Special Project - Neko

Warnings: this story is rated M for its language, violence, and sexual relations between two men (Yaoi). Please do not read if you are not into those things.

Special Keys: "regular human speech", 'thinking to ones self', *mental telepathy*, (authors notes), bold - point of view

Authors Notes: hey my fan readers this is a new story that I had come up with during my free time as the whole first chapter is told by Shiro's point of view. I wanted to try my hand at a little different writing style. Please leave me your comments and reviews telling me what you think!

One - Shiro

My name is Shirosaki Ogichi or just Shiro for short. I may appear slightly different from everyone else as I am an albino. Meaning that I am completely white from my head down to my toes. But there are things about me that are stranger than most. For one thing, it always seems that I am wearing black nail polish on my nails. Well...that is not the case, my nails have been that way ever since I was born. Also there are my eyes as usually an albino's eyes are blood red but, not mine. My cornea's are as black as ink as my pupils are a bright golden color. I usually always wear a pair of dark sunglasses to keep people from starring. It is bad enough that people stare at me because of my coloring. Also when I bleed my blood is black instead of red and I cry tears of red blood. There is something else that sets me apart from everyone else. I have these special and unique powers. For as long as I knew I have had these powers. I don't really know why I have these powers as I can't really consult my parents about it because I was abandoned when I was a baby.

I grew up in an orphanage never getting close to anyone as I was often picked on because of my unusual appearance. I kept my powers a secret from everyone for the fear of being labeled a freak and a monster. Not that I wasn't called that by the other kids that I lived with at the orphanage. So I taught myself how to use and control my powers that way I won't hurt anybody when I used them. Growing up in the orphanage I felt unwanted and never loved. I know that was never the case, I just never found a person whom was willing to except me for the way that I appeared.

When I turned eighteen years old, I left the orphanage setting out to best maximize my powers and abilities. So I decided to become a police detective. The training that I went through looks hard for most but for me...it was like a walk in the park. To everyone at the academy, it seemed strange as I was the first ever detective to get my badge at the age of nineteen. But then again when I first entered the academy, I had to explain the reason for my unusual and unique appearance. I claimed the reason for my eyes to be an unusual birth defect. For the reason to why my blood was black, I couldn't explain. My blood wasn't poisonous or anything like that as I could take normal red blood into my body but once in my body, it just changed black. I was a bit surprised when I never became a human genie pig because of it.

When I was twenty years old, I was introduced to my partner whom I was going to be working with, a man named Kenpachi Zaraki or Ken as I called him for short. Zaraki was a hard man to figure out as he had all of these strange scars covering his body as he wears an eye patch over his left eye (Zaraki will have his hair down for this story). When I first met Kenpachi, there was something strange and different about him. I didn't learn the truth about him until I shook his hand for the first time. Yous see when I physically touch a person for the first time, I can mentally see everything that they have been through. In my vision, I could see Kenpachi was always fighting someone as it didn't matter whom he fought. Kenpachi grew up in a rough part of town were you had to fight to survive. Kenpachi's skills and strength he had in fighting was nothing like I had ever seen before. Growing up Kenpachi always ran with the wrong crowd as he joined various gangs and constantly was getting arrested. It was a cop whom gave him a purpose to use his strength other than for fighting. But I could still feel that Kenpachi was still looking for a reason to keep on fighting besides to live. I withdrew my hand from Kenpachi as it felt like the room was spinning. It was the first time that I have ever witnessed such a strong vision before. I never told Kenpachi about what I had seen as I kept it to myself.

It wasn't until months later during our first mission together that Kenpachi witnessed first hand my powers. We were asked by head captain Yamamoto to investigate a case that involved missing children whom turned up a week later brutally murdered. The details of the murder and the way that these children were killed made me sick to my stomach. A part of me hoped that we would make it in time to save some of these children.

"I don't understand why we were assigned to this task. We don't have a single clue to go on." stated Kenpachi. But I had my ways of finding things out. I didn't like to openly use my powers but for a case like this...I had no choice. I had let out a long soft sigh as I looked at Kenpachi whom appeared ticked off.

"Ken take it easy. There is something that you have to know as I am trusting you with a huge secret that I don't openly tell most people. I know that I can trust you with this secret because you are my partner." I told him while pulling off my sunglasses that I always constantly wore. I had shown Kenpachi my eyes once before when we met as he felt that it was strange for an albino to have those kind of eyes.

"Shiro...your eyes, they are glowing." stated Kenpachi in shock.

"Come on Ken...no doubt you all ready know that I am different from everyone else. And I am not talking about my appearance. The thing is that I possess these unique powers. When I first shook your hand when we first met, I was able to see your past." I told him. Kenpachi's eyebrows raised a bit as it seemed that he didn't believe me. I then told him everything in vivid detail that I had seen. I think that he was shocked and stunned more than anything. "Fighting to stay alive is a very admirable trait Ken but I feel and sense that you may find greater satisfaction in fighting to help and protect people. This is what I feel you have been looking for."

"Shiro...does the head captain know about this power that you possess?" asked Ken as I nodded my head yes putting back on my glasses. "Then that's why he gave us this case. He knew full well with your abilities that you could solve this case and stop it from getting worse."

"Yes but I feel that we don't have a lot of time. We have to find and stop these killers quickly." That's when we received word that another kid's body had turned up. Both Kenpachi and I grabbed our coats, badges, and guns leaving the station heading down to the sight.

When we got to the sight, the sight of which the poor kids body was enough to turn my stomach as I wanted to be sick but, I couldn't afford to be. With a fairly fresh and new body, I could see what happened to this child seeing what they saw through my minds eye. I saw everything so I could feel black blood spill from my nose as I saw what the kid saw. Sometimes I wonder if I am even human because I am different from everyone else. I don't think that I have ever met a person with my kind of unnatural abilities and powers before. When I reopened my eyes, Kenpachi gave me a tissue to stop the bleeding.

"Are you all right?" he asked in concern as I slightly turned my head as I began to cry tears of red blood.

"Yeah...that child didn't deserve to die this way. Sometimes I get this way depending on what I see." I replied before I told Kenpachi everything that I had seen in vivid detail. I could see his fists bunch up tightly when I told him what I had seen. But now thanks to our victim, I knew where we exactly had to go.

When we arrived at the sight, death still lingered in the air as I cautioned Kenpachi to be careful as we had no clue of what was going on inside of the building. I knelt down besides the building placing my left hand onto the brick. I closed my eyes reaching out mentally projecting myself inside of the building. I could hear the kids cries as I could sense about twenty children alive. The killers, four of them were not aware that their hideout had been discovered which gave us the element of surprise. I drifted finding the children kept in a heavy cell huddled together. They were all alive. One of them a young girl no older than nine years old named Yachiru Kusajushi seemed aware that I was there. Even being that I was in astral projection as she mouthed the words "help me". That's when one of the killers came in grabbing Yachiru. I had to act fast or she would be killed. I quickly reentered my body pulling out my weapon as Kenpachi followed suit. I didn't have enough time to tell Kenpachi what was going on, the quickest way I had was to show him mentally. Kenpachi's eyes widened as he nodded his head that he understood as Kenpachi swiftly kicked open the door.

"Police...freeze!" both Kenpachi and I shouted in unison. Gunshots rang out as both Kenpachi and I dove for cover. I moved quickly to a better advantage point as I had shot one of the killers in the heart.

"Ken...protect the girl!" I shouted out giving Kenpachi a clear path to get to Yachiru. Ken ran as fast as his legs would carry him over to where Yachiru laid sprawled strapped down to a large metal table. Bullets ripped through Kenpachi but he didn't go down. Kenpachi landed a good punch on one of the killers sending him flying back and hitting the wall hard. Kenpachi lept landing on top of Yachiru protecting her with his own body as a knife was plunged deep into his back.

"Shiro I could use some help here!" shouted out Kenpachi.

"Ken what ever you do, don't move!" I snapped back as I put my gun away and gathered my energy. I could feel the energy vibrating through my finger tips. I then released the energy as the black and red wave of power (getsuga tensho) lept from my body attacking and killing the killers instantly. Once the energy was depleted from my body, I dropped down to my knees panting. My vision began to spin as I lost complete consciousness.