would get anything that would raise an eyebrow. Between his training and home life, Naruto, would try his best to keep in touch with his friends but over time he was losing touch with them. Sakura was always busy at the hospital, Shikamaru had been mediating at the Sand village for about a year now, Kiba was part of a ANBU tracking team and was away most of his days, Hinata on the other hand was still in the village but always stayed in her families estate. So he really has not seen any of his close friends in a long time.

Soon though all that would change, but that is the future and this is now. Naruto was well aware of his situation. The title of hokage would be his, if only he stayed out of trouble and kept training.

At the Hyuuga estate

Years have past since Hinata began her training to lead the clan. It was decided that after saving Naruto's life that she was capable to lead. She gracefully accepted the position but was unaware that she would have to sever her ties with her friends and Naruto for so long. But she wanted so much to be like Naruto so instead of just giving up she pushed through to the end. She had more motivation now to win Naruto's heart more than ever. That was because for the heir to take control of the clan, one must first marry. She would settle for nothing less than Naruto, even if that meant not becoming the clans leader.

Hinata sat on her bed inside her large bedroom, adorned with pressed flowers and remembrances of Naruto. She had been sitting there for quite some time now just staring at the ground thinking about how she would convince her father to let her be with Naruto, that is if he had feelings for her in the first place. Her mother had always told her to follow her heart and never look away from it for it shall lead you to happiness. She knew what her mother taught her was true, at least for her, but Naruto on the other hand, through his happiness and exuberant exterior was a man that was absolutely miserable on the inside. All her life she wanted to be close to him, know what causes his pain, and be there to catch him if he should fall. She had began to miss his flawless blue eyes that seemed to calm the most vicious of beasts. Though she was prohibited to leave the Estate, others were. She would asked them if they had seen him around town or at the training grounds. Of course upon hearing of Naruto's growth, she would grow very red in the face and nearly faint. Through her red face was a girl that was always glad from hearing of him doing well.

Unlike her mother, her father had caught on to their daughters infatuation with the young Uzumaki. He would not let her know that he knew until she was able to tell him about it herself. Hiashi was also aware of Naruto's lineage, and would allow Hinata to be with him if that was Naruto's wish. But first, she would have to talk to Hiashi and Hana first. He had hoped that she would be able to muster up the courage to stand and talk to him herself.

At the hokage's office

Naruto and Tsunade were in a heated staring contest, not for any particular reason other than Naruto's annoyance with the old hokage's indifference toward his boredom. He was more mature than when he was younger but he still had somewhat of a short temper toward bullshit. Then finally Naruto spoke up.

"Come on you old lady, there has to be something for me to do!" Naruto slammed his fist into the desk in front of him. "I can't stand doing nothing for this long and you know it!"

Finally for the first time Tsunade thought of an idea. "Hmm there might be something here that you may be interested in." Tsunade was shuffling through some of the mass amount of paperwork that surrounded her. "A few days ago an application for teaching at the academy was sent to my office. I was told to give it to a shinobi that I deemed suitable for the position."

Naruto looked at the old hokage quizzically, staring straight into her eyes with a smile. "And you want me to be that teacher, right?"

"Yes, I can think of no one better than the hero of the leaf to teach the next generation about what it truly means to be a Leaf shinobi." Tsunade replied.

Naruto smile and muttered only one thing. "When do I start?"

Well there's chapter one. Tell me how you think!