Chapter 1

It's been a cold and dark Saturday evening in Danville. It was the end of January and winter vacation ended a week ago. It's also been a month ago that Phineas Flynn turned 17 years old, and in two months Ferb Fletcher would turn 18 years old. The two boys also shared a secret only two other people knew of. Since almost 2 years ago the two stepbrothers started a relation, and were able to keep it a secret from everyone, even their parents. They only told their best friend Isabella, and their sister Candace. They flinched when they first heard it, but after a while they accepted it and wished that the two boys would always be happy. It was 7pm and the boys went to their room to watch a movie, but Phineas wasn't concentrating on the movie, he was thinking about something… Something he was thinking about for a few months now. He looked at the boy next to him.

"Ferb, I wanna talk to you about something…" he began. Ferb paused the movie and turned to the redhead.

"Sure, what is it Phineas?"

"You know I love little Amana right?"

"Yes, I can see that, you've always been so good with children and babies." He answered and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Candace gave birth to her and Jeremy's daughter in August, so she was now 5 months old. Every time Candace visited her old home with her baby girl, Phineas was always first in line to hold his little nice. You could see that he just loved babies and children, and they also loved him. Phineas started to play with his fingers while he began to blush.

"Well, I wanna ask you something… something big that I've been thinking about a lot lately…"

"What is it Phin?"

"Ferb, you know I love you with whole my heart, and that I will do that for ever… and I'm sure that you feel the exact way about me…" Phineas was very nervous, Ferb could see it in his eyes. So the British teenager took his lover's hand and looked deep in his eyes.

"Of course I do! But Phineas, just tell me what you wanna ask me." he said with a smile. Phineas sighed deeply before continuing.

"Ferb… I wanna have a baby… I wanna have a baby with you…"

Ferb just stayed silent, thinking it through. But he was a man of science, he knew they both couldn't get a baby together… You need a boy and a girl to get pregnant.

"Phineas," he began, "we can't have a baby together, we are two boys… You need a boy and a girl to get a baby… And what if it was possible, what would mom and dad say if they found out that we have a relationship?"

"I know you need a boy and a girl to get a baby, I can be oblivious sometimes, but I know my biology…" he said to Ferb, which made the boys giggle. "And I know they would be shocked, or maybe angry first, but I know my mom, she'll understand. Even Candace did…"

"That's true… but it isn't possible for us Phineas. We can adopt a baby or we can find a woman who want to be deliver our baby, but then it still would only be one of our genetics in it… But if you really want one we can do that after we graduated together." Ferb said when he gave him a hug. Somewhere he knew he would feel awful about this coming from his mouth, but when Phineas leaned back to say something again.

"Well… I've been thinking about this, and I did some research, and it's possible… when you were busy building and repairing stuff I was busy to design a devise that makes a sort of pill that I can take every day, and then in a week I will be able to get pregnant… I know this sounds weird, but look at it, it all fits like a puzzle." He explained to his stepbrother while handing over some papers and his sketchbook. Ferb studied these for a moment before he looked back at the boy.

"This could actually work… And I wanna do this with you if you're 100% sure you wanna do this. If we can build it tomorrow we can start on Monday and try to get you pregnant next week, we're graduating from school in a good 5 months so when you give birth I have a job and can take care of you two. But only, and I repeat ONLY when you want this…" he said serious but with a wide smile on his face to Phineas.

"Ferb, seriously… Do you really think I would do all these research if I didn't wanted it, or wasn't ready? I thought you were the smartest one!" Phineas laughed while he said that last sentence.

"Ok, ok, you're right… I would love it too, this would be our little miracle."

"And imagine how many gay couples we could help with this! When this plan is going to work we can help so many people Ferb, that would be so great!"

"Let's just see if it works with us, ok? Then the world." He said with a smile. He knew Phineas always dreamed big, really big, and wanted to help everyone he could. If there were more people like him on this planet, there wouldn't be war. Ferb hugged his lover, he was so happy.

'Phineas wants a baby from me… our little miracle… I knew this for sure, but now I know more than ever he loves me to the moon and back, even further…' he thought while he softly played with his brother's red hair.

"I love you so much, Ferb… if this works, I'll be the happiest person in the whole wide world…" he whispered in his ear.

"I know Phin, I know… I love you two…" he whispered back.