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Written as a collaboration between Kivrin and Keitorin Asthore.

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"There's nothing more I can do."

The admission was bitter, murmured quietly into the unsettling stillness. A bird call outside echoed harshly, then cut off, the silence returning louder than ever.

"I've tried everywhere," Lisbet said tiredly, running a hand over her face. Kurt thought worriedly that she looked so much older and more tired than she had when it all began, only a few weeks earlier. He blinked against the dizziness that threatened to overwhelm him, trying to keep his head still to avoid another wave of pain. "Every infirmary is full – even the temporary ones in the schools and churches. There's no medicine, no masks – there's nothing."

Kurt groaned quietly, pinching the bridge of his nose as he tried to think. "Food?" he asked wearily.

"There was little enough before everyone fled," Lisbet said sharply. "War effort, remember? And then they panicked. Locked themselves away with what they had, or left entirely. There's nothing left to find."

Kurt tried to sit up, bracing his arm flat against the wall for support, but the wave of dizziness knocked him back. Lisbet was by his side in a second, gentle hands at odds with the scowl on her face. "Don't be an idiot," she muttered sharply. She pushed him back onto the thin pillow and re-moistened the damp cloth that brought a little relief to the sharp pain on the left side of his skull.

He scowled at her, ready to scold back, but was interrupted by the harsh, rattling gasp of breath at his side. Lucy's cough shattered the air, rasping on and on until Kurt's own lungs hurt in sympathy. She finally shuddered to a halt, gasping heavily for breath as she curled in around herself. Her cheeks were flushed with fever, and Kurt could see her shivering under the thin coverlet.

"What I wouldn't give for an asprin," Lisbet muttered. She crossed the small space of the room quickly, wiping gently at Lucy's face with another cloth. "Shh, shh, love," she said quietly. "Just sleep. Help's coming."

"Is it?" Kurt looked over to the window where Theo perched in the sill, arms wrapped around his knees. He didn't look into the dim room, face turned out to the dying light of the evening. "Not from where I'm sitting. Let's not kid ourselves."

"Not helping, MacGregor," Kurt growled. "They're coming. You saw Francey - she almost reached us. It's just a matter of time."

"Time," Theo muttered, smiling bitterly. He tipped his head back against the sill and closed his eyes. "No, time's the enemy here. The whole world's dying out there – fifty million, a hundred million. What makes you think we've got a prayer?"

"They're coming for us," Lisbet said firmly. Kurt knew her too well to believe the excellent mimicry of sincerity in her voice. "They know where we are, and they've tried once. They'll try again."

"How many times?" Theo argued. "How many shots do they have? And how long do you think we have left? No food, no medicine, and the world is burning." His voice cracked on the last word, and he turned away.

"My dad will come." Kurt's certainty was a rock. "Blaine won't leave me. Francey and Finn and Carole – they're not going to give up. I'll put that against the world any day."

"We've been through worse," Lucy murmured, not opening her eyes. "War and famine and fire." She coughed again, quiet and desperate. Theo watched her unhappily, twisting his hands into knots and dropping his forehead to his knees for a moment.

Kurt struggled to sit up again, despite his head. Knowing that his dad and Blaine were probably watching, trying desperately to reach him, made him want nothing more than to show them that he was fighting too. Giving up was not an option - not after everything they'd already been through.

Theo looked out the window again, blue eyes narrowed. "Crows," he observed.

Lucy stirred restlessly, gasping a deep, labored breath. "One for sorrow," she whispered hoarsely. She smiled, flushed and feverish, and Kurt felt a stab of fear. They were going to lose her, and there was nothing more Lisbet could do. Nothing more any of them could do but wait for the world to end. Lucy drew another breath, and finished. "Two for mirth."

And then there was light, golden and clear, bursting forth from the swirling wall of shimmering colors that had sprung up in the middle of the room. Kurt sat bolt upright, ignoring the stabbing agony that flashed through his skull. Finn stepped out of the light, looking lost and terrified, and more than a little like salvation.

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Project Threnody has commenced. Be observant. Much more to follow.

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