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Twenty Six - pregnancy

Normal POV

It was several of months before Ulquiorra and Shirosaki had managed to recover. Urahara stayed on as a consultant working to reeducate and retrain the captured hybrids in order to reintroduce them back into them back into the human civilization. The truth about Shirosaki, Ulquiorra, Ichigo, and Grimmjow was made publicly known. Some people weren't sure how to react to the news. It took a few to realize that they were no different than they were except for the obvious things that stood out. But soon people began to steadily accept them. Life returned back to normalcy as the hybrids were slowly into human civilization. They were carefully monitored and kept a close eye on in case they become aggressive and start attacking people.

Shirosaki POV

After a long hard day of work I went home to my mate Ichigo. Ulquiorra and I didn't live together any more as he finally got his own place for him and Grimm to live. Not that I didn't want him there it was just Ulquiorra preferred to have his own place. As an older bid brother, I couldn't deny him and even helped find his own place. We still work together along with Nell and Ken. We have our very own division handling the cases that nobody would touch with a ten foot pole. Head captain Yamamoto even gave us our own building as some officers transferred into our division. I was a bit surprised when Byakuya Kuchki transferred over as he got tired of Renji bad mouthing about us. Ulquiorra's parents treated me much in the same way that they treated Ulquiorra. Even Kisuke stepped up to become more of a father figure to us as we were still his sons. Both Grimm and Ichigo learned to transform into human form during the day. I finally entered my home to find Ichigo in his human form cooking dinner. His tail twitched side by side as he had a pair of ear buds in his cat ears. He was humming loudly moving his body to the beat of the music. I quietly walked up to Ichigo wrapping my arms around his slender waist. Ichigo purred gently as I moved my hand to yank out one of the ear buds.

"What are you listening to love?" I asked. I pulled the ear bud to my ear as I could hear 'Victims of Love' by Good Charlotte from the album 'Good Morning Revival'. I could smell Ichigo's pheromones as he was in heat. "Ichigo….. Lets go to the room….. Now!"

Ichigo POV

I couldn't deny how Shiro made me feel as I was experience such intense heat. I was going through a phase that could leave me to get pregnant.

"Shiro….. If we do this there is a good possibility that I could….." Shiro placed a single finger onto my moist lips hushing me.

"I know Ichigo. I wouldn't mind having a few cubs." Shiro told me huskily as he began to remove my shirt in one swift motion. I meowed loudly as he began to stroke my nipples.

"Shiro….." I purred moaning loudly. I began to remove Shiro's shirt and pants. Shiro nipped and licked my nipples causing me to arch my back at his touch. My erection was straining against my pants. Shiro began to kiss his way down to my pants as his hands worked to undo my pants. I was doing the same for him. In one fell swoop pants fell to the floor along with our boxers. Our thick erections stood up dripping with pre-cum. We finally made it to the bed. "Shiro….. Please….." I moaned out. I was too hot and wet as I wanted him in me. "I want….. you in… me…..!"

Normal POV

With out further word Shirosaki lined himself up with Ichigo's hole shoving himself deep hitting Ichigo prostate. Ichigo moved loudly arching his back moaning loudly.

"~ngh….. Shiro! More….. harder….. please!" Ichigo cried out. Shirosaki complied with Ichigo's wishes slamming into him hard and fast hitting the prostate every time. Both were moaning and panting heavily. "Shiro! Ah….. yes….. there….. ~ngh!"

"~ngh… Ichigo!" Ichigo was coming faster than he thought possible as his legs wrapped around Shirosaki giving him deeper penetration. Their skin slapped hard against each other as Ichigo screamed out Shirosaki's name as he came. Ichigo's walls clamped around Shirosaki's cock as the albino snarled sharply as he came shortly after Ichigo spilling his seed deep into his lover.

Ulquiorra POV

I arrived at home to find Grimmjow laying on the couch in the house that I now owned. I don't live with Shiro any more but I still work with him. My family treats Shiro like they do me as they went to get Shiro adopted into the family. For the first time ever I saw Shiro cry as he couldn't find the words to thank them. Grimm was currently reading over a book as he was positioned in a way that drove me crazy as I wanted him. I could smell his pheromones as I know that he was in heat. Grimm was so into the book that he didn't even hear me enter the house. I smirked wickedly as I took off some of my clothing as I walked over to the couch seductively crawling up my neko mate.

"Grimm…" I growled seductively yanking the book out of his hands. Grimm snarled sharply as he instantly got hard. "I want you…" I half moaned. Grimm's erection rubbed roughly against mine. Grimm let out a half moan and purr as he began to pant wildly underneath me.

"Ulqui….. I shouldn't… ah…. its that time….. ~ngh!" he groaned. I began to removed Grimm's shirt tweaking his hard nipples.

"Why not? Don't you want to have some kits?" I asked seductively as I began to nipp and suck his nipples.

Grimmjow POV

I cursed violently arching into Ulquiorra's touch.

'God damn heat! If he keeps this up…' I couldn't handle any more as I wanted him desperately. "God…. Ulqui…. please… ah… fuck me!" I moaned out. Ulquiorra picked me up easily first removing both my pants and boxers in one swift movement. He carried me to our room. My hips ground against him as I was so hot and wet. I wasn't sure how much longer I could take. "Ulqui….. ~ngh… please… god…. Fuck me now!" I snarled sharply.

"You know I love it when you talk dirty." Ulquiorra growled darkly. I didn't even notice that he had taken off his boxers as he shoved himself deep into my hole hitting my prostate. I arched my back wrapping my legs around his waist to allow him deeper penetration. I mewed loudly every time he hit my prostate hard and fast.

"Ulqui….. God… yes…. I'm… ~ngh… coming!" I cried out as my seed splashed over his chest as I came Ulquiorra slammed into me several more times before he came spilling his seed deep into me.

Normal POV

A week had gone by before both Ichigo and Grimmjow found out that they were pregnant. They were forced to transform back to their original cat form. Urahara carefully monitored the two nekos during their pregnancy to make sure that everything went well. Both Ichigo and Grimmjow carried the cubs for 9 months the same length as time as a human female. It was easier for Ichigo and Grimmjow to give birth to the cubs in their cat form rather than their human form as it was also easier for them to carry to full term in that form. Ichigo gave birth to three female kits, the first female nekos in existence. The oldest cub who looked exactly like Ichigo with orange fur and dark golden brown eyes who they named Masaki after his mother, the second cub who had black fur and dark grey eyes they named Karin, and the youngest cub with pale golden fur and blue-grey eyes they named Yuzu. Both Ichigo and Shirosaki loved their girls with all of their heart and soul. Grimmjow actually gave birth to two male neko cubs. Both boys had black fur as their oldest had golden yellow eyes they named Mugtesu and the youngest who had dark grey eyes they named Isshin. The Schiffer family loved their neko grandchildren as they accepted both Shirosaki's and Ulquiorra's neko mates. Shirosaki and Ulquiorra even married Ichigo and Grimmjow formally in a double wedding ceremony. Shirosaki, Uluqiorra, Grimmjow, and Ichigo began to pave the way for others of their kind whether they be altered human, nekos, and/or animal hybrids.