Chapter 3: The Invitation

Mina was a type of girl that always wanted her friends to be in the same loop that she was. Whatever it may be that she would be doing, she wanted Matsuya to be there too. Not only because they were best friends but because she was like her support. And of course when Toshiro caught wind of anything those two were doing he would follow them, but this time he would either not catch on or just simply didn't care.

At the Hyuuga residence

It was no surprise to Mina that her best friend was already wearing Naruto's jacket. Funny thing was that it seemed to be made just for her. Though Mina had to admit she did look cute in the old jacket.

Mina and Matsuya stood outside of Hinata's room. "Mina what are we doing here?" Asked Matsuya curiously

"Well remember when sensei was talking about Hinata? Well I want to know what happened between them that caused them to be so distant." Replied Mina

Slowly Mina knocked on the door hoping for some sort of answer. "Please come it" Said the light and kind sounding voice behind the door.

Once again Mina used a sort of ease in opening the door. When she did she say her favorite cousin writing something down. "Hey Hinata what are you doing?" Asked Mina

"Oh hello Mina, Matsu..." Hinata paused when she saw what Matsuya was wearing. "W-were did y-you g-get that j-jacket?"

Matsuya seemed to avoid the question, instead she just began to snuggle the said jacket. Mina decided to answer for her. "Oh Hinata-Sama didn't you hear? Naruto-Sama is our new teacher at the academy!"

"N-Naruto-Kun is y-your sensei?" Hinata couldn't help but stutter a bit at hearing Naruto's name

Mina and Matsuya Nodded. "It seems Matsuya has a puppy crush on our sensei!"

"H-Hey! S-so what if I-I do?" Matsuya retorted quickly

Hinata chuckled lightly at the childrens antics. "She's not the only one Mina" Replied Hinata

Mina looked at her cousin seriously. "Hinata-Sama, what happened between you and Naruto-Sama?"

The question seemed to take Hinata aback a little bit. Then she gestured for the children to sit down on her bed.

"Kids, there is something you must understand before I tell you anything. You do know the story of the Nine Tailed Fox right? Both children nodded. "Well there is a part of the story that was left out for you kids. The Nine Tailed fox was not killed by the forth hokage, instead it was sealed away in an infant." Hinata paused for a moment to let the children catch up to what she was saying. "That infant was none other than Naruto."

Hinata had expected the two girls to scream and be afraid but they were not.

"H-how Terrible" Replied Matsuya

"I finally understand what he meant now!" extorted Mina

"What do you mean? Hinata replied

"Well Naruto-Sama told me after class that he would burden everyone's dis-pare because he k ows he cannot escape his."

Hinata looked saddened from what Mina had said. "Children I will tell you Naruto's story, and I hope that you will learn from this villages mistake." Hinata walked over to her desk and pulled out an old headband that was tattered and rusting. She then threw it to the young girls. "This was Naruto's, he gave it to me years ago. It is my most precious memento in life."

"Why's that Hinata-sama?" asked Mina

"That's because Naruto is the love of my life" Hinata replied with a slight blush on her face.

Both girls gasped in unison.

"Naruto was once despised by the village, they blamed him for the death of the fourth hokage and a lot of other villagers. They would attack him when he walked the streets." Hinata continued Naruto's story skipping over the confessing her love part.

When Hinata was finished Mina asked a shocking question. "Naruto-Sama told me that you said something that made him freeze and scare him. What was it?"

Hinata decided that she would have to tell them the truth; because' the truth shall set you free.

"Well when Naruto was fighting Pain he had gotten pinned down to the ground. I knew he couldn't move so I tried to save him. But I was no match, so before I could be killed I sorta confessed my love for him" Hinata smiled and blushed

"No way! But why is he scared to talk to you? Asked Matsuya

"Well as I told you he was alone his whole life and he doesn't really know what love is so I suppose he is just confused about it."

"But Hinata-Sama, why haven't you talked to him about it yet?" Hinata was immediately surprised by the child's revalation.

"Because it is not allowed in our clan to marry outside of the clan. It is highly forbidden. You know that Mina." Hinata replied with sadness laced in her voice

Just then Hana-Hinata's mother and Mina's aunt—walked into Hinata's room. "My daughter have I ever told you about Kushina Uzumaki?"

Hinata shook her head while Mina and Matsuya just looked on. "Wait a minute mother did you say Uzumaki?"

Hana nodded. "Yes, and as you can guess she was Naruto's mother." Hana then reached into her Kimono and pulled out a medium sized picture. "I carry this where ever I go as a memory of my best friend and yes your fathers best friend." She then handed the picture to Hinata as the two other girls looked at the picture as well.

"W-w-what? That's the fourth hokage!" Yelled Hinata

"Yes, Naruto's true name is Naruto Namikaze, not Uzumaki. He is the only child of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki." claimed Hana. "forgive me Hinata, I should have told you sooner but it was against village law to do so."

"Umm Aunt Hana, Why did the fourth hokage seal the Nine Tailed Fox inside his own son?" asked Mina

"Your very sharp Mina, Just like your uncle. Well to answer your question, I believe that he was thinking that there was no way he would burden another's child if he was unable to do the same of his. Minato was a very kind and smart man, he most likely wanted Naruto to be looked at like a hero instead of a monster. But we know how that worked out."

Hinata began to cry from the sacrifice from Naruto's parents. All she wanted to do was to be with Naruto and comfort his pain and be the one to support him. But that was impossible due to clan laws.

Immediately Hana ran to her daughters side. "I know about the laws but Minato meant a lot to your father and I'm certain he has waited for you to talk to him about it."

Hinata perked her head up to her mother. "You mean Father knows that I have feelings for Naruto?"

Hana nodded. "Ever since you were little" Hinata blushed a little at knowing her father approval of her feelings for the fourth hokage's son.

"To be honest Hinata, I have yet to even meet my own best friends son" The tension in the room seemed to dissipate from Hana's words. "Why not invite him over for dinner tonight?" Asked Hana

Immediately Hinata and Matsuya jumped up. "YES!" Yelled the both of them while Mina just sighed in light excitement.

Hokage's office

Through the years of Naruto being in the village, he had become Tsunade's assistant. Which means if you needed to find him he would be at one of three places Ichiraku, training, or the hokage's office. One would think that finding him easily would be a blessing but in fact was quite a curse on his part. Just like every other celebrity type figure, letters from admirers and groups of followers were prevalent. Naruto didn't really care about people followed him as long as they didn't harm anyone. Everyday at Tsunade's office he would read through each and every one of the letters he would receive. Some from local villagers to some from other villages all together. Most of the letters said how much they loved him and wish for him to visit their village and talk to them. Not being one to disappoint, Naruto would always write back thanking them and sending his best wishes to everyone. Naruto had almost passed out from laughing when he first saw the "group" that always followed him. He laughed because all of them had put three whisker marks on each cheek. "They look absolutely ridiculous!" Naruto would say to himself day in and day out.

Lucky for Naruto he was extremely rich, because when he would train he would remove his jacket and shirt leaving him shirtless and everyday another one of his female whiskered friends would steal said clothes. By the time Naruto had begun teaching his group had begun to look more like him. The only recognizable difference between them was their hair or the fact that some were girls.

Everyday after escaping from the group he would return home to get a shower and get redressed. The rest of his day would consist of going to Ichiraku's for some bowls of his favorite meal, then finally he would train with Tsunade to eventually taking over her position. To Tsunade's bliss Naruto's training would consist of paper work, paper work, oh and more paper work.

Today it seemed like there was more paper work than normal, probably because the chuunin exams were coming up soon, and being a teacher he knew he was more than likely to be a proctor in one of the tests. Naruto had gotten through most of the paperwork when he reached a rather ornate letter from the Hyuuga's that was addressed to him. Naruto being Naruto ripped apart the envelope and began to quickly read the letter.

"Hey Tsunade, you mind if I take the night off?" Naruto jumped up asking this

Tsunade looked at him suspiciously and wondered what the letter was about. "What for?"

"The Hyuuga's have invited me for dinner in a few hours!"

Tsunade knew how rare it was that the Hyuuga's would invite random people to their homes for one of their formal dinners. One was more likely to be struck by lightning while winning the lottery than getting an invitation to their home. "I am certain this is Hinata's doing" Tsunade thought to herself.


Hinata was waiting outside her father's study, too afraid to knock on the door. She was afraid of what he would say to her when she would tell him about Naruto.

"Do not just stand outside my door like that my daughter." Hiashi's voice seemed to come out of nowhere and startled Hinata. Though she wasn't surprised that her father knew she was there.

Hinata opened the door and immediately sat down in an open chair. "Father there is something I wish to talk to you about."

"I shall invite him here for dinner tonight, it is the least I can do for Minato." Replied Hiashi

Hinata just sat there quite. Not because of fear of her father, but because his skills of perception where unimaginable. If he could read her mind like that, had he see her other "naughty" thoughts too? Hinata blushed heavily at the thought. Despite Naruto being here she had yet too see him for a long time.

"T-thank you father" Hinata bowed and left her fathers study.

End flashback

"I suppose you do deserve a day off Naruto" Tsunade said

For some reason Naruto didn't get overly excited, but instead remained calm and collected like a true leader. "Thank you, Tsunade" Naruto replied.

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