His Master, the Jealous Type?

This story is written by me, Sebas-chan001, and my bocchan, Dracosgirl547.

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"Sebastian." Ciel says, sitting comfortably in his chair, tapping his fingers on his work desk.

"Yes?" Sebastian replies.

"I want sweets." Ciel says. Sebastian chuckles, gazing at his master.

"You shouldn't be eating any sweets." he says, "It'll ruin your appetite for tonight's dinner."

"I don't care." Ciel says, "I want sweets." he demands.

"But...sire..." Sebastian says, taking a step forward.

"I said I don't care!" Ciel nearly yells, stoping his butler in his path.

"Hmm." Sebastian hums to himself. "Fine." he says, "I will give you your sweets. But you will be punished if you don't eat your dinner."

"Whatever." Ciel mumbles, shooing the butler away. Sebastian bows, exiting the room, closing the door behind him. Ciel coughs, waiting patiently for his butler to return. A knock comes within minutes. "Enter." Ciel says casually. Sebastian enters the room, pushing his cart along with him.

"Young master." Sebastian says, "Today's dessert is fresh baked, cinnamon, apple pie. Accompanied with Earl Grey Tea." he places the single slice in front of his master. Returning to the cart to prepare his masters' tea.

"Very good." Ciel says.

"Thank you young master." Sebastian says with a smirk coiled on his lips. Placing the freshly brewed tea in front of his master. Ciel slowly begins to consume his treat.

"Exceptional." he says in between sips, "Per usual."

"Oh?" Sebastian says, "Was there something in particular you wanted?" he asks.

"No." Ciel replies, "Just noting."

"If you say so." Sebastian sighs to himself.

"I do say so." Ciel says.

"Alright." Sebastian says, his eyes looking out the window, where a single, black, cat laid. His eyes widen, staring at the creature intensely.

"If you wish to go, go." Ciel says.

"Are you sure?" Sebastian asks.

"Yes." Ciel says, looking away from his butler.

"Thank you." Sebastian says, bowing, vanishing quicker than his master could blink.

"That man and his cats.." Ciel murmurs.

"So soft." Sebastian says as he slowly approaches the cat, "So sheik, so beautiful." he smiles, scooping the creature into his arms, petting its head.

"What is it about cats?" Ciel wonders looking out of his window.

"Such soft fur." Sebastian says, a light blush coming onto his face, "Such adorable little paws, and what an independent spirit. *Sigh* Cats are truly amazing creatures." he smiles, stroking the cat tenderly. The cat mews, purring loudly, his blush deepens.

Ciel sighs. "That damn cat is getting more attention than me. Maybe if I had cat ears..."

Sebastian smiles, snuggling the animal that's in his arms. The cat mews once more, licking Sebastians' cheek, his face turns a crimson red.

"Damn cat." Ciel murmurs, turning his chair away from the window. "Mayrin." he says as he spots a red haired women walk past his door.

"Yes sir?" she asked standing outside the door.

"Where are the items I just ordered?" he asks.

"In a box down stairs master." she replys.

"Bring it to me." Ciel orders.

"Yes sir!" she says saluting, "Right away, sir!" she says bolting down the hallway. "I'm back, sir." she says a few minutes later. With a rather large box in her arms.

"Excellent." Ciel says smirking, "Just leave it on my desk." Mayrin enters the room. Setting then box gently on top of the desk.

"Sir, would you like any help putting this on?" she asks.

"No. I can take care of the rest. You may leave now." Ciel says. Mayrin bows, closing the window curtains slightly, before exiting the room. Ciel quickly opens his box. Smirking at the objects inside. "Sebastian is going to love~ this." Ciel says, his smirk widens.

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